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Dodecitina 2, 1000 PC

Our heroes, still recovering from the battle with the orcs and rigorously patrolling the area and improving the defenses of Tangleton find themselves in a discussion of more magical protections for the village while Legeand, Oliveryn and Eregard are out on patrols.  The warning by the orcish captains about the attack being instigated by giants suddenly is realized as boulder begin to sail into the hamlet.

Acting quickly, the heroes gather at the stone wall erected during the battle with the orcs and see half a dozen hill giants lead by one in dragonhide armor and wielding a dragonfang greatclub.

Sparta approaches and attempts to negotiate with the brutes, but when the others begin casting spells, the leader Knudbor launches a boulder at T'Krosh that initiates the inevitable hostilities.

Sparta is the first to charge up to Knudbor and is met with a devastating blow, while others also leap into action.  Wintersky charges forward and uses her lion's roar on the giants to effectively neutralize Knudbor's followers and Nyza's fire spells waste no time in eliminating half the hill giant minions, but sends the leader into a rage, which falls upon Sparta who is nearly killed.

Luanes and Sjach charge in by their own methods while Dale, having summoned a djinni launches lightning bolts from the whirlwind created by the elemental.

Sparta retreats, but only just to receive healing from Wintersky and Nyza encircles Knudbor in more fire and conjures a stone wall between the giant and the injured.  More attacks are made and a dragonrider swoops in to prevent one of the remaining giants from interfering.

Knudbor quickly destroys the wall, but it does delay his attacks, so many can maneuver to meet the giant is concentrated force.  The heroes begin to whittle down the armored foe.

The dragonrider convinces the remaining minions to flee due to his presence, leaving their leader to fall shortly to the spells and blows of our heroes.

The giant fallen, the mysterious dragonrider lands and is revealed to be Aifos, but an Aifos from an even earlier time.  He explains his mission to destroy a talisman, which seems nearly completed after a confusing exchange as the heroes realize this is a different Aifos and Aifos realizes he is a cycle further in the future than he thought.

A tense several days have gone by as the heroes and followers patrol the area around Tangleton.

Dale: In spare moments, in between patrols, Dale uses her spells to strengthen the fortifications around Tangleton.

Many hints of activity by large humanoids are spotted around the hamlet, but the threat has remained well hidden.

Nyza: Likewise, Nyza takes a few minutes each day to enlarge the wall and shore up any damage caused by the battle.

As patrols roam and fortifications are strengthened, spirits of the dead and the forest wander through the area.

Wintersky greets any spirits she sees.

Wintersky: Hello there. Are you lost?

Many of the spirits are of slain orcs that restlessly wander.

The spirits of the few villagers that died also wander about.

Dale: Miss 'Sky, when we have time we'll need to Hallow the caves to provide a safe place of retreat for the village.

Wintersky tries to sing the orcs to Gruumsh.

The spirits of the forest are the fairies that have become friendly with the villagers.

Sparta: I'm glad the Fey are beginning to accept our presence in the forest.

After considerable effort, Wintersky manages to send the scores of orcish spirits on to their deity.

Wintersky: Yes, I agree. I need five hundred sovereign worth of materials, herbs, incense and oil. Also a day and night to perform the ritual. I do not have the materials at this time; have not had a chance to replenish them.

Sjach watches quietly, taking stock of the situation.

Wintersky also speaks to any villagers who have passed on.

Dale: Maybe we can get the supplies the next time we visit Troll's Bridge.

Nyza: Wow, that is a lot of money.

Dale: If there's anything left of Troll's Bridge when we get there.

Wintersky: Shall I sing you to the spirit realm?

Villager Spirits: We are torn between passing on and returning, if possible.

Dale: It is, Nyza, but it will protect the caverns for a whole year from many foul beasts.

Villager Spirits: There is much to live for in this new town.

Nyza: What effect are you tying to that spell? Some of my kin may yet find a Hallow spell...uncomfortable.

Dale: Miss 'Sky but a Death Ward on Rebelton when we were fighting the lich.

Wintersky: Death Ward.

Dale: I hope that doesn't upset your kin.

