Wintersky's Epic Pursuits

Wintersky finally rejoins her beloved Tetons as Great Shaman. 

1:She spends time visiting all of the various all of the various Clans preforming the duties of her office.

2:She notices a lack of opportunity for those with arcane casting ability.  There are few mentors for these Tetons and she finds it sad to waste talent this way.   She and Elenia examine her people for those with arcane talent and sets to finding mentors  for those that desire it.  She seeks to bring in some arcane castors to the Teton nomadic way of life. Perhaps they will be adopted in to the Nation, perhaps they will only reside with us for a short while.

3:She falls in love with TrueFlight.  Trueflight is a gentle young man with a beautiful smile and sharp sense of humor.  He is a bowyer-fletcher of renown working wood, sinew and feather with great sensitivity. He laughs easily, dances much, and finds joy in things done well.   He is a good rider and archer, but it is the song of making that sings in his heart--a song that Wintersky hopes to provide a counterpoint to. Teton warriors believe that bows, arrows,and spears speak to him, enabling TrueFlight to endow any wood with great power or curse it to turn in the hand of an enemy.

4:While doing her tour of the Tetons, far to the south and west she encounter the Elven Wastes and decides the this desolate, twisted and pained land must be healed and reclaimed.  This region has fallen off the wheel of life and cannot remain so grievously harmed.