Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Post date: Apr 02, 2009 8:59:34 PM

Wintersky has met Elenia Thrask, a maid at The Troll's Bridge Inn, and they have become friends.  Elenia shows up for work in the morning obviously suffering from injuries received sometime overnight.

Elenia tells the story of her father's reaction at discovering Wintersky is her friend, attacking her and her mother, Galifee.  Elenia escaped, but she fears for her mother's safety.

Wintersky uses the crystal ball to search for Galifee and discovers that she is being cared for in the hospice of the Orphanage of Visaria.  Wintersky and Elenia go to the hospice and find that Galifee will die if she does not receive regeneration of her damaged spine and brain.  Wintersky uses her resources from the hoard Princess Tangle to purchase a scroll that allows her to perform this miracle.

Timeline of Events

 Butyltina 25, 1000 PC 

 Butyltina 26, 1000 PC 

 Wintersky and Elenia Thrask meet at The Troll's 

 Bridge Inn. 

 Elenia is attacked by her father, who nearly kills 

 Galifee, Elenia's mother, in a rage.