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Butyltina 27, 1000 PC

Our heroes, having landed separated throughout the city of Troll's Bridge have made there way to the Chicdell Estates to attend, for their own reasons, the slave auction announced since Oliveryn returned.

Each hero has their own thought on the subject of slavery, but Wintersky finds it abhorrent and Ozimius wishes to never have Sajenese enslaved again.  The confront Oliveryn believing this event his doing.  As the discussion proceeds, the first of probably many assassination attempts occurs.  A female elven assassin leaps from the roof of the patio onto Olivern and kills him instantly.  T'Krosh and Wintersky move to Oliveryn's side as the other heroes move to attack the assassin.  Fortunately, Wintersky is prepared for this eventuality and is able to revivify the fallen master of House Chicdell.  To vanquish the assassin, Wintersky makes herself and SnowShadow twice their normal size and the panther's pounce finishes off the assassin.

Susana is thankful that her scheme worked, but alarmed that an assassin got so close to succeeding in her mission.  She explains the auction was a ruse to draw out assassins and had no intention of having slaves sold or purchased.  The slaves had already been freed and will be returned to their lands.

The event is cancelled and the heroes retreat in the mansion where it is discovered that Morrisul Groves was behind the assassination attempt.

Balis Sphinx is also introduced to the heroes by Ozimius, who has slipped through Susana's wards.

As the mansion has plenty of room and resources, our heroes make it their base of operations.

The day of the auction dawns and our heroes are at their various inns. By 10 o'clock in the morning the Chicdell Estate is busy with nobles, men-at-arms and many other viewing the slaves and networking.

Our heroes arrive it their own time, sometime before noon.

Ozimius glances about the crowd, spotting several but not all of his Sajenese compatriots.

Oliveryn fashioned in his new outfit of a noble, stands out and greets all comers.

Nyza stays near the walls with T'Krosh, so as to avoid being crushed by the tallfolk.

Ozimius meets the eyes of those he recognizes.

Ozimius scans the crowd for the rest of the party.

Oliveryn: Good morning everyone for coming to my estates. I hope the servants are serving you chilled wine and whatever you desire. Please, continue talking as we start everything soon.

Wintersky decked in her fancy Teton garb wanders the crowd fuming.

Legeand: Fiddling with his armor, Legeand feels a bit out of place, but is glad he decided to shine his armor before going anywhere in Troll's Bridge.

Oliveryn tries to spot out any of his companions in the crowd.

Sparta walks among the crowd listening for gossip about the prodigal son and looking for anyone that may want to do him harm, but hears nothing but complementary things about Oliveryn.

The slaves that are to be auctioned are islanders from the Index Archipeligo.

Nyza sighs.

Ozimius looks at the slaves, trying to spot any Sajenese among them and finds none of the are Sajenese.

The slaves are shackled and guarded by the slaver's men.

Oliveryn walks over and inspects the merchandice.

Sparta looks disgusted at the noblemen poking and prodding the slaves like meat at the market.

Wintersky looks for Oliveryn in the crowd.

While Oliveryn is inspecting the slaves several of the other House Lords also do the same and make small talk with Oliveryn.

Nyza finds Sparta and nudges him from behind.

Nyza: Hello... fiancee.

Oliveryn: I hope most of these slaves are healthy. I would hate to have to send them to the healers for extra money.

Oliveryn says to the Lords that he talks to.

Sparta: Ah, M'lady.

Sparta: What do you think of the big folk's soiree?

Ozimius walks among the slaves and the crowd and looks for any enslaved Sajenese.

There are chuckles from the House Lords at Oliveryn's comment.

Legeand: Walking the perimeter of the grounds, Legeand watches to the inside.

Nyza: Eh, they should put their shirts back on. Friday is asking how they will be priced, but me tell him we do not need one.

Wintersky: Seeing Oliveryn over by the slaves, Wintersky stalks over.

Oliveryn continues small talk with the Lords.

Nyza: Business is business. But still, me feel bad just being here.

Ozimius spots Oliveryn and walks towards him.

Oliveryn: I just hope they do not eat me out of House and Troll.

Oliveryn laughs.

Sparta: Nay, we do not need any slaves. Any man working for us will be paid for his day's labors and will do them of his own free will.

Sparta: Just like your man Friday.

