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Propyltina 25, 1000 PC

It has been a month since returning from Princess Tangle's lair and winter is in full effect having dropped almost a foot and a half of snow on Redemption.  The wyverns no longer encroach and, so far, the ghost of Chelsia has not reappeared.

The weather becomes bitterly cold, the temperature dipping far below freezing.  Wintersky even retreats to the Blazing Griffon Inn due to the cold.

Having some time on her hands, new ability to enchant items and the desire to see Nyza cease shivering, Wintersky creates the kobold sorcerers a pair of boots that will make winter more bearable, boots of the winterslands.  On the coldest day of the winter thus far, Wintersky presents her gift to Nyza.

Merizae summons Oliveryn to the Aviary with news from Troll's Bridge.  Not long after his departure, a greater ice paraelemental emerges from a nexus caused by the vicious cold in the frozen lake.

Desiring to help the elemental return to his plane, our heroes get the attention of the three-story-tall monolith. However, the monster becomes aware of and moves to destroy the largest source of fire in the area the fire places of the Blazing Griffon Inn.

After Nyza uses her gift of fire to weaken the giant, Legeand succeeds in shattering it with a mighty, raging blow from his recently acquired cleaverbow.

The next order of business is closing the nexus which Wintersky exposes from the frozen surface of the lake and Nyza, with T'Krosh's assistance, dispels the magical effect, ending the extreme cold spell in the area.

Nyza: Do not worry, friend. If the weather gets too bad, me can make you a nice bonfire.

Wintersky: They are called Boots of the Winterland.

Oliveryn: Those are very nice, Nyza. It will be nice to have you not covered up in blankets all the time.

Nyza: These could be a big hit back home.

Wintersky: It takes a bit of work to make them.

Nyza: Oh, well, you show me how you make it, someday?

Wintersky: Sure.

Nyza grins at Oliveryn.

A bundled up fellow enters the great room where you are all gathered for breakfast.

Messenger: Hello.

Sparta: Howdy.

Sparta: Staying warm?

Messenger: No, not at all.

Messenger: I am looking for Lord Chicdell.

Luanes after seating herself, nods to the messenger in greeting.

T'Krosh: For what purpose?

Sparta: Come, warm yourself by the fire.

Wintersky: Well, how about some tea?

Oliveryn: I am he.

Messenger: I was sent by Merizae.

Oliveryn: Oh, has she some news for me?

Messenger: Yes, she would like to talk to you in person.

Wintersky pours a mug of tea and hands it to the messenger.

Oliveryn: Very well, I will be along shortly.

Messenger: Very good, my lord.

The messenger turns and walks out into the cold.

Legeand: Well, he was quite brief.

Wintersky: I wonder what that is all about.

Oliveryn: I still cannot get used to that.

Nyza: Do you need any company, Oli?

Sparta: I was wondering the same thing?

Sparta: Sure, we can have Nyza try out her new boots outside.

Oliveryn: No, thank you, Nyza. Eregard and I have been meaning to go to the Aviary for a while.

Oliveryn: Stay warm by the fire. We will be back in a little while.

Wintersky: Do you think you can get used to wearing shoes?

Luanes reads a book by the fire.

Eregard: Yes. We can stop at Queen's Inn and check on the others as well.

Sparta: Be careful out there, Oli. Remember what I said.

Sparta: You never know whether your grandfather is gonna try to ambush you.

Wintersky: Whether or when?

Eregard: The whole world seems to stop during the winter. I think we will be safe for a few more weeks.

Oliveryn and Eregard dress in their warm gear and cloaks and head out of the inn.

Nyza: It will be a change, Ms. Sky, but me think it is worth it.

About twenty minutes after Oliveryn and Eregard leave, there is an enormous groan from outside like water freezing into ice quickly.

Nyza: What was that?!

Sparta: That sounded odd.

Luanes looks up from her book.

Nyza goes to a window to have a peek.

There is a sound similar to glass breaking and then the tinkling of thousands of shards raining on to a stone floor.

Sparta: Do not lick the condensation. Your tongue will freeze to the window.

Luanes sets her book down and gets up, walking to the window where Nyza is.

Legeand: What is with all the commotion outside?

Those looking out the window over the lake see a huge, vaguely humanoid figure made of ice rising from the lake.

Sparta: I dunno, the ladies are checking it out.

The innkeeper rushes over to the window to have a look.

Nyza: Ah, the ice is coming alive!

Nyza shakes with fear.

Innkeeper: Oh, no! I just got the walls back up!

Sparta: Really?

Sparta: Hey Ozi, I think Hell is about to freeze over.

