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Dodecitina 13, 1000 PC

Our heroes, exhausted and battered from the birth of Celesta's baby and the slaying devils that had invaded the tower, begin discussing the process of warding The Floating Tower from the circling devils.

While Celesta performs her motherly duties and Aifos uses his staff of scribing to ward the tower temporarily so that everyone can get some rest, the rest try to determine what spell to cast on each rod. Oliveryn's task is the easiest as inspiring courage will likely satisfy the requirements of the Gold Rod of Angel. Sparta finally settles on alarm for the Ironwood Rod of Sara. Luanes decides protection from law is the most appropriate spell for the Mithral Rod of Mystal. and after a bit of a discussion between Nyza and Oli, it is determined that true strike is an appropriate spell for the Steelisin Rod of Tevandel.

When Celesta gets a moment while Isildul sleeps, she explains how the ritual will be performed. Brackets of matching materials in the corners of the roof will be the focus of the rod holders when they cast their spells. With help from Wintersky's spirit TalksMuch, it is determined that the Ironwood bracket is in the north corner and the Gold bracket is in the south corner. It is deduced by Celesta that the Mithral bracket is west corner, leaving the Steelisin bracket in the east corner.

Places and spells determined, our heroes get some sleep.

Our heroes rise with the sun, obscured by the devils flying around the tower. They quickly prepare to perform the ritual before the devils find the courage to assault the tower again. The group casts a flurry of spells as the take the stairs up through the tower to the roof. In the chamber at roof level the final spells are cast, creating pockets of fog and invisibility as well as a ferocious wind that encircles the tower and prevents the devils from approaching.

One by one, they step onto the roof, those involved in the ritual moving to their corners.  It become apparent that the wind that Dale conjured is too strong and she begins to reduce it until is a hindrance to the devils, but passable by the potentially vulnerable ritualists.

Celesta begins the ritual and Luanes, Sparta, Nyza and Oliveryn take their places to cast their spells and place the rods, but devils begin to break through the windy barrier. Devil after devil attack from various directions, but the heroes quickly dispatch them without causing interruption to the ritual.

Finally the devils retreat, unable to apply their numbers to prevent the ritual from completing. As Nyza casts her true strike spell on the Steelisin Rod and places it in the bracket, great arms wielding massive, glowing, silvered swords spin into exists. Through the whipping wind, the swords smite the devils mercilessly driving them away. When the last devil has fled into the distance out of site, the arms and swords retreat into the walls of the tower as Dale dismisses the swirling winds.

Aifos: I do not think we can get started with this immediately.

Aifos: I for one have no spells left today.

Celesta: Yes, much of our healing has gone into me and my child, as well.

Eregard: Yes, I am quite bruised up.

Nyza: Nyza is always ready, half-spells or not!

Nyza: But Nyza is burning a bit less brightly than usual at the moment...

Aifos: I would be fine with half spells, but not none.

Wintersky: I am tired as well.

Dale: I have my spells and a bit of healing, but we shouldn't go after the devils until we have all our strength ready.

Luanes: I can heal some, but then we will not have it if there is more battle.

Legeand: I am sure there is, but for now we need to get this tower protected, no?

Sparta: I think I figured out my spell.

Sparta: If Commune with Nature is too powerful, then Alarm might work.

Celesta smiles at Sparta, "That sounds perfect."

Celesta: As far as resting is concerned, I can raise wards that will be good for half a day, but would not want to do them everyday.

Nyza: So, a short stay then?

Sparta: The shorter the better.

Sparta looks anxiously towards the crystal ball.

Elenia wraps up the crystal ball as the image finally fades.

Celesta: I also need to find a nanny for Isildul.

Dale: I'm sure we can find one in Tangleton.

Dale: Many of the halfling families have children of their own. They would welcome your baby.

Celesta: That would be greatly appreciated.

Luanes: I believe I know what spell needs to be cast with the Mithral Rod.

Sparta: Are you having any luck, Nyza?

Nyza: Just a little worried that the rod is too...fragile for my magics.

Aifos: The Fey have many disruptive powers, what do you have in mind, Lady Ilrya?