Nyza: No, Nyza is sure it is okay. None of us are undead-lovers.

Sjach: Not by any means.

Sparta: Glad to hear that, Sjach.

Sjach grins at Sparta.

Wintersky: Hallow by its nature includes Magic Circle Against Evil.

Sjach: Undead upset nature's law, and that, I cannot abide.

Wintersky: It is a wide spell.

Sparta pats the dagger at his hip.

Sparta: Grandpa and I agree. He's been fighting undead for more than a thousand years now.

Luanes nods.

Wintersky: What do you think, Nyza, will Hallow upset your kin?

Dale: Maybe we could pick one of the larger halls in the caverns to Hallow? If your kin are discomfited, they can try to avoid that hall.

Sjach gives a look of respect, "A thousand years? That is the work of a hero."

Sparta: Or a curse.

Nyza: Hallow should be fine, if it is primarily an anti-undead spell. Just no rain, please.

Sjach nods, "To right obvious wrongs is always commendable, but only if one is willing to the task."

Wintersky: Anti-undead, anti-evil.

T'Krosh: Perhaps it would be fair to Unhallow a separate cavern.

Wintersky: Can you do it?

Dale: I think I can, but I've never tried.

T'Krosh: No. I do not consort with undead, either. The few kobold necromancers are an unsavory lot.

T'Krosh: But, protection from good has its uses.

Dale raises an eyebrow at T'krosh.

Sjach: Indeed.

Wintersky: The villagers who died are torn as to return or pass to the spirit realm.

Nyza: Go ahead with your spell whenever you are ready, Ms. Sky. We can work out the details about defensive caverns at our leisure.

Sparta: Grandpa and I gladly fight undead, but Papa's been trapped body and soul in this dagger and riven from his bride. I'll be glad when they can both find peace and eternal rest.

Luanes: Please, enlighten us. When is Protection from Good useful?

Wintersky: I need materials yet to perform the ritual.

Nyza looks pained by Wintersky's message from the spirits.

T'Krosh: They have earned better positions in their next lives. Let them move on.

Sjach: Sparta, it is a shame that your grandfather has been chosen for this fate, but at least it is with honor.

Dale: Is there anything we can do to help them?

Bektul rushes in, out of breath, "They come!"

Sjach grasps his sword.

Dale: Who's coming?

A rumbling bellow can be heard from the west near the crossroads.

Luanes draws her sword.

Sparta tries to identify the source of the noise.

Sparta suspects it is probably a giant.

Sparta: Sounds like giants to me.

Sjach listens.

Sparta: Good, I've been hoping to make their acquaintance.

Luanes casts Fell the Greatest Foe.

Nyza: Bektul, you had better get the villagers inside.

Bektul: On it.

T'Krosh: Right. We'll handle the giants. They must have come to finish off the town themselves when their pitiful army failed.

Villagers already begin to run into the cave.

Several heavy thuds can be heard near the mine entrance.

Shortly an explosive cracking of wood can be heard.

Dale: Oh, my trees!

Nyza: Aah, they're wrecking things! Come on, let's go!

Sparta runs to the mouth of the caverns.

Sparta sees that there are several large rocks lying about that were not there before and one apparently has hit the inn.

Sjach moves into action.

Wintersky runs to the mouth of the caves.

Sjach watches the villagers streaming by and tries to find the source of their terror.

Nyza speaks quickly as she moves with the group.

Luanes dashes to the source of the sound.

Nyza: Make sure we do not get separated. They might be trying to lure us out, after all.

Sparta tries to spot the source of the boulders.

A boulder sails passed and lands in the stream beyond the inn.

Sjach: Someone is throwing boulders. Sounds like a giant or two to me.

Sparta shouts, "Hallo there, who is tossing boulders about our village?

Wintersky: There is a machine that does that too.

Sjach looks at Wintersky briefly, "Machine?"

Dale: Why do big folk like to create machines for such purposes?

Sjach: Like warfare catapults?

Luanes: For destruction.

T'Krosh: Not just big folk.

Another unintelligible bellow precedes a massive boulder that just misses the inn.

