Methyltina 2, 1000 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 12:59:4 AM

We found Silva yesterday. Very violent, that one is. She had already killed two human "thieves" and she ran Ozimius through too. We calmed her down enough to talk though, and we relayed the news of Iyam's passing. She took it rather well I think. My guess is that her emotions were dulled after a tragic childhood of not fitting in with humans. Even more tragic is that she was killed today by some of Ozimius's devil friends. Nagav came back with them and attacked us all once more. This time, he did not escape with his life.

We fought a wave of chain-devils and lemures - piles of sentient devil goo. My training paid off this time! I focused my magic-fire into a temperature hot enough to burn the creatures. The altered spells aren't actually much more powerful than a typical magic missile, but they are lots more satisfying to cast. I also think we are all really coming together as a team. Nagav fled into a magically-darkened building, but Oliveryn, Ozimius, and myself coordinated our abilities to strike him down at one moment with some well-placed magic and dagger strikes. Vengeance is ours!