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Dodecitina 4, 999 PC

Waiting in the private bar of the Blazing Griffon Inn, our heroes get a chance to relax.  Oliveryn sees an opportunity to chat with a source of local gossip.  He asks about Tracyka Witson-Duval, but gets more information about his father, Luvian, than he probably wanted to know.  Since Luvian moved to Redemption, he has been working with Redemption's and Kramer's watches to secure dignitaries during their visits to these towns.

While Oliveryn ponders this disturbing information about his father and the strange sounds that reverberate through the bar, a luminescent cloud bursts through the door with a roaring sound and forms into a portal.  Through this portal stumble three wrestling githyanki, two males and one female.  The males toss the female to the floor and draw their weapons.  Looking around they see what they believe to be even better targets for their violence.

The closest doesn't have a chance to act as Sparta leaps forward, drawing his own two-handed sword, and slashes it; spilling its guts on the floor.  It falls.  Nyza fires her crossbow at the other male, but misses and Oliveryn moves to a safer distance to provide his own special support to his friends.  Ozimius moves attack the second male and badly wounds it.  It takes a feeble swing back at Ozi and then collapses itself.

The female defends herself from a number of attacks before it is realized that she means no harm.  She realizes that she in on Almebezbik and is in a lot of trouble if she doesn't get back to the Astral Plane or to the Githyanki Fortess in Tower's Heights before the imperial githyanki hunters arrive.

The heroes hide this githyanki named Grezeliziea and manage to get to their rooms for some badly needed rest.  They are joined by Iyam the Half-Giant who managed to open the mysteriously swollen door to the bar.  They debate escaping the area, but can't come to an agreement and finally rest.

The heroes are awakened late the next morning by the blaring of horns.  The sheriff arrives looking for the githyanki that must still be present in town.  Grezeliziea is nowhere to be found.  He convinces the heroes that the town only wants to help secure the return of Grezeliziea to her people.

They find the githyanki battling several assailants in a tree house north of the Inn.  As they approach, Grezeliziea falls from a well placed mind blade thrown by one of her attackers.  The soulknife then turns his attention to the biggest perceived threat, Iyam.  Before Sparta cuts the soulknife down, the soulknife seriously wounds Iyam, who is knocked unconscious.  Nyza revives Grezeliziea and Sparta revives Iyam and they all head back to the Blazing Griffon as a company of elven mercenaries arrive to secure the town from more attacks by githyanki hunters.

Nyza tears into a chicken leg with her sharp teeth.

Barmaid: Anything I can get for you folks?

Oliveryn: Yes, how much for your finest wine?

Ozimius: Ale for me, please.

Nyza: Nyza likes her chicken leg, thank you.

Barmaid: I'm told it is on the house for you, tonight.

Barmaid: I'll bring some right away.

Nyza looks up.

Oliveryn: Thank you.

Ozimius: For what do we owe that pleasure?

Bartender: Inconvenience.

Oliveryn: The mayor, I think, put it on his tab.

Ozimius: The incident at the gate? That was nothing.

Bartender: The sheriff.

Oliveryn: Err, the sheriff.

Bartender (non-commital): Grrf

Oliveryn walks over to the bar and sits down on a stool.

Barmaid: Here is your wine.

Oliveryn: So Master Barkeep, I was wondering if you knew a Tracyka Witson-Duval.

Barmaid (to Ozi) Anything for you, sir.

Ozimius: Ale lass.

Nyza switches seats so she can be next to Ozimius.

Barmaid: Very good.

Ozimius: So how is your chicken leg?

Bartender: No Witson-Duval, but I do know a Witson.

Oliveryn: She is a cousin of my father Luvian Witson.

Bartender: Luvian Witson. Helps the guards with security.

Nyza: It's very tasty actually. Not stringy or dried out at all. Better than the fire-cooked weasel birds Nyza is used to.

Oliveryn: She remarried as I heard...

Oliveryn: or got married, to a Duval.

Ozimius grins at Nyza.

Ozimius admires Nyza's weasel, wondering what it must be like to have a familiar.

Oliveryn: Oh, really my father helps with guard duty. Surely not, he's only a court bard.

Oliveryn chuckles a little.

Nyza waves at Sparta then shouts a little too loudly.

Nyza: SPARTA! We're over here!

Bartender: Not since he moved here.

Sparta: Oh, there you are.

Oliveryn: Hmmm, thats interesting, what did he actually do for them?

Ozimius: Hello, Sparta.