Wintersky: Olivern Chicdell-Witson, why are you condoning, nay participating in this barbaric practice outlawed throughout all civilized lands.

Ozimius moves to Oliveryn's back and pokes him hard.

Nyza: Agreed, although his payment is not in coin.

Oliveryn steps way from the Lords with a smile and apologies.

Oliveryn: My dearest Wintersky, it is nice to see you have come...and you too, Ozi.

Sparta: Oh look, our friends have found our host.

Sparta: Shall we pay our respects?

Wintersky: This is a completely hideous practice, one that should be outlawed.

Ozimius (whispered for only Oliveryn to hear): I want your promise that there will never again be a Sajenese sold nor a Sajenese allowed to be kept as a slave when you reign.

Wintersky: Pay a person a decent wage and he or she will gladly work of their ouw free will.

Nyza: 'Kay. It surpise me that he is involved with this at all; me think he would be busy with his other matters.

Oliveryn: Maybe it will soon Wintersky, but for now, I can only do what I need to do. I promise you that they will go to a better home than many of these Lords will do to them.

Oliveryn: I can only promise what I am able to, Ozi. When things change around here, I feel that will be on the top of the list.

Legeand: Remaining away from the growing group, he shakes his head at Wintersky making a big problem out of slavery.

Wintersky: You need slaves, forced labor?!

Ozimius: Oli, I need your promise. The slavery of the Sajenese must end.

Nyza takes Sparta's arm. Despite the illusion, her tail smacks back and forth into his legs.

Oliveryn: I can not promise it. I am but the heir. Let us not talk about that here and now. Later, when we are in more...private company.

Ozimius shakes his head.

Sparta looks a little surprised as her claws dig into his arm and her tail smacks him from behind.

Oliveryn: I do not technically need them I guess. But, they will come in handy and who knows...maybe I will pay them for their services.

Ozimius: No, Oli. No Sajenese slaves. I do not care about the others. Just no Sajenese.

Oliveryn: I am not going to promise your something I can not deliver. I am not the mayor, Ozi. I cannot make those decisions now. Give me time.

An elven woman drops from the roof of the patio and attacks Oliveryn.

Oliveryn collapses to the ground, dead from the assassin's strike.

Ozimius attempts to grab the assassin.

Oliveryn floats in the emptyness of space and starts heading towards the light.

The assassin strikes Ozimius as he tries to grapple her.

Ozimius grins at the attacker.

Ozimius: If death is what you seek.

T'Krosh moves up and drops to the ground examining Oliveryn and finds he was killed instantly.

T'Krosh: Murderer!

Oliveryn hears the magic chord of destiny. The one that one only hears when the mission is complete.

The guests scatter.

Nyza casts Mirror Image on herself, so she does not meet the same fate.

Wintersky: Oli, do not you dare go. I was not done berating you yet!

Oliveryn questions his existance.

Oliveryn: Am I dead?

Sparta instantly mounts Ringo as the charge in through the patio and attacke the assassin. The assassin manages to avoid the sword and the teeth.

Legeand charges in a takes a mighty swing with his steelisin blade, slicing into the assassin.

Wintersky drops to her knees digging in her pouch. She begins to chant.

Wintersky casts Revivify on Oliveryn's body.

SnowShadow pounces, trying to maul the intruder, but the intruder is too elusive.

Wintersky: done

Wintersky: Damn it, Oli, you have to live to change things.

The assassin leaps and tumbles over the crowd and lands behind Wintersky and attacks.

Ozimius draws his weapons and closes with the assassin, but she deflects his attack.

Oliveryn gasps.

T'Krosh is amazed to see Oliveryn breathing again. T'Krosh works to close his wounds, casting Cure Critical Wounds.

Oliveryn open his eyes.

Sparta: Was he poisoned?

Nyza: Not noticing that Oliveryn is still alive, Nyza focuses her attention on reducing the assassin to ash.

Both of Nyza's miss their mark as the assassin ducks and weaves.

Oliveryn: The chord of the music so soft as so sweet. Brings to me ever want it so meet. I yern I grap I hunger for more. Please do not take it away from me anymore!

Oliveryn yells as he wakes up.

Oliveryn: What the hell happened?

Sparta and Ringo maneuver around the fallen and the aid givers. Sparta bites into the assassin with his blade.

Wintersky: Stay down, you idiot, I only have one of those.