Sparta: If we don't stop this, there won't be much of a village left.

Sjach: I need to see what is going on. I cannot just stand here.

Wintersky casts Tongues.

Wintersky whistles for her horse.

Sjach: "Vivex present!" he calls out quickly.

Luanes mounts Gaelitae.

Our heroes make their way toward the wall ducking and dodging boulders while they gather their mounts and animals.

Dale casts Greater Magic Fang on Ferocious.

Dale: Sorry, Ringo, you'll have to make due with what you have for now.

Beyond the wall, at the far end of the trampled battlefield of a week ago stand several hill giants, hurling rocks.

Nyza: Stop that at once!

Sjach charges forward on Vivex, "Cease your actions!"

Wintersky: The armored one in the middle wants you to try and stop him, Nyza.

Nyza: Oh, you bet I will!

A massive armored giant bellows something with a laugh.

Knudbor: Knudbor take all!

The armored giant begins walking forward motioning for the other giants to stay back.

Sparta: Welcome, Knudbor! I'd appreciate it if you knocked a little quieter the next time you come to visit.

Sjach chuckles briefly at Sparta's comment.

Knudbor bellows threateningly while lifting an astoundingly large boulder, "Come!"

Sparta: All visitors to Tangleton are welcome, as long as they come in peace.

Dale: Sparta, I don't think he looks very peaceful.

T'Krosh looks at Sparta incredulously.

Nyza: Um, what is Knudbor doing?

Sjach: If you are going to bowl with rocks, try not to use humans as the pins."

Dale readies a spell, in case Knudbor throws his boulder.

T'Krosh: I think he wants to arm-wrestle?

Sparta rides Ringo cautiously forward.

Knudbor: You cannot defeat me, little folk.

Sparta: I don't wish to fight.

Sparta: We live here to protect the forest and all who live within it

Knudbor smiles overconfidently as the halfling nears.

Sparta: You and your kin are as welcome to our protection as all others who share the forest with us.

Sparta: All we ask in turn is that you share our calling.

Nyza whispers something to T'Krosh.

Sjach nudges Vivex forward to stand by Sparta and Ringo.

T'Krosh looks at the giant by the river and then nods.

Nyza and T'Krosh begin casting defensive magics on themselves and each other.

Knudbor: Ah, help. Come along.

Sparta: These are my friends. They can be your friends too, if you wish.

Knudbor laughs.

Sjach: We are here to protect those who cannot defend themselves. Will you join us?

Sjach narrows his bronze eyes to slits as he spots the DRAGONHIDE armor.

Sjach: Where did you get that armor?

Wintersky casts Divine Agility and Stoneskin shared with SnowShadow.

Knudbor looks over at the kobolds with alarm and launches his boulder in that direction.

Dale casts Reverse Gravity on the giant as he throws the boulder.

Sjach charges angrily at Knudbor, sword in hand.

The rock slams into T'Krosh.

Sjach: STOP!

T'Krosh avoids the center mass of the boulder, but he still wheezes and coughs up some blood after picking himself up.

Sjach: Never harm my kin again dragonslayer!

A ring on Knudbor's hand glows as the Reverse Gravity takes effect. He steadies himself, but does not float into the air.

Knudbor: Who dun that?

Sparta: You're going to regret that big man.

Sjach: You got that right, Sparta!

Sparta charges with his great sword aflame.

The giant swings his massive club pummeling Sparta as he charges.

The hill giants cheer, but do not move.

Dale begins to summon a Djinni.

Ferocious circles to the right.

Wintersky gallops forward.

Wintersky casts Lion's Roar.

Vivex neighs loudly, ready for battle.

SnowShadow sprints to the tree on the left.

All the giants are stunned except Knudbor and the one closest to him.

Nyza: Hah! Ms. Sky will lead the charge against you warmongers!

Nyza seizes the advantage the dazed giants are giving. She creates raging, persisting infernos on each group of stunned minions.

The two giants to Nyza's left collapse in the flames as does the middle giant to her right.

Knudbor flies into a rage and rains massive blows down upon the halfling.

