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Dodecitina 13, 999 PC

After a harrowing day, the events of the night are even more spectacular.  By morning, it is evident that Nagav needs to be dealt with in a definitive manner.

Redemption again goes on alert as it initiates a manhunt for the fiend, who is spotted on the southern end of town near the Zelmbring Gate.  Merizae keeps Nagav out of the sky while Legeand, Oliveryn, Ozimius and Sparta chase him through Tanglewood.

Before long, our heroes approach a ridge that Nagav is not impeded by.  As well as the ridge, T'Krosh and his kobolds are waiting for them.  T'Krosh is driven off after an epic battle, but Nagav escapes to The Floating Tower.

The silver lining of the cloud, however, is that they now know where Zecrom's cave is.  Exploring it must await another day as our heroes are beaten and bloody.  They return to Redemption for a badly needed rest.

Ozimius arrives at the Blazing Griffon Inn.

Ozimius looks around for Oli.

Oliveryn sits at the bar table...nursing a drink.

Ozimius: Hey, Oliveryn, come quick!

Oliveryn: What is it?

Ozimius: Drop the drink; let's go!

Oliveryn slings his lute and equipment over his back and follows Ozi.

Tesela enters.

Tesela Argrave: Ozi, do you know what happened at the Mercantile?

Ozimius: Yea, we're on our way back there now. You coming?

Tesela Argrave: I saw Iyam and Legeand run from there.

Tesela Argrave: Where are they?

Ozimius: Nyza was stabbed. She is at the healers. Nagav escaped or was freed.

Tesela Argrave: I will join you there.

Ozimius nods.

Ozimius: Let's go Oli

Ozimius heads back to the healer with Oli in tow, filling him in on what happened on the way

Oliveryn continues to follow.

Ozi and Oli arrive back at the healer's.

Ozimius: Iyam, Legeand, how is Nyza?

Iyam Pathpounder: She is hurt really badly.

Legeand: Shrugs lightly, as he has not been watching carefully.

Ozimius: Can the healers help her?

Oliveryn leans against the wall, taking in the area.

Iyam Pathpounder: He says she will be alright, but needs to rest.

Ozimius: OK. What was she doing when she was attacked?

Iyam Pathpounder: I am not sure. She was in the big round room in the basement of the Mercantile.

Ozimius nods.

Ozimius: I am going to have a look.

Tesela and Brestis appear in the doorway.

Ozimius: Keep an eye out for Nagav. This looks like his handy work.

Legeand: Do not bother, we did a quick search and saw nothing. Whatever happened left.

Sparta: I will go too, though I doubt Nagav would leave tracks I could follow.

Ozimius: Then what was she doing down there, Legeand?

Brestis Borshae: Is everybody alright?

Legeand: All I know is we found her and a merchant. The merchant was stabbed in the back and unaware.

Brestis Borshae: There is a dead clerk in the Mercantile.

Ozimius glances at Brestis and nods. "Your a little late, Sheriff."

Oliveryn: If there are no tracks we can consider then whatever attacked her was good at covering its tracks or it flies.

Ozimius: I am going to check. You coming, Sparta?

Sparta: Right behind you.

Ozimius heads out the door and makes straight for the Mercantile.

Iyam Pathpounder: I will stay with Nyza.

Sparta follows at his heels.

Oliveryn stays with Nyza also.

Iyam Pathpounder: Legeand, go with them and show them where.

Sparta: Let me go in first, I do not want to sully the tracks any more than everyone else already has.

Legeand: Sighs and shakes his heads "Have fun."

Ozimius nods to Sparta.

Ozimius: Iyam said the big room downstairs. Let us check it out.

Legeand: Waves to Iyam and makes his way with Ozi and Sparta.

Ozimius checks the area by the door.

Ozi, Sparta and Legeand arrive at the Mercantile. There are several deputies at the door preventing entry.

Ozimius: Let us through. I need to check that room.

It is so scuffled up by the deputies, that there is no way of seeing what happen an hour ago.

Brestis Borshae: Let these three through to the basement.

The deputies move aside.

Ozimius pushes aside the deputies and goes to the room where Nyza was.