Oliveryn waves to Sparta but keeps on talking to the barkeep

Nyza offers her half-chewed fowl leg to Sparta.

Bartender: Protecting important folk visiting Zelmbring.

Ozimius perks up

Bartender: From assassinations and the sort.

Oliveryn: Wow, so he was good with blades and things?

Ozimius: Excuse me for a second, ladies.

Sparta: Thank you, but no

Ozimius: Did I hear something about important people?

Oliveryn (looking confused) Assassinations...Oh my!

Barmaid: Sir halfling, can I get anything for you.

Ozimius: Assassinations?

Sparta: Ale would be fine

Bartender: He's been doing that for us and Kramer in Waldsee for years.

Oliveryn: Yeah, it looks like my dad wasn't just a court bard....

Ozimius: Oliveryn, what is this about assassinations?

Oliveryn: He also knew how to protect people from assassinations....

Bartender: He has been in Kramer for several weeks.

Oliveryn tells that to Ozimius

Oliveryn: Do you know when he is susposed to be back?

Ozimius: Hmmm. I wonder what is going on there that would warrant an assassination?

-> Sparta: the barmaid whispers to you that he as performed some assassinations too.

Barmaid: Ale it is.

Oliveryn (looking sickened) Well my dad was protecting people from assassination...but he's only a court bard...or at least thats what I thought?...

As you wait, you hear a hollow metallic tapping that fades in and out periodically. It echoes as if you are listening to it from the middle of a cavern.

Ozimius: What was that?

Bartender (non-commital): Grrf

Oliveryn: Do you know anything about this Chicdell looking for a lute?

Bartender: That master Chicdell, no. What loot.

Barmaid: Here is your ale, Sparta

Ozimius: Did anyone else hear that noise?

Sparta: Thank you.

Nyza: The tapping sound? Yes.

Oliveryn (handing he bartender a copper) Nevermind...thank you. You have been very helpful...

Ozimius: I wonder what that is?

Barmaid: That happens all the time, you'll get use to it.

Ozimius: But what is it?

Oliveryn: Bells?

It happens again.

Ozimius: It almost sounds as if it is in a cave.

Sparta: Doesn't quite sound like bells to me.

Ozimius: Barmaid, is there a cave under this inn?

Bartender: Eat up folks.

Barmaid: Not that I know of.

Ozimius: Then were is that sound coming from?

Oliveryn: Ok, everyone let us eat. I'll sing us a song.

Oliveryn smiles.

You finally get used to the background noise when there is a roaring sound outside the door to the bar.

Sparta: Eating sounds great.

Nyza: Don't tell me THAT is normal too!

Looking that direction, a cloud of luminescent gas permeates the door and forms into a silvery portal surrounded by a swirling blue and gold gaseous ring.

Ozimius jumps to the ready.

Bartender: That can't be good.

Oliveryn stops playing and looks at the portal.

The bartender leaps the bar with surprising agility and ducks into the backroom with the barmaid. The door slams and a key turns in the lock.

Ozimius: I'm gonna check it out.

Nyza leaps over the bar counter.

Your attention is drawn back to the portal as three humanoids spill out of the portal. They have yellowish mottled skin, long russet hair gathered in multiple top-knots and lots of unusual weapons and armor. Two are male and the other is female. The males catch the female off balance and lift her off her feet then slam her to the floor. The males draw their greatswords from back-sheathes, snears on their lips.

There is an odd sound like a roar in reverse as the portal quickly closes, trailing back through the door.

The males' snears change to grotesque grimaces as they glance at their surroundings. They leap the female to attack the first of you they can reach.

Nyza: has it been an hour at least since last fight?

Ozimius: Whatever they are, let's not take any chances!

Oliveryn: I wonder if this happens often?

Nyza: Let us send them back to whatever hell they came from!

Ozimius holds his shortsword and shield at the ready.

Oliveryn: Because the bartender got up really fast and left.

Sparta draws his greatsword and approaches the closest of them.

Nyza draws her crossbow and lets a bolt fly.

Nyza misses wildly.

Oliveryn moves behind the table and starts warming up his vocal cords to sing.

She handly blocks your attack.

Nyza runs along the countertop...

Nyza then conjures a splash of acid at the last enemy.

She is making every effort to block every blow directed at her.

Oliveryn: Surrender or we will kill you.

She stays on guard, but does not attack.

Oliveryn: No one attack, she looks as if she will surrender.

Grezeliziea (dreading answer): Where am I?

Sparta: You are in Redemption.

