Undecitina 18, 1000 PC

Post date: Jun 20, 2010 2:34:14 PM

Today has proven to be another busy day.  After scrying my family's estate in Troll's Bridge and seeing that is was relatively secure (the walls help tremendously), I formulated a plan to resurrect Mask and also restore my presence in Troll's Bridge as a council member at the same time.  I spoke with Isildul about my idea and he agreed to be Mask while I returned to Troll's Bridge.  We would both appear publicly and simultaneously to stem some of the anarchy, but working for obviously different causes.  Once it is believed that Mask and I are different individuals, Isildul will return to his usual activities and I will take on the dual roles of Mask and myself.

An added bit of security in this arrangement is that Imhiakaam will undoubtedly discover that Isildul is acting as Mask and avoid him like a plague.  That should keep me relatively safe to act as Mask after Isildul returns to The Floating Tower.

I am sure there is some flaw or contingency I have not taken into account, but I have means of escape if necessary.  I need to discover what is really going on and let my friends know as soon as possible.