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Undecitina 4, 259 First Cycle of Man

With an unsuccessful attempt to sway Vis to let our heroes help her and her departure with a client, they sit dining on the Griffon's Rest fine fare.  A disturbance caused by the arrival of Marquis Vistij Ijoynvaeh attracts the group's attention.

As he and is entourage pass the dining room, Vistij, accompanied by his son Malachi, who Luanes only recently defeated in non-lethal combat, enter the room to pay their respects to the elven paladin.  He marquis invites our heroes to dine with him the following night and departs.

Malachi remains behind and discusses his father's attitude and his mission in Zelmbring, as well as his acknowledgment of his half-sibling Visaria.

When Malachi departs, the conversation turns to trying to occupy Visaria for which Eregard volunteers to try and hire her and occupy her benignly to show her there are other things in life.  Eregard's efforts to engage Visaria are in vain the day before the dinner with Vistij.

Shortly before the preparations for the dinner begin, Visaria staggers into the Griffon's Rest, dying from injuries inflicted by Zelmbring's mayor.  Wintersky works quickly to user her powers to heal the half-elf while Luanes record the injuries as evidence to be used against the mayor.  With Visaria's visible and hidden injuries healed, she sleeps comfortable with Eregard attending her as a guard.

This sudden excitement concluded, frantic preparations for the marquis' dinner begin.

The heroes eat and drink quietly wondering how to proceed when there is a disturbance at the entrance to the inn.

Shouts about the arrival of a Marquis Ijoynvaeh drift into the room.

Oliveryn turns around with a cup in his hand, crumbs of bread fall from his mouth as me looks at the marquis.

Nyza: Someone famous, Oli? You read of him?

Wintersky gets up to look at who is coming.

Legeand: Eyes a bit in the direction of the ruckus, "Or well known around here at least."

Oliveryn mumbles behind a mouth full of food, "Pwasbly."

One of the lasses that had been serving you rushes pass the door in a tizzy.

Legeand: Well know...for sure...damn pretty boys...

Wintersky wanders back to the table.

Oliveryn takes a drink from his cup, washing down the food.

Wintersky: There is a whole group of elves out there.

Luanes looks up.

Sparta: Doesn't seem to be any shortage of elves around here.

Sparta: Not that I mind.

Oliveryn: I hear they breed like rabbits, which is good for most things.

Luanes: The Marquis Ijoynvaeh? Is that the name?

Oliveryn smiles.

Wintersky: Men at arms, courtiers, shoe-tiers. I do not know what else.

Legeand: A prince if there are men at arms, or a noble.

Luanes smiles, sitting back with a chuckle.

Dale: What's so funny?

Luanes: Perhaps we will see history in the making.

Wintersky: Hopefully not a lynching.

Barmaid enters the room with bottles of wine on a tray.

Luanes: I doubt that.

Legeand rubs his temples, "Is it bad enough here as we make history?"

Wintersky: The elves here do not seem all that friendly.

Barmaid: The former lord of the area is visiting.

Luanes lowers her voice so that only her friends will hear.

Oliveryn: I believe this Marquis character is somehow related to Visaria.

Barmaid: Shhh!

Oliveryn: Do not shush me, women.

Barmaid: Do not go mentioning that in his presence. No.

Luanes: Ijoynvaeh is our friend's future surname.

Wintersky: Visaria was born on the wrong side of the furs.

Oliveryn: I will speak how I want to.

Legeand: Not to offend you, Oli, but god I hate some nobles...and that society in general.

Sparta: I thought I recognized the name.

Wintersky: He must be a limp basket if he does not do right by his family.

Oliveryn: None taken, I was born into it, nothing that I choose in my pre-existence.

The entourage of elves pass the doorway followed by an elderly, noble elf and Luanes' opponent from before, now unhelmed.

Luanes nods respectfully to him.

The armored elf nods to Luanes with a smile as he passes, but the noble halts.

Nyza immediately makes her presence known.

Nyza: Hail there!

Vistij Ijoynvaeh narrows his eyes, "Ah, the vanquisher of the champion, I presume."