Oliveryn: You are in a town called Redemption.

Ozimius: At the inn.

Nyza: In Almebezbik.

Grezeliziea: Not good.

Sparta: Lower your weapon.

Ozimius: Explain.

Grezeliziea: Really, not good.

Grezeliziea: Githyanki are only supposed to enter this plane through the fortress.

Ozimius: What are you?

Oliveryn: Who are you?

Grezeliziea: I am called Grezeliziea.

Grezeliziea: A githyanki.

Grezeliziea: I need to get back to the Astral Plane or back among others of my kind before I am hunted down.

Sparta: You are mighty far from the fortress.

Ozimius: Why were you attacked.

Nyza: They would hunt you down for leaving?

Nyza frowns at this.

Grezeliziea (to Sparta) You know of the fortress?

Sparta: I've heard of it.

Sparta: I'm from Rebelton.

Grezeliziea (to Ozi) Childishness.

Ozimius: Childishness? I don't understand.

Grezeliziea: I need to get to the fortess or there is going to be trouble for this town.

-> Oliveryn: Githyanki are generally from the Astral Plane, but there is a breeding colony in the fortress in Tower's Heights protected by the empire.

Ozimius: What do you mean you were attacked because of childishness.

Grezeliziea: Guys picking on girls.

Ozimius laughs.

Ozimius: It didn't look like play to me.

Sparta: The two who came with you?

Oliveryn: It looked like everyone was fighting for their lives.

Grezeliziea: I do not know how that portal opened.

Grezeliziea: We are like that.

Grezeliziea: It is very dangerous growing up as a githyanki.

Ozimius: You said there was a breeding colony at the fortress.

Horns, then bells sound in the distance.

Nyza: But you are a long way from home now, yes? Can you open up a portal like that to get back?

Oliveryn runs outside and takes a look.

Ozimius: Do you need help to get there?

Grezeliziea: That is the fortress alarm.

The handle of the door rattles; followed by a thump against the door.

Oliveryn backs away quickly.

Grezeliziea (whispering) You must hide me.

Ozimius: Get behind the bar.

Innkeeper (muffled): How did they lock the door?

Oliveryn: Get her in the closet, see if they will open it.

Oliveryn goes to the door and listens.

There is banging on the door.

Innkeeper (shouting) Open this door!

Grezeliziea buries herself in the corner with the cloaks that had been hanging on the coat racks.

Oliveryn: Should we open the door?

Nyza: calls back, "How? The bartender locked it."

Ozimius: Open the door.

The door appears to be stuck.

The door is wet to the touch and seems waterlogged.

Oliveryn (yelling thru the door) It's stuck.

Ozimius wonders how the door got wet.

There is banging on the door.

Ozimius yells "It's stuck!"

Oliveryn yells "Get something to break it open with."

Nyza thinks about tossing a fireball at it...

Sparta hefts his sword.

Oliveryn goes to one of the windows and trys to open it up.

Sparta: I could try this.

-> Ozimius: It needs to dry out some.

Ozimius: Leave the door. It is swollen shut.

Ozimius: Time will let it open.

Ozimius yells "the door needs to dry. It is swollen shut! Go relax someplace you fool!"

Ozimius (to his friends) Lets have some ale!

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Aye, now that sounds like a good time.

Ozimius grins wickedly.

Nyza: Hey! We stopped the rampaging gith.

Barmaid yelling I heard that.

Nyza: You can come out.

The lock in the door to the back room clicks and the door opens. Out steps the bartender, who returns to his place behind the bar.

Ozimius: (to barmaid) we know you did, my dear!

Ozimius chugs an ale.

A giant smashes through the door.

Nyza: Ah, it's a giant!

Oliveryn: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!

Ozimius grins.

Brestis Borshae: Men, get those bodies out of here.

Nyza looks to see if the bodies have anything valuable.

Nyza likes shinies especially.

Ozimius: Oh great, it's the LAW.

Ozimius tries to look inconspicuous.

Four other guards enter and remove the dead githyanki.

Brestis Borshae: What on earth happened here?

Oliveryn (whispering to the group) Where did the other one hide?

Nyza: Those two githyanki came in and attack us.

Sparta: They came out of nowhere.

Ozimius (whispers to Oli) in the closet.

Oliveryn: Yes, would you like me to sing a song about it...I could...

Oliveryn: Two creatures from the other planes, watched and waited to kill us for banes....

Oliveryn: They wouldn't listen to our pleas for mercy, so we had to kill them with no mercy...

