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Undecitina 12, 259 First Cycle of Man

Surrounded by kobolds, our heroes have a conversation with the small dragonbloods and find out that Kurtulmak has been remiss in his duties and that Demogorgon probably saw an opportunity to get at Gresham.  It is also learned that Gresham probably does nasty things to kobolds.  The kobolds did not elaborate.

The kobolds also recognize and have stories about Aifos in their collective knowledge and that there may be a black dragon orb as well as a green one in Tanglewood.

Our heroes agree to intercede with Gresham on the kobolds' behalf and the kobolds retreat back into the forest.

The group returns to Zelmbring and find that Visaria is not at the inn.  Eregard, Luanes and Wintersky begin to search for her while the others unwind at the bar.  It is not long before Visaria's scream alerts the searchers to her peril.  Vistij has returned as an elven vampire, but before he can harm Visaria, the searchers drive the undead off.

A few of the kobolds look annoyed at Nyza's translating while others realize what she is doing.

Calls filter through the crowd of kobolds for soft-skin speakers and three kobolds make their way to our heroes' location.

Skippito: We talk like you. You no need to do that anymore, Red One.

Oliveryn eyes the kobolds wondering what they are planning.

Toccito: Yes, we talk strange like you.

Piccito smacks Toccito.

Nyza: Ooh, you learn the common language? You are smart ones!

Nyza: Not so smart though, siding with demons.

Skippito: We no side with demons.

Piccito: They steal us minds.

Toccito nods.

Legeand: Sounds like what they did to Eregard and I.

Piccito: They after mage in tower.

Oliveryn: Mage?

Nyza: Tower? Not the one very far to the west?

Skippito: Yes, the one in the trees.

Toccito: He not like us.

Piccito: Always chasing us with big spiders.

Legeand: Why were they after him?

They all shrug, "Not know."

Piccito: He bad.

Toccito: Very bad.

Sparta: Maybe we should have let the demons finish.

Skippito: No, no. We not like.

Nyza: We know him, yes? He is bad now, but he will get even worse later! You should stay away from him.

Nyza: Plus, you would not get chased by the spiders.

Toccito: Yikes! Worse!

Skippito: Eaten?

Piccito: Maybe we should have been more cooperative.

Toccito smacks Piccito.

Legeand: Well, if the demons took you all over completely, you would not have liked it either I am sure.

Skippito: It could have been worse?

Wintersky: You could have died.

Piccito: Lots did.

Nyza looks alarmed.

Legeand: More would have.

Wintersky: Looks around for lingering spirits.

Toccito: We had enough trouble with the guulvorg.

Nyza: Maybe we should chase them into The Abyss...get revenge for the fallen ones.

Dale looks alarmed.

Dale: Nyza, have you gone crazy? The Abyss?

Legeand: I think not, Nyza. We have enough troubles on this plane.

Skippito: You think of it?

Piccito: You even burn them.

Legeand grumbles at the lizards lack of proper Almebezbik.

Wintersky moves off a little way from the group.

Nyza: Maybe, Dale, but it isn't fair the way it is. Demons just come and attack us, kill some kobolds. Then they run away, with no losses of their own. No punishments.

Toccito: What do you mean, no punishments?

Skippito: You crush them.

Piccito nods enthusiatically.

Nyza: Summoned creatures do not die on this plane, they just get sent back to their homes.

Legeand: Only for now; they returned to their home.

They frown.

Dale: Their master won't be happy that they failed.

Skippito: Not good.

Nyza: Heh, that is some consolation, Dale.

Nyza smiles a bit.

Toccito: You got to really crush them then.

Legeand: It is unsafe to follow them.

Skippito: You huge strong.

Piccito: Yes.

Legeand: Strong does not mean much when you walk into the home of another. They have all the advantages there.

Toccito jumps up and down, "You get'em."

Sparta: But, if we kill the demons there, they will stay dead

Skippito: Yes, yes!

Dale elbows Sparta.

The other kobolds in the area start getting excited.

Dale: Don't encourage them.

Wintersky speaks quietly to the spirits, "Are you lost?"

Nyza: Maybe we can do something about the demons without actually following them. We should talk to the mage, see why the demons are after him.

Kobold Spirits: We, lost? Do not know.

Legeand: It might help, but why are they using the kobolds for their tasks?

Piccito: Mage bad.

Wintersky: Do you know the way home to the realm of spirits?

Skippito: Very dangerous.

Kobold Spirits look around and shake their heads.

Nyza: You want the demons to come back?

Toccito: He do bad things to kobolds too.

Sparta: Maybe the prince knows why they might be after the mage.

Dale: Or, who may have summoned the demons here.

Toccito: I know, I know.

Skippito smacks Toccito.

