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Undecitina 5, 259 First Cycle of Man

The dinner, rudely interrupted by Vistij's cursing and abrupt departure, ends as a our heroes wonder who spoke, rebuking the marquis.  After the brief earthquake, a violent storm erupts that draws the group's attention.

In the process of investigating the storm, Wintersky is infected by the rain that appears to be rotting flesh and blood when it strikes her, but not other who arrive at the inn to seek shelter from the storm.  It is determined that the storm is of supernatural origin and Nyza recognizes the phenomenon as something she heard or read sometime in the past.

Wintersky summons a spirit to collect the fragments of spirits that his rain is composed of, but ShadowBat, a spirit of the lost dead, answers the summons and is dismissed as its presence is too disturbing.

When the village priest stumbles into the inn, it becomes apparent that those with a close connection to a divine being are affected by this plague.  Oliveryn recognizes the disease as Ksirb's Plague, but does not share this fact with the rest of the group, feeling it is just a name.

The storm rages for hours causing flooding and damage to many of the tree houses of Zelmbring, as well as the canopy of Tanglewood in the area. Our heroes rest and wait it out before Nyza contacts T'Krosh in Walton to see how those who remained behind came through the storm.  The earthquake struck Walton severely and the storm caused damage, but their companions survived unscathed.

After scrying Walton, Wintersky turned her attention to Vistij, who had fled into the forest as the storm swept in.  She found him dead in forest far from where they expected to find him, evidence that he had been impaled, likely by a large tree branch.

Our heroes trekked out to the location, guided by Malachi Ijoynvaeh, and after Luanes dispelled an evil fog about the body, the recovered Vistij and returned him to Zelmbring.  On the way back, the halflings perceived they were being watched and all could hear draconic chanting from deep in the forest.

This chanting persists throughout the next few days and Vistij is laid to rest and Visaria begins to be able to move around after recovering from her attack.  Serendipitously, Visaria is polite and asking if our heroes can help her find a new path in life.  Malachi acknowledges that he is Visaria's brother and has found a mentor for her to teach her magic.

Luanes: That was a strangely familiar language. I wonder if that was ancient elvish?

Oliveryn: Ancient Elvish?

Wintersky: I do not know. Shall we go out and investigate?

Nyza: Ms Sky, are there spirits about maybe?

Luanes: I cannot be certain. It has not been spoken, supposedly, since the fall of Grayholm.

Wintersky: No un-accounted for spirits.

Dale: There is a mighty storm sweeping in.

Oliveryn ponders for a second.

Wintersky stands.

A blast of wind collides with the inn, rattling its windows.

Dale: See.

Legeand grunts, "All I know is it sounded angry."

Heavy rain begins to beat upon the roof of the inn.

Nyza: This timing seems too perfect to be a coincidence.

Wintersky: Well, something sounded angry.

Nyza: First the mysterious, non-spirit voice and then a storm?

Wintersky walks to the door.

Sparta wanders out to the entrance of the inn to have a look.

Oliveryn stays inside, hoping not to get wet.

Legeand remains seated, "Well, what do you see?"

Nyza recites one of her basic spells and peers out the window.

Wintersky: What do you think, Sparta? It came up very fast.

Wintersky: The rain is falling sideways.

The storm, from those viewing it, seems to be coming from the canopy of the forest rather than the sky.

Oliveryn looks up, puzzled.

Sparta: Wow! That can't be natural.

Wintersky looks around for spirits again.

Nyza: Definately, Sparta. It appears to be summoned by some magic.

Legeand: Maybe the old elf or that voice?

Legeand: Hmm, do you think he might be a druid or know one?

Wintersky: This is terrible. There are bits and shreds of spirits coming down with the rain.

Nyza glances at Dale.

Wintersky stands full in the rain and calls the spirit-pieces to her.

Dale stares at the storm, studying it.

Nyza: That is your kind of magic, is it not? It could not be dangerous you think?

Wintersky is quickly covered in putrid slime and blood as she stands in the torrent calling for the spirits.

The storm of heavy rain and strong winds seems to descend from the canopy of the forest and pummels the village. The stream running through the middle of the village swells quickly into a river, with its banks nearly reaching the Griffon's Rest. Anyone caught outside finds shelter as quickly as they can, causing several elves to enter the inn in a rush.

Oliveryn feels the chill of the echos of the dire winds and nods towards Eregard to draw his blades.

No one else seems to be drenched with anything other than water.