Ozimius (whispers to the others) How are we going to get that thing out of here?

-> Iyam: you feel a presence in the corner under some cloaks.

Oliveryn: So don't worry about the past, we kept our deal and want our cash...

Nyza (whispers back) This is Redemption... maybe we should just tell the truth.

Oliveryn (blushing) Oops, that was from another song.

Ozimius perks up at the mention of cash.

Iyam sweeps arm broadly in a firm swipe...

Oliveryn: The cash part...

Ozimius perks up again.

Brestis Borshae: There will be a reward from the empire for this.

Ozimius: Reward?

Ozimius looks much more cheerful now.

Brestis Borshae: Yes, a reward.

Oliveryn: Oh really, why thank you.....

Oliveryn (whispers to the group) Who said anything about money?

Ozimius: Um, what kind of reward?

Ozimius (whispers to Oli) Shut your yapper, let them give away their coin to us!

-> Iyam: you don't feel anything.

Ozimius: So tell me more about this reward Captain, sir.

Oliveryn: Pist...sheriff.

Iyam scratches his head... looking around at something, not knowing what he's looking for...

Brestis Borshae : I believe it is 100 gp per dead or captured illegal githyanki.

Ozimius (whispers) Sheriff. Captain. I'll call him king as long as his coin is good.

Nyza: Why are the githyanki illegal?

Ozimius: And what are they.

Brestis Borshae: Only outside the fortress in Tower's Heights.

Ozimius: So why are they illegal?

Oliveryn (whispers to Ozi) Should we rat out the on in the closet?

Brestis Borshae: Because they are so dangerous. The empire has an agreement with them to breed here, but only in the fortess.

Ozimius (whispers to Oli) No, she may lead us to even more goodies!

Sparta: Hmm, these two didn't seem to dangerous.

Brestis Borshae: You must have gotten the drop on them.

Ozimius: They werent very dangerous. You sure you are a sheriff?

Ozimius looks dubiously at the sheriff.

Nyza: What happens to the live githyanki you find?

Innkeeper : Your rooms are ready.

Oliveryn: Hi my names Oliveryn.

Oliveryn holds out hand to Iyam.

Ozimius: Our rooms?

Sparta: We haven't eaten yet. It's a bit early for bed.

Innkeeper : Yes, it's after midnight.

Iyam (smiles broadly, taking Oli's hand) Greetings!

Nyza: Me want a good night's sleep.

Nyza waves to everyone and goes to her room.

Ozimius (whispers) someone get the barkeep and the barmaid in the back room so we can get that thing out of here.

Oliveryn: Well you're a mighty tall and big chap...may I have your name?

Iyam: What has happened here?

Oliveryn: Oh my. Bartender, there is a big rat in your closest over here!!

Ozimius: Yea, look at it run, it's HUGE!

Bartender: The cat will get it.

Oliveryn: No you have to see it....really its...demonic looking.

Iyam: I am Iyam.

A cat scurries around the bar.

Ozimius (whispers to Iyam) Hey, shorty can you accidentally on purpose sit on that table in the corner and break it?

Oliveryn: I think this rat will eat your cat.

Bartender (non-commital): Grrf

Iyam (looking at the whisperer) confused...

Oliveryn: Come here and you too barmaid....

Oliveryn: I need your help....

Ozimius (whispers to Iyam) Go sit on that table in the corner and break it!

Ozimius (whispers to Iyam) Then we will get it out of here!

Iyam (incredulously) I will have to pay for it!

Ozimius: Tell him you will go to the magistrate for trying to kill you with faulty furniture.

Oliveryn talks to him in Giant.

Oliveryn (in Giant) So where do you come from?

Sparta (whispers to Iyam) We need a distraction, will you help us?

Ozimius (in Giant) play along Shorty and we will cut you in on the loot!

Iyam (seemingly happy to have someone talking to him) Oh, here and there, my friend.

Nyza zzz...

Iyam (smiles) My home is nowhere and my home is here.

Ozimius (in Giant) So will you please go sit on that table over there?

Ozimius (in Giant) and BREAK it please. Act hurt too!

Ozimius grins.

-> Iyam: I imagine you are confused by all this giantish being spoken at you.

Iyam moves over to table, still looking at Oli, reaching back to sit as though confident the table will hold...

Iyam sits....

The table holds.

Ozimius (whispers) Get ready to throw your cloak over that thing and get it out.

Ozimius looks stunned.

