Ozimius' Landing

Post date: Mar 27, 2009 2:33:24 PM

Ozimius' thoughts as King David of The Seelie Court whisks him off to Troll's Bridge is finding members of the Sajenese Khan Family.  The King obliges.

As Ozimius is transported to the city his wings shrink and fade, but he realizes that he can produce them again if he needs them, though not again this day.

He suddenly finds himself in a darkened stall of a tavern on the edge of a subsiding bar brawl.  As his vision focuses, he sees two Sajenese thugs restraining a beaten Thieves' Thought member and then realizes he peering at them over another struggling local thief lying across the table and through a pair of alluring legs of another Sajenese. One foot at the end of these legs pins the rogue's neck to the table while the other supports a woman who stands on the table, her sword pointed at her captive's crotch.

Looking over her shoulder she commands the others, "Show that one the Sajenese meaning of retribution!"

The thugs grin evilly and drag their captive out of sight down a hall.

The Sajenese woman returns her attention to her captive, addressing him with her low seductive voice, "You really should have focused on your mission than gotten distracted with this."  With a quick flex of her leg, she snaps the prone rogue's neck, a strength that belies her slender figure.

The woman seems, suddenly, to realize Ozimius is sitting at the table on which she stands, redirects the point of her blade from the rogue's crotch to the point of Ozimius's nose and takes a closer look.

She grins, seeing utterly no reaction from the Sajenese newcomer, and says it the same seductive tone as she lowers the blade, "Like the show?"

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