Wintersky speaks aloud to the others, "I must sing the lost kobold spirits to their rest."

Legeand: What do you know?

Dale: Wait, you know who summoned the demons?

Toccito rubs his welt, but says nothing else.

Piccito looks down.

Skippito scowls.

Nyza looks uneasy.

Legeand glares at them again asking in a rougher tone, "Who summoned them?"

Piccito (whispering): We prayed for help.

Toccito smiles, "It came."

Toccito flinches as Skippito goes to smack him again.

Dale: The cure was worse than the disease.

Legeand: So you brought it upon yourself then?

Skippito: Kurtulmak would not answer.

Nyza: Pray to who, me wonder? Kurtulmak sending demons is strange.

Piccito: No one answer for long time.

Toccito: Then the two-headed one came.

Skippito scowls at Toccito.

Legeand: A demon's help comes with a steep price.

Piccito: You whistle to the weasels.

Toccito: Yes, we know.

Legeand: The question is, what did you do to make your god turn away from you in your moment of need?

Skippito: So, you talk to mage about demons?

Nyza glances at the others in the party.

Wintersky begins to chant and sing.

Nyza: That okay if we have a chat with him?

Dale: Summoning a demon is powerful magic. Are you sure the demon was answering your prayers?

Sparta: Do you think Gresham even knew the demons were after him?

Piccito: From hundreds of us, maybe.

Kobold Spirits begin drifting off into the spirit world.

Sparta: Nyza, maybe we should ask him to make peace with the kobolds. I wonder why he hates them?

Skippito: He not hate us, just not consider us...people.

Toccito nods.

Nyza steps up to Toccito and smacks him as well.

Toccito: Ow!

Nyza: Well, it is your fault! Praying to demons! If the mage give you problems, you solve things the right way.

Nyza: Build up a big army and charge him at once or get lots of allies to do it for you.

Skippito: You help us...lead us?

Luanes grins.

Wintersky finishes her duty and takes stock of the situation.

Nyza: We talk to him first. Try to clean up the mess.

Wintersky: Were you praying to demons or just praying for help.

Nyza (annoyed): How are you going to manage when dragons show up to your home.

Piccito: You risk that for us?

Toccito: Dragons?!

Skippito: What dragons.

Sparta: Dragons? Where?

Wintersky: Maybe we are the help you have been praying for.

The kobolds look surprised.

Toccito: Yes, they must be.

Nyza: Oh, they are not here yet. But give it time.

Piccito: They killed the guulvorg too.

Dale: Did you summon that foul beast too?

Skippito: No, goblins make that.

Piccito: There is a dragon, but he nice.

Skippito and Toccito smack Piccito.

Sparta: A nice dragon?

Wintersky: Dale, I do not think they could summon a demon with their prayers.

Sparta: What's his name?

Legeand: He probably heard them praying and used that to trick them.

Piccito steps away from more smacking, "Lord Tangle."

Dale: Could their prayers have sent Aifos so far off course?

Sparta sighs.

Legeand: Well, not just their prayers, but gods fiddling with it too.

Skippito: Aifos? Where you hear of him?

Wintersky: Could have been a combination of things.

A different kobold smacks Skippito.

Sparta: Aifos is our friend and sometimes our guide.

Sparta: He brought us here.

Wintersky: There will be no more smacking! I have had enough.

Nyza: We do not do it to be mean.

Toccito: He help Lord Tangle according to legend.

Piccito: No, they fought.

Nyza cocks her head questioningly.

Skippito: Aifos tricked Lord Tangle.

Skippito: You always get the stories wrong, you two.

Piccito: No, I do not.

Wintersky: That is better.

Wintersky: Tell us the various stories.

Wintersky (pointing at Skippito): You first.

Skippito: Aifos take orb from Lord Tangle and hide it. Lord Tangle promised it to tribe.

Wintersky: What kind of orb.

Piccito: No, no. He take it and lose it. None could find it.

Oliveryn: I am guessing a dragon orb?

Oliveryn thumbs his chin as he listens.

Toccito: Yes, nasty black orb.

Wintersky: And you wanted this black orb?

Skippito and Piccito together, "Green one."

Wintersky: You wanted this green orb?

Toccito: The black one to keep the swamp dragons away.

Skippito: Green one to keep it away from soft-skins.

Piccito nods.

Wintersky: Two different orbs?

Nyza: Lord Tangle promise to give you green orb? Really?

Skippito: Yes.

Toccito: No, the black one.

Piccito goes to smack Toccito, but stops.

Nyza: Do you know what those things do? Besides look pretty?

Skippito: Make most dragons really angry.

Toccito: Cause they do what we say.

Piccito: If it do not kill us first.

Toccito: Ha, we all agree!

Piccito smiles.

