Dodecitina 10, 999 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 12:55:28 AM

Tesela came to us with another job offer today. She wanted us to disable a ballista that was shooting down transports sent for Lady Grez. She offered us 1000 thrones too! We accepted of course, and at least this time we had a few days of rest in between fights.

Finding the ballista was easy enough since Tesela knew exactly where it was. Sparta was too ill to join us, but Tesela sent Brezaya to fight with us in his place. On the slope leading to the seige machine, we saw the crew of the weapon riding on horseback. Something most unusual happened too; I tried to frighten the humans into running away, and it actually worked! I was planning to demonstrate my fire spells to scare them, but just my voice was enough. I do not think of myself as very intimidating, but how can I argue with results when tall soft-skins retreat from me?

Still, the job was not done. We pursued the humans to the ballista, only to find them already killed. The ballista had been destroyed too. While we searched the bodies, the culprit revealed itself - a forest troll! It was hiding in the trees, but Iyam and Brezaya each made very impressive jumping-attacks to strike the beast. I didn't want to set my friends on fire along with the tree, so I tried to only rely on my crossbow. But I just couldn't resist... so the second I had a clear shot, I set the troll on fire (and the tree too because my aim was off).

After the victory, we heard what sounded like an entire army of trolls nearby. We gathered our spoils and ran back to the safety of Redemption. So now, I get to draw my picture while lying in bed with a pile of gold coins and gems. Life is good.