Legeand: So spiritual rain...and falling spirit parts?

Luanes watches in horror as Wintersky is pummeled with what seems like putrid remains.

Wintersky begins a ritual, chanting and shaking rattles casting Spirit Ally.

Wintersky quickly finds she must retreat back into the inn to be able to concentrate on casting the ritual.

The puddles of slime that drip from Wintersky fall as nothing more than water once she is out of the rain.

Legeand gets up and looks out the window, carefully looking at the water.

Wintersky continues her ritual once under cover.

Luanes reaches out her power to detect evil and the storm drives her back into the inn with a yelp.

Luanes: That is the most vile evil I have ever seen!

Luanes covers her eyes.

Legeand: Everything or just the rain?

Luanes: The storm.

Legeand turns to face the rain again, "What could call up an evil storm then?"

Sparta speaking to his dagger, "Papa, have you ever seen anything like this before?"

Nyza: An evil storm, eh?

Nyza (in deep thought): Nyza hear about something like this. It happen many cycles ago; an old legend.

Nyza: We should probably do something about it before it floods the town.

Manitowoc: I heard about a storm like this...and an earthquake that hit Walton a few years before I arrived. We are witnessing history.

Legeand chuckles, "You say that like it is not happening every second?"

Manitowoc chuckles.

Luanes giggles briefly overcoming her revulsion of the storm.

Legeand looking at the trees and the encroaching water, "We make history with every step, at any time we visit. Is that not our destiny?"

Dale: I don't think we want to go out into this storm.

Oliveryn: History...

Oliveryn chuckles lightly.

Nyza: Nyza do not like waiting here though...

Nyza: Whoever can make a storm like this must be very powerful. They could even attack the city under the cover of the rain.

Sparta: This place seems sturdy enough. I wouldn't want to be in one of those tree houses right now.

Nyza: Don't suppose anyone knows about evil druids of this era?

Luanes: I think this is some ancient being's wrath at the marquis for speaking whatever language that was. This being does not know its own power or does not care how destructive it is being.

Legeand: Close to what I was thinking before; especially with a old languge and rain from trees...

Nyza: We should ask the marquis, if only he is still here. Does everyone see how scared he get at the voice? He recognize it maybe?

Luanes: He must know what it is.

Luanes (to the folks in the inn in elvish): Did anyone see where the marquis went?

A couple of elves reply that he ran into the forest Zuooririclades (SE).

A shadow spirit coalesces before Wintersky in the form of a great bat.

Sparta: That is a grim-looking spirit.

Wintersky: Hello, Great Spirit, how shall I adress you? I need help purifying and coalescing the spirit shreds outside.

Dale: Scary, in fact.

ShadowBat: I am ShadowBat. A spirit of the lost dead. I can collect some of these shredded spirits if you wish.

Luanes: That is not a pleasant spirit, Wintersky.

Wintersky: Please collect them and bring them to me.

ShadowBat: My collection would be in their devouring. They are destroyed in any manner that you can perceive.

Nyza: He sure has a grim job though.

Oliveryn: Yes, very grim.

Wintersky: No, thank you. Please leave.

Oliveryn looks at it with distaste.

ShadowBat: As you wish.

Wintersky: Sorry about that. The whole spiritual realm seems tainted at the moment.

The spirit flies out into the storm taking great mouthfuls of spirits stuff as his reward for answering Wintersky's summons.

Luanes: We are surrounded by evil at the moment.

Wintersky: Guess there is nothing for it but to go find Vistij.

Dale: You can't go out it this, Wintersky. Look at your skin. It is all inflamed.

Luanes: May I, Wintersky?

Wintersky: Hmm, did not notice that.

Wintersky: Sure, do what you will.

Luanes approaches Wintersky chanting a prayer and touches her. Brilliant rainbows cascade down Wintersky as her skin is healed.

Nyza: The rain might not affect us all in that manner. Still, it is better if we stay together.

Luanes: That never looked like that before.

Wintersky: What did you do?

Luanes: Cured disease. It has always been a white light.

Wintersky: Rainbow light is more varied.

Luanes: Hmmm.

Wintersky: Thank you. Thank you very much. Did not realize that that was hurting so much...

Wintersky: ...until the pain was gone, that is.

Nyza raises her arm as if answering a question in class.

Wintersky: Am I cursed? I was the only one covered with blood and gore.

Nyza: Luanes, your spell was infused with a chaotic force. An effect of the storm maybe?