Legeand: Lets out a roar of bloody bloodlust as he enters his rage, attempting to intimidate the assassin.

The assassin appears not to be intimidated. Legeand attacks and the elf's expression betrays her knowledge that the end is near.

Wintersky steps to SnowShadow and casts Righteous Might doubling their size.

SnowShadow leaps onto the assassin.

Sparta: Whoa, a giant Teton

Wintersky: A giant angry Teton!

The assassin falls under the assault of SnowShadow.

Sparta: Oli, I am so glad to see you are not dead.

Oliveryn struggles to his feet.

Ozimius frowns.

Ozimius: We could have used her alive.

Oliveryn: So am I, although, the feeling of having my soul pushed back into my body...was not so...comforting.

Sparta: Miss 'Sky could bring her back too, if you want to kill her again.

Wintersky: Well, next time if I am done yelling at you, I will just let you go.

Oliveryn smiles.

Oliveryn: I will remember that.

Oliveryn: Thank you.

Oliveryn brushes off his coat and britches.

T'Krosh: You looked far worse a minute ago! But me know you are stronger than that!

Legeand: If your going to fall to an assassin, go down fighting next time.

Wintersky: I can not bring her back I only have one of those spells.

The scattered guests begin to gather, amazed at the sight of the giant Teton and panther and the fact that Oliveryn returns to his feet.

Oliveryn: I feel like I got run over by a large herd of dire rats.

Susana: Oh, my son.

Susana rushes forward.

Oliveryn turns to greet his mother.

Oliveryn: It is alright, mother. I am fine.

Wintersky looks for the back up assassin, but none appears.

Susana turns to the towering Teton woman.

Susana: How can I ever thank you?

Wintersky: Hire servants, do not keep slaves.

Oliveryn rolls his eyes, but nods at the suggestion to his mother.

Susana (whispering): Oh, please forgive the ruse.

Legeand: moving to the assassin, Legeand cleans the blood of his sword with a scowl, then returns it to its sheath.

Susana turns to the crowds.

Wintersky raises enormous eyebrows.

Susana: I think we will have to postpone this event. I am sorry.

Nyza: Me hope the assassin work alone.

The crowd of nobles nods in acknowledgement and concern.

Oliveryn: I wonder who was up to this job.

Oliveryn stoops down and looks over the dead body, looking for any kind of markings that might look familiar.

Sparta searches the body.

Susana: Let us find cover in the mansion. Doing this outside was far too much of a risk.

Oliveryn lets Sparta look over the body as he moves into the estate grounds.

The group enters the mansion as Susana concentrates on putting up extra wards.

Wintersky and SnowShadow shrink to their normal size.

Oliveryn touches where the wound was the had just killed him.

Susana: I am so sorry, Oli.

Sparta moves to Ozimius' side in the hubbub in the house.

Susana: I must apologize to you all.

Legeand: Keeping near where they entered, Legeand stays there, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

Susana: I was trying to draw out the assassin with this auction, not buy slaves.

Sparta whispers to Ozi, "Hey, look at the assassin's blade. Do you recognize this?"

Ozimius looks at the blade.

Nyza: You should tell us in past! We prepare for the attack better.

Oliveryn moves towards a cabinet and opens it up. Bottles of alcohol line the wall. Taking a large bottle of brandy from the wall, he uncorks it and pours himself a glass.

T'Krosh: Are you still hurt, Oliveryn?

Oliveryn: A little, but I am trying to wash away the pain of returning.

Ozimius (whispers): Groves.

Wintersky: Holding an auction condones the buying and selling of slaves.

Sparta (whispers): Groves? Of trees?

T'Krosh: Well, let me add my magic along with your drink. You cannot die yet; it will ruin our plans.

Ozimius (whispers): No. Groves is part of Hardun's group.

Susana: I had no intention of buy or selling or having any transactions occur with his.

Susana: I assumed the assassination attempt would happen, but not succeed.

Ozimius (whispers): Groves has hired Aris to kill Oli. But, I am working on that.

Wintersky looka at her own gash and casts Cure Light Wounds.

Oliveryn: Thank you, T'Krosh.

Sparta (whispers): Well, work faster. He nearly succeeded today.

Susana: The attempt was enough to break up the event and get some exposure for Oli.

Sparta speaks up.

