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Ethyltina 2, 1000 PC

Wintersky, having departed ahead of the army, does not immediately make it out to the plains.  She is sidetracked by a commotion further to the west of the road and when she investigates, find the ghost of Elroy Longshanks.

Elroy has been tormenting one of Gaedracis Zuooriri's wild-ones and when Wintersky and her animals appear the wild-one flies into a rage, finally finding something alive to take his frustration out upon.

Of course, Wintersky proves to be too much for the half-orc barbarian and after dispatching him turns to the halfling apparition with the intent of helping him pass on.

After some challenging convincing, Elroy realizes that his brother Sparta has recovered Manty's Heirloom and can rest in peace knowing it is safe with him.

Wintersky rides Cinder along the road through Tanglewood followed by SnowShadow on her way to Rebelton.

GM (distant shouting): Go on! Run off, you coward!

She hears the clanging of steel on stone and a howl.

GM (distant shouting): Go get your sorcerous master to beat me down again! I am not going anywhere!

Wintersky casts Warning.

As Wintersky approaches the shouting, a ghostly figure steps out from behind a tree.

Elroy : Trying to sneak up on me, eh?

Wintersky: Sneak up on you? Not at all. I am Wintersky.

Elroy : Hey, you are not an orc.

SnowShadow : Grrrrrrrrr.

Elroy (to SnowShadow): Nice, kitty.

Wintersky: No, not an orc.

Wintersky draws Blessed Black.

Elroy : Uh, oh! Look out!

Wildest-One: Arrrrgggg!

Wintersky: Wintersky looks for the danger.

A wild-one of Gaedracis' Brigands charges up the hill towards Wintersky.

Wintersky moves Cinder defensively and casts Divine Power.

SnowShadow pounces on the brigand.

The wildest-one wildly charges, but misses as Cinder easily sidesteps the attack.

Wintersky fires Blessed Black into the brigand.

Wintersky's arrows bite into the wildest-one.

Cinder stomps the brigand for good measure.

SnowShadow mauls the half-orc from behind and Cinder finished off the barbarian with a hoof from the front.

Elroy : Wow! You are almost as good as I.

Wintersky looks around for more foes.

Elroy : He was the only one left.

Elroy : I have been annoying him for weeks.

Wintersky: You have? He could see you?

Elroy : When I let him, yes.

Wintersky: By the way, what is your name?

Elroy : Elroy Longshanks, former Ranger of Rebelton.

Wintersky: Nice to meet you, Elroy. I believe that I am a friend of your brother Sparta.

Elroy : Sparta!?

Wintersky: And, Ringo, of course.

Elroy : You have seen them? Where?

Wintersky: He is in Rebelton right now, I believe. He teleported there with an acquaintance of ours, Aifos.

Elroy (laughing): Teleported!? He could not even get two arrows off a month ago. Are you sure we are talking about the same Sparta?

Wintersky: Sparta of the Mantysons clan. That is who I am talking about.

Wintersky: Who are you talking about?

Elroy : Sparta Longshanks, my little brother...also of the Mantysons clan.

Elroy (mumbling): He teleported?

Wintersky: Well, he is much improved then. He still puts arrows into the backs of comrades sometimes though.

Elroy (snickering): Yes, that does sound like my little brother. Tell me more. I am not quite convinced yet.

Wintersky: Well, he has been eating the larder of the inn clean and he also throws a good party.

Elroy : That sounds like any halfling I know. Especially a Mantyson, though.

Wintersky: Why have you been hanging around? Was it merely to bedevil this poor misbegotten creature?

Elroy fades a bit, but is still visible to Wintersky.

Wintersky: Do you have a message for Sparta?

Elroy : No, I lost something very important to my clan. Sparta should be helping me find it.

Elroy : You can still see me?

Wintersky: If you are talking about your family's heirloom dagger, Sparta has found it.

Elroy : What!? He has?

Wintersky: Of course I can still see you. I am going to be a shaman.

Elroy : You are pulling my leg.

Elroy : Why should I believe you?

Wintersky: No, I rarely tease. The blade I speak of is Damascus mithril, about twelve inches long with a hilt wrapped in old leather. At the base of the blade is a ruby that contains a dancing light. It also chastizes Sparta from time to time.

Wintersky: Does that sound like your familial blade?

Elroy (surprised): Really? It talks?

Wintersky: From time to time. Mostly when he is considering something rash.

Elroy (thoughtfully): It is only legend that the Heirloom talks.

Wintersky: Legends sometimes have a basis in truth

Elroy : You almost have me convinced. What is our founding father's name?

Wintersky: Rumplestiltskin. But you really should believe me without proof.

Elroy frowns, then smirks, "Spending too much time with gnomes, are we?"

Wintersky: Not gnomes, merely Sparta. I think I like little taunts. I taunted a dragon once, no twice and survived the experience.

Elroy smiles, "You said you are going to be a shaman. That anything like a the funny bards that live in Troll's Bridge?"

Wintersky (chuckles): No, not an entertainer, a spiritual leader. But to lead the people one often as to put on a show.

Elroy : Ah, so you do know his name.

Wintersky: I told you I did. I rarely lie.

Elroy : Rarely, but not right now?

Wintersky: Only when absolutely necessary.

Elroy : Sounds like great papa.

Elroy : Or, so I am told.

Elroy : Sparta always talks like his legends are the Gods' honest truth.

Wintersky: Anybody who has talked to Sparta for any amount of time knows the name of your clan's founder. He takes great pride in it.

Elroy : Oh, no doubt.

Wintersky: You mean Sparta sometimes embellishes the truth. Tell me that is not so!

Elroy laughs.

Elroy : I would kind of like to move along now and be with my ancestors.

Wintersky: Would you like me to sing you on your way?

Elroy : Only if you include his name.

Wintersky: Wintersky smiles and shakes her head as she begins to sing.

Wintersky: Rest easy great-grand child of Manitowoc. Your way is now clear to go.

Elroy brightens up.

Wintersky: Your heirloom is found and have vanquished your foe. There is nothing more that you need to show.

Wintersky: Rest easy and peaceful your honor complete now, it is time for you to flow.

Elroy (fading away): Tell that brother of mine to listen closely to Manty's council. It will keep him from my fate, so he can pass it on to our descendants.

Elroy vanishes.

Wintersky: Go with love, Elroy.

Manty's Heirloom