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Octotina 4, 1000 PC

Our heroes, having been idle with regards to the heroic for almost two months, Oliveryn hosts a gathering at the Chicdell estate for his companions and other invited guests.

As the meal concludes, a disturbance elsewhere in the mansion draws the attention of all.  After a terrifying howl, our heroes leap to action to investigate and deal with an apparent threat.

Having verified the security of the rest of the mansion and armed themselves for a fight, the group enters Jogthin's room to find his chair smashed and him standing in front of the fireplace.  Oliveryn's mother, Susana, moves into the room to evaluate the damage done to the chair as Wintersky approaches Jogthin and casts a ward about him.

Jogthin collapses, being released from Chelsia's malevolence, and the heroes move to begin the assault upon the ghost. Chelsia unleashes her horrifying and corrupting powers as Wintersky forces the ghost entirely out of the ethereal plane. After a heated battle during which Chelsia has been hinting at the means of her final release, Legeand has managed to grapple his ex-lover. Wintersky realizes the means of the ghost's release and insists that Legeand kiss Chelsia good-bye.  Upon bringing himself to do it, Legeand and Chelsia are released from their mutual torment as the kiss destroys the ghost forever.

Susana now pleads for help to save Jogthin by repairing his chair. Nyza suggests finding another chair while Dale mends the part of the smashed chair necessary to held keep Jogthin alive. With Eregard's help, Nyza manages to retrieve another chair and Jogthin is returned to his former suspended state once Susana replaces her device.

Once Jogthin is stable, Susana explains Jogthin's situation caused by a back-fired curse that Hardun has been preventing the reversal of for years. During the explanation Oliveryn realizes he has the imperial signet ring that may help break the curse.  Susana confirms the ring is the one associated with the curse and once slipped on Jogthin's ring finger, indeed breaks the curse.

A lull in the activity of our heroes allows them to recover from the trials and tribulations of the last several months. The Council of Houses is again in power in Troll's Bridge with a renewed commitment to truly comply with the edicts of The Almebezbik Empire.

The summer passes without the anticipated military invasion planned by The White Blades and the presence of The Mage's Marshall's forces prevent any evil dragons from approaching the city. Since the deafening roar of a dragon some weeks ago, there has been no sign of Cedarcleaver or this clan.

With the respite, as the denizens of Tanglewood seem to have found the Mount of Walls too dangerous to approach, the planning of Tangleton gets underway with a population of halflings now working its slopes while the kobolds and newly arrived dwarves continue the lucrative mining operations within.

Ozimius finds out he is soon to be a father as Balis is pregnant. He now spends all of his time making sure that the gains of the Sajenese remain intact and his family remains safe.

Legeand grows closer to Melora every day and he becomes a regular trainer of The Avengers, improving their skills phenomenally as they try to match his fighting skills.

Oliveryn and Celesta spend their time in politics and the study in their fields of magic.

Wintersky and Luanes build a family among the common folk of Troll's Bridge lending support to all and having it returned it in great abundance.

On Adoption Day, Oliveryn hosts a gathering at his mansion at the prompting of his mother and the various encouraging occasions that have transpired over the last couple months.

Our heroes enjoy each others company for dinner and have invited whomever else they want to attend. It is quite a large gathering using the vast ballroom of Chicdell manor.

The usual combat and adventuring attire is likely forgotten during this event, few being recognizable in their suits and gowns.

Nyza: Phew, it is nice having a vacation like this, eh Sparta?

Oliveryn sits at a long table. To his right sits Lady Morisle and to his left his mother.

Celesta: Vacation, Nyza?

Legeand: I think I prefer fighting so much to relaxing too much.

Sparta: Aye, someday soon we'll be able to host a soiree like this in Tangleton.

Celesta: I think I work harder on the Council.

Nyza: Hmm... yep, a vacation. Sparta and me still construct our new home, so we work lots.

Nyza: But from what it sounds, the city is very safe now, Leggy.

Legeand: Yes, fairly. I been helping train Armee's Avengers.

Wintersky: It has been nice not fighting constantly.