Skippito scowls.

Wintersky: The orbs are very dangerous.

Skippito: We need to get back to mage problem.

Legeand: The orbs only work on some dragons of certain colors, not all of them. A single red dragon would be enough to ruin your orbs.

Legeand: Yes, where is this mage and his tower?

Wintersky: How was the mage being a problem?

Nyza: He summon spiders to harass the tribe, so they say.

Piccito: Chase us, capture us.

Toccito shudders.

Nyza: Capture?!

Wintersky: How do you know that he did this?

Skippito: We spy.

Toccito: He do horrible things to the ones he captures. Like we are animals.

Piccito: You are strange soft-skins. You do not mind us as much as most.

Legeand: We have traveled with Nyza and many other creatures for a long time.

Sparta: She taught me tolerance.

Skippito: Nyza lucky not to be killed.

Toccito nods.

Sparta: When I first met her, I was like most of the big folk.

Toccito: Me think soft-skins not much match for her now.

Piccito: She burn demons.

Nyza: Some still are, but me work on it!

Nyza: But strong magic is not everything. Life is too lonely if everyone is burning up. Better to have friends.

Nyza: That is why we talk to the mage first, instead of just attack.

Legeand: You also need friends so you do not go squish.

Nyza: A fringe benefit.

Nyza grins.

Wintersky: Hard to have a party without friends.

A kobold nudges Skippito.

Sparta perks up.

Skippito: We need to start putting things back in order. See mage if you can.

Sparta: Is it time to party?

Legeand: We will try to convice him to stop what he is doing to you, but it might take a bit more then talking.

Nyza: 'Kay. Nyza make sure you all are safe before moving on. It would not do for all the kobolds in the Tanglewood to get killed by demons and mages before... Well, just at all.

Wintersky: It must at least be time to eat.

Piccito holds a roll of birch bark up to Nyza.

Toccito: So you can find us again, Nyza.

Nyza reaches out happily.

Skippito: It is about the only magic we have left. Take care of it.

Nyza: How's it work?

Toccito: Just unroll.

Piccito: It is a map.

Skippito: Of Tanglewood.

Nyza does so.

Nyza: Me look at too many scrying shards to recognize a simple map.

The bark is vaguely the shape Tanglewood at it has appeared on other maps our heroes have seen.

Tiny green dots roam around. A large concentration near the center, presumably the large group surrounding our heroes.

Sparta: Does the map show Lord Tangle's lair?

Nyza: Neat!

Nyza looks for any especially large, dragon-shaped dots.

Toccito: No, just kobolds.

Nyza: Thanks. If it is so rare, me be sure to give it back later.

The kobolds begin to disperse.

Skippito: Be sure.

In a few minutes no sign of kobolds remain in the vicinity.

Nyza: Well... back to Zelmbring? Was Vis settled in with her wizard tutor yet?

Our heroes begin their short jaunt back to Zelmbring. It is surprising how close the demons had gotten to Zelmbring.

Oliveryn is hoping for some wine to take away the worries of the day.

Wintersky checks in on Visaria.

Visaria is not in the inn when the group arrives.

Oliveryn sits at the counter and orders a vintage bottle of wine.

Wintersky: Barkeep, do you know where Visaria is?

Barkeeper shakes his head, "She went out a while ago."

Eregard: I am going to have a look for her.

Nyza sits at a table and studies the moving-map, fascinated by it.

Wintersky: I will come too.

Sparta: Oli, you going to share that bottle?

Oliveryn: I will be here sharing this bottle with Sparta.

Eregard heads out of the inn, "I will check the hedge wizards place."

Oliveryn smiles.

Oliveryn takes a deep drink from it and slides it down the bar to Sparta.

Wintersky follows Eregard.

Legeand sits down with the booze hounds and their wine bottle, "I will join you."

Egalem Random wanders in, nose buried in a tome.

Oliveryn tells some off colors jokes to the surprise to both Sparta and Legeand that Oliveryn would known anything like that.

Luanes follows Wintersky and Eregard.

Sparta laughs heartily at Oliveryn's jokes.

Wintersky: Eregard, did you plan a tryst with Visaria? I would not want to be a fifth leg.

Oliveryn: There was this squirrel who had the largest nuts...

Legeand looks to Egalem, "What you got there, Egalem?"

Eregard: No, just wondering what she is up to. She should not be alone in this village.

Egalem Random: Spellbook.

Sparta: How's the studying going?

Legeand quirks a brow, "What kind of spell book? What level?"

Wintersky: I agree. It is dangerous for her here.

Egalem Random: I am about done. Need to get some swordplay in.

Legeand: Oh? It is about time for some is it not?

Luanes: Then let us find her quickly.

Legeand: I should drag Oli into this and Sparta for kicks.

