Odd Dream

Post date: Feb 11, 2009 7:3:36 PM

I had a strange dream. I don't understand it. But it makes my skin crawl recalling it. Is it the past? The future? Or am I losing my mind...

Since the dream my mind has been clearer. THEY no longer speak to me incessantly. I will welcome the respite. Restful sleep, so long just a memory, might yet return. I can only hope.

It seems the ring has some history, or some destiny. I can only wonder what part I am to play. I think I must seek out the kin I thought I did not have. Perhaps they hold the key to my sanity. Or perhaps my damnation.

One thing is clear in my mind. I will carve my own future. If those of my clan will join me willingly, then I will embrace them. If they will not, then I shall let the darkness within me free, and let the blood flow freely. They will pay for abandoning Ozimius Khan.