Nyza: Eh, not here for revenge are you?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: It was a fair fight, father.

Luanes nods, lowering her eyes respectfully.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh looks at his son, "If you insist."

Legeand: Me gazes between the two elves, wondering about the father and son; knowing Luanes just laid the younger out.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh: But, what of the demimondaine? They assisted her?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh turns stone-faced.

Luanes lifts her chin, her brow furrowing. She watches the exchange.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh enters the room, his entourage filing in behind him.

Wintersky watches the father-son interaction with interest.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh looks disdainfully about.

Legeand: Cupping his chin in his hand, Legeand leans back in his chair taking in the group.

Dale: We did, your lordship.

Dale: Though that is hardly the title the maiden deserves.

Luanes: Indeed, your lordship. And we would again, without any hesitation.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Was she open to such...kindness?

Vistij Ijoynvaeh: Yes, good question, my son.

Luanes: She was as open as her past treatment allowed her to be, your lordship

Vistij Ijoynvaeh smirks ever so slightly.

Luanes: But I would offer such kindness again and again and again...for such is the nature of my vow.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh: Your vow?

Luanes: I have taken a vow to offer mercy and compassion to all.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh: Orcs and drow, as well as the half-breeds? That is there lot, you know.

Dale: Perhaps if more had shown mercy to the Lady, it would not be so foreign to her.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh: Lady?

Nyza: That is a lot, but they are still deserving of what Luanes offers.

Luanes: My vow states to all, including orcs, drow and...half-breeds.

Dale: You doubt that she is a Lady?

Vistij Ijoynvaeh: I see only one lady in this company.

Legeand: Then you look to high.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh raises an eyebrow.

Wintersky: Apparently you are blind, my lord.

Legeand: Remains quiet after his comment focusing on the elder elf.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh steps up to Luanes, bows and takes her hand, "You have my respect and admiration, nonetheless, my lady."

Luanes: Thank you, my lord.

Nyza shows a faint look of annoyance from the elf's motions.

Luanes does an appropriate curtsy.

Oliveryn smirks.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh: Very well, then. As companions of this fair warrior, I ask that you dine with me tomorrow. I wish to hear of your travels and news from Walton.

Luanes looks to her companions before answering, awaiting any objection.

Dale nods.

Legeand chuckles slightly at his comment on Luanes' skill, glad that they chose not to fight an 'outsider' of their culture.

Nyza: If Luanes is alright with it. There is much news to share, so it should be a long meal.

Luanes: We would consider it an honor, my lord.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh glances at Nyza trying to hide his disquiet before smiling at Luanes, "Very good."

Vistij Ijoynvaeh turns and exits the room followed by his entourage, Malachi lagging behind.

Nyza: Hmph. Nyza hate him already.

Sparta: How sad that the family has disowned their daughter and sister.

Legeand: I hated him the moment I heard of him, funny how that worked.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh approaches Luanes and also bows, "You are a formidable opponent. I hope to fight by your side sometime."

Wintersky: Join us for a bit, if you care to.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: My father is old and set in the ancient ways.

Wintersky: But you are younger and may change with experience.

Luanes smiles her stunning smile at Malachi.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: He does not know he is being cruel.

Legeand: He does not know he is being stupid for thinking one race better than others.

Wintersky: He knows, he enjoys it. You make excuses.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: The scandal my mother caused has only hardened him further.

Luanes: No one is beyond redemption...I live by this creed. The fact that he included all of us against his own personal bias gives cause for hope.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: He is only following etiquette.

Wintersky: What scandal?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: My mother had an affair with an adventurer.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: She carried Visaria despite my father's protests.

Wintersky: He would kill an innocent babe?

Nyza: A wonder he speaks to any of us then. We must remind him of his wife's um, passion.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh smirks sadly, "He would have had her abort the fetus."

Dale: That would have been a great loss for us all

Wintersky: And how is your relationship with your sister?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I loved the idea of having a sister.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I did not know until she was born that she was half human.

Wintersky: A babe has not control of its own conception.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: My father's prejudices had been passed onto me, so it was very unpleasant to care for her.