Nyza: Nyza suspect that is because of your, uh, pure heart.

Wintersky: Were any of the elves that took shelter here similiarly affected?

Luanes looks wide-eyed at Nyza, "I am not so certain. My true nature has been coming through more of late."

Wintersky looks at the other elves that ran in and realizes that it is just her.

Nyza grins awkardly at Luanes, not sure how to respond.

Luanes smiles at Nyza, "We will see when the storm passes."

Wintersky puts her hand out into the storm to see what happens.

Wintersky's hand is again splattered with gore.

Wintersky: Hmmm. I had hoped that is was just because I was calling those broken spirits to me.

Luanes: Really, Wintersky. Am I going to have to cure you again?

Nyza: An empirical test, is it?

Wintersky: Just trying to figure it out. You are much purer than I. You try.

Nyza looks at the blood on Wintersky.

An elf, covered in welts and pustules, stumbles in out of the storm.

Nyza: Um...maybe not me.

Wintersky: Oh my. Here, let us help you.

Several elves rush forward to catch the newcomer.

Oliveryn pulls out his Wand of Cure Light Wounds.

Oliveryn: Does he need some healing?

Wintersky: Who are you?

The elf gurgles unintelligibly.

One of the elves says that his is the villiage priest.

Oliveryn raises the wand and tries to heal the elf.

Nyza: While the others attend to the injured elf, Nyza walks to the door. She casts a summoning spell outside.

Wintersky casts Panacea.

Wintersky: Perhaps it only affects those with divine connections.

Oliveryn: I think this is a weird type of plague and curse, Wintersky. I remember it from past stories. It effects really close worshipers to gods, like priests.

Wintersky's miracle seems to have a postive effect, reducing the welts and pustules to faint scars.

Dale: That does it. We are staying here until it stops.

Sparta nods.

Wintersky: Rot it. Maybe I should not have pushed quite so far.

The storm rages for several hours, causing damage to the tree houses and flooding the ground-level buildings along the stream. The Griffon's Rest is spared much of the damage as it is on a hillock a distance from the stream. It looses only a few cedar shingles from its roof.

Wintersky checks on Visaria.

Visaria sleeps comfortably.

Wintersky rejoins the others.

When the storm finally subsides, the sun begins to shine through the damaged canopy of the forest.

Oliveryn looks out the window, wondering if it is safe.

Dale: Look at the damage! The tree houses and the trees are a wreck.

Wintersky steps outside to better survey the damage.

Nyza: There may be worse damage. Who knows how many priests or clergy get caught outside in the rain?

Nyza: Imagine if a storm like this happen in Walton or "The City" of our time.

Manitowoc: This storm and the earthquake caused a lot of damage to Walton according to what I heard.

Wintersky: How long after the storm was the earthquake, Manty?

Manitowoc: The earthquake was first, then the storm followed immediately.

Sparta: I felt the quake.

Oliveryn: Did we miss the earthquake?

Dale: Me too.

Wintersky: Hmm, I did not feel an earthquake.

Luanes: Sure, just before the marquis finished his cursing.

Wintersky: I thought it was a temper tantrum.

Nyza: At the time, Nyza think it is just a localized quake.

Manitowoc: By whomever caused the storm, no doubt.

Nyza: T'Krosh...

Wintersky: Shall we see if anyone needs help?

Luanes: Oh, and Celesta and Ozi.

Wintersky: Nyza, where is T'krosh.

Luanes: They all stayed in Walton.

Nyza: Right, at the Universitatus, last Nyza check.

Nyza: He is capable though. Surely, he could handle the ground opening up on him.

Nyza sounds hopeful of that.

Wintersky: Celesta and Ozi should be okay, I would think.

Dale: Sure. They are.

Wintersky: As long as T'krosh was not caught outside in that nasty rain, he should be okay too. We could use the crystal ball and check on them if you like.

Nyza: Nyza would like that.

Wintersky: Let us do it somewhere a bit more private.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh walks into the room.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I am leading a group out to look for my father. We will be back. I think we may need your help, though.

Nyza: We want to speak with him as well.

Luanes: He is not a priest, is he?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: No, only an aristocrat.

Wintersky: Can we delay thirty minutes?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I will have a quick look...mainly to survey the damage. I cannot imagine he survived in the open for very long.

Luanes notices his trepidation, "I am sorry, Malachi."

Wintersky: I want to check on some of those not here and perhaps we can locate your father also with magic if we wait.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh smiles slightly.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Very well, Lady Shaman.

