Ethyltina 17, 1000 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 1:4:32 AM

We are all on the path back to Redemption now; me, Sparta, T'Krosh, and the warband. These last two days have been trying for me. So far, I have been treating the leadership of my followers as an organizational affair: I equipped the kobolds, I command Bektul and T'Krosh, and they command the rest. But that is just lacking! I know there is more to it than administration. My followers need to feel safe under my care. They need to know that I know what I am doing, and they need to be confident of success.

For example, Greenclaw, one of the miners (I'm still learning their names!), expressed some concern over the idea of living with halflings. I told him about the contrasting view of them I got in Rebelton: on one hand, they were entirely willing to waste an evening's work during the harvest season to throw a party; on the other hand, they fought bravely and fiercely to defend their homes from bandits. Greenclaw seemed satisfied with that answer for now, but did it make him feel safer about my plan? I sure hope so, but I cannot know another's mind.

During our marching today, I also told the warband about Aifos's enormous army. The kobolds back home have mixed feelings about humans; some speak of opening full trade with the race, while others want to be openly hostile against the softskins. I hoped that if I stressed the strength of the Almebezbekian Empire to the warband, then any hard-liners present would realize how strong the humans are. I said, "That is why diplomacy is so important. If Ran wanted, he could destroy both the Sha'Tek and the Obulus with hardly more than a thought." After all, it is not just bandits and monsters that I need to worry about when leading these kobolds. I also need to make certain I do not aggravate the military powers.