Troll's Bridge

This large city on the verge of becoming a metropolis is the heart of trade and intrigue within The Almebezbikian Empire.  Born in the aftermath of The First Wizards' Cataclysm of the current cycle, it has grown slowly but steadily for almost 900 years.  As with its predecessor, Walton, it has had to deal with the depredations of Tanglewood's ironwood trees, The Fey, dragons and monsters of all kinds to survive.


Troll's Bridge is a socially stratified city based on economics and race that is human-centric almost to the point of xenophobia.

Racial Relations

Troll's Bridge is a human city almost exclusively.  The few half-humans that make their home here show almost now characteristics of their orcish or elven parents, mainly out of necessity, and halflings are considered midgets.  Other races appear less that six in 1,000 and rarely in the open.  It is more likely to see a troll under the bridge than to see a dwarf, elf or gnome unless you know where to look.

Social Stratification

There are three classes of people in Troll's Bridge: The nobles, the rich and the poor.  The nobles live in the castles on the west side of the city just north of the harbor.  The rich live and work in the ancient core.  The poor live in the expanded part of the city where most work, but many also work in the castles, the core and the harbor.

Imperial Citizenship

All humans and halflings that are permanent residents of Troll's Bridge are also citizens of The Almebezbikian Empire.  Those who enter that have imperial papers are free to travel throughout any part of the expansion.  If they can afford to live in the core, they are welcome.  Non-humans who have imperial papers are allowed to do the same, but are closely watched by law enforcement.  Humans without imperial papers may be asked to show imperial travel papers, but are only asked if suspected of being wanted by the law.  Non-humans without any documentation may apply for visitor papers and are relegated to the harbor area until granted papers, though they are free to leave Troll's Bridge at any time before receiving them.  Anyone may be requested to show their papers at any given time, but only non-humans are ever checked.


Troll's Bridge is oval-shaped walled city with the majority of its area north of The Almebezbik River.  From the air, the city resembles a colossal fingerprint and those races not inclined to trust or deal peacefully with humans call Troll's Bridge something to the effect of "The King's Thumb" when translated into Almebezbik from various languages.  This refers to Ran MCXI's vast empire that even though is quite tolerant of all sentient races, still has military control of much of the central west-to-east reaches of the continent of Almebezbik.

Troll's Bridge dominates the western end of Tanglewood much the same way as its predecessor The City-State of Walton once did, though Troll's Bridge has not attained the greatness and splendor of that once powerful metropolis.

Ancient Core

Troll's Bridge center is surrounded by the wall built early in the second century PC, shortly after its founding.  The dominant feature of the ancient core is the cathedral of Zodyu the Grotesque that towers over 500' tall above the surrounding builds that are no less that five stories tall themselves.

Before the expansion beyond the original walls four centuries ago, the entire population remained within the walls and the town grew into a city as the buildings increased in height to accommodate the population.

Bridge & River

The land bridge for which this city is named has existed for thousands of years, most of them under the protection of trolls dwelling beneath it.  This bridge is one of the few places to cross the gorge that now contains The Almebezbik River.

The Almebezbik River has only been flowing through this gorge for a millennium, being a dry gorge for the last eight of the nine ages of the last cycle.  The river now allows great sailing ships to navigate across much of Almebezbik from Waldsee (~250 miles east) to Messerkopf Sea (~800 miles west).

The river at this point is quite polluted due to the dumping of the city's sewage and a byproduct of dyeing Walton Blood-Cloth, which is a poison that causes insanity.


Officially called Donamal Harbor after to founder of Troll's Bridge, this deep harbor is the only one if its kind along the over 1,000 mile stretch of The Almebezbik River.  The dam that made this port possible has been buried my time and there is virtually no evidence of the Walton River that once flowed into The Almebezbik River at this point.

Donamal Harbor is the heart of Troll's Bridge, importing the needs of the city and exporting the two rare products the city has to offer: logged ironwood, Walton Blood-Cloth.


There are several fortresses north of the harbor between the outer wall and Walton-Marshes Edge Road.  The one furthest south is Schloss Tanglewood Zuooririmystos, the imperial baronial castle built, according to legend, in one day with a lyre of building by the avatar of Lukinvor Trubble the week after the fall of Walton for the refugees protection.  There are fifteen other fortresses.  Most are the family castles of the Council of Houses.


This is the area of the city expansion on the north side of the river.  In the last several centuries it has been destroyed by invasion and fire, being rebuilt each time.


This is the area of the city expansion on the south side of the river.  This part of the city has been much more stable that the north side, having only been damaged by fire once in the last several centuries.


Troll's Bridge was established Methyltina 26, 123 PC following the disaster that destroyed The City-State of Walton only a few leagues north, leaving behind The Crater and its sole remaining structure The Floating Tower.