Sparta: Yet she is still your sister and you cared for her nonetheless.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: He quit his post here in disgrace and moved us to Nieanil. I was assigned here when I came of age to eventually restore the seat.

Wintersky: Do you love your sister?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Visaria hates me with a passion, but I do what I can to protect her from the worst.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh smiles knowingly at Luanes.

Wintersky: Do you love your sister?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I do.

Wintersky: Have you ever told her this?

Luanes looks at Malachi curiously.

Legeand watches the young elf with some interest, but keeps quiet, letting the more passionate of the group speak.

Sparta and Dale catch their breath waiting for Malachi's answer.

Luanes stares at him, her mouth dropping open.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I risk being knifed if I approach her and must keep my station or my father will disown me and my mother.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I have also been commanded to keep her here under the same prohibition.

Wintersky: Your father has many children?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Only me.

Wintersky: And he would disown you for talking to your sister?

Luanes: I knew it had been too easy!

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Sorry, my lady.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: It would have been close.

Wintersky: If so, he deserves life as a lonely old elf.

Luanes: So, this is what it feels like.

Wintersky: Your father does not love you and your mother?

Legeand: If he does love them, it is hollow love.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I am more that willing to have another go at it, Lady Luanes.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: My father is the Marquis first. He does not really intend to ever give that up.

Luanes seems to struggle with that, but then shakes her head.

Wintersky: Are you happy under his heel then?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Absolutely not!

Luanes: Politics are often more complicated than that, Wintersky.

Wintersky: Politics are more complicated, but if you are willing to walk away from those in power, they lose it.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: The Marquis has so many enemies that I am in greater danger of them than him.

Luanes: By doing that, you may end up hurting more people in the long run.

Luanes speaking to Wintersky, "In a position of power, you need to think of those you rule before yourself."

Wintersky: He cares for you not. He cares not for your sister or your mother.

Wintersky: Of course you do, Luanes, but he just said he does not rule and has no real hope of ever ruling.

Luanes: He is still in a position of power.

Wintersky: If you break from the Marquis publicly why would they even bother with you.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I am not without my own ambitions and wiles, but I am young. Zelmbring is an appropriate starting place.

Nyza: While you are young is the best time to pursue your ambitions, before you forget them.

Wintersky: What do you hope to achieve here?

Nyza: Otherwise, it sounds like your family is waiting for your father to die before it can be happy. Not very good solution.

Wintersky: Further your father's cruel goals.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Tolerance...eventually.

Luanes: For Visaria?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: For Visaria and any one else who wishes to live freely in Zelmbring.

Luanes: That is a noble goal.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh nods.

Sparta smiles, "That would be a good start."

Wintersky: Admirable goal.

Sparta: I think you will be successful, too.

Wintersky: What prevents you from starting?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: It has already begun, but there are other ancient elves that still need "redemption."

Luanes: Do not give up hope, my lord.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh smiles, "I have centuries."

Sparta: We are all in need of "Redemption" at some point in our life.

Wintersky: Visaria does not.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: It is an honor to have made your acquaintances, but I must go. You are all noble and I wish you all success in your journeys.

Oliveryn nods his head, notably saying nothing.

Luanes: And you as well, my lord.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh nods to each of the heroes, bowing formally to Luanes at the end.

Wintersky: Think about your sister, in her eyes you have everything that she could not hope to have.

Nyza: Likewise. Your dream is very pretty. Me am sure you fulfill it someday.

Luanes nods graciously.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh smiles, "My efforts for the support and redemption of my sister will become my primary concern."

Luanes: That is wonderful news, my lord.

Wintersky raises an eyebrow.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh does an about-face and strides out of the room with a friendly wave.

Luanes blinks slowly once he is out of the room.

Wintersky: Look like you have a suitor, Luanes.

Luanes: Oh, my...

Nyza: Who would guess that knocking him over the head a few times would have that effect?

Luanes chuckles at Nyza.

Oliveryn walks over to a table with Eregard and takes out a game board of stones.

Dale: It works with many men.

Dale smiles at Sparta.

Luanes: I hope I have not altered any events.

