Undecitina 1, 25-9

Post date: Jan 22, 2010 11:3:27 PM

With the excitement of the wyvern attack, Aifos and Zodyu's diplomacy, being overwhelmed Walton's gratitude and having Luanes returned to the living, I had justifiably procrastinated in my return to Magus Universitatus.  I had now run out of reasons for not returning and I am certain Mazimur had begun to wonder if we even survived.  The thought of being in constant contact with Isildul in his youth had become as paralyzing as if he had touched me in his millennium-old undead form.  As I began the dreadful walk back to the university, I saw Aifos in the parlor.  Realizing I had failed to thank him for his guidance and tireless efforts in the quest of which we are all a part, I delayed the inevitable to speak to him.

The conversation was eye-opening in many ways. His cautious demeanor and odd intuitionism suddenly became clear...er to me. His travels do not follow a linear path through time or, I suspect, space, so he may know nothing or a great deal of where he ends up.  He may even realize he will eventually affect change at some point that he has not yet experienced.

He complemented my insight and then he really astonished me after ruining the moment by mentioning Isildul.  He told me that Isildul remembers me from our "first" meeting. If I was frightened before, I would have to study Abyssal to find a word that described what I now felt. I felt as I was about to faint waiting for Aifos to say more, but he said nothing until I opened my eyes, which I had not even realized closing. He stood, smiling, and whispered in Ancient Almebezbik - "Following our hearts will be our salvation."

How many times had I read that phrase inscribed in the seal embossed on the inside of the back covers of the books in Isildul's library, how I had embossed the books I had bound with that ancient seal.  I always found it amusing and quite out of place and Imhiakaam cackled about it for days the one time I asked about it. My terror suddenly turned to jubilation.

"It was Isildul's first prophecy," the devil laughed. "Damnation is more accurate."


I ran to the university, tears streaming down my face.  I could barely see where I was going.  I stopped among the pillars at the top of the stairs to the Hall of Mages to pull myself together.  A quick cantrip erased the visible results of my emotions. I told myself I would have to be in total control; throwing myself at him would put him off.  I marched in and resumed my original demeanor with Isildul and began my final steps toward archmage.  I will warm up to him and take him under my wing. After all, he will need to become the greatest sorcerer of his Age.