Sparta: Yes, and it exposed all of us as his allies.

Susana: You are all known as Oli's friends.

Ozimius (whispers): Oli is not helping. But we will discuss that later.

Wintersky: You are very lucky. I was granted this spell because another woman I know nearly died yesterday.

Susana: I have already made sure these "slaves" have been freed and they will be returned to their lands as soon as possible.

Sparta: You might want to keep that in your repetoire, Miss 'Sky

Sparta: It came in very handy today.

Oliveryn: Well, I thank you for your help, Wintersky. I have not complete my quest...and it would have been worse off for everyone if I had died. I thank you again.

Wintersky: Oli, you are welcome.

Nyza: The attempt may actually help Oliveryn's plans. Being targeted by an assassin means he is important and the Houses will recognize that.

Nyza: "The enemy of my enemy" and such. Perhaps Oliveryn can find new allies.

Oliveryn: Possibly. But it might also make people more courageous to try to kill me. If one person can do it, why not three or four.

Nyza (winks): Nyza do not see you die.

Sparta holds up the assassins sword for all to see.

Oliveryn smiles and gulps down another glass of brandy.

Sparta: This might help you name one enemy.

Susana: I am fortunate that his did not backfire.

Wintersky: Susana do you need help here? The woman I spoke of may need a job and a place to stay away from her 'man.'

Ozimius: It is Groves.

Susana: Groves!

Oliveryn: Groves...figures.

Oliveryn: Jealous of my postion, possibly.

Susana: Now I want to bury that sword in the ungrateful sot's chest.

Susana: I think disgracing him would be better though.

Wintersky: What do you know of Lord Groves?

Oliveryn: Maybe you will get the chance, mother.

Sparta: Why would he be jealous of you, Oli?

Susana: Groves is the youngest of the Houses. House Chicdell actually made them nobles.

Oliveryn: Why would someone not be jealous of me?

Oliveryn laughs and smiles.

Susana: Morrisul has been Hardun's right-hand for decades.

Sparta: and now the prodigal son returns

Oliveryn: Oh right, yeah. I just got stabbed.

Susana: He was never really prodigal.

Susana: His grandfather just never thought he would actually find Luvian.

Legeand (smirking): More of a nusiance at times.

Oliveryn: True enough.

Susana: And Hardun avoided needing an heir by becoming a vampire.

Wintersky: I guess he does all of his business at night.

Susana looks disgusted.

Oliveryn: Maybe it is possible, but maybe grandfather is just trying to get me killed.

Sparta: He did not succeed the first few times.

Sparta: Persistent little sucker.

Susana: No, Oli. He genuinely believes you will be his daytime face.

Legeand: Stage your death, a coup and then raise more Houses like himself?

Wintersky: Oli, do you have protection from arrows?

Oliveryn: He does not trully need me, since he can technically live forever. I guess I am just a puppet for his manipulating.

Susana: He has become quite unstable as an undead creature.

Oliveryn: No, I do not think I have that.

Wintersky: You need that.

Oliveryn: Well that one did not use an arrow.

Oliveryn: I doubt it will make much of a difference either way, but I will look into it.

Oliveryn takes a final glass of brandy with him and sits down on a chair.

Sparta: You will need an amulet or some such token.

Sparta: The assassin's next attack will not give you any more time to prepare than you had today.

Wintersky: It is much easier to shoot from a roof top for surprise than sneak right up to a person.

There is a knock at the door.

Sparta: Like that?

Wintersky: Prophetic.

T'Krosh readies his spear.

Oliveryn stands and calls for a server to answer it.

Oliveryn: I doubt an assassin will knock on the door.

Susana goes to the door and asks who it is through the door.

Wintersky: True, but it would be a good ruse.

Sparta: Maybe he is a polite assassin.

The voice from outside states that the herald of the mayor has arrived.

Oliveryn: So he give me cookies and tea and the tea is posioned?

Sparta: That would work better on a halfling.

Sparta: Did you say cookies?

Oliveryn does a face palm.

Sparta: I will skip the tea for now.

Susana slips out of the room.

Wintersky: So, are you going to open the door?

Legeand: You should have seen him shopping for garlic yesterday; almost ate an herbalist out of house and home, that one.

Wintersky: I thought you smelled good enough to eat, Sparta.

Oliveryn is thankful for friends like these, but wonders sometimes about their sanity.