Sjach charges forward to use his breath weapon on the armored giant.

Lightning strikes the giant, who manages to dodge some of the damage.

Sjach: Do not harm that halfing, you Kosjmunthreknoachix.

T'Krosh glares at the lesser giant in the back ranks but Sparta is clearly more in need of attention. The witchdoctor runs to the front.

Luanes urges Gaelitae into the air and strikes the giant in flyby attack.

The unstunned giant roars and makes to charge into battle when a mounted dragon swoops in from behind it.

Sjach stares in amazement.

Nyza: Is that the General?!

Sparta: I'm happy to see he made it back to the future.

Sjach: "Future?" but does not take his eyes from the dragon.

The rider skewers the giant in a flyby attack of his own.

Sjach cheers loudly.

Sparta: If I make it out of this alive, I'll share the story over a few ales in Tangleton.

The giant takes a futile swing at the dragon after being caught by surprise.

Sparta withdraws to behind T'krosh, but still gets pummeled in the retreat.

Sjach looks quickly at Sparta with concern.

A djinni appears in an open area of the field.

Dale: Djinni, please create a whirlwind for me.

The djinni smiles and nods before beginning to spin.

Dale casts Call Lightning Storm.

Dale summons a lighting bolt from the Djinni's whirlwind onto Knudbor.

More lightning strikes the armored giant.

Sparta: T'krosh, I hope you were coming to heal me. That giant put the hurt on me.

T'Krosh: I was.

T'Krosh cranes his head up to see the giant.

T'Krosh: I think I might need to heal myself though.

Wintersky casts Mass Heal on T'Krosh, Ringo and Sparta.

Nyza: Such power!

SnowShadow climbs tree.

Sparta: Thanks, Miss 'Sky, that feels a lot better.

Another giant falls within Nyza's Lingering Flames.

Nyza chains another two spells. She first launches another lingering inferno and then she creates a wall of stone between the giant and her allies.

The raging giant roars.

The giant is tunnel vision on the halfling and moves up to the wall and strikes it with his club.

Sparta: Get outta the way T'krosh, the big guy is coming after me.

The wall explodes, sending debris flying toward T'Krosh, Sparta and Ringo.

Sjach charges full force at Knudbor shouting, "All glory to Aifos!"

The giant nearly knocks Sjach off his mount as he closes.

Sjach's blade bounces off the dragonhide armor.

Sjach glares at the giant; especially his armor.

T'Krosh bellows, "Sjach! These softskins are no match for DRAGONKIN!"

Sjach turns to look at T'Krosh, taking heart from his words.

T'Krosh leaps up to the mounted half-dragon and lays a healing spell on him.

Sjach looks surprised, but manages a "thank you."

Luanes has Gaelitae pull a wingover and makes another passing smite.

The dragon rider throws rays of fire back at the other giant as the dragon flies just over Gaelitae and Luanes.

The giant spits, turns and runs.

Sjach stares upward at the dragon.

The other giant also retreats.

Sparta steps up besides Sjach to face the giant again.

Dale: Be careful, Sparta!

Dale summons a second lightning bolt from the djinni's whirlwind onto Knudbor.

Sjach stands proudly beside Sparta.


Wintersky tries a greater dispelling on the giant trying to remove any magical effects.

The glow of the giant's weapon, amulet and cloak fade.

Wintersky: Wooo hoo!

Dale: Well, that might change things a bit.


Some of Nyza's infernos die down, leaving scorched ground and corpses in their wake.

Nyza vanishes with a low pop as she teleport high into the air where her she floats and hurls a fireball down at the giant.

The giant flails, hitting Sparta twice and Sjach once.

Sjach tries to shield Sparta from the worst of it.

Sparta: Don't worry, Sjach, he's going down now.

Sjach: I will get him for you, Sparta!

Sjach hacks at the giant to no effect.

T'Krosh invokes the Iron Stinger's aid to mend the wounds of his allies by casting Mass Cure Light Wounds.

Luanes again has Gaelitae wingover and swipes at the giant as they pass, but the giant ducks out of the way this time.