Celesta: Steelisin? Too fragile? Remember, Nyza, you do not need to engulf the tower in flames, as much as you would like to.

Wintersky: I think you need to get to know your child.

Luanes: We are trying to attune the defenses against tyrannical devils, so I was thinking Protection from Law.

Celesta: Yes, Wintersky, I do. I have too many responsibilities suddenly.

Celesta walks over to Wintersky to see her baby.

Nyza: That is a good idea, Luanes. Do you think the spell should be tailored to the defense we need?

Wintersky: He is hungry.

Celesta: No doubt.

Wintersky hands the baby to Celesta.

Celesta takes the baby and glances at Eregard, "You were the last baby I held, Eregard."

Eregard smiles.

Eregard: That was a long time ago, aunt.

Wintersky: Sit, rest, you are just post partum.

Wintersky: Feed your son.

Nyza scratches at her head.

Nyza: Can she? Mask delievered very early for a human, yes?

Wintersky: The baby appears to be full term.

Celesta enters Isildul's study speaking over her shoulder, "You will need to make sure nothing breaks into the tower for a while."

Aifos: I think Wintersky's magic made the necessary changes for both mother and child to be able to do what is needed.

Wintersky: I hope so. Celesta needs her son as much as he needs her.

Oliveryn: And Celesta can undo them when little Isildul has grown some.

Celesta calls from the study, "Oliveryn, I am not that vain."

Wintersky: Undo them? They will take care of them self.

Dale: Yes, nature finds its way.

Luanes: With Imhiakaam gone, it appears the devils are being less aggressive. Let us hope it stays that way for a while.

Legeand yawns a bit not really getting much of the magic talk.

Wintersky: So what needs to happen to protect the tower?

Nyza: Sounds like a good time to go on the attack.

Eregard: Unfortunately, you are the only one with the energy right now, Nyza.

Dale: I wouldn't say that.

Nyza: Hmm...maybe in the morning then? If they are still not aggressive.

Aifos: Let us secure the doors and raise something about this window, then get some rest.

Aifos opens his satchel and produces an elaborately crafted staff.

Nyza: Nyza can wall up the window, but maybe there is some better material in the tower. The lich strikes me as that well prepared.

Aifos: This ought to help.

Aifos: I can scribe powerful enough wards with the powers of this staff to keep this portal safe for most of a day.

Nyza: Sounds good.

Legeand: Long enough to rest, at least.

Aifos nods and walks over to the window and begins scribing arcane symbols in the air, causing a magical barrier to form over the window.

Oliveryn: Legeand, there are chambers on the floor below. Go get some sleep on a nice bed.

Eregard: I think I will take that advice, myself.

Dale: Is anyone injured? If we are to rest a bit, I will heal you so you get a good night's rest.

Legeand: Chuckling and giving a nod, Legeand replies to Oliveryn, "I shall. Wake me when you need me again."

Legeand: I am still quite injured.

Eregard hobbles towards the spiral staircase.

Luanes: Let me help some with your wounds.

Wintersky: I can heal you.

Luanes turns to Wintersky, "You may do the honors, Wintersky."

Wintersky: Dale, you heal Leageand; I will heal Eregard.

Luanes: I will keep my healing in reserve, in case of trouble.

Eregard stops and waits for Wintersky's healing.

Wintersky sprinkles tobacco on Eregard as she chants, casting Heal.

Dale touches Legeand while chanting her incantation to summon Nature's power to restore Legeand's vigor.

Aifos: You both look much better, but go get some sleep anyway.

Legeand smirks a bit, "Feeling better is only half the battle, but yes I shall go rest."

Sparta: I'll keep watch. I don't think I could sleep a wink right now.

Eregard makes his way down the stairs.

Luanes: Heart still beating from the fall, Sparta?

Sparta: Yes and I'm worried about Grandpa.

Luanes: We will get him back, Sparta. Worry not.

Legeand also heads down after Eregard.

Nyza: Nyza find somewhere quiet for the night...a study maybe? Or the library.

Wintersky checks on mother and son to see how they are doing.