Melora Agirrish: They are getting to be quite good with your help, Legeand.

Ozimius eyes Wintersky at her comment, but keeps quiet.

Luanes enters the room, dressed in a light-blue gown. She looks uncomfortable dressed like this.

Legeand: Yes, they have, but they still have a long way to go.

Wintersky: Luanes, you look beautiful.

Melizza Morisle: Not fighting is good. It is much nicer to be an aristocrat than a spy.

Luanes: Thank you, Wintersky.

Luanes smiles warmly at her.

Oliveryn: I would suppose so.

Melora Agirrish fake scowls, before smirking.

Celesta: Not being a terror on one's own is also much better.

Ozimius frowns at Celesta, but keeps his mouth shut.

Wintersky smiles at Celesta.

Wintersky: Have you a change of heart, Celesta?

Luanes looks at Celesta.

Celesta: Absolutely. I have made peace with myself.

Sparta: Nothing like having a fine dinner, either.

Wintersky: Congratulations!

Celesta smiles.

Wintersky gives her a big hug.

Celesta: I think hating for sixteen years was a terrible waste of time.

Celesta returns Wintersky's hug.

Wintersky: A terrible waste of time and energy.

Luanes: That is wonderful news.

Nyza: Maybe... it did give you motivation to train as a wizard though? So something did come from it too.

Celesta smiles and nods to Luanes.

Legeand: And you managed to meet us though it, too.

Wintersky: Sparta, are you going to make Dale an honest woman or are the little ones going to come first?

Sparta blushes.

Celesta giggles, "Never would have thought it would have happened; becoming a wizard."

Wintersky: You know you love her, she loves you what is the hold up?

Sparta: In a halfling village, we are still children.

Sparta: I have two more years before I am old enough to propose.

Nyza: Are you still living in the tower? It must be good for study, but you should get out into these balls more methinks.

Legeand: Two years will go by quicker then you think.

Celesta: No, Nyza. I have moved into the Artural mansion.

Wintersky: They let you go out and kill or be killed before you can marry?

Sparta: Don't worry, we're not doing anything my Ma wouldn't approve of.

Dale blushes.

A faint crash sounds from far away within the mansion.

Susana Chicdell looks around.

Ozimius perks up.

Ozimius: Sounds like fun brewing.

Legeand: To good to be true.

Wintersky watches Ozimius.

Celesta: Of course, Ozi, you have been out of trouble for too long.

T'Krosh: Just an accident maybe?

Ozimius grins.

Susana Chicdell: I do not know.

Dale: I hope it wasn't the good china.

Luanes looks up, grabbing for a sword on her back. Realizing it is not there, she groans.

A louder crash from deep within the mansion is heard by all.

Legeand: And, now we know it was not.

Sparta: You expecting trouble, Oli?

Ozimius: Yup, sounds like fun coming.

Susana Chicdell: I better have a look at that.

Legeand uses his necklace to pull out his armor.

Oliveryn: Not that I know of, but then again...we never have found my grandfather.

Susana Chicdell manifests wards about herself.

Luanes (mumbles): I knew I should have stayed in armor.

Wintersky: I guess you need an Amulet of Arming, Luanes.

Celesta: I do not think it is your grandfather, Oli.

Nyza: Shall we come with you, Susana?

Legeand: Thanks again for mine, Wintersky.

Wintersky pull her bow off her back and checks the string.

Susana Chicdell: I shall investigate, cautiously, if you will prepare yourselves for some unpleasantness.

Luanes: That would be most helpful, Wintersky.

Wintersky: Perhaps if it is trouble, she should not go alone.

A terrifying howl echos through the mansion.

Wintersky: Susana, stay here I will have BearTickler look.

Legeand: I can go. You too, Wintersky?

Luanes: I do not think it wise for anyone to venture in alone.

Nyza: Right, we should all go.

Sparta: We should fetch our arms.

Wintersky: BearTickler please see what is causing the ruckus and return.

Sparta: Whatever that was, it doesn't sound friendly.

Susana Chicdell: Oh no, I think I might know who that is.

