Methyltina 28, 1000 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 1:2:33 AM

Hah, that training is paying off! My scales feel warmer to the touch than usual, and I don't even feel minor burns. I can hold my fingers over a candle and not be harmed. The flames just work their way around me.

In current events, yet another human woman has joined our group. At least I think she is human; she wears a heavy mask. "Mask" is an arcane caster as well, but she prepares her magic a little differently than I. She does not have a strong heritage of dragon blood to draw from, so she casts from a spellbook. I can't say I trust this woman much. First, she arrived with a squad of demons who, naturally, attacked us. And after that, one of the first things she did when we met was insult me and all kobolds! And then later in the day, she threatened to kill Oli! I may be worried about Ozimius's morality as a thief, but at least he has not threatened my life. I get the feeling that Mask is somewhat unstable emotionally if not flat out dangerous.

Later in the day, we met with some very, very important people. They were: Mage's Marshal Aifos, Queen Illamaesa of the Elves, Emperor Ran MCXI, and Isildul the Lich (scary!). Apparently, my little adventuring troupe is the subject of a vast prophecy in which we are to "recover the remaining artifacts of Ran." Until we find this treasure, we are to deal with the bandit threat posed by Gaedracis. And that's just fine with me; kobold tribes are safer when softskin bandits are dead.

The prophecy also mentioned a "dragon-blooded queen among softskins," presumably referring to me. The thought that I was destined to be a leader is actually a little exciting, but then that begs the question: if the prophecy did not exist, would I not be enthusiastic enough to become maekrix? Can the existence of a prophecy force into motion its own predictions?