Sparta: The whole city is sold out of garlic.

Sparta: How is a halfling supposed to cook.

Nyza: Oh, me should tell everyone.

Sparta: I am going to have to save these two bulbs for a special occasion.

Nyza: Nyza know how to cast Teleportation magic now. If anyone needs to go somewhere, even far away, let me know.

Nyza (smiling): So if "The City" has garlic, we can get it there.

Sparta: Hmm, that could come in handy.

Sparta: I bet Rebelton has plenty of garlic.

Oliveryn: Well, that is good to know, Nyza. It might come in handy soon.

Sparta: We could make a killing in the spice trade.

Wintersky: Are you wearing garlic cologne?

Oliveryn: I think the Chicdell estates are always looking for better business start ups.

Sparta: Hmm, I wonder if that would work against vampires?

Oliveryn: Spices might be the way to go.

Wintersky: Did I tell you, I killed a vampire when I arrived in Troll's Bridge?

Sparta: What?!

Wintersky: In the ugly Temple of the Grotesque.

Oliveryn: Wow, how did you manage that?

Wintersky: Ancestral Vengeance.

Oliveryn: Maybe it was my grandfather and this idea of defeating him is as easy as that.

Susana slips back into the room.

Wintersky: Unfortunately, no. It was the missing Teton Ambassador.

Susana: Hmmm.

Wintersky raises her eyebrows.

Oliveryn: Wow...interesting. I bet Hardun had something to do with it.

Susana: Oli, that was a message from your grandfather.

Oliveryn turns to his mother.

Oliveryn: What did it say?

Susana: He says that he has been informed of your return and also received your letter.

Susana: He knows you have many things to attend to and will meet with you a week from tomorrow at the castle.

Oliveryn: Well, that gives me a week to make a name for myself around Troll's Bridge.

Wintersky: Well, being resurrected cannot hurt.

Nyza: Do you have any specific events in mind to accomplish that, Oli?

Wintersky: Whole religions have been built on less.

Oliveryn: Well, I can always hold balls or make a House hold a ball for me.

Oliveryn: Custom is that when a new heir has taken control on an estate, each House holds a formal ball.

Oliveryn: I do not know if that is still the custom with Hardun in power though.

Susana: It is.

Susana: You are all welcome to stay for dinner. I need to tend to the wards, so give me a few minutes before leaving this room.

Susana slips out of the room again.

Nyza: Me stay for dinner, but you excuse me if me bring my own food.

Wintersky: That is a whole week of assassination attempts.

Oliveryn: In my opinion, I think the first House that should hold a ball is House Groves.

Oliveryn smiles.

Legeand: It took months and years to fell citys, but we plan to do it in less then a week...amusing to say the least.

Sparta: They may be discomforted by that, but I doubt they would be foolish enough to attempt to kill you in their own house.

Wintersky: Sounds dangerous, but I do want to get in there. The second ambassador went missing trying to enter the city through House Groves lands.

Nyza: Hehe, Legeand. Nyza wonder how big a hole in the city me can make in a week.

Wintersky: Burn in a week?

Oliveryn: Sparta is right. I doubt they will openly try to kill me as that will put disgrace on their House as not being able to protect me and besides, they will get punished harshly if my grandfather finds out they are trying to kill me.

Sparta: Nyza, you could burn the whole city to the ground in a week.

Nyza: It is just a thought, yes? Troll's Bridge is not so overgrown with evil that it needs a controlled burn. Anyway, that is not the "felling" Legeand means.

Ozimius hears Balis in his head asking if she can meet his friends.

Legeand: Definitely not.

Ozimius asks where?

Balis Sphinx says in the room there.

Ozimius asks where she is?

Ozimius will bring her in to meet them.

Oliveryn: If no one objects, I will have Lady Morisle draft up a Formal Ball proposal and send it to House Groves.

Balis Sphinx says in the corner of the room.

Ozimius grins widely.

Nyza: Sounds fun.

Wintersky: Will we all be invited?

Sparta: M'Lady, shall we dance?

Oliveryn: Yes.

Nyza: Sorry, but you will step on my tail if you cannot see it.

Sparta takes Nyza's hand a begins to waltz.

Oliveryn: I will like everyone to be there just in case anything happens. There might be other Houses out there that want to discredit House Groves also.