Luanes: I agree, Sparta

Wintersky: What do you think?

Nyza looks at Susana curiously, waiting for the explanation.

Susana Chicdell: Oli's uncle.

Wintersky: Hardun.

Legeand: Oli, your family needs to stop with the supernatural.

Susana Chicdell: No, Jogthin, Hardun's son.

Oliveryn: My uncle?

Oliveryn stands and follows his mother.

Susana Chicdell rushes through the house, "Hurry, I may need some help!"

Wintersky: Let us get armed.

Legeand follows Susana.

Luanes dashes off to don her armor.

Oliveryn follows and waves for Eregard to follow as well.

Ozimius follows.

Wintersky follows Legeand.

Dale follows Susanna.

Wintersky shares Stoneskin with SnowShadow.

Sparta follows Luanes to fetch his gear.

Celesta casts Mirror Image.

Wintersky casts Cat's Grace shared.

Wintersky casts Shield of Faith shared.

Nyza puts up a Mirror Image spell as well.

Ozimius takes his sweet time getting ready.

Sparta dons his armor and returns to the party, tightening buckles and straps to a good fit.

Nyza finds where she left her chain shirt and quickly puts it on. Her shoulders sag under its (minimal) weight.

Dale casts Barkskin on herself.

Luanes dons her armor as quickly as possible, but not hastily.

Celesta casts Magic Circle Against Evil.

Ozimius moves to a corner of the room.

Our heroes are led up to the most remote room in the mansion by Susana, once she has checked the rest of the mansion.

Luanes keeps her sword drawn as she proceeds.

Nyza: Should we know something about his uncle? How does he roar so loudly?

Susana Chicdell waits warily at a door at the end of the third floor corridor.

Wintersky has an arrow nocked in Blessed Black.

Wintersky casts Righteous Might shared.

Susana Chicdell: He has been under a curse since Oli's childhood.

Dale: Cursed?

Susana Chicdell: I have been keeping him safe from himself and the world since.

Dale has been worrying over her dream of Sparta's curse for weeks.

Legeand: A werewolf's curse or something worse?

Susana Chicdell: Part of a disagreement with Hardun.

Wintersky casts Divine Power shared.

Sparta: Wouldn't the curse end when Hardun died?

Wintersky casts Divine Agility shared.

Luanes casts Divine Protection.

Susana Chicdell: It was not Hardun's curse.

Susana Chicdell: It was Jogthin's doing.

Susana Chicdell: Are we all ready?

Ozimius: Yup.

Wintersky casts Divine Favor.

Susana Chicdell opens the door and rushes forward as the rest filter in.

Susana Chicdell: Oh no, he will die if he is not returned to his chair!

Wintersky: What do you mean?

Jogthin stands facing a fireplace.

Susana Chicdell: The chair sustains him until his curse can be lifted.

Wintersky: What is the curse?

Oliveryn stands back, not knowing what exactly to do.

Jogthin Chicdell (eerie voice): So nice of you to join me.

Luanes looks at Susana then to Jogthin.

Jogthin Chicdell remains facing away from the group.

Luanes: Where is the chair?

Nyza: Happy to! We heard your howling, of course... but uh, maybe you should have a seat while we speak?

Susana Chicdell: Smashed.

Susana Chicdell motions to the debris on the floor.

Luanes: What do you want us to do?

Legeand: Well, then it is rather hard for him to sit now is it not?

Susana Chicdell: Have any of you any mending magic?

Celesta: I may be able to manage it.

Dale: How soon must he return to his chair?

Jogthin Chicdell: Too soon.

Wintersky walks forward and casts Protection from Evil touching the man.

Susana Chicdell: He needs to be returned as quickly as possible. I do not know how long he has been out of it.

Luanes: Perhaps that was the crash we heard.

Wintersky touches Jogthin with her spell and he immediately drops to the floor, a shadowy woman standing in his place.

Wintersky: Dang, what is that?!

Legeand: Chelsia!

Nyza: The ghost is back!

Luanes: You!

