Pentatina 7, 1000 PC

Post date: Aug 03, 2009 1:21:38 AM

How is it that Oli is attracting so many assassins? He entered the city feigning friendship with the mayor, and he has not been making any sweeping changes that would make others angry. But somehow, we have already had to thwart off three attempts on his life. The first was when he was killed during the slave auction. And then another two attempts happened today! Oliveryn was called on to meet with Hardun, so us "Heroes of Redemption" escorted him there. Wintersky was perceptive enough to see an assassin hiding in a tree. We foiled his ambush easily enough: Ms. Sky used her burning rain to flush him out; Ozi used a type of detect invisibility spell to locate the killer, and then I called forth a few celestial lights to strike him down. It was not for any religious reason that I chose them - I just figured that they could best counter the darkness that the assassin was using (although T'Krosh dispelled even that). Just to be safe though, I tried to speak to the archons in the type of "punish the evildoers!" phrases that uptight clerics use.

Ozimius, Mask, and T'Krosh interrogated the assassin after we captured him, but he managed to poison himself to evade most of their questions. He did, however, tell them that someone named Groves was behind the assassination attempts. At last, we have someone to target for our retribution! Oh, and Ozi took the assassin's head. Of course. It is very strange that he does that, I think. Is it some Saje custom? After the disruption, we arrived safely at Hardun's manor. He talked a bit about the assassinations, and he confirmed that House Groves was behind them.

Naturally, one assassination attempt in a night would not have been enough. We almost decided to just teleport Oli back, but Mask and Wintersky were adamant that we stick together. That was for the best, as it turned out. On our walk back to the manor, about a dozen vampires confronted us, thirsty for blood. Normally, that would be a cause for concern. But Wintersky had something special in store for them! She held on to the Talisman of Undead Mastery that we recovered from the Gnoll Gaedracis. With its power, she caused most of the vampires to explode in a burst of the divine! The rest of the vampires were destroyed by fireballs and sword strikes. I believe Legeand was the only one injured, and T'Krosh closed up that wound without much trouble. So, after that short encounter, we arrived safely back "home." I hope we can deal with Groves quickly so that the attacks stop.

The vampires were humbled by the power of Wintersky's gods; they exploded seconds later.