Inside there are more deputies around the counter where the dead clerk lies.

Sparta: What a mess. There is no way I could find a track that has not been trampled by those oafs outside.

Ozimius: Yea and these guys are not helping things.

Legeand: If there were any in the first place.

Ozimius ignores the deputies and heads downstairs.

Sparta: We will never know now.

Sparta follows.

Down the spiral staircase there is a long hallway. It does not appear that anybody has been down here since Iyam and Legeand left.

Sparta: Let me look around.

Ozimius: Let us see what we can find, Sparta.

Legeand: Follwing quietly, Legeand crosses his arms and watches the other two.

There are large bloody footprints from Iyam's boots leading back to an open door.

Ozimius: Sparta look.

Sparta: Aye, looks like a giant's boot. Probably Iyam.

Ozimius: Yea.

Ozimius: Let us check inside.

Sparta: After checking the floor carefully, he turns his attention to the walls and ceilings.

Ozimius follows Sparta's lead.

Looking in, you see a large circular chamber with a vaulted dome ceiling.

There are symbols and runes carved in the walls.

Legeand keeps his distance and remains at the door "I will let you two work."

The floor has a large circle carved in the center and triangles equally spaces around the edge of the room.

Ozimius: Legeand, please go get a deputy.

There is a pool of blood in the triangle nearest the door and Nyza's things are against the wall near this triangle.

Sparta continues searching for tracks.

Legeand nods and makes his way back upstairs to grab a deputy.

There is silver dust sprinkled throughout the chamber, vaguely in the shape of a star.

Sparta: Quite a bit of blood for someone so small.

Ozimius: Sparta, do not disturb the area.

Ozimius: I want a mage to see this. I have some suspicions.

Sparta: Aye, this room gives me the creeps.

Ozimius nods.

Some of the blood is almost black, but there are only small droplets of this other blood.

Ozimius walks over to the door and yells.

Ozimius: Legeand, have the deputy get a mage, quickly please!

Legeand: "Oi, one thing at a time!" yelled back, and grabing a guard he tells another to grab a mage

Brestis arrives shortly with an elven wizard.

Ozimius looks at the wizard.

Ozimius: Can you tell me what these symbols are for?

Elven Wizard: This is the summoning chamber.

Ozimius nods.

Ozimius: So, what does it do? Open a door to other places?

Sparta stops searching and listens to the wizard.

Elven Wizard: It is inscribed to benefit the summoner and protect him.

Elven Wizard: One of the enchantments appears to have been dispelled, however.

Sparta: Dispelled? How? Which one?!

The wizard walks around the edge of the room inspecting the runes on the wall.

Ozimius: What do you mean by summoning? As in opening a door to another place?

Elven Wizard: The Ethereal Plane ward has been removed.

Elven Wizard: That is a good analogy for summoning, yes.

Legeand: A door and a summon are two different things.

Ozimius: So can someone cross from plane to plane in here?

Legeand: A door is open to all a summon only brings one yea?

Elven Wizard: Generally, we do calling spells here, which is very much like opening a door between planes. A gate actually.

Sparta: Nyza would not have summoned Nagav to combat him alone, would she?

Ozimius: Not intentionally.

Ozimius looks at the mage.

Ozimius: So? Can a creature travel from plane to plane in here?

Elven Wizard: There are strange vibes in here. I am trying to place them.

Legeand: or can you summon someone from the same plane?

Elven Wizard: I believe your friend summoned something from the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Sparta: Nyza does like fire.

Ozimius nods.

Elven Wizard: She was successful, but might have been careless releasing it.

Ozimius: If a devil was on the plane, could it cross over too?

Sparta: But she mentioned a fiend.

Elven Wizard: Then, an outer planes creature entered through the Ethereal Plane instead of the Astral Plane.

Ozimius: Hmm.

Sparta: What did she say? "hell spawn?"

Ozimius: Yes.

Elven Wizard: Yes, that is what it smells like. Do you smell the brimstone?

Ozimius: And Nagav is Hellspawned.

Ozimius sniffs.

Sparta: The brimstone? It is not from the elemental?