Wintersky: You would have the best chance of knowing the area though.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh nods to his contingent and they file out of the inn.

Wintersky leads the way to a private room and removes the crystal ball from her pack.

Nyza follows. Her tail wags, but she makes no other show of her anxiousness.

Wintersky: Do you want to scry T'krosh, first Nyza?

Wintersky hands her the crystal ball.

Nyza: 'Kay. Me try to be quick about it, with my turn.

Nyza focuses the crystal ball's magic into locating T'Krosh.

An image of T'Krosh quickly forms in the crystal ball, showing him sitting on a table surrounded by scrolls, stone tablets and tomes. He looks up suddenly and stares directly at Nyza through the haze and waves.

Nyza: Are you okay? Did anything happen in Walton a little while ago?

T'Krosh: There was an earthquake and a terrific storm. I be here the whole time, safe and sound.

T'Krosh: Celesta alright, too.

Wintersky: Is all okay, Nyza.

Nyza: Very good... don't get yourself hurt, okay?

T'Krosh smiles.

T'Krosh: You be careful.

Nyza closes the connection.

Nyza: He is fine and so is Celesta, he says.

Nyza hands the ball back to Wintersky.

Wintersky: Terrific, then there is Ozi.

Wintersky focuses her attention to Ozi through the crystal ball. She tries very hard to keep the touch light and only see him; not get in his head.

An image of Ozimius sitting in a dilapidate bar comes into view.

Wintersky: He looks fine to me.

Wintersky breaks the connection.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: He did not look like a friendly sort.

Wintersky steels herself and focuses on Vistij.

Nyza: Do not speak ill of him please.

Luanes: He is struggling with some demons.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Ah.

Sparta: He's our friend.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: He is lucky to have you.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: He is the Sajenese that the boy mentioned.

Wintersky wants to say something, but shakes off the distraction and focuses on the job at hand.

Wintersky grabs Malachi's hand, "Help me focus on your father now."

Sparta: I don't know that he would consider himself lucky.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh closes his eyes and concentrates.

An image of the pale, broken body of the marquis lying across a fallen tree comes into view. A massive wound can be seen in his chest.

Maggots and beetles crawl over his body.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Oh, my.

Wintersky: Oh, I am so sorry.

Wintersky looks pained.

Luanes: It is a profound loss when an elf dies. I am sorry, Malachi.

Nyza: Wait though, that cannot have happened because of some rain. What kill him?

Wintersky: Any idea where he is?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh thinks to himself.

Wintersky examines the wound as best she can from afar.

Luanes puts a comforting hand on Malachi's shoulder.

Wintersky: Let us go find him.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Hmmm. That looks like it is Zuooririmystos. I thought he fled the other way.

Wintersky: I am sorry. The wound looks like he was impaled.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Impaled?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I do not see anything around him that would have done that.

Wintersky: Perhaps by a tree branch; hard to tell from here.

Wintersky: The storm was wild.

Nyza: Maybe. Me think the branch would still be inside of him in that case.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I think I may be able to lead the way to that location.

Nyza: We should get the body regardless, but we will want to be very careful in case it was not the storm that kill him.

Wintersky: covers the crystal ball and puts it away.

Luanes: Why did he looks so putrified already? He could only have died a few hours ago.

Wintersky: Your father cursed at us, me, in maybe ancient elvish was he wont to do that.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I had never heard him speak like that before. It was quite frightening.

Wintersky: Perhap the spirit shreds were drawn to his newly vacated body.

Luanes: Perhaps.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Shall we go recover his body, then?

Wintersky follows with SnowShadow tagging along.

Nyza: Make sure your men have their eyes open, Malachi. This whole situation carries a bad omen.

Wintersky: Oli, could Eregard guard Visaria?

Sparta: Do we really need to entangle ourselves in this business? We came to help Visaria.

Our heroes travel through Tanglewood led by Malachi. They arrive in the area where Malachi believes his father lies, but he is not immediately visible.

Oliveryn: Yes he can, I think he would jump at the opportunity.

Nyza: It is cruel, but she is probably helped by the marquis's death.

Nyza: So it does not hurt to recover the body and confirm his passing to everyone.

Wintersky looks about for spirits.

Sparta: I suppose, but let's be quick about it.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Recovering my father will show the village that you wish to help. They will be more open to my directives on your behalf regarding my sister if you help with this, Sparta.

Sparta searches the area for signs of the marquis.