Wintersky: Chelsia, I have had enough of you!

Nyza aims the runestaff at Chelsia and fires off a Dimensional Anchor.

Luanes: As have I.

The ray of the spell passes through the ghost.

Celesta: So, this is Chelsia?

Legeand: You have had enough fun torturing me in your afterlife, now you come to other people to haunt them?!

Sparta draws his greatsword and ignites it as he moves forward.

Sparta: Stay, Ringo.

Wintersky: Chelsia, you will move on!

Ozimius moves up to flank the ghost.

Chelsia: Legeand, I need you.

Wintersky: He loves you not! He loves another!

Luanes: By Visaria's might, I command you to be gone!

Legeand: I do not need you anymore.

Chelsia: You are not strong enough to drive me away like that anymore.

Ozimius: Oh good, the freak is staying to fight.

T'Krosh steps toward the ghost.

T'Krosh: There was no cause to harm those halflings. You'll answer for that crime now!

Chelsia: You killed me, Legeand.

Chelsia: What kind of a good-bye was that.

T'Krosh aims a Deific Vengeance at the ghost.

Wintersky: He killed a foe. Not a lover.

Legeand: Yes, I killed you. In cold blood, I do wear a scar from my past for it, but I have moved on. Now you must too!

Wintersky: It was the kind of good-bye you deserved.

Kobold spirits whirl around the ghost, but tear little from her essence.

SnowShadow moves up to Wintersky as Wintersky casts Ghost Trap shared with her companion.

Chelsia transforms from ghostly to apparent flesh and blood.

Snowshadow pounces on the now flesh and blood ghost.

Chelsia steps back and her appearance changes to the horrific results of her murder - broken bones protruding from her flesh and great lacerations across her body.

Ozimius: Cute look, freak. Want to see if we can add a bit more gore to that?

Ozimius: Hey, Wintersky, is the freak flesh and blood now?

Wintersky: Yes, she is corporeal!

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Good.

Chelsia: You cannot send me on! You will never be able to properly bid me good-bye, Legeand!

Celesta steps forward.

Legeand: And, I never plan to.

Celesta casts Sword of Deception.

Chelsia: The glowing sword swings, but misses.

Legeand madly flails at Chelsia.

The Cleaverbow sails across the room, narrowly missing Wintersky and Luanes.

Eregard moves and draws his blades.

Dale casts Flaming Sphere behind Chelsia and rolls it into her.

Oliveryn moves over into the corner, withdrawing the Ring of Wishes from his pocket, contemplating on what he wants to wish for.

Susana Chicdell gathers pieces of the chair and moves them toward the side of the room.

Susana Chicdell: Celesta, help me with this, please.

Celesta: Yes, maam.

Nyza, kneeling on the ground after losing her strength, still manages a retort for the ghost.

Nyza's firebomb chars Chelsia to make her even more horrifying.

Sparta steps up to the ghost and takes a mighty swing with his greatsword.

Ozimius moves up to Chelsia.

Ozimius stares into Chelsea's eyes.

Chelsia glares back at Ozimius.

Ozimius frowns.

Sparta: Loosing your sight, Ozi?

Luanes picks up Legeand's sword, gripping it for a moment while moving towards the fray.

Ozimius grins.

Luanes: Legeand!

Legeand: Yo!

T'Krosh looks at Luanes and then ducks.

Luanes tosses the sword to Legeand.

Legeand reaches for the tossed sword.

Legeand catches the sword without a problem, but Chelsia thrusts at him with her rapier.

The rapier bounces off Legeand's armor, though close to pentrating the crease near his shoulder.

T'Krosh steps up to Legeand.

T'Krosh casts Bull's Strength on take the sting off.

Chelsia: You never kissed me good-bye, Legeand.

Legeand: You never deserved it!

T'Krosh: Can T'Krosh close his eyes and keep them closed?

Wintersky: Good job, Leggy. Really tell her off now.

Wintersky: Kiss her sorry ass good-bye, Leggy!

Chelsia glances as Wintersky.

Wintersky casts Sunbeam and precisely fires one off at Chelsia.