By happenstance, the young noble Horatio Donamal was traveling with an entourage south towards Marshes Edge when the cataclysmic events that destroyed Walton transpired.  He and his retinue were approaching the massive land bridge crossing The Almebezbik River when the earth began to quake.

This quake roused the trolls that were known to live beneath it and they held the bridge against all who would cross it.  Lord Donamal's men-at-arms were proving to be just enough to protect those wishing the cross, but it was not until a mysterious fire-wielding wizard suddenly appeared among the trolls holding the bridge that the trolls began to give ground.  At the same time, a group of notorious adventurers arrived at the bridge and took great pleasure in beating back the trolls and hunting them down to the last one within the caves below the bridge.

With the troll-threat eliminated, Lord Donamal surveyed the area and realized the potential for a new town to be established around this bridge.  He devised a way to dam the now dry Walton River so that The Almebezbik River backfilled to create a deep harbor where the ships that navigated the river could dock.  He also realized the potential to run mills with the power of the river and had the best access to logging the ironwood trees of Tanglewood.  He was quickly recognized by Emperor Ran MCXI for his ingenuity and leadership and granted a barony surrounding this bridge. Horatio surrounded himself with the most power survivors from Walton  and founded the hamlet of Troll's Bridge.


Within a few years, Troll's Bridge grew quickly, absorbing the majority of the refugees from Walton and the artisans and labors who arrived to run the enterprises conceived of by Lord Donamal.  Even with the hardships of monster incursions from Tanglewood with only a wooden palisade as a wall, Troll's Bridge burgeoned into a large town of over 4,000 imperial and former Walton residences.

The town was in dire need of a thick wall of stone to protect its citizens, but Tanglewood proved too dangerous a protector of the resources in The Crater that could supply the materials for such a wall.  This is when the foundling elf known as Senafar entered the town.  In the course of a year, this elf diplomatically arranged to have trolls return to their home under the bridge, as one had survived the purge.  This troll controlled the underground caves and tunnels between the river and The Crater and had his orcish and giant followers transport the materials and construct a wall around the entire town.  In return the troll would collect a share of the town's profits to keep him and his followers from attacking the town's residents.

The course of events that followed led to a confrontation between the now powerful and influential Senafar Illamaesa and Horatio Donamal that resulted in the deposing of Lord Donamal as mayor of Troll's Bridge and the formation of the council government that rules to this day.


About four centuries ago, Tanglewood was cleared away from the walls to begin to increase the area of the city.  Through several false starts, fires and attacks from the monsters of Tanglewood, a wall was finally built and the expansion begun.  Through the decades, development has spread out from the original wall.


Zodyu the Grotesque had been building his following for over a century as the new god of death when the Walton disaster occurred.  His church took advantage of this serendipitous situation when one of the most powerful priests of Zodyu arrived as part of the group of adventurers that eradicated the trolls.  With every refugee in grief at the death of someone close to them, the Zodyuan Moritalus Lesh consoled the masses and built the foundation of the church of Zodyu that would remain strong to this day.

The Cathedral

This towering edifice is the center of religion in Troll's Bridge and the center of the church of Zodyu across the continent of Almebezbik.  It dominates and defines the architecture of the city's ancient core.

Imperial Temples

As an imperial city, there are temples scattered throughout Troll's Bridge to most of the other gods of the pantheon.

Hidden Churches & Cults

Besides the Borgosian brothels and the typical covens to Lucifer, all the lords of the Nine Hells have cults hidden throughout the city.


Below are a number of important places that most citizen know about and most visitors soon become acquainted with if not by patronage, then by sight.

Crafters Shops & Other Businesses

Inns, Taverns & Brothels

Governmental Buildings

Colleges & Universities

Troll's Bridge (large city): standard (mayor) AL LE; non-standard (guilds) AL NE; magical (church) AL LE; monstrous (trolls) AL CE; 40,000-gp limit; Assets 48,878,000 gp; Population 24,439; Isolated (human 96% (23,465), half-orc 2% (488), halfling 1% (244), half-elf 0.4% (97), dwarf 0.3% (73), elf 0.2% (48), gnome 0.1% (24))