Sparta notices an area where there is an odd haze or fog.

Luanes: This place is very eerie.

Wintersky chants Detect Evil.

Sparta: Hey guys, did you see this?

Sparta: What's making fog around here?

Wintersky: There is a lingering aura of evil about here.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh approaches Sparta.

Luanes: The evil is permeating everything here.

Wintersky chants again; this time Detect Undead.

Wintersky: There is a lingering aura of undead here, too.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Do you think he is within that miasma?

Wintersky: Unless it was just here, this aura should have disapated long ago.

Sparta: I don't know, I can't see much in the fog

Wintersky continues chanting and casting Owl's Wisdom.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh shivers.

Sparta: Luanes, is there anything unusual about the fog?

Wintersky: Are you all right, Malichi?

Luanes: Nothing obvious. It seems to be repelling my probes.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Something is very wrong, but I cannot figure out what it is.

Wintersky chants some more, casting Protection from Evil on Malachi.

Sparta picks up a stone and throws it into the fog.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh relaxes under the effects of the protection spell.

Sparta's stone disappears into the fog and hits a tree within.

Luanes steps up to the fog and casts Dispel Evil from her Angelhelm.

Sparta: Seems normal enough.

Wintersky: Gee, I was just thinking of that. Something seems to be amiss here.

Rainbow streams of light penetrate the fog and disappate it.

Nyza: Ah, there we are. Good work, Luanes.

Luanes smiles, "Thank you, Nyza."

Sparta moves into the space vacated by the fog to search for Vistij.

Wintersky pulls out a gem and looks through it, canting True Seeing.

As the fog lifts, Vistij's body can be seen lying across the fallen tree.

A cloud of flies buzzes around the decaying body.

Sparta: I've never seen a body decay that quickly.

Luanes walks up to the body, "He should not be this decayed already, Wintersky."

Wintersky: The undead that was here may have something to do with that.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: He needs a proper burial.

Nyza: Could the unholy rain be responsible? It cause disease, so it might have accelerated his decay also.

Wintersky: Let us make a travois and move him.

Sparta helps Miss 'Sky.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Whatever the cause, he should be brought back to the village quickly, so the proper ceremonies can be performed.

Wintersky carefully rolls him to see the entrance wound.

Dale: Something's not right, I feel like somebody's watching us.

Wintersky: Let us move him to the travios and get away from here.

Sparta: I think you're right, Dale.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Let us not linger here, then. Tanglewood is a very dangerous place.

Sparta: Let's get this over with.

Sparta tries to carry the marquis onto the travois.

Our heroes warily trek back to the village. Far in the distance, behind them, they hear the sounds of ululation and chanting. Words in draconic drift faintly on the wind.

Malachi's contingent of elves man the travois as the heroes make sure nothing catches them off guard.

Words like "worship", "pact" and "sacrifice" can be made out by speakers of Draconic.

Nyza relates some of the words she hears to the others.

Sparta: Was the marquis the sacrifice?

Oliveryn nods his head agreeing with Nyza, wondering what it all means.

Luanes: We will need to investigate that. The political wrangling of seeing justice for Visaria may demand it.

Nyza: Can anyone imagine why the marquis would have gone into the woods, alone, during the storm?

Luanes: Sheer terror?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I am sure he was not expecting to be rebuked.

Sparta: I'm not much for politics.

Over the course of the next day or so, Vistij is laid to rest in the catacombs underneath Zelmbring Keep. The faint draconic chanting can be heard carried by the wind throughout this time.

Wintersky: Rebuked by whom?

Luanes: I feel uneasy. As if something is about to happen. I have not ever felt anything like this before.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Rebuked by whomever caused the earthquake and the storm, I imagine.

Sparta: Well, if that's who's been chanting for the last two days, they don't seem to be satisfied with your father's death.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: There is a legeand that the Mount of Walls was the home of an elven capital in ancient times. It was destroyed at the same time as Grayholm due to a high mage's disaterous actions.

Wintersky: Malachi, I did not wish your father dead. I was just tired of him being an ass.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh smirks.

Nyza: Where do we go from here? There is the matter of getting revenge for the marquis and then helping Vis to...change her life around?

Wintersky: Revenge for the marquis?

Nyza: Justice, if you like that word better?

Sparta: Grandpa, there's a family legend about Nana's flight. Do you know anything more about this elven city?

Luanes: Justice upon the mayor for Visaria.

Wintersky: Yes, definately justice for that.