Nyza briefly thinks back to what Celesta said.

Nyza: No, on second thought, not the library.

Things settle down and are peaceful for the night despite the legion of devils hovering around the tower. Celesta seems to have found her footing as a mother whether she was ready or not. A cradle is produced from the storeroom and Celesta retreats to her chambers with baby Isildul.

Aifos uses his staff to secure all means of entry into the tower before retiring in a state of exhaustion.

Oliveryn approaches Nyza, "So, do you know what spell to cast yet, Nyza?"

Nyza: Me think it is better to cast a more indirectly harmful spell, like Dispel Magic or Energy Vulnerability.

Nyza: Maybe it would help stop an attacking devil's fire resistance? The rod is supposed to be mutable, Mask says.

Oliveryn: You do not think those spells might still be too powerful?

Nyza: Maybe...but it is The Mage's rod.

Nyza: Do you have something else in mind, Oli?

Oliveryn: But he had not yet become The Mage. In fact, he was a militia man when he was invited into The Arcaners.

Oliveryn: We wielded a sword, not spells.

Nyza: Really? That is not the start me would picture.

Nyza: True Strike, then? Any swordsman would find that useful.

Oliveryn: You cast that? I had forgotten.

Nyza: It does not come up very often, yes? But it is useful for when Nyza want to dropkick a raging barbarian.

Sparta: Perhaps something simple, like Magic Missle?

Celesta walks in on the convesation while Isildul sleeps.

Celesta: An answer to your riddle, Nyza?

Wintersky settles down with her beasts to think. She rests against SnowShadow breathing in the smell of horses.

Nyza: A pair of answers, really.

Celesta: So, I should explain quickly how this ritual will go.

Celesta: It is quite short as far as rituals go...only a minute, but there is a complication.

Sparta: Complication?

Luanes: We need to be outside?

Celesta nods to Luanes, "Yes, the roof, actually."

Sparta: Roof?

Nyza: For a minute? It will not feel so short.

Sparta: Not with all the devils about.

Celesta: Yes, Sparta, the roof. And you need to concentrate on these rods during that time.

Celesta: When I start the ritual, the rods will begin to hum. This indicates they are ready to accept the spell you are to cast.

Celesta: The spell needs to be in effect when the ritual ends. This will not be too much of problem for Sparta and Luanes with the spells they have chosen.

Celesta: Oliveryn's inspiration can be sung throughout and will be in effect almost certainly when the ritual completes.

Celesta: Nyza, the spells you seem to have settled on will be the challenge.

Celesta: They will both need to wait until the very end of the ritual.

Nyza: Fun.

Celesta: Each of you must find the corner of the tower that has a bracket with the same material as your rod. I must make a circuit of the tower during the ritual, so we will all be spread out.

Nyza: So we all go up at the same time. The participants in the ritual each find their corner, and everyone else fights off any devils.

Luanes: Do you know which brackets are in which corner, Celesta?

Celesta nods to Nyza and turns to Luanes, "I have only been up there a couple of times and was not aware of the brackets until Isildul mentioned them a few days ago.

Oliveryn looks at the Gold Rod for any symbols on it, but finds it is solid and unadorned.

Sparta: While we are casting our spells, then Legeand, Eregard, Dale, Miss 'Sky and Elenia will need to protect us from the devils?

Celesta: That is correct.

Luanes: That does not mean we will go up there unprepared.

Nyza: It is nice being able to pick the time of the battle, for a change.

Wintersky turns and whispers to her spirit TalksMuch, "Go and look at the corners for these brackets."

Wintersky: TalksMuch says the Ironwood backet is in the north corner and the Gold bracket is in the south corner, but cannot tell the difference between the Steelisin and Mithral.

Nyza: He can look at my armor, if it helps, and Leggy's too, actually.

Wintersky: These steelisin and mithral items look that same.

Nyza looks closely at her armor.

Nyza: Mine is brighter...

Oliveryn: Only when Legeand is not wearing his.

Celesta: I think I know which one is mithral. Mithral, Mystal, Mystos. The mithral bracket is west.