The dragonrider fires two more rays, which strike the giant.

Sparta unleashes the full might of his fury on the giant, striking hard.

Dale summons her third lightning bolt.

The giant staggers.

Ferocious hunts for an opening between Sparta & Sjach where she won't get burned.

Ferocious pounches, but the giant's armor is too much.

Wintersky fire a barrage of arrows from Blessed Black. The first one finds a crease in the armor, piercing the giant.

The giant crashes to the ground.

Sjach: Well done!

Sjach turns to look up at the dragon again as the dragon lands.

Sparta: Hail, Dragon Rider!

Luanes lands Gaelitae beside Vivex.

Sjach: Vivex tries to bite Gaelitae.

Nyza takes her time to fly back to the ground rather than teleport.

Dale: Thank you, lord djinni, your whirlwind was quite helpful. You may return to your home now.

Dragonrider: Hail and well met!

Gaelitae nickers, almost sounding like a laugh.

Sparta: Your arrival was quite timely. Are you with General Aifos' troupe?

Dale walks up behind Sparta and cuffs him upside the head.

Dale: Foolish boy, you almost got squashed out there.

Sjach watches quietly from astride Vivex, reining him in from biting other males.

The dragonrider is covered in heavy scales wearing golden tan leather traveler's clothes over them. A few items he carries look familiar; rapier, unicorn horn amulet and satchel.

Sjach turns at Dale's scolding, "He fought well. His grandfather would be proud!"

Wintersky rides StormClouds over.

Dale: As Dale cuffs Sparta again, she delivers the touch for Cure Critical Wounds.

Dragonrider: General Aifos? No. I am Aifos, but I am no general. How do you know my name?

Luanes turns Gaelitae towards the dragon rider.

Aifos dismounts.

Sjach immediately bows and make his horse bow respectfully.

Sparta looks closely at the Dragon Rider.

Nyza: Not a very common name, Aifos. Perhaps it runs in your family?

Sparta: You do not remember us then?

Sjach: You are a legend to the Dragon Samurai, sir.

Aifos looks confused.

Wintersky: Hello, I am Wintersky of the Tetons. Sparta, he has not met us yet?

Aifos looks sideways at the Teton.

Aifos: Met me yet?

Wintersky: We have met you in your future.

Sparta: Oh dear, this is going to be complicated.

Aifos: Oh.

Sjach: Now it's Sjach's turn to look confused.

Aifos: I guess I live for a while longer then.

Aifos smiles.

Sparta: Do you know what year this is?

Wintersky: You will remember and we will not.

T'Krosh: An even trade for once.

Wintersky: I think I like the vagaries of time travel.

Sjach: Time travel?

Aifos: Year 1000 of the First Age. Things have changed a lot in 957 years.

Wintersky: Guess again.

Aifos: Ran is still High King though...What?

Luanes: Wait...I am now confused.

Sparta: Aifos, you are nearly correct. Do you know which Cycle this is?

Aifos: The First Cycle of Man?

Sparta looks down for a moment.

Wintersky: Not quite.

Aifos: The Second?

Sparta: This is the Twelfth Cycle.

Sjach: I was sent here by my general who received orders from you, sir.

Wintersky: Sparta! You spoiled the surprise.

Aifos: {Ignan expletive}

Sparta: Sorry, Miss 'Sky

Sjach shakes his head and dismounts.

Sparta: I didn't want to keep him guessing

Nyza: (Ignan) You do not swear so much when we know you.

Luanes: I do not understand. Why does he not remember us?

Wintersky: He has not met us yet.

Wintersky: Why did you not let Manty taste him?

Aifos shakes his arms and scale begin to slough off.

Sparta: Taste?

Sjach watches him with keen bronze eyes.

Wintersky: The giant.

Luanes: ...But...was it not he who sent us backwards in the first place?

Sparta: Ah, the giant's neck was too far away.

Wintersky: Yes, but somehow, he is here in his youth.

Wintersky: You need to teach Ringo how to throw.

Aifos: I have traveled from the Hinterlands on a mission to destroy a dragonslaying talisman. I do travel alot.

