Hexatina 19, 1000 PC

Post date: Apr 03, 2011 8:20:56 PM

There's much to talk about, and it feels like forever since I have written in this journal! First, let me cover what happened after we killed the Gaedracis (again).

While we were gathering the spoils of the battle yesterday, Mask had an idea to get us teleported to the Floating Tower so we could use one of Isildul's artifacts. I don't think any of us were eager to enter another lich's presence so soon, but we put our doubts behind us and went ahead with her plan. And am I glad we did! Isildul has this amazing treasure chest of... transmuting, I'll call it. You place something inside, and out comes whatever you want of equal value. We all used the chest liberally. I got myself a new shirt - a CHAIN shirt. That's right, you read that correctly; Nyza wears armor now! It's very light though, so it won't interfere with my magic at all. And it certainly stops blows better than those bracers I was using.

After we all finished with the chest, we went our separate ways. I teleported with T'Krosh to see the Boss at the Sha'Tek. It had been too long since I'd checked in with him. But this, uh, was not a good time for that. When we appeared outside the caves, we found none other than Cedarcleaver waiting. New armor or not, I don't think I've ever felt so naked as I did when teleporting right next to a hostile dragon. Luckily, he wasn't that hostile, and he was willing to indulge me in a brief conversation. Basically, enough to tell me that he was sending his clan to attack Tangleton. Can you really believe this dragon! Here I am, wanting to start a new town and perfectly willing to let everyone live in peace, and Cedarcleaver thinks he'll just snuff us out!

Anyway, the only reason this did not turn into an outright disaster was that I held some help from a... distant relative. You might remember me writing awhile ago, during a meeting with the summoned Azer, that I am descended from an enormous red dragon by the name of Destibier? Well, deceased or not, his spirit put in an appearance at Tangleton and scared off the greens. I spoke with him in fact; he confirmed that he was related (a "distant cousin" as he put it), and he gave me a mandate to defend the kobolds under Troll's Bridge and to gather the tribes under my banner. Basically, what I was already doing, yes? I am grateful that he is staying to defend Tangleton, but I do not like how he treats us. Like we are his possessions, perhaps. A father is responsible for his children, but he does not own them.

Shortly after the encounter, I began plotting with T'Krosh about how best to assert authority over the Tanglewood tribes. But before we got very far, there was yet another crisis! Wintersky scryed me to tell me there was trouble brewing between Oli and Imhiakaam. Sooo, we teleported once again, this time to pick up Sparta and his new companion, a halfling woman named Dale. I had to drag Sparta out of his clanhold mid-speech (sorry Sparta!), but we got to Troll's Bridge in time. With everyone gathered together, we stormed the Troll's Bridge castle to Oli's rescue. T'Krosh and I brought our weasel mounts this time since we were expecting battle. In hindsight, perhaps it was not a good idea? The dire weasels are ferocious in battle, but they are not of sound enough constitution to withstand magical blasts of cold from ICE DEVILS AND A SUCCUBUS WITCH! Because that's exactly what was inside that damned castle! And then there was the blood! Enough blood to fill a swimming pool - it was everywhere! Splattered on the doors, on the walls, even on the ceilings. I can't even imagine where all that blood came from, considering how few people actually died. Maybe the devils teleported it in from the Nine Hells with them?

As I said, there were devils inside, including Imhiakaam. We killed the ice devils (I hope we never come within 100 miles of one of those things again), and Mask drove off Imhiakaam, but only at the cost of the lives of our weasel mounts. I do hope that the reincarnation stories are true, because Biter was a loyal, brave companion. He deserves better if he lives again. T'Krosh gave a little prayer for Biter and for his own mount. That may be the first "priest" work I've seen him do? He took it very seriously, I noticed.

Hello. My name is Nyza vethIxen. You killed my weasel. Prepare to die.