Authority Figures: Luger Quaid XXIX male human aristocrat 14, Melage Random IX male human aristocrat 14, Ylaisid Beauregard male human knight 14, Eledora Illman female half-elf aristocrat 8, Hortense Donamal XIV female human aristocrat 8, Elgric Tarcigorkan III male human aristocrat 7, Mendelard Groves II male human aristocrat 7, Mordred Morisle male human aristocrat 7, Rojurium Artural male human aristocrat 7, Methylhexa female human sorcerer 4; Guildmaster of the Assassins' Guild Baezoran El male half-orc rogue 5/assassin 10/shadowdancer 6, Guildmaster of the Imperial Crafters' Guild male human commoner 8/guildmaster 9, Guildmaster of the Imperial Drivers' Guild male human commoner 8/guildmaster 9, Guildmaster of the Imperial Merchants' Guild male human commoner 8/guildmaster 9, Guildmaster of the Thieves' Guild male human rogue 5/spymaster 7/nightsong enforcer 9; The Grotesque male human cleric of Zodyu 6/master of shrouds 8/divine disciple of Zodyu 5

Important Characters: Captain of the Watch male human warrior 19, Aris Castigon male human (Sajenese) rogue 5/(Ebonmar) infiltrator 10/assassin 6, Ellengia Homaris female human cleric of Visaria 7, Hardun Chicdell male human vampire aristocrat 7/chessmaster 10, Jogthin Chicdell male human aristocrat 4, Susana Chicdell female human divine mind of “The Billiken” 14