Sparta: Aifos, we have a town down in the valley. Perhaps you could stay with us a short while, until we sort this out.

Scales continue to fall way from the dragonrider.

Wintersky pulls her attention back to Aifos.

Sparta: I'm afraid it's a bit rustic and these giants have caused a fair bit of damage.

T'Krosh: You are molting at an alarming rate, sir.

Wintersky: A talisman.

Sparta: Are you... Are you feeling alright, sir?

Aifos looks down at himself, "Yes, it is supposed to do that when I am done with it; dragonscale husk it is called."

Sjach nods to himself, finally putting it together.

Aifos: It is really uncomfortable.

Wintersky: It sounds like you have a few admirers.

Aifos turns to his drakkensteed, "You may take a break, Aratalasus."

The drakkensteed dematerializes in a cloud of scales.

Sjach bows respectfully to the dragon.

Aifos: Oh, yes, the talisman. That giant is supposed to possess it.

Sjach watches Aifos quietly, but his eyes are burning with questions.

Sparta: And it is your duty to retrieve the talisman?

Aifos: Well, it seems so. This seems to be close to the end, if he in fact has it.

Sparta sighs, "That's too bad."

Aifos cocks his head.

Sparta: We could use a weapon like that to defend ourselves.

Wintersky: Close to the end?

Aifos: Before I return to my time and place.

Sparta: And return you must, if you are to come again to find us.

Aifos: Mind if I have a look at this big fellow?

Sjach blinks.

Sparta: Be our guest.

T'Krosh: Let us all have a look, in fact. Time for the spoils of battle!

Nyza scans a Detect Magic on the giant and Aifos.

Sjach motions to Vivex to stand still and walks beside T'Krosh and Sparta.

Sparta looks to Sjach.

Aifos walks over to the giant, lifting and searching until he pulls out an ornate scepter carved in the shape of various entwined dragons.

Wintersky follows closely.

Aifos: Ah. That fits the description.

Sparta: That scepter slays dragons, you say?

Wintersky: May I see it?

Sjach flinches at Sparta's comment.

Luanes dismounts and comes closer.

Sjach's eyes and skin almost blaze with barely controlled emotion.

Aifos: It is called a Dragondoom Scepter. It inhibits dragons considerably.

Sjach mutters to himself in draconic.

Wintersky: I would like to see if there is a spirit within it.

Nyza points out several items as magical. She removes the giant's weapon, armor, amulet, ring, cloak and belt, and she places them all in a pile.

Aifos looks over at the bronze half-dragon, "Dragons are a heavily hated creature in my time and apparently your time as well."

Sjach's claws scrape at his palms as he watches the scepter with a frown.

Wintersky: Please...

As Nyza removes the items from the giant they resize to fit someone of her size.

Nyza: Nyza never meet a friendly dragon yet. Not one that was born a full dragon at least.

Aifos hands the Teton the sceptre.

Wintersky: Thank you.

Sparta: Perhaps not all dragons, but there are two in the vicinity that are causing us a bit of a bother.

Aifos: There are good dragons, but they are rare and always in danger of other dragons as well as dragon hunters.

Wintersky kneels to concentrate upon the scepter.

Nyza: Hmm, except Destibier perhaps. He does nothing blatantly evil to Nyza.

Aifos: Destibier? Sounds like a red dragon name.

Nyza: Yes, he is. And he is from the Hinterlands also, although I doubt even he is old enough to be from your time, ancient spirit or not.

Sparta: But he is not one of the two who terrorize these parts.

Wintersky bows her head over the scepter...turning it this way and that...searching deeply...hoping for answers.

Sparta: CedarCleaver and Drymorjoc are the names of our nemeses.

Sjach stands unaturally still, listening and watching intently.

Wintersky stands handing the scepter back to Aifos.

Aifos: CedarCleaver and and black?

Sparta: Yes, they are.

Aifos accepts the scepter's return.

Wintersky: Thank the spirits it is merely magical. There is no spirit trapped within.

Sparta: The green lives in the forest. The black in a swamp a short distance to the south.