Ozimius (whispers to an absent Nyza) Can you throw your voice?

Ozimius (whispers to an absent Nyza) or make an illusion?

Iyam looking over to Ozi, raised eyebrow, as though to say "I tried, but as you can see, it ain't breakin'."

Oliveryn: I am going to fasinate the bartender.

Oliveryn starts playing his instrument.

Ozimius (to Oli) Maybe that will put them to sleep.

Ozimius grins.

The barmaid leaves, as she is done for the night.

Oliveryn: The lute sings of sounds long lost and long forgotten how then are and were.

Ozimius wanders over to the closet trying to look inconspicuous.

The bartender is enthralled.

Oliveryn gives Ozi the nod to move the lady.

You have a clear shot for the rooms upstairs.

Ozimius slides the door open and throws a cloak from inside the closet over his new friend.

Sparta leads the way.

Ozimius half leads, half drags her up the stairs trying to look nonchalant.

Grezeliziea: I'm with you, don't yank.

Ozimius: Well, get in, quick.

Sparta (whispers) which room?

Ozimius (calls Sparta) Hey, come give me a hand with my sword will you?

Ozimius: In my room.

Nyza: zz..yipyip...zzzz...tailwags....

You find your rooms.

Sparta: Quick, in here...

Ozimius: OK, So what is your name?

Grezeliziea: Grezeliziea.

Ozimius: I'll call you Grez, that ok?

Grezeliziea: Sure.

Sparta: How are you going to get to the Fortress?

Oliveryn stops playing and expells a sigh.

Oliveryn: How was that, barkeep?

Ozimius: Sparta, go wake up Nyza quietly and lets get out the window while we can.

Sparta: Do we need the kobold?

Ozimius: Yea, you better wake her up.

Grezeliziea: I'm probably safer in Redemption than anywhere else save, the fortress.

Ozimius: And don't let the weasel bite you, who don't know where that thing has been.

Grezeliziea: Why don't we just rest.

Nyza: Unph... What, are we leaving already?

Sparta (grumbles) Kobolds, giants, githyanki, what is this world coming to?

Ozimius: Ok, but we need to disguise you.

Ozimius: Or the first person who recognizes you will turn you in.

Ozimius: Nyza, give us a hand.

Ozimius: How can we hide Grez?

Nyza: I don't have any robes that would fit her... and unless burning her into dust counts as a disguise, none of my magic would help.

Innkeeper (through the door) Everything alright with the accomodations?

Ozimius: Yup just fine.

Ozimius: Now let me get some sleep will you?

Oliveryn walks up the stairs to his room and meets the innkeeper.

-> Iyam: Brezaya sent you to look after them.

Ozimius: Someone get Shorty. Maybe he has a robe big enough....

Oliveryn: My fingers hurt from playing that lute too much.

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn knocks on the door. "It's me Oliver."

Ozimius opens the door and pulls Oli in.

Oliveryn: Whaaa, pushy aren't we.

Ozimius: Put your thinking cap on, how do we hide Grez?

Oliveryn stumbles into the room and takes a seat on the bed.

Ozimius: Oh, by the way, this is Grez.

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn: We could chop her up into small peices and smuggle her out.

Sparta: Grez, we've got you away from the Sherriff and the barkeep.

Sparta: Are you sure you want to stay here?

Ozimius: Sparta, you know this place, any safe sewers or abandoned warehouses?

Oliveryn: I have a relative in town, we could try there.

Sparta: I'm new to Redemption.

Ozimius: Oli, can we trust him or her?

Oliveryn: They are family, I would say yes.

Sparta: If we were back in Rebelton, I'm sure I could find a nice little hole to hide us all.

Ozimius: How far is it?

-> Iyam: You think here or Crater Crystals is the safest place in town.

Iyam: Here IS the safest place in town...

Iyam: or Crater Crystals...

Iyam: Um... excuse me....

Iyam: Why are you hiding and from whom?

Sparta: That thing in the corner is not very welcome in these parts.

Ozimius: There is a reward for them.

Iyam looks to the corner... [and sees?]

Ozimius: But I think this one will be worth more if we get it back to the fortress.

-> Iyam: Grez is a githyanki.

Ozimius points to Grez

Iyam: Ah...

Sparta talks to Grez.

Iyam: The safest place for... Grez, is here.

Nyza: Grez is wanted by the Humans here because her kind are not allowed outside their fortress. She is trying to get back to her home. All clear?

Sparta: Now that we've got you away from the sheriff & barkeep.