Ozimius grins at Sparta.

The ice giant seems occupied with the tree houses on the other side of the lake.

Luanes watches the creature to see its intent.

Legeand: Crap, I should not have said all those things for when Hell freezes.

Nyza: What is that thing, innkeep?

The creature looks curious, peering into the windows of the tree houses.

T'Krosh looks caught between remaining at the fire or joining the others at the window.

Sparta takes another sip of his ale.

Luanes: It is not damaging anything or hurting anyone.

Wintersky puts on her winter clothes.

Crossbows are fired at the thing from the tree houses and the creature swipes at one of the houses, removing its roof.

Sparta: Well, if he is letting us drink in peace, I say we return the favor.

Luanes: They attacked it!

Luanes: Those in the houses.

Nyza (calmly): Oh Sparta, it just tore up a building.

Innkeeper: You all get free room and board for the winter if you keep that thing from breaking up my place.

Legeand: As long as it does not head this way, we are fine.

Ozimius grins wickedly at the inkeeper.

Luanes: Who lives in the Tree Houses?

Legeand: Or we go kill the thing for free food and rooms!

Sparta: Well, that seems like quite the deal.

Sparta pats his stomach.

Innkeeper: Those are town watchmens' houses.

Nyza: It cannot be breaking houses like that. We at least need to try to talk it down.

Sparta puts on his winter gear.

Luanes: Excellent suggestion.

Wintersky: Wintersky heads outside.

Luanes follows Wintersky.

Sparta follows.

Ozimius follows Sparta.

Sparta: Hold on, I am going to get Ringo.

Sparta: I will be along in a minute.

Sparta: Then we can all roast marshmallows around a big bonfire while we chat with that thing.

Nyza: While it melts.

Wintersky: I am going to get Cinder.

Sparta trots off to the stables.

Luanes calls for Gaelitae.

Sparta saddles up Ringo.

Wintersky follows.

Sparta casts Long Strider and shares with Ringo.

Luanes: Before we jump into battle, perhaps we can try to communicate with it first?

Nyza casts Fly and Mirror Image on herself.

Wintersky casts Tongues.

Legeand: Readies his gear and waits in the main room.

Sparta: If you think that will help, go right ahead.

While our heroes prepare, the creature remains occupied with the tree houses.

Luanes accompanies Wintersky in her attempt at communication.

Nyza and T'Krosh follow as well.

Wintersky approaches the creature on Cinder.

Wintersky: Hello there. What are you looking for?

Luanes walks behind her on Gaelitae, ready to protect Wintersky.

T'Krosh: How are you doing that, Nyza?

Luanes: Easy, Gael...

Nyza: As an answer, Nyza casts Fly on T'Krosh as well.

Luanes waits to see if the creature responds to Wintersky.

Legeand: Standing back Legeand just scratches the stubble on his chin.

The creature it still investigating the tree houses. The roof previously torn off is lying on the ice beside the creature.

Nyza: Me only speak Ignan, the fire language.

Sparta looks uncertainly at the open span of ice and the icy giant on the far side of the lake.

Luanes: Maybe if we try to get its attention.

Luanes urges Gaelitae to fly.

Wintersky approaches more closely riding along the shore and crossing a small amount of ice.

Luanes rides Gaelitae and hovers next to Wintersky.

The movement by our heroes finally attracts the creature's attention.

Wintersky (shouting): Hey, what are you doing?

The sound of a icicle chimes fills the air.

Wintersky: Please, do not break any more houses.

Greater Ice Paraelemental (Wintersky understands): I am wondering where I am.

Luanes hovers, preparing to draw her weapon to protect Wintersky if necessary.

Wintersky: You are on The Mirror.

Greater Ice Paraelemental (Wintersky understands): The Mirror?

Wintersky: Were you summoned here?

T'Krosh hovers a few feet off the lake surface, waiting for some signal for Nyza.

Wintersky: A prime material plane.

Greater Ice Paraelemental (Wintersky understands): I followed a tunnel and found myself surrounded by earth.

Sparta crosses the narrow span of lake behind Miss 'Sky while she chats.

Wintersky: Do you want to go home?

Wintersky (to her companions): He wants to know where he is.

Greater Ice Paraelemental (Wintersky understands): I am on an all element world. How irritating. It is too warm here for my liking.

Wintersky translates.

Nyza: A tunnel? Can it go back the way it came?

Greater Ice Paraelemental sniffs the air.

Wintersky: Can we help you home?

Greater Ice Paraelemental (Wintersky understands): I smell fire. Where is the fire?