Ozimius coughs.

Nyza: Ahhh.

Ozimius: I would like you all to meet someone.

Ozimius: Balis!

Oliveryn turns to Ozimius.

Sparta stops waltzing.

A female Sajenese appears in the corner of the room.

Ozimius: This is Balis Sphinx. She is helping me.

Nyza: Why are you half-naked?

Oliveryn nudges Nyza.

Balis Sphinx: Hello, Heroes of Redemption.

Oliveryn: He said she was "helping" him.

Wintersky: Ozi likes it.

Sparta: Howdy.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius (grinning at Nyza): I particularly like her clothing or lack there of.

Oliveryn stays back from Balis, judging her.

Balis Sphinx gives Ozimius a mock glare.

Wintersky: Funny thing; it makes him feel warm.

Ozimius chuckles.

Sparta: Silly boy, clothing does not make a good woman, her cooking does.

Oliveryn laughs into his glass of brandy.

Balis Sphinx: Yes, well, I am a bad woman. No cooking skills to speak of.

Wintersky: Nuh-uhh, her riding does.

Ozimius chuckles loudly.

Ozimius: But she has other useful skills.

Oliveryn spews his brandy all over in front of him.

Nyza: Like creeping into a warded building unnoticed.

Balis Sphinx walks forward.

Legeand: Eh...I rather not comment on the skills and arousing traits of a good female.

Ozimius: And she is quite skilled with her blade.

Oliveryn sets down his dring and approaches Balis.

T'Krosh: Oli, you had better pray that not all assassins you will face are as skilled as Balis is at stealth.

Oliveryn: I know.

Balis Sphinx: I am one of the Sajenese expatriates that call Troll's Bridge home.

Oliveryn grimaces.

Oliveryn bows slightly to Balis as he nears.

Ozimius looks at Oliveryn pointedly when Balis mentions the Sajenese.

Balis Sphinx: The elven assassin had excellent technique.

Oliveryn: You are welcome in my home Balis as long as you do not stick any of those blades in me.

Sparta (sarcastically): I am glad you approve.

Wintersky: Any blades, Oli. Be general, not specific.

Balis Sphinx: I was helping Ozimius keep the other half-dozen assassins at bay.

Oliveryn: I thank you.

Oliveryn: I might have a job for you and Ozi.

Oliveryn: If you are interested.

Ozimius: You were, quite literally, surrounded this afternoon, Oli, by Sajenese.

Balis Sphinx: I am always interested in work.

Oliveryn: I am looking for a servant of Groves, possibly someone that has access to most of his estates. I want him brought some place safe so I can meet with him.

Ozimius chuckles.

Oliveryn: I would like to "talk" with this person, with your help, of course.

Balis Sphinx: Consider it done.

Oliveryn: I am in need someone inside his estates to keep a look out on what is happening and funnel this information to me. But, I want to speak to him first before he is sent back in.

Balis Sphinx: Understood.

Oliveryn: Just inform me of the place he is being held and I will meet you there. Plus, pay. If you will except money from me.

Balis Sphinx: They will be quite under your control.

Balis Sphinx: Your gold is as good as the next noble's.

Oliveryn: Inform me later on your expenses and I will give Ozi the coin.

Oliveryn: Now, shall we all eat something to take our minds off what just happened.

Sparta: I thought you would never ask. I am famished.

Balis Sphinx: If you do not mind, I will be off.

Wintersky: You are always famished.

Nyza: Good luck, Balis.

Sparta taking Nyza's arm again, "M'Lady, shall we dine?"

Nyza: Yes, but NO dancing!

Wintersky: You make a cute couple.

Nyza: T'Krosh is a very good chef, you know.

Oliveryn smiles.

T'Krosh: It is not hard. I just open the enchanted box and food comes ou-

Nyza: Silence! That is a trade secret!

Susana opens the door as the group approaches it.

Sparta: No dancing. It is too easy to spill your dinner.

Susana: Come on out of there. The entire mansion is safe now.

Oliveryn exits the room.

Sparta: We need to work on your definition of safe.

T'Krosh: I do not know. Balis went along with that too easily. Ozi, have you known her long?

Ozimius fakes a kiss with Balis and whispers, "I failed to secure a promise from Oli tonight. I want all information from the informant run by me first. I fear power may go to Oli's head. And, if it impacts the Sajenese, I will kill him myself. Keep this between us. Understood?

