Methyltina 18, 1000 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 1:0:48 AM

Not a lot happened in the last few weeks, at least not until the 16th. That's when we heard that Ozi had got himself kidnapped by some bandits. It's his own fault really; he must have been crazy to just run out of town on his own after Nagav died. But still, he is like a part of my family. I had to help rescue him. He was being ransomed at the same cave that the crystal-eating bugs were in, so we marched over to the place once more.

We did try to be diplomatic with the bandits for, oh, about five seconds. Wintersky isn't much of a negotiator though, and we ended up just attacking. Besides, they probably would have killed Ozi even if we did give them the treasure they wanted.

Killing the horde of bandits gave me a chance to try out a new spell I've been practicing - fireball! Ahaha, what powerful magic! It can incinerate about 1250 square feet in one casting. I put it to good use in torching the softskins as they charged at us, and then again when I attacked their troll boss. The sight of crispy, blackened humans in wretched fetal positions must have been too much for the mind of one of the bandits - he snapped (with a little help from my Charm Person spell of course) and helped me free Ozimius.