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Luanes was born of chaos into chaos as elves across the continent of Almebezbik still continue to struggle to establish a homeland after abandoning Grayholm.  Luanes' father, Mystol Alaphasus, is consumed with military responsibilities for his queen while his cohort and Luanes' mother, Meliamonee, divides her time between her newborn and being an emissary between The Fey and the Elves.

After Luanes' kidnapping by her governess and rescue by Taevon Ilrya, it is not surprising she is impetuous and obstreperous as she grows up among the stifling atmosphere of Eternal Fires and its paladins.

With patience born of agelessness, Taevon slowly helped Luanes focus her anarchic energies to embrace the teachings of Visaria and molded her into a force of law and righteousness.

However, underneath Luanes' stoic calm the entropy of her dual chaotic heritage has always lurked.  When Taevon was called back to the heavens, Luanes grieved and then strove to focus on the lessons he had taught her to try and bring some order to Tanglewood, but as the chaos of the world has burdened her, her grasp on that control has been tested dearly.

Luanes missions for the Church of Visaria in Troll's Bridge and her support of Wintersky in her time of need has taken its toll. Then, just when it seems she would master her propensity for disorder, Ozimius' nature and Aifos' contretemps has unhinged the half fey, half elf paladin.

Timeline of Events

 Decitina 24, 259 

 Undecitina 15, 259 

 Luanes, in conflict with herself and her companions, 

 enters the Temple of Armee in Walton. 

 Luanes sprouts wings during visit with Gresham.