The Age of Demons

The last Age of the First Cycle of Man was extremely short, but quite a tumultuous.  Aifos is drawn to this time while transporting the heroes from Marshes Edge during the battle between Drymorjoc and Cedarcleaver to Tangleton and find they are meant to have a hand in the establishment of deities that are currently only mortals in the time to which they have been displaced. Our heroes arrive in a world much different from what they are accustomed, but also quite familiar.  The most prominent feature over a millennium in the past that our heroes find is that The Mount of Walls and The City-State of Walton still exist.  They encounter several folk that have not yet made their mark on the world, though they are known to the heroes as liches, kings and deities in their own time.  These include Zodyu the Grotesque, Visaria the Beneficent, Ran MCXI Egalem Random, Isildul and Gresham the Golden.

The Vicinity

The Vicinity as it was in the year 25 of the Age of Demons.  Tanglewood has not spread as far as it is in The Age of Chaos, Walton still rests upon The Mount of Walls, Zelmbring has not become Redemption and no sovereign claims the plains that will shortly become Seigneaurie Grotesque under Zodyu's leadership.

The Continent

Almebezbik is more arid in this Age and some signs of cataclysm exist while others do not.  The Outerland Sea is currently the Outerland Desert and The Almebezbik River is a dry crack that spans the continent.  Feris Antandom is covered in a ruinous plague of undeath and The Cliffs of Grayholm have not yet been raised.  Armee's Canal is a gapping canyon capped by massive dams that keep Pelagic Planetary from filling it.

In a very short span of years after the visit of our heroes near the end year 25, many extraordinary events occur: