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Dodecitina 7, 999 PC

Ozimius satisfy an urge to do a little breaking and entering, does so into the back room of Redemption Mercantile to steal a dagger the was shown.

Ozimius, after eliminating the guard dog, succeeds in acquiring the blade.  However, Nagav is waiting for him.  Gaultarkis returns and makes a deal with Ozimius to steel Luvian's Lute in exchange for the dagger.

Ozi creeps out of the Blazing Griffon around midnight.

He heads around the pond, sliding from tree to tree.

Ozimius comes upon the shop and hides in the shadows to watch for signs of movement.

There are several White Blades patrolling around the Blazing Griffon protecting Grezeliziea.

There is a door at ground level. Gaultarkis waddles out of it as Ozimius investigates.

Ozimius watches Gaultakris to see where he goes.

Gaultarkis shuffles away toward the town hall and beyond.

Ozimius looks to see if he spots Nagav.

Ozi does not see Nagav.

Ozimius makes his way cautiously to the door, keeping an eye on the elves.

Ozimius softly checks the door.

Ozimius tries the door.

The door is locked.

Ozimius tries the lock.

Ozimius get a couple of tumblers to move, but not quite enough to open the lock.

Ozimius continues to try to pick the lock.

Ozimius checks if all is clear.

Ozimius tries the lock again.

Ozimius checks for anyone nearby.

Ozimius stops and listens.

Ozimius tries the lock.

The lock finally opens.

Ozimius enters carefully.

Ozimius looks around for any sign of anyone in the shop and gently closes the door.

Ozimius lets his eyes adjust and looks for any light from the windows.

There is a dim line of light coming from under the door across the room.

Ozimius lights his bullseye lantern and opens the slit just a bit to let the smallest amount of light out.

Guard Dog: Grrrrrrr.

Ozimius listens to find the location of the dog.

Ozimius sees the dog tosses it some jerky from his rations.

The dog takes the jerky into the corner behind the stove.

Ozimius draws his dagger slowly, moving to slit the dog's throat.

The dog snaps at Ozi with surprising speed, but misses.

Ozimius changes to his sword.

Ozi thrust his sword into the dog, injuring it.

The dog attacks again, but misses.

Ozimius attacks again.

Ozimius' thrust misses.

The dog bites Ozimius in the leg.

Ozimius attacks again.

Ozi manages another blow.

Guard Dog: Yelp!

The dog collapses.

Ozimius listens for signs of anyone hearing the struggle.

Ozimius continues to look for the case.

Ozimius moves to the crate and checks for traps.

Ozimius realizes there is a trap and tries to disarm it.

Ozimius manages to avoid a spurt of acid.

Under the chair, Ozimius sees the case.

Ozimius carefully tries to open the case, very quietly.

Ozimius tries to pick the lock.

Ozimius hears breathing.

Ozimius looks for the source of the noise.

Ozimius taps Zecrom's Tattoo.

Ozimius slides the case to himself.

Ozimius whispers "I know your here, so you may as well reveal yourself," and grins.

Nagav: You are good.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Thank you.

Ozimius: And so are you.

Ozimius: I thought you would be here.

Nagav: I am using a lot more help than you.

Ozimius grins again.

Ozimius: So tell me, where do we stand at this junction?

Nagav: About five feet apart.

Nagav snickers.

Ozimius chuckles.

Ozimius: So, do you have a vested interest in the dagger in this case?

Ozimius: Because I do...

Nagav: Not really any more.

Nagav: I have found something better.

Ozimius: What might that be?

Ozimius: If you dont mind me asking that is...

Nagav: Something longer and magical.

Ozimius: Hmmm.

Ozimius: Interesting.

Ozimius: Then I take it the dagger was yours?

The air moves at Ozi's brow.

Nagav: A "gift."

Ozimius does not flinch.

Ozimius: The sword was a gift? Or you are giving me the dagger as a gift?

Ozimius grins.

Nagav: The dagger was and is perhaps a gift.

