Houses of Troll's Bridge

The Council of Houses is the long standing government of Troll's Bridge, founded by the survivors of the cataclysm that destroyed The City-State of Walton late in the year 122 PC.


The original town council of Troll's Bridge was composed of adventurers and prominent survivors from Walton. The adventurers included the Walton hand-and-a-halfer, Aleric Gorkan; the great-great-grandson of Ran MCXI and wizard, Benzibin Random; the sorceress, Elán; and the cleric of Zodyu, Moritalus Lesh. Prominent survivors included Guild Master Alagard Roston and Master Smith Charlie Anvil. Also included among the council members was the elderly herbalist who aided in the care of the survivors named Ingrid Illman.

The surviving noble of Walton, Horatio Donamal, who founded Troll's Bridge, recognized these heroes for their service to the survivors by taking their counsel throughout the early years of the town's existence.

During the year 129 PC, Aleric Gorkan was replaced on the town council by the paladin, Elgin Tarcik, when the paladin challenged the cruel swordsman for his seat in the tradition of the mayors of Walton, combat to the death. For a tumultuous few months, Elgin was absent having actually fallen for grace as a paladin. The future Queen of the Elven Monarchy and Elgin's cousin by adoption, Senafar Illamaesa, assisted him in his redemption and return to Troll's Bridge. Aleric was subsequently raised from the dead by Moritalus Lesh, but honored Elgin's victory.


On Dodecitina 18, 129 PC, the seventh anniversary of the fall of Walton, Elgin Tarcik triumphantly returned to Troll's Bridge to take up his seat on the town council. Baron Horatio Donamal was holding his open forum for the town in Schloss Tanglewood Zuooririmystos.

Once Elgin was welcomed to his seat before the citizens, a turbulent session before the mayor began with the exposure of a troll again living below the bridge in the center of Troll's Bridge. This caused an unfavorable reaction amongst the gathered townsfolk, but the mayor masterfully discredited the account until an elven visitor approached. The elf revealed herself to be Senafar Illamaesa, who had become formidable during her journeys in the redemption of Elgin Tarcik and was responsible for the return of trolls under the bridge. She exposed Horatio's illegal seizure of her ship, Ironhaul, which he had once owned and used for piracy along The Almebezbik River.

The proof of the baron's malfeasance was incontrovertible and the town council immediately removed Horatio Donamal as mayor of Troll's Bridge and assumed control of the town.


Over the course of the next five weeks there was a maelstrom of political activity to insure the government of Troll's Bridge was in place and stable before the onset of winter. The empire granted noble titles to several of the original council members and the composition of the council changed on a daily basis. The concept of Houses was established and these Houses were announced at the festival celebrating the founding of Troll's Bridge on Methyltina 26, 130 PC. The Houses where announced as such and would not again change for over a century:



Ever since Angelo Chicdell began the rise of his clan in the 4th-century PC, there has been a goal to become the supreme rulers of Troll's Bridge. After first becoming rich and powerful merchants, then leading the Imperial Merchants' Guild and finally accepting nobility, House Chicdell immediately became a force in governing Troll's Bridge. Over the course of seven generations and the meticulous political skills of their latest patriarch, Hardun, Angelo's wish has come to pass. On Undecitina 24, 999 PC, Hardun masterfully maneuvered his way into becoming Troll's Bridge's first mayor since Horatio Donamal.


Having competed his coup over the other Houses and taking an iron grip on the operations of Troll's Bridge, Hardun Chicdell dissolved the Council of Houses. In fitting irony, he signed the order on Dodecitina 18, 999 PC, the 877th anniversary of the fall of Walton.


Even before Hardun maneuvered into the position of mayor, several houses began trying to oppose Hardun's plots. They have, to this point, been utterly ineffective. The opposition Houses (Artural, Beauregard, Illman, Morisle and Random) have found some measure of hope in the return of power to the Council of Houses. Through the grandson of Hardun Chicdell, OliverynChicdell-Witson, who has been operating out of Redemption using his inherited skills and the counsel of several other adventurers, a plot the overthrow of Hardun and return the Council of Houses to power has been put in motion.












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