Undecitina 20, 1000 PC

Post date: Jul 05, 2010 1:38:40 AM

Troll's Bridge is Hell-on-Earth!  The devils, demons and undead are tearing this city apart.  I will try to ride out this storm, but it is obviously going to be very difficult.

Isildul informed me that he had an encounter with Imhiakaam and that she is not fooled by our little masquerade.  He did give her the impression that this was a permanent arrangement at which point she did seem to consider the possibility that he was not bluffing, but before she escaped, she said she would believe it when she sees it.  Nothing is ever easy with that bitch.

During the same conversation, Isildul did inform me that incorporating steelisin into my teleports would allow me to bypass the city's wards.  Apparently, Aifos set them up that way so it would be easy for us, with Legeand in the lead, to enter Troll's Bridge.  I wonder when they are going to show up?  If they are set upon by the chaos that is raging across the world, Tangleton may be their first choice of defense at this point.  I will try to replace the silver in my sending stone with steelisin when I get the opportunity and maybe then I will be able to contact Nyza.