Dale: Well, it would seem Malachi has inherited his father's title. He could start to set things right with his sister.

Manitowoc: Never heard about any elven city on the Mount of Walls.

Nyza: We can put a stop to the chanting while we are at it. It is hard to sleep with all the noise.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: My mother holds the title alone now.

Sparta: But, weren't you there when the Mount collapsed?

Wintersky: I should pay my respects to her.

Manitowoc: Yes, but Walton fell into itself. There were never any elven artifacts uncovered that anyone knew about.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: What is this about the Mount of Walls collapsing. Vistij used to mumble about the Mount of Walls collapsing. Everyone thought he was insane.

Sparta: My grandfather knows things that have not yet come to pass.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh looks sideways at Sparta.

Sparta draws his dagger and holds it by the blade.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: That is your grandfather?

Sparta: Grandpa Manty is trapped in our family heirloom; has been for a thousand years.

Sparta: He has seen the past and the future and far away places.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: He experienced the collapse of the Mount of Walls...when?

Sparta: It be best not to say, we can't do anything to alter history.

Sparta: I've probaby said too much already.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Where are you from? Or, should I ask when?

Sparta looks to his friends.

Luanes bites her lower lip.

Sparta: I am from Rebelton, but your second question is more accurate.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Wait!

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Do not tell me.

Wintersky: Very smart.

Eregard wanders in with Visaria on his arm.

Luanes: Good day, Visaria.

Wintersky looks her up and down appraisingly.

Sparta: Welcome, my lady.

Visaria smiles slightly.

Wintersky: Are you quite well?

Eregard: Be gentle with her. She is still recovering.

Visaria looks at Eregard, "I am doing much better, thank you."

Visaria: I feel quite different since the attack.

Wintersky: Here, sit. Tea? Warm cider, mulled wine? What do you like?

Visaria:, cider would be good.

Luanes raises an eyebrow.

Eregard helps Visaria with her chair.

Wintersky gets up to fill the request.

Dale: I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. I hope Eregard has helped speed your recovery.

Wintersky goes to the bartender and asks if we could please have some mulled cider, bread, brath and fruit?

Visaria: I hear the most unusal conversations from you folk, and I wish to be a part of a company like you someday. Can you help me find my way there?

Luanes smiles.

Wintersky: I think we would like nothing more.

Wintersky: Perhaps you will consent to let your brother join us. I think you will find that he is not what you expect.

Eregard: You will need a vocation. You mentioned wanting to learn the arcane arts.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: If you would permit me, my sister. I believe I may have found a wizard willing to take you as an apprentice.

Sparta smiles at Malachi.

Visaria's eyes widen and well up with tears, "Sister?"

Visaria looks around at the others seated around her.

Sparta: What are you waiting for? Say yes!

Wintersky looks at her and pats her shoulder as she goes to get the ordered food.

Visaria stares dumbfounded at Malachi.

Nyza: Nyza is just curious really, but you do not consider the divine arts? Why a wizard?

Dale hugs Visaria.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh smiles back, "He is the hedge wizard, but he is very knowledge able."

Sparta: Legion Hedge?

Wintersky brings the food back to the table and sets it in front of Visaria.

Visaria looks at Nyza, "Priests always bore me."

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: He is from Legion Hedge, but that is not what I meant. He is experience learned, not book learned.

Nyza: Most of us here can empathasize with that then.

Nyza: We learn our crafts on the job.

Visaria: He always seems so stern, but he has never said a bad word to me.

Wintersky goes over to Eregard and whispers, "Does she know about Vistij yet?"

Eregard (whispering to Wintersky): Yes, I told her. She did not react much to the news.

Sparta: This wizard is nearby then?

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: Just on the edge of the village to the north.

Sparta sighs.

Sparta: That's too bad. We seek another. I thought we might find her in "The City."

Visaria smiles brightly, "Yes it is, then."

Sparta: Visaria was welcome to accompany us.

Sparta: Now we shall have to part company sooner than later.

Malachi Ijoynvaeh: I am sure that whatever your reason for visiting Zelmbring was, it is coming to fruition. Your travels, wherever they lead you, are probably too dangerous for her to accompany you.

Sparta: Perhaps.

Sparta: But, before we go, I feel the need for a proper feast.

Sparta: Do you think this innkeeper is capable of such a feat?

Wintersky: We still have justice to be served, in regards to the attack on Visaria.

Marquis Vistij Ijoynvaeh