Ozimius: I take it you have an offer?

Ozimius: What would be required of me to graciously recieve your gift?

The door opens.

Gaultarkis: More like payment forward.

Ozimius raises an eyebrow at Gaultarkis.

Ozimius: Explain...

Gaultarkis: Well, you spend a lot of time very close to something.

Gaultarkis: Something someone wants very badly.

Ozimius: I am listening...

Gaultarkis: An instrument.

Nagav: The one your friend carries.

Ozimius: I know the one.

Ozimius: You require this for?

Gaultarkis: There is good Troll's Bridge coin in it for the one you retrieves it for Master Chicdell.

Nagav: You remember that place, no?

Ozimius: Of course I do.

Ozimius: So Chicdell is in Troll's Bridge....

Ozimius: I hear Chickdell is an assassin now....

Ozimius: What interest has he in an instrunment.

Nagav: You ARE good.

Gaultarkis: Shhhh.

Ozimius laughs.

Ozimius: No need to keep secrets.

Ozimius: I suspect, my friend, that Nagav may know a bit more then you about matters, my dear Gaultarkis.

Ozimius: And I suspect Nagav and I have a bit more in common, as well.

Gaultarkis: Nagav and I know about the same.

Gaultarkis: The instrument is very valuable.

Ozimius: So tell me, Nagav, were you in my shoes, would you trade the intrunmnet for the dagger or just take it?

Nagav: Just take it.

Nagav: Except for being out numbered by a master thief and fiend.

Nagav spreads his wings.

Gaultarkis: So, we will have a lot of secrets.

Nagav: Or none at all.

Ozimius: So, why is a fiend interested in Chickdell?

Nagav: I am just interested in the money. He can have the Queen's instrument.

Ozimius chuckles.

Gaultarkis: You really do talk too much, Nagav.

Ozimius: You are not really subservient to this one, are you?

Nagav: He could kill me with a look.

Ozimius: I am astonished. His looks are deceiving.

Ozimius looks at Gaultarkis with surprise.

Gaultarkis: That is what it is all about.

Ozimius: Power?

Ozimius: Power I understand, deception as well.

Ozimius: I just have not figured you out yet, Gaultarkis.

Ozimius: But, I will.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: So, we are at a crossroads...

Ozimius: You ask me to betray a friend...for a dagger I can buy from others...

Gaultarkis: So, all I ask is you use your formidable skills as a rogue to make sure the instrument gets to us before too long.

Ozimius: You will need to do better then that, then. Sweeten the offer a bit perhaps?

Nagav: If you knew the powers of that blade, you would be asking us how fast.

Ozimius: I am confused. We are not talking about a simple assassin's dagger, I take it.

Nagav: It is Baatoran green steel. You know, from the hells.

Ozimius looks surprised again.

Ozimius: Hmmm.

Ozimius: That is an interesting proposition.

Ozimius: So tell me, do I get the dagger first or after?

Gaultarkis: Think of it as a down payment.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Then there will be more I assume...

Ozimius: I do not want money, I can steal that myself. I want power.

Nagav: I will tell you how to activate all of its powers...after.

Ozimius ponders a moment.

Ozimius: I accept your offer.

Ozimius grins.

Gaultarkis: Splendid!

Ozimius: While we are negotiating, what else might you be willing to part with to "aid" me in stealing the object in question?

Gaultarkis: Now, let us get out of here, so Nagav can dispose of the dog.

Ozimius: Agreed, no need to stand here like common thieves...

Ozimius laughs at his own joke.

Gaultarkis and Nagav laugh.

Ozimius takes the dagger from the case.

Ozimius looks it over before leaving with Gaultarkis.

Ozimius: You will tell me something of its powers now, will you not?

The dagger is not black, as first thought, but a very dark green.

It is the sharpest dagger Ozi has ever seen.

Ozimius sticks the dagger in his belt and leaves with Gaultarkis.

Imhiakaam's Gift