Oliveryn: I liked my first plan the best, chop her up and we smuggle her out, I think they can regrow back together.

Ozimius: Yes, but not in the inn.

Sparta: Where do you want to go?

Oliveryn: My father has a house here in Redemption.

Oliveryn: We can hide there.

Sparta: Not a bad idea there, Oli.

Grez smirks at Oliver.

Ozimius: Oli has a cousin here. We should stash her there until we get a wagon or something to smuggle her out.

Oliveryn: I have a cousin and my father lives here.

Iyam: Is there a temporary shape-shifting solution, with magic or illusion?

Ozimius: Scratch that, Oli's father.

Grezeliziea: I don't know about you, but my powers are spent.

Oliveryn: It's actually my fathers cousin, whatever that makes it to me.

Grezeliziea: Shouldn't we rest for awhile.

Ozimius: You and Nyza can rest till morning there.

Ozimius: Unless you'd prefer the Sheriff's company.

Oliveryn: We can rest at my father place, it's close and safer, Grez.

Nyza: Yes, we should leave tonight - now. Nyza always has trouble hiding in daylight from her kobolds, it doesn't work.

-> Oliveryn: you don't actually know where he lives.

Ozimius: Let's go.

Ozimius throws the sheet over Grez like a cloak.

Sparta: It'll be a lot easier to move around at night.

Oliveryn: I have rope.

-> Ozimius: you're sure Oli is bluffing.

Ozimius: Ok.

Oliveryn looks at Ozi sceptically.

Ozimius looks at Oli with an evil look in his eyes.

Ozimius: Wanna come clean little songbird?

Ozimius: What's your angle?

Grez sits down cross-legged in the corner of the room.

Oliveryn: I might not now exactly where his house is but I know it in town somewhere.

Grezeliziea: zzz

Ozimius slaps his head in disgust.

Sparta: That's a bit of a problem.

Ozimius: NOW you tell me.

Sparta: Grez is nodding off.

Oliveryn: Well, I thought I could find it if I just knocked on some doors and asked.

Ozimius: How "not exactly sure" are you?

Iyam: This is a waste of time... I will rest now.

Oliveryn (smiles weakly) I've never been to Redemption before but I know he has a house.

Sparta: Arg.

Iyam looks for a clearing to lie down...

Sparta: Listen, I've been tracking bandits for 5 days straight.

Sparta: It's past midnight and you don't know where we're going?

Iyam yawns...

Ozimius: Ok, everyone sleep.

Grezeliziea: zzz

Sparta: I think it's time we all sack out.

Ozimius: I'll go talk to the barkeep.

Ozimius gets up and goes down stairs.

Iyam puts longsword nearby and begins to remove studded leather armor...

Nyza: Ok, if people want to try hiding in the daytime, Nyza doesn't object. She tired.

Oliveryn: Wait, wait I might know of a place

Oliveryn (smiles) Nope sorry, lost my mind, lets talk to the barkeep

The bar is empty when you arrive.

Sparta sets his weapons down and strips off his armor

Iyam: Even if you know of a place of someone "you know", waking them at this time will only iritate the host, not to mention asking the host to take in all your companions...

Ozimius walks back up the stairs to the room.

Ozimius: Nyza, you have any paper?

Nyza: ... you're not taking any spells from my book.

Ozimius: No, no I just need paper...

Oliveryn walks back to the room.

Ozimius: and a pen.

Nyza holds her spellbook to her chest and shakes her head.

Nyza: Mine!

Nyza: No pen.

Oliveryn: I have black chalk.

Ozimius wonders about mages with no parchment and pens....

Ozimius: Ok, let me borrow it.

Iyam puts armor in a neat pile and begins to lie down, finding a comfortable position...

Oliveryn: Need paper?

Ozimius: Yes.

Oliveryn: Hands over a sheet of parchment.

Ozimius writes on the paper in official looking writing "PLAGUE KEEP OUT."

Ozimius takes the note and goes back downstairs and hangs it on the door.

Ozimius takes a piece of rope from his pack, cuts a small piece, and ties the door shut.

Ozimius walks back upstairs and joins the others.

Iyam lying quite still and seemingly asleep, as if he hadn't slept for a while....

Ozimius: I hope you all remember this when we split the loot....

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Now get some rest...

Ozimius: and get to your own rooms!

Ozimius grins.

Iyam is fast asleep.

Sparta: zzzz

Nyza and her weasel go to sleep.

Ozimius looks at the ragtag group, grins, and goes to sleep.