Nyza: Perfect! So we all know our places then.

Sparta: Then let's get our rest. The wards seem to be holding.

Oliveryn: Sounds good.

The heroes take some rest and rise with the sun the next morning.

The sun rises brightly the next morning, though somewhat obscured by the flight of devils circling The Floating Tower.

Legeand: So, how big is the roof? I want to know if I will be huffing it back and forth chasing these devils.

Dale: Celesta, will a little fog interfere with your ritual?

Celesta: No, fog might be a good thing.

Dale: I have a few spell's up my sleeve to help us.

Dale: First a little wisdom for everyone to get us started.

Dale casts Mass Owl's Wisdom on everybody.

Nyza: Would you like to Fly, Leggy? Less huffing that way.

Wintersky casts Mass Align Weapon (Good) on everyone's weapons.

Dale: Flying will be good, but stay close to the tower. There may be quite a wind blowing when we get out there.

Wintersky casts Mass Resist Fire.

Nyza: Before leaving the chamber, Nyza looks summon a Huge Earth Elemental, but it looks like she will have to wait until they get outside.

Aifos enters all scaled up as he was when the giants attacked Tangleton.

Dale: Do these devils have an energy attack?

Celesta: They are mainly spinagons and kytons, so no energy attacks. Just painful barbs and chains.

Wintersky casts Phantom Wolf.

Celesta: We might be able to get away with a few moments of peace by using Invisibilty Sphere. I can cast them so they cover each corner from inside through the windows.

Nyza: Nyza love it.

Wintersky feeds SnowShadow a Potion of Greater Magic Fang.

Dale: Who is participating in the ritual?

Celesta: Myself, Sparta, Oliveryn, Luanes and Nyza.

Dale: Nyza, you can fly, yes?

Nyza: Oh, yes.

Dale: And, Luanes, you have wings.

Dale: Though watch out for the winds outside.

Dale casts Spider Climb on Celesta and Oliveryn.

Luanes: Only flying if absolutely necessary.

Dale (to Celesta and Oliveryn: In case you fall off.

Oliveryn casts Greater Heroism on Eregard just before exiting onto the roof.

Dale casts Control Winds outside the tower.

Wintersky casts Righteous Might shared just before exiting the shelter.

Oliveryn casts Greater Heroism on Legeand as well.

Seeing the effects of the Invisibility Spheres, Luanes decides that a more powerful Mass Invisibility is in order.

Sparta casts Barkskin on himself and shares with Ringo, then sits back to watch the rest of the spellcasters.

The outside of the platform sits in an eerily quite calm as winds around it howl at a terrifying rate.

Wintersky: Can I fire a bow in this gale?

Dale: Is the wind too strong? I can tone it down if you need me too.

Sparta: What corner was I supposed to be in again?

Sparta looks at the Ironwood Rod.

Celesta: I think I can manage it for a the few seconds I need to enter it, but Luanes might get blown away with her wings as they are.

Luanes look wearily at the swirling winds, "This will be difficult."

Dale: I have a couple spider climbs left, that might help Luanes to hang on.

Luanes throws her cloak over her folded wings.

Elenia casts Bull's Strength on herself from the wand.

Celesta: Everyone remember where they are going?

Oliveryn: I am South.

Wintersky: Blessed Black is out and ready.

Luanes: Mystos...West for me.

Legeand: Draws his sword and readies for a fight.

Nyza: East I go.

Elenia casts Protection from Evil on herself.

Celesta: Let us go, then, while our magicks hold.

Dale casts Call Lightning Storm

Dale takes the shape of a large air elemental.

Dale floats out onto the roof.

Ferocious follows Dale.

Sparta and Ringo move past Dale towards their corner.

Nyza moves around the roof towards the East corner as quickly as possible.

Luanes moves outside and up to the swirling wind, but does not enter it yet.

Wintersky moves out and to the left growing large as she does so. Snowshadow follows.

Celesta moves out and sizes up the wind.

Celesta: We will all be blown away by this wind, Dale!

Legeand waits inside for the devils to start attacking.