Legeand: After everything you said to me; every time we talked, you hid lies and deceit from me. You corrupted our friends and turned them against the town! Then, you try and do the same to me? You got what you deserved right at the end. Now you haunt those I help, you bring anguish with every step you take. I will make sure you now know the cold embrace of death that you righteously brought upon yourself. I do not love you, Chelsia, and I have moved on to another. One who does not need to hide behind masks.

SnowShadow pounces.

Chelsia moans frightfully.

Celesta drops her staff and runs from the room, panicked by Chelsia'a shriek.

Legeand drops his sword again and runs panicked from the room, but is met outside the room by Melora, who dispels his fear.

Eregard drops his weapons and runs panicked from the room.

Dale begins summoning a unicorn.

Oliveryn rubs his ring and yells to Chelsia.

Oliveryn: I wish you would stop what you are doing at this moment.

The shout seems to have no effect on Chelsia.

Chelsia looks towards Oliveryn as her beauty returns.

Nyza moves to the door and looks down the corridor.

Susana Chicdell begins piecing the chair back together.

Nyza: Hey, where are you all going? What about Chelsia!

Nyza again aims the runestaff at the ghost, but Chelsia deflects the globe of force, dissipating it.

Sparta: That last one was for my Pa.

Sparta: This one is for Aunt Alma.

Sparta hacks into Chelsia with his flaming sword.

Ozimius flees, dropping his weapons as he runs.

Chelsia stabs Ozimius as he passes.

Luanes engages Chelsia and attacks her with Taevon's Mercy.

T'Krosh dashes out of the room in a panic, leaving behind his spear.

SnowShadow runs away from the shrieking enemy.

Wintersky flings another Sunbeam at Chelsia and moves to flank her.

Chelsia swipes at Wintersky, but misses.

Chelsia turns her gaze on Wintersky, but the Teton shaman is unfazed.

Chelsia: Are you not going to send me on, shaman?

Wintersky: I will. Are you ready to go?

Chelsia stumbles and falls as she attempts to keep from being surrounded.

Celesta continues to run in a panic through the mansion.

Legeand dashes back into the room and leaps onto Chelsia, pinning her

Wintersky: Use your lips.

Wintersky: She gave us a clue. She did not think we would catch it.

Eregard follows his aunt, panicked by the echoing shriek.

Dale transforms into her dire lion form as the unicorn appears next to the grappling figures..

Wintersky: I never been this close to a unicorn before! Cool!

Legeand: Inspect later, send now!

Wintersky: Cannot. You have to kiss her good-bye.

Wintersky: First.

The unicorn misses, trying to avoid the shiny armored grappler.

Wintersky: Leggy, you do not have to like it. Just do it.

Oliveryn begins summoning a celestial badger.

Susana Chicdell continues to piece the chair together.

Nyza turns and tries to dispel the fear on those running down the corridor.

Chelsia: Oh, Legeand, you came back.

Legeand: Looks at Chelsia a bit between stunned and grim.

T'Krosh stops running.

Nyza: What do you think you are doing? Get back here now!

Sparta waits readied to see what Legeand is going to do.

Ozimius continues down the corridor in a panic.

Luanes casts Prayer.

T'Krosh: Right, don't know what I was thinking.

T'Krosh turns and tries to dispel the fear on those running down the corridor.

Wintersky: Legeand, kiss her now if you want her gone for good. Wintersky starts chanting to send Chelsia's spirit on to the beyond.

Chelsia turns into Legeand to face him and puts her forehead to his.

Celesta continues racing through the mansion.

Legeand: Looking at her, deeply he sighs, "Is this your final request, Chelsia?"

Chelsia nods.

Legeand nodds slightly and smirks kissing Chelsia deeply though his thoughts instantly turn to Melora upon doing so.

Chelsia bursts into a cloud of grave dust.

The panic immediately ceases.

Legeand presses his head to the cool floor and slams his fist into the floor.

Sparta: Cough, cough.

Nyza scratches her head trying to figure out why that happened.