Legeand: Do not jump to conclusions that it is always the simplest explanation.

Ozimius looks at Legeand.

Elven Wizard: Elementals are pure and do not leave odors behind.

Ozimius: How else do you explain it? Nagav must have come thru when Nyza summoned the elemental.

Legeand: Just being a voice of reason.

Elven Wizard: It was after the elemental left.

Ozimius: Someone let that ward down and he got loose.

Sparta: And hurt our friend.

Ozimius: Yes.

Ozimius: Another reason to make him pay.

Elven Wizard: Do you have anything associated with this Nagav?

Ozimius: Yes.

Ozimius hands the wizard the dagger.

The wizards takes the dagger.

Elven Wizard: Imhiakaam's Gift I see.

Ozimius: Yea.

Ozimius: A "gift" from Nagav.

Ozimius explains how he got the dagger.

The wizard moves to the center of the chamber and sets the dagger on the floor.

The wizard moves back and casts a spell and a brilliant dome of force forms over the circle.

Sparta moves to the door to see if he can smell the brimstone in the hallway.

The smell of brimstone is in the hallway.

Ozimius watches the wizard.

The wizard casts another spell and a humanoid form with wings appears. It is immediately obvious that it is Nagav.

Elven Wizard: This is Nagav?

Ozimius: Yes.

Elven Wizard: He is your friend's attacker.

Sparta puts his back to the wall and reaches for his sword.

Ozimius nods.

Legeand: Real or a fake?

Ozimius: As I suspected.

Ozimius: Can you track him?

Sparta: His scent leads out into the hall.

The wizard dismisses the spells and the images disappear.

Ozimius: Follow it if you can, Sparta.

Sparta relaxes.

Ozimius takes the dagger and puts it back in its sheath.

Brestis Borshae: I will put out an immediate order of arrest on Nagav.

Ozimius laughs.

Legeand: So the question is, what have you two done while me and Iyam were away hmm?

Ozimius: Do not bother. You will hear his screams when I find him. And do not interfere.

Brestis Borshae: Consider yourselves deputized.

Ozimius shrugs.

Brestis Borshae: If he is still in Redemption, he will be found.

Brestis leaves shouting orders as he goes.

Legeand: So off on a fiend hunt we go?

Sparta: Only if that means we can kill the fiend.

Oliveryn waits for his party members to come back.

Elven Wizard: That does.

Oliveryn goes over and checks on Nyza.

Sparta gathers up Nyza's belongings, "Let us take these back to the healer."

Legeand: Starts heading back upstairs "Aye, might as well gather us all."

Everyone gathers back at the healer's. The town is in an uproar and horns and bells are sounding from all corners.

Ozimius: What is going on?

Sparta: Zoiks, what a racket.

Iyam Pathpounder: That sounds like Redemption's alarms. What is going on?

Legeand: Well if they want a parade instead of a hunt, they should have said so.

Sparta: I guess he will know we are coming.

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn: What is going on guys? What did you find?

Merizae enters the healer's.

Sparta: Nagav attacked Nyza.

Ozimius: It was Nagav Oli. Nyza let him in accidentally.

Sparta: Do not know how, but he escaped from the blade while we were in the temple.

Oliveryn eyes Nyza and then back to the group.

Merizae Illamaesa: Hello, stalwart adventurers.

Oliveryn: We are going after him!

Legeand: Nods slightly to the woman "Hail."

Merizae Illamaesa: Nagav as been spotted by your father's house, Oliveryn.

Oliveryn: Well, let us go, guys!

Ozimius: Yea!

Sparta: We will have to hurry.

Ozimius follows Oli.

Merizae Illamaesa: Hold on a moment, please.

Oliveryn: Yes?

Sparta: He is not going to like all this attention.

Ozimius: That is not all he will not like.

Ozimius: What do you need Merizae?

Merizae Illamaesa: Nagav flies, but he does not know that I do. I will keep him on the ground if possible.

Ozimius nods.

Ozimius: Thank you.

Merizae steps out into the open park, transforms into a large eagle and takes flight.

Ozimius: Take us there, Oli.

