Quest to be Great Shaman of the Tetons

Post date: Mar 20, 2009 12:27:9 AM

The Tetons have had the same great leader for as long as any Teton can remember.  This is Spiritus Magna Lumina. However, this leader has grown to realize she cannot remain, as she must become what she truly is, a dragon.  After over ten centuries, this wyrm must emerge to counter the prophesied awakening of a great wyrm and relinquish her role as chieftain and great shaman of The Tetons.

As Spiritus did over a millennium ago, she has now sent one shaman each to the follow the four winds.  The one that survives and returns will be made the new great shaman of the Tetons.  Only then will a new chieftain be chosen from among the clan leaders.

As Spiritus' choice to travel the path she tread, Wintersky has ventured north into Tanglewood to see where the winds take her.

Timeline of Events