Dodecitina 3, 1000 PC

Post date: Jul 26, 2010 10:10:51 PM

Finally! The sending stone is ready. Having replaced its gold runes with steelisin, I believe I will now be able to transmit to Nyza's half. There is too much to say to make it a short message, so I will just go hoarse repeating the message every once in a while until I get their attention. I will scry occasionally to see if her half of the stone has been pulled out.

On the devil front, Imhiakaam seems to have gotten the message and has shifted focus to battling the demons.  Of course, having the Blood War rage in Troll's Bridge was not what I had in mind. Keeping the rule of unintended consequences in mind is a challenge sometimes.

Also, Ozimius visited today.  The Sajenese have returned in full force and their ruthlessness in securing their long-term goals is actually helping the common city-folk at the moment.  Ozi's power has become quite impressive indeed.  When moving in the open, the devils and demons part to let him pass and he ensnares vampire spawn and sends them to their just reward, forcing them into combat with any Thieves' Thought operative he runs across.