Others: adept 19, adept 18, adept 17, adept 9 (4), adept 8 (2), adept 4 (12), adept 2 (24), adept 1 (111); ardent 14, ardent 7 (2), ardent 3 (4), ardent 1 (8);  aristocrat 4 (3), aristocrat 3 (8), aristocrat 2 (8), aristocrat 1 (113); barbarian 14, barbarian 7 (2), barbarian 3 (4), barbarian 1 (8); bard 19 (2), bard 5/urban savant 10, bard 9 (4), bard 5/urban savant 2 (2), bard 4 (8), bard 3 (4), bard 2 (16), bard 1 (40); beguiler 14, beguiler 7 (2), beguiler 3 (4), beguiler 1 (8); cleric of Messer 18, cleric of Borgose 15, cleric of Zodyu 9 (2), cleric of Lehnbor 9, cleric of “The Billiken” 9, cleric of Armee 7, cleric of Borgose 4, cleric of Lukinvor 4, cleric of Messer 4, cleric of Zodyu 4 (4), cleric of Zwei 4, cleric of Armee 3, cleric of Eins 3, cleric Lehnbor 3, cleric of “The Billiken” 3, cleric of Alavasia 2, cleric of Borgose 2, cleric of Lucifer 2, cleric or Lukinvor 2, cleric of Messer 2, cleric of Valencia 2, cleric of Visaria 2, cleric of Zodyu 2 (8), cleric of Zwei 2, cleric of Alavasia 1, cleric of Armee 1 (2), cleric of Borgose 1 (4), cleric of Eins 1, cleric of Lehnbor 1 (2), cleric of Lucifer 1, cleric of Lukinvor 1 (2), cleric of Messer 1 (4), cleric of “The Billiken” 1 (2), cleric of Valencia 1, cleric of Visaria 1 (2), cleric of Zodyu 1 (16), cleric of Zwei 1 (2); cloistered cleric of Valencia 14, cloistered cleric of Eins 7, cloistered cleric of Lehnbor 7, cloistered cleric of Lehnbor 3, cloistered cleric of Lukinvor 3, cloistered cleric of “The Billiken” 3, cloistered cleric of Valencia 3, cloistered cleric of Armee 1, cloistered cleric of Eins 1, cloistered cleric of Lehnbor 1, cloistered cleric of Lukinvor 1, cloistered cleric of “The Billiken” 1, cloistered cleric of Valencia 1 (2), cloistered cleric of Visaria 1; commoner 17 (2), commoner 8 (6), commoner 4 (12), commoner 2 (24), commoner 1 (20,217); divine mind of Zodyu 7, divine mind of Lehnbor 7, divine mind of Borgose 3, divine mind of “The Billiken” 3, divine mind of Zodyu 3 (2), divine mind of Zodyu 1 (4), divine mind of “The Billiken 1 (2), divine mind Valencia 1, divine mind of Zwei 1; druid 14, druid 7 (2), druid 3 (4), druid 1 (8); duskblade 14, duskblade 7 (2), duskblade 3 (4), duskblade 1 (8); erudite 14, erudite 7 (2), erudite 3 (4), erudite 1 (8); expert 14/master smith 9 (militia), expert 12/master smith 9 (militia), expert 11/master smith 6 (militia), expert 11 (2, 2 militia), expert 10 (2, 2 militia), expert 8 (2, 2 militia), expert 5 (8, 8 milita), expert 4 (4, 4 militia), expert 2 (24, 24 militia), expert 1 (666, 274 militia); favored soul of Zodyu 16, favored soul of Visaria 15, favored soul of Alavasia 14, favored soul of Zodyu 8 (2), favored soul of Armee 7, favored soul of Eins 7, favored soul of Lukinvor 7, favored soul of Zwei 7, favored soul of Zodyu 4 (4), favored soul of Alavasia 3, favored soul of Armee 3, favored soul of Lehnbor 3, favored soul of Lucifer 3, favored soul of Lukinvor 3, favored soul of “The Billiken” 3, favored soul of Visaria 3 (2), favored soul of Zodyu 2 (8), favored soul of Alavasia 1 (2), favored soul of Armee 1 (2), favored soul of Borgose 1, favored soul of Eins 1, favored soul of Lehnbor 1, favored soul of Lucifer 1, favored soul of Lukinvor 1 (2), favored soul of “The Billiken” 1, favored soul of Visaria 1 (4), favored soul of Zodyu 1 (16), favored soul of Zwei 1; fighter 19 (2), fighter 14, fighter 9 (4), fighter 7 (2), fighter 4 (8), fighter 3 (4), fighter 2 (16), fighter 1 (40); hexblade 14, hexblade 7 (2), hexblade 3 (4), hexblade 1 (8); knight 14 (2), knight 7 (6), knight 3 (12), knight 1 (24); lurk 14, lurk 7 (2), lurk 3 (4), lurk 1 (8); magician 15 (2), magician 14, magician 7 (6), magician 3 (12), magician 1 (24); marshal 14, marshal 7 (2), marshal 3 (4), marshal 1 (8); monk 17 (2), monk 14, monk 8 (4), monk 7 (2), monk 4 (8), monk 3 (4), monk 2 (16), monk 1 (40); ninja 14, ninja 7 (2), ninja 3 (4), ninja 1 (8); paladin 14, paladin 7 (2), paladin 3 (4), paladin 1 (8); paladin of freedom 14, paladin of freedom 7 (2), paladin of freedom 3 (4), paladin of freedom 1 (8); paladin of slaughter 14 (3), paladin of slaughter 7 (6), paladin of slaughter 3 (12), paladin of slaughter 1 (24); paladin of tyranny 16, paladin of tyranny 15 (2), paladin of tyranny 8 (2), paladin of tyranny 7 (4), paladin of tyranny 4 (4), paladin of tyranny 3 (8), paladin of tyranny 2 (8), paladin of tyranny 1 (32); psion 16, psion 15, psion 14, psion 8 (2), psion 7 (4), psion 4 (4), psion 3 (8), psion 2 (8), psion 1 (32); psychic warrior 16, psychic warrior 15, psychic warrior 14, psychic warrior 8 (2), psychic warrior 7 (4), psychic warrior 4 (4), psychic warrior 3 (8), psychic warrior 2 (8), psychic warrior 1 (32); ranger 14, ranger 7 (2), ranger 3 (4), ranger 1 (8); rogue 10 (6), rogue 5 (12), rogue 2 (24), rogue 1 (48); scout 16, scout 15, scout 14, scout 8 (2), scout 7 (4), scout 4 (4), scout 3 (8), scout 2 (8), scout 1 (32); sorcerer 16 (3), sorcerer 14, sorcerer 8 (6), sorcerer 7 (2), sorcerer 4 (11), sorcerer 3 (4), sorcerer 2 (24), sorcerer 1 (56); soulknife 16 (2), soulknife 14, soulknife 8 (4), soulknife 7 (2), soulknife 4 (8), soulknife 3 (4), soulknife 2 (16), soulknife 1 (40); swashbuckler 14, swashbuckler 7 (2), swashbuckler 3 (4), swashbuckler 1 (8); thug 19, thug 18, thug 17, thug 9 (4), thug 8 (2), thug 4 (12), thug 2 (24), thug 1 (48); urban ranger 16, urban ranger 15, urban ranger 14, urban ranger 8 (2), urban ranger 7 (4), urban ranger 4 (4), urban ranger 3 (8), urban ranger 2 (8), urban ranger 1 (32); warlock 16, warlock 15, warlock 14, warlock 8 (2), warlock 7 (4), warlock 4 (4), warlock 3 (8), warlock 2 (8), warlock 1 (32); warrior 18 (watch), warrior 15 (watch), warrior 9 (4, 4 watch), warrior 7 (2, 2 watch), warrior 4 (8, 8 watch), warrior 3 (4, 4 watch), warrior 2 (16, 16 watch), warrior 1 (1,110, 208 watch, 902 militia); wilder 16, wilder 15, wilder 14, wilder 8 (2), wilder 7 (4), wilder 4 (4), wilder 3 (8), wilder 2 (8), wilder 1 (32); wizard 14 (3), wizard 7 (6), wizard 3 (12), wizard 1 (24)