Mae'krix of vethiSha'Tek

Post date: Mar 20, 2009 12:44:46 AM

Nyza has been known as a fire-starter by her tribe since she was very young.  Her true power was recognized by the witchdoctor of vethiSha'Tek at which time she began being groomed for her position as mae'krix of the tribe.  This attention and jealousy expressed by other kobolds caused her to struggle with her future responsibilities and she ran away.

She found her way to Redemption and joined a group of "soft-skins" for whom she provides her sorcerous gift.  She also has demonstrated openness and gained acceptance by the human population of the already tolerant town.

With dreams of unifying the kobolds of Tanglewood, she has returned to her tribe and recruited followers to build a new city. This city, conceived of with Sparta, is to be shared by all inhabitants of Tanglewood.

Timeline of Events