Aifos moves outside and calls Aratalasus onto the roof above the door.

Elenia: I will watch Isidul, I can protect him since I cannot fight much anyway. Elenia stays under cover.

Eregard and Oliveryn move outside and Oliveryn begins singing.

Eregard: This wind is going to blow all of us off this roof if we enter it.

The wind is terrifyingly wicked and periodically a devil can be seen flying past, caught in its spin.

A devil appears briefly trying to climb onto the roof, but is quickly swept away in the wind.

Dale lowers the wind a notch from tornado to mere hurricane strength.

Dale: Sorry, I've never made a wind this strong before.

Celesta: Hopefully that is still strong enough to keep the devils at bay and possible for us to keep our feet.

Dale advances to the North corner.

Sparta moves close to his corner and tests the wind with his hand.

The wind is still wickedly strong, even causing Sparta to be thrown off balance by putting his hand into it.

Sparta: Dale, this is still too much wind.

Nyza calls to the others, her voice not carrying well in the wind, "Say when to start!"

Nyza: In the meantime, Nyza focuses on summoning an elemental being to serve as a bodyguard.

Luanes waits until the wind calms a bit more.

SnowShadow lurks on the roof waiting for something to attack.

Wintersky waits for some evil to show its nasty head.

Celesta begins slowly walking and chanting.

Another devil almost manages to climb onto the roof, but is blown away.

Dale: Are we ready for battle, should I dismiss the winds?

Aifos: Maybe tone it down another notch and then leave it.

Wintersky: I say leave the winds if the ritual can be performed with them.

Legeand walks a small round of the roof.

Wintersky: The fog hampers us as defenders as much as it hampers the devils.

Aratalasus leans down and allows Aifos to grab onto his neck as he mounts the drakkensteed.

Eregard moves into a position in which to defend Oliveryn.

Oliveryn moves up to be ready to move into the wind when the time comes.

Another devil attempts to get onto the roof, but is blown away again.

Dale lowers the wind another notch to windstorm.

Dale: Is that better?

Aifos: That is probably good. It will challenge the flying devils, but probably allow us to enter the wind.

Dale moves to Sparta's side.

Sparta grabs firmly hold of Ringo and carefully tries the wind again.

The wind whips around Sparta and Ringo causing them to stumble slightly to their right as the make their way to their corner.

A huge fire elemental materializes beside Nyza.

Nyza (Ignan): Good, you're here! Stay close and guard me from the devils.

Nyza: Hey, can Nyza start now?!

The huge elemental bows.

Aifos: You need to wait until the very end, with your short spell, Nyza.

Luanes steps into position and casts Protection from Law on the Mithral Rod.

Wintersky fires an arrow experimentally to see how the winds effect it.

The arrow enters the maelstrom and is immediately swept away.

Celesta continues the walk and chant.

Another devil attempts to climb onto the tower, but gets swept away at the last moment.

Dale: Oh, that was close.

Legeand waits for devils to appear, "Great all we need is some rain and we have a storm!"

Dale: Legeand, can you defend Luanes, she is all alone in her corner

Wintersky: I can make rain if you want it.

Aifos maneuvers Aratalasus to the peak of the roof to wait for the devils to breach the wind.

Eregard waits for devils.

Oliveryn enters his position in the corner and grabs onto the bracket.

A devil finally breaches the swirling wind and charges Nyza.

Legeand: I think we are fine without rain, I will see about sliding over to Luanes.

The devil's attack misses the small elemental.

Dale lowers the wind another notch to a severe wind.

Dale steps next to Sparta.

Sparta welcomes the respite from the wind, casts Alarm upon the Ironwood Rod and places it in the bracket.

Between the elemental and Nyza, the devil is quickly reduced to a puddle of steaming ichor.

Luanes places the Mithral Rod in the bracket and prepares to defend herself from any encroaching devils.

Wintersky moves to try and cover both Luanes and Oli, though the fog makes it difficult the see either.

Celesta walks and chants.

A devil easily bypasses the wind and attacks Celesta.

The devil strike the archmage, but does not manage to damage her.

