First Day

Post date: Jun 25, 2010 4:21:56 PM

We just passed the first suns with a new group. When General Aifos commanded me to find 'a worthy group of heroes,' I had no idea just how motley this group would be! All the males here are human except T'Krosh the Kobold. He's such a tiny, dainty little thing, that Vivex almost squashed him like a bug! I hope we didn't offend them.There's also Nyza, a tiny flaming little Kobold female. I of course gave them both proper respect as near-dragon kin. I'd never seen their kind up close before, aside from the ones running from the cave. Apparently they've had a bad experience with dragons. I'm going to make it one of my personal missions to gain T'krosh's trust in myself and dragon-kind in general. Me and Vivex met 2 tiny halflings that seem mated, Sparta and Dale. Although he was a halfling, he greeted me forthright and respectfully, and held his own in battle. 

Me and Sparta were wondering what was in the cave and a bard, Oli-something came out and started asking about it too. Then this gorgeous blond wench whips out a sword! I'm thinking, shouldn't she be wearing an apron and cooking supper?! 

Out of nowhere, I'm jacked up with energy, so I think I got hit with lightning. I don't like that weird tingle up my spine, but lightning is a part of me, so I need to accept it. Of course Vivex reacted with his usual horse mentality--run! Talk about embarrassing! That cute wench was watching when he nearly ripped the reins out of my hands. She must've thought I was some kinda careless bonehead who doesn't know how to train his own horse! 

Next thing I know, some enormous beast throws a tusk in my gut and I'm flying through the air like I grew wings! Thank Aifos, I landed on my feet. There were women on the battle field, so no way was I gonna crawl on the ground in pain! That hurt too--my gut was leaking blood like a drooling hell hound. Vivex is only courage trained against other horses or humans in battle, so I had to get him away from that thing. I'd rather of lost my own life, than needlessly risk his.

I think that halfling female did some magic thingy or other, and Oli looked like he was gonna wet himself! 

Anyway, I got back to business and remembered there was a battle to be won. This guy, Legeand, just starts waling on the beast like a mad man! I saw that gleam in his eye and knew straight off, he's a loony beserker! Gotta watch out for their kind--their heads are screwed up so they have no real courage or fear--just all out crazy. They'd kill their own mother in a rage. Me and Vivex are gonna give him a lot of room...

So that monster, stomps me again and I'm gritting my teeth not to yell in pain. I mean, there are women right there! Thank Aifos, that T'Krosh healed me. Of course, not before insulting me. He actually asked if I associated with evil dragons! Talk about a lesson in anger control! 

Then Sparta, the little halfling with a warrior's heart, just stays by my side, fighting that beast with all his might. He had a well made and well-used weapon too. I gotta admit I was impressed with his courage in combat. I think we're gonna be pretty good friends. That beast stomped us like grapes a half dozen times, and Sparta, man, he just took it without a word of complaint. I think that's a good warrior in anyone's book! 

So Nyza, drops a tickle of magic and that monolithic monster, just drops like a stone! That's my dragon-kin! Then, even though the battle is over, that nutter just flips out and wants to attack the rest of the group. Never turn your back on that kind, and never ever trust them for a second!

After all of that crazy on bread, the cute blond wench is fluttering around on a Pegasus! I can tell ya, me and Vivex were thinking the same thing when we saw them,'I'd mount that!'