Pentatina 23, 1000 PC

Post date: Mar 25, 2010 8:42:16 AM

Poor Ringo. Sparta's dog got killed during the mission today to recover Ozi's slaves. He was ferocious as ever one second, and then wham, he got the life sucked out of him the next. Oh, and Miqulius and was killed by the necromancy spell too. Hmm, have I mentioned that man before? He is one of Ozi's friends I think. I guess that makes him my friend too... but I knew Ringo for longer! And besides, Miqulius was only dead for a few seconds thanks to Wintersky's abilities.

The rescue plan went off without a hitch, at least to begin with. Mask used group invisibility spell to take us all into the House Elan, and then we found most of Ozi's countrymen on the first floor. We didn't even have to fight anyone to do it! Makes you wonder why the slaves hadn't already walked out the front door. After we set the first batch free, Wintersky let us know that there were more waiting on the top floor of the tower. When we entered the apex, we found a single sorceress waiting for us in a room filled with portals. She managed to set off an alarm before getting cut down by our group's swords.

"Okay," I was thinking, "that's some cause for alarm. Who knows what can teleport through those doorways?" I was expecting a huge demon or some other monstrosity to pop out, but instead a pack of human mages came through led by Methylpenta, Elan's leader. I should have recognized how dangerous the situation was, but I'm so used to fighting non-spellcasters! Except for their leader, they only had low level magics - magic missiles and charms for the most part. But in their large numbers, such spells almost stopped our rescue attempt. Worse, Methylpenta possessed very potent spells, including the death effect that drained the life from Ringo. But not the slaves in the room! Nope, they were already felled by Wintersky's dispel on the bonds that held them 20 feet in the air. (To be fair, it would have been my spell that killed them were it not resisted.)

The only good thing about fighting the mages was that they did not wear huge armor or have thick hides like demons. My party members' swords hacked right through them, and the mages surrendered after Methylpenta got roasted by Mask. I figured that I'd make them pay for killing the dog though, so I burned down their tower to the ground! Mwahaha! After the dust settled, Ozi saw to his freed relatives, Ringo carried off his dead dog, and we returned to Oliveryn's manor. Sparta is talking about resurrecting his dog now, but I can't say I would do the same. There are many replacement dogs he could get, and they would not cost thousands of gold worth of diamonds to resurrect. I mean, if Yentis were to get himself killed, I wouldn't think for a second to spend th -

Ouch. Stupid weasel has a sharp bite.

I shrugged off the pitiful missiles in Athena-form!