Sparta: Beautiful.

Oliveryn: Let us go. I know the way to my father's place.

Oliveryn heads out towards his father house.

Oliveryn leads the group towards his father's house.

Ozimius draws his blade.

Sparta: Remember your oil.

Ozimius nods.

Oliveryn nods.

As you approach, you see two figures standing just across the street from Luvian's house.

Sparta draws his great sword in one hand and holds the oil in the other.

Legeand: readys his bow, dumping his oil into his quiver's arrows.

Ozimius spreads Drow poison on the dagger.

Oliveryn squints his eyes at one of the men.

Ozimius: Who are they?

Oliveryn: I know one of them from Troll's Bridge, but I cannot place his name, but he is with Hardun.

Sparta: Who is Hardun?

One of the men is Nagav.

Sparta pulls the cork on the oil with his teeth and pours the oil down the blade of his sword.

Oliveryn: Hardun is my grandfather.

Legeand: Fire at will or sneak up?

Ozimius puts the oil on his sword.

The men split and take off at a run.

Ozimius runs after Nagav.

Ozimius: Nagav!

Oliveryn: This man works for my grandfather.

Sparta chases after Nagav.

Legeand follows Sparta.

Ozimius: Nagav! Face me!

Oliveryn follows Hardun's man.

Hardun's man seems to vanish into thin air.

Nagav launches himself into the air and flies over the wall near the Zelmbring Gate.

There is a low screech from Merizae as she dives in Nagav's direction.

Ozimius follows Nagav on the ground, waiting for him to land.

Oliveryn follows Ozi.

Sparta runs through the gate.

Legeand: Follows as well, keeping a bit behind.

Ozimius: Do not kill him. I want him alive. Feel free to hurt him as badly as you like.

The group chases Nagav through the woods as Merizae continues to keep him on the ground and you informed where he is.

You approach a ridge where Nagav has landed in a tree.

T'Krosh: Where is you little charge, my friends.

Sparta: But, look what is below the tree.

Nagav: I think your case is over.

Legeand: Is not this cute, live fire targets!

Sparta: I killed more lizards than this with my sling, when I was but a tween.

T'Krosh: Let us make vethIxen suffer by killing her friends. GET THEM!

Ozimius looks at the others.

Ozimius: Kill this trash. I want Nagav.

Sparta: This will not take long, friend.

Sparta: Bard, I could use some fighting music!

Oliveryn tunes his lute very quickly.

Oliveryn: You got it!

A dire weasel runs forward.

Oliveryn plays a battle hymn of major quality.

An armored kobold on the ridge moves to above T'Krosh and fires an arrow at Ozimius.

Ozimius is struck by the arrow.

Nagav glides down to the ground at the top of the ridge and disappears.

Sparta charges the closest weasel.

Another dire weasel runs forward.

A kobold moves to flank the group.

Ozimius moves for the shadows.

T'Krosh casts a spell and disappears.

Sparta: They are running away already!

A kobold moves up and fires its sling at Sparta, hitting him.

Sparta looks at that lizard, "Your master has left you to die alone."

Another kobold fires its sling at Sparta, but misses.

Another hits Sparta with a sling stone.

Sparta: The mosquitos are thick today

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: remember the inspired too ( atk & dmg)

Legeand kills a kobold with a single shot with from his bow.

Oliveryn continues to sing.

The dire weasel attacks Sparta, but misses.

The armored kobold's arrow finds Legeand this time.

Sparta swings at the weasel.

Sparta: Wish I had not left Ringo behind.

The other dire weasel bites Legeand.

Kobold slings a stone at Sparta and misses.

Ozimius pulls out his bow.

Kobold advances and misses Sparta with a sling stone.

As does the next one.

And the next one misses Sparta as well.

The weasel attacks as Legeand moves away and bites down hard on his leg.

Legeand is held fast in the weasel's jaws.

Oliveryn fire an arrow at the weasel attached to Legeand.

Oliveryn's shot is accurate and the weasel drops off Legeand, dead.

The other weasel misses Sparta.

Then, the armored kobold hits Legeand again with an arrow.

