The Road to Redemption

Post date: Apr 11, 2008 11:32:57 PM

Redemption.  That word has such meaning to it that its a great title to start my journal. I have started on a quest to find my lost father.  Its a quest that I will soon figure out who I am , who I want to be and what I should do with my life.  My father left me when I was just a child.  I never really got to know him much since he usually worked around my grandfather.  My mother tells me he was an entertainer, a court bard for my grandfather.  He was used to entertain noble guest in the manor house.  I do remember the last day I saw him.  He looked happy and excited.  He was telling my mom something and she just shook her head.  They had a fight that night but I could figure out why.  You have to remember I was just a child at the time.

Anyways I never saw him after that night. Mom said he left because he didn't want to have to deal with a child all the time. No one talks about him much and there wasn't that much of his belongings that we kept except his rosewood lute.  My mom told me to never touch it but I would sneak into the library at night after a snack and I would tune it.  I would strum the cords and pretend that I was my father, playing for a whole court of people.

Well those days are long and gone.  My mom told me the reason they wanted me to do this quest.  I have to find my father and give him back his lute.  The last single object still left of his.  Then I can come back and become the heir to Chicdell house.  My mom let me keep my fathers last name, Witson, but I don't know if I'll keep once I return.  I figured that my father would travel to Redemption because its the next local venue for him to perform.  Its just logical that he would do such a thing.  My mom always told me never to let my emotions control my actions.  To always think things out logically because all answers to life's questions and be answered logically.  So that why I picked Redemption to travel next to.  Plus I believe mother said something about him having a cousin in Redemption that he might have seen.

My mother gave a me a good education while I was learning all about the known world.  She is a wonderful teacher but sometimes her logic makes her seem cold.  I love life and I love to see the world but she makes it out to seem cold and distant.  Maybe its just the hard fact that she is loosing her son to a long trip, that me might not even find his father.  Its surprising to know that I think the counsel doesn't want me to succeed in this quest.  Because one, maybe my father left along time ago but he could still have died in inn four to eight years ago.  How can that help me?  If he is dead how can I return the lute.  I guess I could hunt down a cleric. Then see if he could contact my dad's dead spirit and then find someone to cast ghost touch on the lute so I can give him his lute back.  Do you think that would be cheating?  I wouldn't think so because technically I would be giving his lute back and he could except it.  Then maybe I could ask how he died or what not.  But then again he might still be alive but some place in a deep dark dungeons that I can't find him because he hiding to well. The second reason why the counsel doesn't want me to succeed is because I'm not pure born. I've heard them in the hallways talking about how I should be left behind if there is ever a fire in the manor.  What curel things to say.  I can tell that my mother does love me but when my father left I think he heart left with him.  She was never the same.  I'm the one that has to tell the jokes and get the laughter going, it used to be my mother.

Oh well, my mother is calling my.  The couch is here to take me to Redemption.  It truly is a fitting name to start a quest, Redemption.  Because it seems like I have to redeemed myself of all my fathers sins.