Wintersky: Ozi, I made a deposit for you at Messer's Tradehall.

Ozimius leads Balis to the dining room.

Ozimius: Thank you, Wintersky.

Ozimius: T'Krosh, you asked how long I knew Balis? For a few days, but the relationship has been a good one so far.

Oliveryn: I am guessing you have been able to convince her not to take the bounty on my head?

Balis Sphinx glances seductively at Ozimius.

Ozimius grins at Balis.

Ozimius: If you must go, I understand my dear.

Oliveryn rolls his eyes at the exchange and continues on.

Ozimius: Actually, Oli, she does not have the contract. Another Sajenese holds that.

Balis Sphinx: I can stay if it is alright with the lord of the manor.

Oliveryn: It is fine by me, Balis.

Balis Sphinx: I guess dressing appropriately is in order then.

Balis Sphinx slides a sword-shaped rod from a sheath and produces a fine outfit that clothe her instantly.

Oliveryn looks impressed.

Wintersky: Olivern, could I set up my teepee on the grounds?

Legeand sits quietly, still in his armor, "Finest, indeed."

Ozimius holds a chair for Balis, then sits next to her.

Oliveryn: Sure, we have large enough grounds that it will not be a problem.

Legeand: And doing so, will give you more looks from other Houses; Teton ambassador on your front lawn.

Wintersky: Thank you. As nice as The Troll's Bridge Inn is, I get tired of square rooms and corners.

Oliveryn: smiles.

Oliveryn: That is understandable.

Wintersky: Oh, I am not the ambassador.

Susana: Oh, Wintersky, you mentioned someone that may need employment and a place to stay?

Sparta: Perhaps we should all move in. Our room in The Smoking Pipe was a little tight with both Legeand and me in there.

Oliveryn: So, what is the situation with the new ambassdor coming.

Wintersky: The next ambassador has been sent to "The City."

Legeand: You are not, but Houses and rumors spread like fire.

Nyza: Oh, Ozimius. After dinner, me want to discuss something with you, ok? It is work, of a sort.

Ozimius: Of course, Nyza.

Wintersky: Yes, I did Susana.

Susana: We are in need of staff since Hardun moved to the castle.

Ozimius snorts.

Wintersky: A girl helping me at The Troll's Bridge Inn mentioned me to her father and he flew into a rage nearly killing the girl's mother. I do not know what skills her mother has, but her daughter has been very resourceful.

Ozimius (mumbles): I am sure Hardun eating the staff cannot help your employment problems.

Wintersky: The girl's name is Elenia and the mother is Galifee.

Susana: I am sure we can find each of them something to do around this huge place.

Wintersky: The mother is currently in Visaria's hospice.

Susana: I hope she is alright.

Nyza looks troubled by Wintersky's story. She wraps her arms around herself, almost looking afraid.

Wintersky: The mother needed regeneration to cure her massive injuries.

Susana: That is powerful magic. Did you perform the regeneration?

Wintersky: I will ask them if they are interested in a job and place to stay. If they are I will send them your way.

Wintersky: I bought the magic and cast it from a scroll.

Nyza (unenthusiastically): Heh, me see that human fathers are not different.

Ozimius watches Nyza's reaction curiously.

Wintersky: Nyza, what is it?

Nyza: It is just, um, a familiar story, yes?

Ozimius nods, understanding Nyza's reaction now.

Wintersky: Some fathers are like that, but not all. Mine is a very kind man.

Susana: Some fathers have a focus for their violence and are very loving to their family.

Susana looks at Oliveryn.

Legeand: I could say the same...

Oliveryn: I would never know.

Oliveryn looks down.

Ozimius frowns.

Oliveryn shrugs.

Oliveryn: At least I had my mother raise me.

Oliveryn smiles weakly.

Susana smiles.

Ozimius: Your father is a good man. I suspect it was much safer for you not to be with your father or for him to be near you.

Oliveryn: I suppose.

Legeand: I have had both, but try thinking though they may live, I might never see them again.

Nyza: Excuse me... (a little lost) Nyza need to see to something.

Nyza begins reciting a spell.

Nyza vanishes.

The group talks for a while before dinner and continues through dinner. They make their ways back to their inns to collect their things and return to the Chicdell estate.

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