Legeand: RARG! I will shove your arrows so far up your arse you will never find them again!

Sparta swings at the weasel and wounds it severely.

Sparta: Should have stretched, I am just starting to warm up.

A kobold's sling stone hits Sparta.

Ozimius fires an arrow at the weasle and nearly hits Sparta.

Sparta: Damn those mosquitos.

Sparta: Watch where you are aiming there, buddy.

T'Krosh appears and a bolt of fire narrowly misses Ozimius. He quickly retreats.

A kobold tries to spear Sparta unsuccessfully.

Another kobold spear misses Sparta.

Sparta: By Zenda, I need to learn to cleave.

Legeand moves back and drinks a potion of cure light wounds.

Oliveryn keeps singing and shoots at a kobold.

The kobold ducks.

The weasel misses Sparta again.

The armored kobold lowers a rope down the ridge.

Sparta continues swinging at the weasel.

The weasel avoids Sparta's blow.

Ozimius fires his at T'Krosh's back and hits.

T'Krosh: T'Krosh is hit!

Sparta: Do not worry about it. You will be dead soon enough.

T'Krosh runs and grabs the rope.

A kobold skewers Sparta.

Sparta: Ow! That one stings.

Sparta: Hey, Oli! I could use a little help up here. Do you have that wand handy?

A kobold spears Oliveryn.

The other kobold on Sparta also stabs its spear into the halfling..

Legeand drops his bow, moves toward Oliveryn while drawing his sword and strike the kobold attacking Oliveryn.

Oliveryn drops his bow, draws his rapier and skewers the kobold. The kobold falls.

Sparta: Kill yours. I can hold out a little longer.

Sparta: Oh, the lizards be dropping like flies now.

The weasel just cannot manaage to hit Sparta.

The armored kobold pulls T'Krosh up onto the ridge.

Sparta swings at the weasel again.

Sparta slays the dire weasel.

Sparta: Better watch out now, you stinking lizards

Another kobold hits Oliveryn.

Ozimius fires his bow at T'Krosh again and hits.

T'Krosh limps out of sight over the ridge.

A kobold misses Sparta this time.

Sparta: Aaaggh!

Sparta: Oli, help!

Sparta is run-through and falls.

Legeand flies into a rage and charges the kobold that brought Sparta down. A single devastating swing slices the kobold in two.

Legeand: Burn in the lowest pits of Hell, Lizard!

Oliveryn thrusts his rapier at a kobold to no effect.

An arrow flies over Legeand's head from the armored kobold.

Legeand: When I get to you, you will suffer an agony worse then death!

Sparta bleeds.

Oliveryn is hit by a kobold and is disabled.

Ozimius fires his bow at the kobold standing over Sparta, but misses.

The kobold near the raging barbarian runs for its life.

Legeand charges the kobold attacking Oliveryn, but his swing is avoided by the kobold.

Legeand: nonleathal. or was that damage only?

Sparta: heal yourself?

Oliveryn's desparate thrust misses the kobold and he collapses.

An arrow from the armored kobold hits Ozimius in the back.

The kobold misses Legeand.

Ozimius charges to Sparta.

Ozimius holds Sparta's mouth open and pours in a potion.

Sparta: Cough, cough.

Sparta: Oooh, that hurt.

Legeand: You feel that, Lizard, you feel what steel feels like in your brain!?

Legeand slices another kobold in two.

Oliveryn bleeds.

Another of the armored kobold's arrows tags Ozimius.

Sparta wobbles towards Oliveryn.

Ozimius charges to Oliveryn.

Ozimius pours a potion down his throat.

Legeand sprints across the battle field.

Oliveryn crawls back to his feet.

Oliveryn sheathes his blade and retrives his bow.

Legeand: Run, run as fast as you can, you can't out run me... I'm the Barbarian man, Ahahahaha!

Oliveryn takes out the wand.

Armored Kobold: Are you going to fly barbarian? Heh heh.

The armored kobold takes aim at the barbarian from the top of the ridge.

The arrow bites deep into Legeand's chest.

Sparta stumbles over to Oliveryn.

Sparta: Heal Ozi first, Legeand is going to need his help.