Morning comes.

You are awakened the next morning by the blare of horns. Shortly, Brestis arrives looking for Grezeliziea.

Iyam rouses by the sound of horns...

Nyza: Nyza knew we should have left at night!

Brestis Borshae: I need to talk with our githyanki visitor. She seems to have attracted the attention she expected.

Ozimius: Hey cant you read Brestis? We have the plague!

Brestis Borshae: I know what you have.

Ozimius coughs.

Iyam makes loud sound, coming from nether region...

Ozimius: Seriously.

Grezeliziea is nowhere to be found.

Iyam (whispers) Excuse me.

Ozimius: You'll get sick.

Oliveryn: I think he does have the plague, I think he has a fever.

Sparta turns green.

Ozimius looks at Iyam , eyes HUGE.

Brestis Borshae : We need to find her. Three of my deputies have been wounded by some particularly vicious hunters.

Iyam stretches and yawns loudly...

Iyam begins to don armor...

Brestis Borshae: It is worth 100 monarchs for each hunter captured or slain. Redemption does not abide by the imperial agreement that githyanki are hunted down in these circumstances. It is not Visaria's way.

Sparta pulls on his leathers and grabs his weapons.

Ozimius: Say that again? You're not going to hurt Grez?

Sparta: What are we waiting for?

Brestis Borshae: No.

Ozimius: Relax a second.

Ozimius: What are you going to do.

Nyza: Good, you make Nyza happy. She confused that Redemption allow kobolds, but hate githyanki. It makes Nyza nervous.

Iyam listens while continuing to don armor...

Brestis Borshae: We are going to protect her until the githyanki arrive to retrieve her.

Oliveryn: I believe him totally, Ozi.

Ozimius: Yea, this from the guy who almost knew where his father's house is.

Nyza: We'll help find her.

Ozimius: So tell me exactly what your plans for Grez are, Brestis.

Sparta: And who attacked your deputies?

Oliveryn: And who ate my rations!

Iyam rises fully on his feet, stretching upward. (those near him: any light on the other side of him is blocked out)

Oliveryn: Just kidding...that was me.

Ozimius: By protection you wouldnt mean prison would you?

Sparta: Perhaps these are the ruffians who attacked Oli's caravan?

Brestis Borshae : No, she'll be looked after, but free.

Ozimius: On your honor?

Brestis Borshae : Absolutely.

Oliveryn: Maybe, and it's directed by my half evil twin brother second time removed in the Chicdell house hold.

Ozimius: On Redemption's honor?

Iyam retrieves longsword...

Ozimius: Well Brestis?

Brestis Borshae: Let's find her before she accidentally kills an innocent bystander.

Ozimius: Do you swear on Redemption's honor she wont be mistreated?

Brestis Borshae : Yes. Let's go!

Ozimius: Ok.

Ozimius follows Brestis.

Sparta leads the way.

Oliveryn follows.

Iyam gathers rest of belonging and equip them...

Grezeliziea can be tracked to an elven tree house north of the town's core. She is having a pitched battle with several assailants on the upper platform.

Nyza draws her longspear and walks around with it, using the blunt end as a staff.

Ozimius readies his sword and shield.

Sparta draws his sword.

Oliveryn starts singing softly to warm up.

Nyza: Grez is in trouble! We have to get up there!

Nyza starts to ascend the tree house.

Ozimius (to the group) Well, let's earn our money.

Nyza: have time to cast mage armor before combat begins?

-> Nyza: yes

You are on the ground below the tree house.

Sparta: Iyam, can you throw me up there?

Oliveryn starts taking the stairs.

Nyza: Nyza speaks in a language foreign to all but spellcasters. On her command, a shimmering layer of scales form a barrier around her.

Ozimius follows Oli.

Ozimius tries to sneak.

As you climb up to the platform, she beheads one of her attackers, but she is hit by the mind blade of the soulknife across the platform from the ladder and falls unconscious.

Ozimius (whispers to the group) Engage them and I will try to flank them.

Iyam: you're letting us see all your rolls?

Brestis Borshae : The soulknife throws a blade at Iyam and hits.

Sparta: Quick, Iyam, throw me.

Iyam: Too high, little one... [assessing the height]

Oliveryn sings.

Ozimius tries to refrain from covering his ears.

Nyza extends her hand and out shoots a line of fire straight at the soulknife.

Oliveryn: Hold on.

Nyza glares at the human. She attempts to compel his mind into submission.