Wintersky: I wonder how one engages the services of Lady Visaria?

Oliveryn placing his first stone down on the board, Oli looks at the group.

Oliveryn: Malachi was the first king of the Elven Monarchy. I also believe he was killed by Cedarcleaver at some point.

Eregard clears his throat, "I got quite a lot of attention from Vis...aria. She probably would be open to my company."

Luanes: I see.

Legeand: Great, but does he change the way his kind suitors other races?

Wintersky: She would try to bed you. Could you please her without it becoming a sexual encounter?

Oliveryn: I have no clue, but I think he will hold to his ancient customs until he passes away.

Eregard: I get the impression that would be difficult for a regular client, but I believe I can satisfy her in other ways.

Eregard: Do not tell my aunt.

Eregard: We want her to learn to enjoy life in other ways, correct?

Wintersky: She needs to see herself as more, enjoy more, respect herself more.

Nyza: Yep. Her family accepting her will be a good start, but the real change for her has to come from within.

Eregard: But, I will need to figure out how not to cause more harm than good.

Luanes: Yes, women do not take kindly to rejection.

Legeand: I can attest to that.

Eregard: I might be too much of a lady's man for this. I would suggest wise Legeand for this mission, but he has his own interest.

Wintersky: She has had more than enough rejection in her life.

Legeand: I rather not court, thank you, Eregard.

Eregard nods to Legeand.

Legeand: If you were smart though. Courting her would work, not the end of it. I might go with you to support.

Eregard turns to Oliveryn with a smirk, "You would mess it up good, no doubt."

Sparta: Perhaps the young Egalem should attract her attention. He is too young to bed. Is he not?

Oliveryn: I mess up everything like I always do, but I could maybe play some music for your both.

Legeand grins at Sparta, " could work...he is too young."

Oliveryn smirks.

Wintersky: Maybe we work on being friends...invite things...teach her a little. Help find her a mentor for magic.

Nyza: Yes, but we do not want to take the chance that the two fall in love. He is fated for another.

Egalem Random: No, way!

Legeand: Not up for a challenge, Egalem?

Wintersky: No way what?

Egalem Random: She is a girl. Yuck!

Wintersky: You are a boy. You cannot be friends with a girl?

Sparta: Exactly, I'm not suggesting you kiss her.

Wintersky: Are you afraid that she will do everything better than you?

Egalem Random pantomimes gagging.

Wintersky: No, this will not work. He is obviously not capable enough.

Eregard laughs, "OK, OK. I will do my best."

Oliveryn smiles.

Nyza: Is there something we can do to help in the meantime?

Wintersky: It should be much easier than leading a rebellion. You just have to be nice, over and over again.

Legeand: Ha, courting a women is a bit harder then being nice, I am afraid.

Wintersky: Tis not. You are just doing it wrong.

Eregard: I will take that as advice, Wintersky.

During the course of the next day Eregard attempts to "hire" Visaria without any success. Before the dinner with Vistij, Eregard returns to the Griffon's Rest, perturbed.

Legeand glancing at Eregard and his frustration Legeand quizzes him, "Having a good time there, Eregard?"

Eregard: This Visaria is a very busy young lady.

Legeand: Would you assume differently?

Nyza: If everyone hates her, why do they seek her out like that?

Eregard: Surprisingly, most of her clients are the very elves that condemned her to death.

Luanes: Hypocrites.

Oliveryn: Well, what do you expect? She is royalty of a sort.

Luanes: That is just wrong, Oli.

Wintersky looks for Vis' friend, the bartender.

Egalem Random sits at a table pouring over his spellbook trying to ignore the conversation.

Wintersky: Seeing him at the bar, Wintersky approaches him.

Bartender: What may I do for you, lady Teton?

Wintersky: I would like to talk to you about Miss Visaria.

Eregard: This whole process is going to take some time. We are all going to have to try and occupy some of these folk, so I can get some time with her.

Bartender: Certainly.

Sparta: What? You can't compete with a few elves?

Wintersky: She has had a hard time here, has she not?

Legeand: Well, we could always try to strong arm her attention if we have to.