Aifos: The scepter is a conduit for making spells more effective against dragons.

Sparta: There is a city between them and they both fancy possessing it.

Aifos: Dragon's possessing a city? They usually just destroy them and take the wealth to their hoards.

Aifos: Maybe they have become more sophisicated in...twenty-some centuries.

Wintersky: What will you do with this scepter.

Sparta: That may be the eventual end, but CedarCleaver thinks he can hold lordship over the city and take tribute.

Sparta: I think Drymorjoc is merely jealous of the green wyrm's growing influence.

Sparta: The black has only just reawakened from his slumbers in the swamp.

Aifos: Hmmm. Disenchanted it somehow, that would complete my mission.

Aifos: I would like to meet these dragons.

Sjach: Your mission, sir?

Sjach seems embarrassed to question Aifos or what he says.

Wintersky: What have you learned about disenchanting such items. I have a similar mission.

Aifos: My current destroy the Dragondoom Scepter.

Sparta: That may not be wise. They have both met you in our past and your future. The introductions did not go well.

Aifos: Angering a dragon enough to destroy it might work, but finding an arch-mage would probably suffice.

Aifos: That will complicate things.

Wintersky: Why not just ask a dragon to destroy it.

Aifos: They would just take it for their hoard until it is stolen by their slayers.

Wintersky: Most likely true.

Sparta: Arch-mage? Would Lyphnur Ghoti do the trick?

Aifos: That giant has more dragon slaying equipment, but I am not here for that, though I would appreciate that it only by used in defense and not hunting.

Nyza and T'Krosh scoff simultaneously at that suggestion.

Sjach: I could not agree more, sir."

Aifos: Lyphnur Ghoti is still around?

Wintersky: Yes.

Wintersky: You could just save it for me to get rid of in the future sometime.

Sparta: We met him about a week ago. His home is just the other side of our village.

Aifos raises an eyebrow.

Sjach: That would prevent him from carrying out his mission, Miss.

Wintersky: Perhaps. Perhaps not. Perhaps the agreement is all he needs.

Sjach: He is to destroy the scepter, not give it away.

Aifos: It may. Sometimes I do not know if I succeeded or not because I am drawn back unexpectedly.

Sparta coughs, "We noticed."

Wintersky: I did not say give it to me!

The last of Aifos' scales drop off, revealing a half-elf with slightly scaly skin.

Sjach reins in his temper and speaks formally as he steps back two steps.

Wintersky: Sparta, I must destroy the orbs. Perhaps his mission is to collect them for me.

Wintersky: Maybe he is here to learn that mission.

Sjach: I would not presume to question General Aifos, Miss."

Aifos: The orbs! You know about the orbs?

Sjach: But, do as you wish.

Wintersky: I question that busybody all the time. I am not certain he is all knowing.

Sparta: Yes, we found one, but you took it from us.

Aifos looks around at the others.

Nyza: And a good thing he did! Oli almost damn himself with it if me remember.

Wintersky: Yes, I know of the orbs and the spirits they contain. The spirits are enslaved and must be released.

Aifos: And you know how to do this?

Sparta: I don't disagree, Nyza. Oli would have destroyed us all with the Orb.

Wintersky: Not yet, but I will.

Aifos: That is good.

Sparta: I'm just saying, we need to find a way to defend ourselves from our less friendly neighbors.

Aifos turns to Sjach, "You have a great deal of respect for me that I have not yet earned. Let us not rail with each other, but work together as all your gifts will be needed, I am certain."

Sjach bows to Aifos.

Sjach: I do not quarrel with you, sir, nor would I dare.

Aifos smiles at Sjach and looks around, "So there is a village beyond that wall?"

Sparta: Aye, come let us dine together. All this talk has made me hungry.

Sjach: Yes, sir.

Wintersky: Not quarrel, discuss.

Aifos smiles, "Halflings."

Sparta smiles.

The heroes return to the village with the dragonblooded half-elf as patrols return for the day to find the dead giants lying about.

Sjach's features tighten as he remembers his poor lack of skills during the battle in front of Aifos.

Hill Giant