The soulknife strikes Iyam again and Iyam fall unconsious.

Sparta strikes the soulknife who is impeded by the fallen giant.

The soulknife falls.

Sparta: Where's the sheriff?

Sparta: They must have some healing in this town.

Nyza attempts to treat Grez's injuries.

Grez is stablized and opens her eyes.

Sparta: Ozi, help me with the big guy.

Sparta attempts to treat Iyam's injuries.

Iyam is stablized and opens his eyes.

Iyam: Did we get that bastard?

Ozimius grabs one of the giant's arms.

Ozimius: Yup.

Ozimius: Someone search for loot.

Nyza: Sparta cut him down good! There was blood everywhere!

Sparta: Welcome back.

Ozimius: He has to have something of value...

Ozimius: and we need money for potions and healing.

The soulknife wears a very nice studded leather, carries a heavy steel shield and a shard.

Ozimius: Nyza, grab the stuff.

Sparta: A shard?

Nyza looks at the shard curiously.

Nyza casts Detect Magic on it.

Ozimius: Let's get him to the healer, Sparta.

Iyam (takes the shard from Nyza) Let me see, please.

Nyza: The armor and shard both radiate magic.

Ozimius: Guys.

Sparta: It's too big for me. Ozi do you where armor?

Ozimius: Let's get him back to town and healed then we can identify the loot.

Iyam pulls out a potion of cure light wounds and downs it...

Ozimius: How banged up are you, Iyam?

Oliveryn: It looks like he is hurting in his mid-section.

Oliveryn (smiles) I hear chicks dig scars.

Iyam half-smiling...

Ozimius: Nyza, you have everything?

Nyza: I have nothing.

Nyza: Human armor is too heavy and Nyza doesn't want to carry it anyway.

Ozimius: Grab the loot and let's get back to the inn.

Sparta: Can Grez walk?

Oliveryn goes and asks the sheriff where is father's house.

Ozimius grabs the loot and ushers them back to the inn.

Nyza: Me protect Grez while you all get sheriff.

Oliveryn: Hey, Mr. Sheriff, where is my father's humble abode?

Brestis Borshae : Your father's house is by the Zelmbring Gate. Last ground dwelling on the west side of the path.

Brestis Borshae : You passed it on the way in yesterday.

Oliveryn (smiles) Do you think it would be ok if I roomed there until he returned...of course with my new friends.

Ozimius: Anyone have any cash?

Ozimius: I will buy some potions.

Ozimius: I have 78 monarchs, that will get us one.

Oliveryn: Not enough for potions.

Ozimius: Anyone want to chip in 50 monarchs?

Oliveryn: I could perform in the streets for gold.

Ozimius: Cure light wounds are 50 gold each.

Ozimius runs down to the local temple and buys a potion of Cure Light wounds.

Oliveryn: Im going to perform a nice musical cord in the streets for money.

Ozimius runs back to the others.

Ozimius runs back to the temple.

Sparta: I can pitch in 5 monarchs.

Ozimius buys another cure light wounds potion.

Ozimius runs back.

Ozimius (to Iyam) Drink.

Ozimius hands over the potions.

Sparta: Can I see the topaz?

Ozimius: Let me see it.

Nyza: Doesn't make a lot of sense to save her, then leave her unconscious in a tree house, alone to other attacks.

Sparta: Let's take her back to the inn.

Sparta: The sheriff can find her there if he needs to.

Sparta: Besides, we haven't had breakfast yet.

Nyza warily hands the topaz to Oliveryn. "How much do you think this is worth?"

Oliveryn (smiles) Not that much.

You are back at the inn, just outside.

Before long, a company of elven mercenaries arrive. Their commander speaks with the sheriff and they begin preparing the defenses of Redemption against further assaults by githyanki hunters.

Iyam: Chugs another cure light wounds potion.

Nyza: Sheriff, do you think soldier's from the empire might attack too?

Brezaya walks up.

Brezaya: Hello, good fighting?

Sparta: Nearly killed the giant here

Brezaya: That's a new one.

Nyza: No, fighting never good! But after he fall down in battle, we have to kill that soulknife.

Nyza is not good with names.

Brezaya: By the way, that topaz is worth 600 gp.

Ozimius: OK.

Ozimius: That leaves us with 475 and a scroll.

Ozimius: Nyza, identify it please with the scroll.

Nyza does so.

Iyam swaps out armor...

Nyza: Iyam, can you tell what exactly that shard does?

Iyam: This shard's power makes it easier to hide for a short time.