Ozimius waits for Oliveryn to touch him with the wand.

Legeand begins climbing the ridge.

Oliveryn touches the wand while invoking the command word and heals some of Ozimius' wounds.

Ozimius nods in thanks to Oliveryn and then runs after Legeand.

Legeand takes another arrow from the bow of the armored kobold.

Sparta waits to be healed by the wand.

Legeand falls from the ridge.

Oliveryn turns the wand on himself and heals most of the damage done him.

Ozimius moves up to the ridge and fires an arrow at the armored kobold.

The arrow deflects off the kobold's armor.

Another arrow from the armored kobold slams into Legeand.

Sparta continues to wait for healing.

Sparta: Oli, how bout a bit of that wand, then we try to help Legeand.

Legeand gets up and starts up the ridge again.

Sparta: Oli, wait for me?

Oliveryn: Oh, sorry.

Oliveryn: Be healed my good friend.

Sparta: That feels better.

Sparta: Let us walk together, Oli.

Oliveryn: Sounds good.

Ozimius throws alchemist's fire at the kobold making a direct hit. The kobold bursts into flames.

The armored kobold drops and rolls to put out the flames.

Legeand: Do I smell chicken, because I am coming up hungry!

Legeand continues climbing up the ridge.

Sparta runs and draws his bow.

Oliveryn moves forward and begins a new inspirational song.

Ozimius begins climbing up the ridge.

Armored Kobold: I get you.

Legeand takes another arrow from the armored kobold.

Legeand: Ha ha ha ha. You keep plucking, And I will rip your throat out!

Both of Sparta's shots miss the armored kobold.

Legeand grabs the armored kobold's leg.

Legeand pulls the kobold off the ridge and it tumbles to the ground below.

Oliveryn moves up to the fallen kobold and fires his bow at it.

Legeand: You feel that? That is only a taste of what suffering awaits you, Dragon Bait!

The arrow bounces off its armor.

Ozimius continues to climb.

Ozimius makes no progress and almost falls.

Sparta: Where you going, Ozi? The lizard is down here!

Ozimius: Nagav is up here.

The armored kobold stands up and attacks Oliveryn with a spear.

The armored kobold misses.

Sparta: Crap! Oli, you are fouling my shot.

Sparta runs to close with the kobold.

Legeand tosses one of his daggers at the kobold from is place on the ridge.

Oliveryn: I try, Sparta.

Oliveryn smiles.

Sparta: and draw my sword.

The daggers strikes armored kobold and it falls unconscious.

Legeand: One hit, One hit! You Meakling of a lizard, you inkling of a dragon. Foul Beast!

Oliveryn: Do we need answers from this guy or should we kill him?

Ozimius: Find out if he is working with Nagav.

Legeand sitting down, falls over." In a minute or two maybe."

Sparta: Oli, Legeand does not look so good.

Sparta: Can you climb that cliff?

Oliveryn: Come hear big lug and I will heal you.

Ozimius lowers a rope.

Ozimius: Come on up. Then we will drag the kobold up.

Oliveryn takes hold of rope.

Ozimius braces himself.

You all manage to get up the ridge with the rope.

Ozimius: Let us pull up the kobold.

Sparta: Is this a good idea? I am still hurting pretty badly.

Oliveryn: I tied up the kobold.

Legeand: Ug. one still left, plus the fiend.

Ozimius: How about some healing all around, Oli.

Legeand: Bug!

Sparta: I do not like the look of that.

Oliveryn: Ok.

Oliveryn: Who needs it?

A monstrous beetle of some sort exited the cave, had a look around and went back into the cave.

Oliveryn: I heal Ozimius.

Legeand waves a hand for healing.

Oliveryn: How bad are you Legeand?

Oliveryn: Do you feel really weak?

Legeand: I am...about ready for a nap kinda bad, yea?

Oliveryn: I will heal you three times.

Ozimius searches for signs of Nagav while Oli heals everyone.

Sparta: I could use some more.

Legeand: sitting up, he jerks the arrows out of himself, "Thanks, still woozy, but I am better."

Merizae flies in.

