Pentatina 24, 1000 PC

Post date: Jul 23, 2009 8:32:53 PM

After personally torching Methylpenta and participating in the demolition of Elán Tower the previous night, I visited The Grotesque at The Cathedral again today and discovered that Wintersky will be called to the stage this evening to receive recognition for saving Oliveryn's life.  I informed The Grotesque that Wintersky will have the talisman and phylactery on her person.  He said he would arrange the acquisition of the items during the speech and be ready when Hardun exits the stage.

I had just met with everyone except Oli and Luanes on the way back to the manor when there was a terrifying explosion that we soon discovered had occurred in the ruins of Elán Tower.  Several things had escaped of which we dispatched a guulvorg and a gelugon, which I sent back to hell with a dismissal spell.  Its summoned osyluths were not much of a challenge after that.  However, the biggest glabrezu I had ever seen, and I have seen a few, emerged from the smoke looking to take Luanes to a bad place.  Before this Darzagon could act, the elven high mage that has been staying at The Troll's Bridge Inn showed up with his consort and suggested we clear out while they dismiss the demon.  Not one to argue with a mythal crafter, I teleported to The Cathedral where Hardun was going to speak.

The Guildmaster of Thieves' Thought had already arrived and I confirmed for The Grotesque that Wintersky was on her way.  Methylhexa was also present and she slipped my a note for Oliveryn, which I delivered to him later. The master thief relieved Wintersky of her talisman and phylactery, but The Grotesque also noticed that the medals awarded to Wintersky and Luanes were Borgosian bondage charms.  As Hardun left the stage and entered The Cathedral, The Grotesque used the power of the talisman and phylactery combined with his own gifts from Zodyu to take control of the vampiric mayor and trap him, for the time being, in the catacombs of The Cathedral.

Having witnessed the imprisonment, I figured out that my acquaintences had made their way to the haunted Smoking Pipe.  I dismantled the curse on the paladin while the shaman freed herself of the curse and returned the phylactery and talisman with my apologies.  By this point I was so worked up that I, in the process of showing the group proof of Hardun's vile nature, revealed the wickedness he had done to me.  We discussed Oliveryn's predicament for a while after I endured Luanes and Wintersky's pity for my condition.  We were all so exhausted that we made our way back to Oli's manor.

Tomorrow, I will offer to bring Eregard and Zed to the meeting Oliveryn has arranged to set his plans for the coup into motion.