Susana Chicdell: Someone help me with this before Jogthin is gone!

Ozimius frowns.

Oliveryn goes over to help his mother, with what little he can do.

Celesta turns and runs back to the room.

Nyza: Does it have to be that chair? Or can we get a different one?

Susana Chicdell: It could be another. It needs these pieces, though.

Nyza: Me find another one, then we shove the pieces into it!

Nyza dashes out of the room.

Dale (incoherent growling): Wait, I just remembered a spell that might help.

Wintersky examines Jogthin to detemine the nature and remedy of his affliction.

Dale casts Mending on the bits of chair.

Celesta passes Nyza as she enters the room.

The pieces that Susana is struggling with meld back into a single piece.

Susana Chicdell: Who did that?

Celesta: Not I.

Dale transforms back into a halfling.

Dale: I think I did.

Susana Chicdell: Thank you.

Nyza: Meanwhile, Nyza is struggling to drag a chair from the hallway into the room. With her damaged strength, though, it is not going well.

Susana Chicdell stands up and rushes over to Jogthin.

Dale: Master Unicorn, thank you for your service.

Dale: You may return home now.

Eregard sweeps up the chair and Nyza and bring them into the room.

Dale strokes the unicorn on his shoulder.

Wintersky lifts the man and places him in the chair.

Ozimius watches the cursed man carefully.

Sparta lends a hand helping the man to his chair.

Luanes attempts to assist.

Susana Chicdell fits the piece into the chair and it begins to glow.

The unusual power straightens the man in the chair and he now sits as Oliveryn saw him the first time Susana showed him the room.

Susana Chicdell: I guess it is time to explain what is going on here.

Dale: Miss 'Sky, do you wish to visit with the unicorn before I send him home?

Wintersky: Yes please explain. Maybe I can help this man.

Celesta: Yes, definitely, explain.

Dale turns to hear about the curse.

Wintersky: I would love to visit with a being so good and pure.

Susana Chicdell: Well, you are all quite aware of the brutal nature of politics in Troll's Bridge by now.

Susana Chicdell: Hardun and Jogthin disagreed on many points.

Nyza: Ms. Sky, if you would like to visit another plane, Nyza has the power to ferry you there now.

Ozimius looks at Nyza.

Susana Chicdell: As you also know, Hardun would go to any lengths to meet his ends.

Susana Chicdell: This is an inherited trait of the Chicdells, I am afraid.

Wintersky looks at Nyza, but does not interrupt.

Susana Chicdell: Jogthin attempted to eliminate Hardun and it backfired.

Susana Chicdell: The curse meant for Hardun took Jogthin instead and Hardun realized what was happening and stole the talisman that kept it in effect.

Susana Chicdell: Hardun has been hiding it for years.

Wintersky: What sort of talisman?

Luanes folds her arms over her chest.

Susana Chicdell: A imperial signet ring.

Celesta: Oliveryn?

Wintersky: Do you know the nature of the curse he attempted?

Susana Chicdell: He had someone help perform the curse and he is dead; killed by it at the time.

Oliveryn thinks back to when they met at the Council chamber, as recollection hits him.

Oliveryn takes out a ring from his other coat pocket and holds it in his hand.

Oliveryn: I think we might have found it.

Susana Chicdell: Found the ring?

Oliveryn: Yes, when we were sealing our first act as the new Council of Houses, the Emperor sent this signet ring.

Celesta: It is definitely an imperial signet ring, but is it the one we need.

Nyza: If it is the right ring, how do we remove the curse with it? Just break it?

Susana Chicdell: Let me see it. I will recognize it.

Oliveryn hands his mother the ring.

Sparta: How many imperial signets can there be in this city?

Celesta: Probably only a couple.

Susana Chicdell inspects the ring, especially the inside of the band.

Susana Chicdell: This is it!

Susana Chicdell takes the ring and slides it onto Jogthin's left ring finger.

Luanes: Can you free him now that you have this talisman?

Jogthin Chicdell starts in his chair and looks around.

Jogthin Chicdell: Where am I?

Susana Chicdell: Jogthin!