Sparta: Do you need another one? We are going to need everything we have got.

Oliveryn: I will give another healing to you, Sparta.

Sparta: By Zenda, that feels better.

Ozimius: Merizae where did Nagav go?

Merizae Illamaesa: I lost Nagav at The Crater.

Ozimius: Damn!

Sparta: Do you have one more in there?

Merizae Illamaesa: You all look like hell.

Sparta: Feel like it too.

Merizae Illamaesa: Where did all the kobolds come from?

Ozimius: It did not go as we planned.

Legeand: I feel like hell, I look like a pin cushion and I think I forgot my bow.

Sparta: I think Nagav led us into an ambush.

Ozimius: We have a prisoner.

Ozimius: Maybe we can find out where Nagav was headed.

Sparta: But, two of them got away.

Merizae Illamaesa: He flew to The Floating Tower. I am not willing to risk that.

Legeand: One of them ran fast enough to not want to come back if you ask me.

Ozimius: Ran back to mommie.

Oliveryn: Shall we revive this kobold and talk to him or just kill him?

Ozimius: Kill him.

Legeand: We need answers, to more than that fiend of yours, and why attack Nyza?

Sparta: Good thing Nyza is not here.

Sparta: The thought of Nyza is the only thing staying my hand from slaying this beast right now.

Ozimius: So are we letting it live or can I kill it?

Legeand looking at the others "even if we cannot get anything from him, I am sure the town might reward us for capturing him."

Sparta: What would they do with a kobold?

Oliveryn: True, let us bring him to the town for justice one way or another.

Oliveryn smiles.

Ozimius frowns.

Sparta: Justice?

Ozimius: I would rather slit its throat, but we will do what the rest of you decide.

Sparta pats the hilt of his sword.

Sparta: This is justice.

Legeand: I would, but I think of my pockets, and others too. Plus if you need to, just "Visit" him in jail for a while.

Oliveryn: I am saying is that he might be able to tell the village what other attacks are planned or not, then they kill him.

Merizae Illamaesa: He should be probably be brought back to Redemption, but it is impractical.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: I can take care of that.

Sparta: Then it is decided.

Legeand: So is chasing the other one and the Fiend, but we have him now yea?

Ozimius slits the kobold's throat.

Oliveryn: We can just let him bleed to death...

Oliveryn: or not.

Oliveryn shrugs.

Legeand smacks Ozi upside the head

Ozimius: Less to carry this way.

Merizae Illamaesa: That is done. We should get back to Redemption before it gets dark.

Legeand: Bird woman could have taken him.

Sparta: Could have just thrown him off the cliff again.

Ozimius: No, I liked this way better.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Watch out for the bug at the bottom of the cliff.

Legeand: And do not forget my bow.

Ozimius: Guys, I want to take a look at something.

Ozimius climbs down the cliff.

Ozimius: Follow me, will ya?

Oliveryn follows.

Legeand climbs down, too, taking his time

Ozimius shoulders his shield and takes out his lantern.

Sparta, steering wide of the bug's hole, climbs carefully down the cliff.

Ozimius holds his lantern in one hand and his sword in the other.

Ozimius enters the cave.

Legeand smirks, "Might want to clean up some loot too before we forget."

Ozimius: Come on. I heard about this cave before.

Ozimius: Get the loot and come on then.

Sparta: Really? What did you hear? Giant halfling-eating bugs?

The floor of the cave is covered with sharp crystals.

Ozimius: This cave sounds like one I heard about in town. Full of treasure.

It is very difficult to walk on.

Giant Beetle: Rooooooaaaaarrr!!!!

Legeand: Great, let us wander into the cave with a GIANT FRIGGIN ANGRY BEETLE!


Sparta: He sounds hungry.

You are all too terrified to stay in the cave.

Legeand: We can come back with Iyam and Nyza. They will help. We need to heal now!

Sparta: Maybe another day, when we are stronger.

Merizae Illamaesa: That sounds like a plan. Let us return to Redemption.

Ozimius puts away his lantern and rope.

Legeand: Grabs his bow before he forgets.

Our heroes all make it back to Redemption.