Dodecitina 2, 999 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 12:51:21 AM

Sigh, another night on the road. Yentis is still mad at me for keeping him in the soggy bag after the rainstorm. My feet hurt, and it's too cold here. I'm starting to wonder if I should just turn back to Sha'Tek. I mean, maybe I can convince Varnil to *not* make me the maekrix. ... But no, what if he refuses?! Grr, I can see it now: all the others saying "Nyza! The gnomes killed our entire army and it's YOUR fault! There were severed tails everywhere, it was terrible! *sob*" ... No no, I'll see if the humans will take me in. Besides, I think I'm close now. I saw a few of the soft-skins on the road the day before yesterday, but I didn't stop to chat.