Butyltina 24, 1000 PC

Post date: Apr 04, 2009 3:27:37 AM

It is finally spring and the meager amount of snow we received this winter has all but evaporated are ready.  The heroes have already begun their journey to Troll's Bridge.  I scared a giant off for them the first night, though they have no idea that there was even a threat.

Today's trip to Troll's Bridge revealed that all the mirrors are back and uncovered in the castle.  I guess Hardun has discovered the pattern and the questions by his visitors must have him curious now.  This week I checked out House Tarcigorkan.  It was quite boring.  Their loyalty to Hardun is purely superficial.  If Hardun loses control of any plot he has spun, this House will likely abandon him.  However, I do not think they will turn against him.

This evening, Hardun was expecting the apparition in the mirror and had several advisors present when I repeated my performance from last week.  One of his advisor recognized me from years ago and imparted this knowledge, specifically my former name, to the mayor.  As the illusion continued, the realization was suddenly obvious in Hardun's expression.  He is not pleased and now knows what is going on.  Unfortunately, the advisor who recognized me became the scapegoat and meal.  It was really quite horrifying.