Legeand, following Dale's advice, tries to move around to assist Luanes when she needs it.

Aifos turns and blasts the devil assailing Celesta with rays of sonic energy.

Eregard steps into the slackened wind and prepares for devils to appear.

Oliveryn places the Gold Rod into its bracket while continuing to sing.

A devil appears and attacks Sparta.

The devil's attack strikes, but does no damage the halfling.

Dale summons a lightning bolt from the windy skies on the devil suddenly in front of her.

The devil roars.

Dale: Ferocious, go save Celesta.

Ferocious pounces the devil attacking Celesta and in the process of rending it, knocks it off the roof.

Dale: Good kitty.

Sparta draws his sword and takes a swing at the devil standing over him.

Ringo stays put and protects Sparta's flank.

Dale: Do we need more wind?

Nyza: Heads up!

Nyza launches a fireball at Sparta's devil.

Sparta: Nice shooting, Nyza. I think that tightened the curls on my head.

The fireball engulfs the devil and it drops out of sight.

Nyza: Hey, Ms. Sky gave you protection. No complaining!

A devil attacks Wintersky.

The devils swing misses the elusive Teton.

Luanes stands ready to take on a devil.

The fog clouds disperse.

Wintersky: Attack any devil landing on the tower, Phantom Wolf.

Wintersky tries to put an arrow into the Devil.

SnowShadow pounces the devil.

The devil collapses under the assault of arrows and mauling of SnowShadow and the phantom wolf.

Celesta walks and chants.

A devil attacks Eregard.

The swashbuckler easily dodges the attack.

Legeand: Although seeing so many devils, Legeand figures it is best if he holds here instead of trying to get entangled in that mess.

Aifos fires two sonic blasts at the devil attacking Eregard.

Eregard makes a pin cushion out of the devil and it collapse over the side and disappears.

Oliveryn continues to sing, glad to not yet have to face a devil.

Celesta continues to walk and chant.

A devil attacks Luanes, but misses.

Dale summons a lightning bolt on the devil attacking Luanes.

Dale: There are too many of them getting through.

Dale amps up the wind a notch.

Dale: Ferocious, stay with Celesta and protect her.

Sparta keeps his sword ready to defend his station and stays put.

Nyza stays aware to blast any more devils that make it through the wind.

A devil attacks Sparta and misses.

Luanes hacks down the devil attacking her.

Wintersky sends the phantom wolf toward the sound of combat.

Celesta walks and chants.

Another devil attacks Eregard, but misses.

Legeand stands his ground in case devil finds its way through the wind again.

Aifos blasts the devil near Eregard.

Eregard skewers another devil.

Oliveryn continues to sing.

Another devil misses Eregard.

Dale summons another lightning bolt, this time on the devil attacking Sparta.

Sparta takes several swings at the devil in front of him.

Sparta fells the devil.

Nyza continues to hold her ground as the ritual continues.

A devil misses Luanes.

Luanes smites another devil, causing it to fall.

Wintersky fires arrows from Blessed Black at a devil.

The devil falls to Wintersky's arrows.

A calm settles as the swarm of devils begins to retreat due to the sight of their falling fellows and the increased pitch of the wind.

Sparta (muttering): Just wait until I can retrieve Grandpa.

Celesta continues the circuit of the roof and Aifos signals to Nyza when Celesta has returned to the door to cast True Strike.

As the Steelisin Rod is placed in its bracket, the tower seems to spin, sprouting four arms with massive swords. These swords smite the devils, who flee without looking back. When the devils are out of sight, the swords and arms absorb back into the tower.

Celesta: That is it. The devils will bother this tower now longer.

Dale dismisses the wind.

Legeand: An interesting defense...

Celesta: You may retrieve the rods. We will store them back in the vault until the next attunement is necessary.

Sparta: I wonder if we could craft such a defense for Tangleton to stop the dragons?

Celesta: It will take some study of this tower, but that is certainly a possibility, Sparta.

Celesta: There is a dragon attunement for this tower, which we may be able to replicate for a structure in your town.

Sparta: However, first things first.

The Floating Tower