Eregard: Trying to get my foot in the door, so to speak, is proving difficult.

Bartender: A horrible time, horrible.

Wintersky: She does not enjoy her profession?

Bartender: On the contrary. Tis the only attention she gets, otherwise.

Wintersky: Does she like or respect any of her clients?

Eregard: I am an outsider associated with a group of people that she knows wants to help her.

Bartender snickers, "She would prefer killing them, but that would make it hard to get attention or money."

Wintersky: She likes the attention and needs the money, but does not like the source.

Bartender: Would you?

Wintersky: I do not know. Would she allow me to pay her for her time. I do not want sex, but I do want her company.

Bartender: Hmmm. But, she is on to your lot. She has become so addicted that I think she would take it as interference.

Wintersky: Addicted? Addicted how?

Bartender: To the sex.

Bartender: That fop that is trying to get some time with her is going to find out soon enough.

Wintersky: She does not have to give up sex.

Bartender: If it were that simple. It is what keeps her going.

Bartender looks thoughtful, "Maybe it is some kind of disease? Maybe she just needs to be healed. You could do that, right?"

Nyza: Sparta, how long do you suppose Visaria lives this way?

Wintersky: Yes, I can heal her body, perhaps her mind. I am trying to learn how to heal souls, but it is very difficult.

Bartender: You have to start somewhere.

Wintersky: Would she allow me to try to heal her? I try not to trample on peoples' free will.

Bartender: She gets abused pretty badly sometimes. Watch her and use one of these occurrences as a pretense.

Wintersky: It is probably more likely to work than a Teton spa treatment.

Bartender looks confused.

Wintersky: I will watch her. Will you let me know if you see a pretense come along?

Vis staggers into the inn.

Legeand: Glacing over at Vis, Legeand gazes to the rest of the group wondering if they would let him go beat up a noble.

Wintersky: My Lady Visaria, you are injured. Let me help you.

Bartender: Holy Hells, child! What have you gotten into!

Wintersky: Is there a private room I can heal her in?

Bartender: Take her into this room back here.

Nyza breaks out of her pondering when Visaria stumbles in. She cocks her head at the half-elf, examining the injuries from a distance.

Wintersky: Luanes, come help me!

Luanes gets up and rushes to help.

Luanes: Who did this, Visaria?

Wintersky brings Visaria into the private area with help.

Vis looks up at the elf and then spits blood at her feet, "That vile mayor."

Luanes scowls.

Wintersky: We need to officially document the injuries, who could and would do that for us?

Legeand: Standing quietly, Legeand places a hand to his sword, "Well, I do not know about you, but I am not fond of men doing things like that to women, race regardless."

Wintersky looks to Luanes.

Luanes: I have some authority with these folk. I will make the report.

Nyza: The mayor cannot just do that freely, can he? There is no law for this, assault maybe?

Wintersky: But you are not of here, will that matter?

Wintersky begins the preparations for a heal spell.

Luanes: I am the elf that helped you enter the village. Vistij's greeting is as good as citizenship.

Wintersky carefully removes Visaria's clothing and start cataloging injuries.

While examining Visaria, Wintersky finds she has broken ribs and massive internal injuries. She might die if left to the healers of the village.

Vis winces and moans.

Wintersky: She has massive internal injuries and broken ribs. I need to heal her now.

Legeand moves to watch out the front window of the inn in silence.

Wintersky chants and begins casting the spell.

Luanes records the injuries.

The spell's energies whirl about Visaria's broken body, repairing injuries old and new, seen and unseen.

Vis sighs in relief as the spell completes and she falls into a deep sleep.

Eregard: I will stay with her now, Wintersky.

Eregard: Maybe I will be able to reach her once she rests.

Wintersky: Let her rest, but keep her safe. This was nothing short of attempted murder.

Luanes: This will have to be handled delicately, especially with the marquis visiting. Politics will have to be played to see true justice in this matter.

The clock in the dining room chimes.

Wintersky: I will follow your lead in this, though I would like to raise holy Hell.

Luanes smiles, "Me too."

Bartender: Good lord. Is that the time. We need to get the supper ready for you folk and the marquis.