Wintersky: Can you go back the way you came?

Nyza: Fire? ... fire here!

Wintersky: We need fires to keep warm here. They are in the houses.

Nyza strolls over to Ozi and hides behind him.

Ozimius chuckles.

Luanes looks up at the creature, watching its movements carefully.

Greater Ice Paraelemental (Wintersky understands): It is too warm here. I must remove flames.

T'Krosh: Halt! You will remove nothing except your presence.

Wintersky: No, you must go home. Fire is an integral part of this world.

Wintersky: He want to rid us of fires.

The creature begins moving towards the inn, pointing at it.

Sparta: I guess we will not be roasting any marshmallows then.

Greater Ice Paraelemental (Wintersky understands): The fire burns there.

Wintersky: No, do not attack the inn.

Ozimius: Wintersky, tell it to leave the inn alone or it will have to die.

Luanes sighs.

Nyza: (Ignan) That is as far as you go!

Wintersky: He will not listen. He hates fire.

Nyza flies away from the creature, turns, and then attacks!

Ozimius moves in front of the creature.

Wintersky: Let me try to send him home.

Nyza's fireball engulfs the paraelemental and it noticably melts.

Wintersky: I guess we will be fighting then.

Greater Ice Paraelemental (Wintersky understands): Fiiiirrrrreeee!!!! Aaaaahhhh!!!!

Wintersky begins to chant, casting a spell.

Wintersky casts Dismissal.

Wintersky: Please. Please, go home.

The creature ignores Wintersky's powerful impelling words.

Legeand moves towards the creature carefully walking across the icy lake's surface.

Sparta: I think he likes it here.

Wintersky: I do not think he likes it here. I think he is just mad.

Ozimius: I think he must die then.

T'Krosh readies to bestow a curse on the creature if it passes by.

Luanes casts Divine Favor.

Gaelitae surges forward hooves clattering against the icy giant.

Sparta casts Resist Energy (cold) and shares with Ringo.

Ozimius moves to be between the monster and the inn, swinging his sword threateningly at it.

T'Krosh touches the elemental with his curse as it passes by, but it seems to have no effect.

The paraelemental looms over Nyza.

Nyza: Eep.

Nyza hopes the mirror images save her hide as she flies away.

The paraelemental obliterates one of Nyza's images.

Sparta: Lead it away from the inn!

Sparta: I want my free board for the rest of the winter.

Nyza's second fireball causes the elemental some discomfort.

Greater Ice Paraelemental: Grrrr!!!!

Sparta: That will roast a few marshmallows.

Wintersky casts Divine Power shared with SnowShadow.

The innkeeper screams out the window, "Not towards the inn!"

Wintersky, SnowShadow and Cinder move closer.

Legeand closes with the creature successfully avoiding its piercing icicles.

Legeand's weapon takes a tiny chip of ice off the paraelemental.

Legeand: Damn, I am not trying to ice sculpt here!

T'Krosh: Let the spears of Kurtulmak harry this beast!

T'Krosh casts his deity's weapon at the beast.

Luanes has Gaelitae bank and swoop upon the creature.

Gaelitae's hoof clatters off the paraelemental.

Sparta rides along the shoreline until he is in range of the elemental.

Sparta fires his bow.

Sparta's arrow glances off the crystaline ice.

Ozimius moves and fires an arrow at the creature.

Ozimius' arrow also glances off the ice creature.

Legeand's metal armor has become extremely cold and begins to frost burn him.

The creature turns to attack Legeand.

Legeand: Ack, Gods damn this cold!

Icicles bite into Legeand and are ferociously cold.

Sparta shouts, "Lead him over this way"

Nyza soars straight up into the air to be well above the towering creature.

Legeand: You come onto this ice and you try to do it? I am turning into a meatcicle on ice here!

Wintersky casts Divine Favor shared with SnowShadow.

SnowShadow pounces.

SnowShadow's claws slide off the icy creature.

Wintersky contines to circle the creature on Cinder.

Legeand strikes at the beast.

Legeand's powerful swings glance off the paraelemental's icy armor.

T'Krosh's summoned spear continues stabbing.

The spiritual spear glances off the icy armor as well.

T'Krosh flies inside the paraelemental's reach and strikes with his own spear, which glances of the monster's icy armor.

Luanes swings Taveon's Mercy at the creature as Gaelitae kicks at it, continuing their flyby.

Taevon's Mercy glances off the beast as well as Gaelitae's hoof.

Sparta casts Summon Nature's Ally, calling a small fire elemental.

Ozimius fires another arrow at the beast.

Ozimius' arrow strikes true, but bounces.

The ice paraelemental continues to strike at Legeand.

Legeand stiffly absorbs the tremendous damage.

Nyza flies directly over the creature and loses to bolts of fire at it.

Nyza: Look out below!

The fiery bolts rain down on the creature and it melts some more.

Wintersky tries some trick riding to give Legeand a healing boost, avoiding the flailing icicles of the creature.

Wintersky: Here, I hope this helps.

SnowShadow attacks again, her bite taking a chunck of ice from the beast.

Legeand wipes some blood from his mouth and grins, "This snowball is REALLY pissing me off!"

Legeand flies into a rage and wails upon the creature.

T'Krosh feels weapon-envy when he compares his spear to Legeand's cleaverbow.

Legeand's final mighty swing connects with all his might and the elemental shatters into millions of ice crystals that rain down onto T'Krosh and Legeand.

Legeand: Take that you Gods damned ball of ice!

T'Krosh: Human, let me tend to those wounds before you collapse.

Legeand: Please do, I am ready to fall over as it is.

Legeand: Stabs the cleaver bow into the ice and leans on it.

Nyza gently floats back to ground level.

An intense glow radiates through the ice in the middle of the frozen lake.

Luanes approaches the glow.

Sparta rides Ringo onto the ice.

Nyza approaches warily.

Nyza: That may be the "tunnel" the creature spoke of.

Ringo slides awkardly on the ice.

Wintersky casts a Cure Moderate Wounds on SnowShadow.

Legeand: Three cheers for your meat shield doing his job for once. When we get back to the inn, I want a drink.

Nyza: Hey, Sparta, go in and get that!

Wintersky casts Cure Light Wounds on SnowShadow.

Sparta touches the ice where it is glowing.

T'Krosh: Better you than Nyza, eh?

Sparta: Nyza, can you ask my fire elemental what that is?

Sparta: It is really cold.

Legeand: So what did you guys find in there? Any ideas?

Sparta: I think it is a portal to the plane of ice.

Nyza (in Ignan to the fire elemental): Your summoner asks what that glowing ball is.

The elemental shrugs and shivers.

Wintersky hits the ice over the glow with her mace.

The ice cracks to reveal a swirling vortex of intense cold.

Legeand: Well, that would explain the crisp cold we have.

Wintersky: I can try to dispel it.

Nyza: It is very likely a gateway to the paraelemental plane of ice.

Legeand: But why did it form here?

The vortex narrows into a thin tornado-like effect, hovering over the hole.

Wintersky: Continuing in her impulsive vein, Wintersky casts Dispel Magic on the portal.

Nyza: They can form naturally in extreme conditions. Portals to the plane of fire spring up in volcanoes, for instance.

The vortex vanishes below the surface of the ice, but the glow persists.

Nyza: Me think, uh... We should get away from it in case it works both ways. Nyza do not want to go somewhere that cold.

Wintersky: But winter is usually not extreme enough to open one.

Sparta: Well, Legeand smashed that beastie.

Sparta: I say we go claim our reward from the innkeeper.

Luanes: Perhaps then someone purposefully opened it

Wintersky: Nyza can you try to dispel it?

Legeand: I say I claim a good stiff drink for that work.

Nyza: Yes, me can try.

Nyza: Stand back!

Wintersky and her companions move back.

Nyza makes a grand, exagerrated motion with her arms.

Luanes pulls Gaelitae back.

Sparta rides Ringo back to land.

Nyza: Pok versel!

Wintersky: Maybe it will warm up a little around here now.

The nexus gleams brightly for a moment and quickly fades with a loud crack and the lake refreezes instantly.

Sparta: Time for some hot chocolate and a seat by the fire.

Wintersky: I wonder who opened the portal?

T'Krosh: Can we please discuss it the fire?

Legeand: Fire, yes. Fire would be nice.

Oliveryn and Eregard walk up, "What is going on?"

Wintersky rides towards the inn.

Legeand: A giant snowball fight, you missed out.

Oliveryn: Darn. Well, at least I got some news from Troll's Bridge, finally.

Legeand: Good or bad?

Sparta heads back to the inn and orders hot chocolate for everyone.

Wintersky: What is your news?

Nyza: They gave up being mean and accepted your leadership?

Oliveryn: Mask was really causing trouble.

Wintersky: What do you mean?

Oliveryn: But, everyone is safe and more soldiers and others are joining the cause.

Legeand: Well, that is good to know.

Wintersky: What happened? I like details.

Our heroes return to the warmth of the inn.

Ice Paraelemental