Eregard: The village is not very big. We could split up and cover the whole thing pretty quickly.

Oliveryn: Drag me into what?

Sparta: Oh, I think it'd be pretty funny to watch Oli fence with the prince.

Oliveryn holds the bottle of wine, nursing it.

Nyza: It would not be a shock if the prince has gotten more formal training than Oli.

Legeand: Into a swordsmanship lesson with Egalem.

Oliveryn: I'd lose horribly if I fenced him...maybe if we had a singing contest.

Oliveryn laughes spewing out wine through his nose.

Egalem Random: Singing? I do not think so.

Legeand: Oli, has enough singing practice. I think he could break glass with his voice.

Oliveryn: It is possible.

Oliveryn smirks.

Oliveryn: What is wrong with singing?

Oliveryn: Do not princes learn the art of song?

Legeand: Has your singing killed a man yet?

Egalem Random: My singing is probably comparable to your fencing.

Legeand: Wait...do not answer that.

Oliveryn: Maybe then we can sing while we fence.

Legeand: Or you can... And we will laugh at the spoony bard.

Oliveryn laughs so hard he starts turning red.

Oliveryn looks at the bottle wondering how much he has drunk.

The bottle is empty.

Legeand looks at the bottle and questions Oliveryn, "You a lightweight or a closet alchoholic?"

Oliveryn: Hmmmmm.

Oliveryn: Lightweight for sure.

Eregard notices he still has company and rolls his eyes, "Together, then."

Oliveryn smiles, a little crucide.

Legeand: Well, we must have a drinking contest after the lesson then, so I can drink you under the table figuratively and literally.

Sparta: I'll take that challenge, Legeand.

Oliveryn "I think by the second drink I will be passed out," pointing at a spot just a little to the right of Legeand.

Legeand grins, "That would be the plan, no? But first we should attend to a prommissed lesson."

The search party heads towards the hedge wizard's place when ominous chuckles can be heard nearby.

Sparta: Then let's go.

Eregard continues towards the hedge wizard's place seemingly unaware of the omious chuckles.

Oliveryn looks confused, "Where are we going?"

Sparta: Just lean on Legeand

Legeand looks back to Oliveryn, "Out, joining or laying on the floor here after a few more drinks?"

Luanes: Eregard, hold...

Eregard: What?

Eregard looks around.

Luanes: Do you not hear it?

Dale and Nyza follow behind, giggling like school girls at the silly men.

Eregard: Hear what?

Oliveryn puts down the drink.

Oliveryn: Maybe I should stop.

Oliveryn tips the bartender.

Barkeeper nods to Oliveryn.

Luanes: The laughing...

Wintersky: I hear that too.

A scream pierces the evening.

Wintersky casts Magic Circle Against Evil.

Eregard: That I heard. That was Visaria!

Luanes bolts towards the scream.

Eregard: Where did that come from?

Wintersky follows at a run.

Eregard turns to follow.

The echo of the scream finds those in or near the inn.

Nyza (to Dale): You hear that?

Luanes draws her sword as she runs at full speed.

Dale: Yeah, that doesn't sound good.

Legeand: I think we might have to call the lesson. Slap Oli a few times to sober him and let us get going. Sounds like trouble is brewing.

Wintersky prepares and nocks Blessed Black.

Luanes rounds a corner and finds Vistij Ijoynvaeh standing over Visaria.

Nyza rolls up her new map, stows it and then heads towards the source of the scream.

Luanes comes to a stop and attempts to assess the situation.

Luanes: You!

Vistij Ijoynvaeh turns to face the elven paladin.

Luanes: How...

Wintersky casts Detect Undead.

Sparta heads out the inn towards the source of the scream.

Legeand slaps Oliveryn a few times before yanking him, motioning Sparta to lead to the sound of the scream.

The stench of death invades Luanes' nostils and she stares at his glowing red eyes.

Luanes: Vile creature! Be gone!

Oliveryn rubs his cheeks.

Oliveryn: Whhhyyy?

Vistij Ijoynvaeh glares to no effect.

Eregard moves in to striking distance and thrusts his rapier into the elf.

Eregard: Take that you...you...thing!

Wintersky casts Sunbeam.

Luanes and Wintersky get the distinct impression that this is a vampire, but the sun is out and the sunbeam did not do nearly what was expected.

Luanes calls upon her holy power to turn the apparent undead beast.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh snarls at Luanes, but does not flee.

Luanes steps closer to prepare for her next attack.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh slams Eregard and knocks him against the wall of the alley where he falls prone.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh steps to face Luanes.

Eregard tries to dice him with his blades, thrusting at him from the ground.

Eregard strikes from the ground, hitting twice.

Wintersky moves up to Eregard and casts Undead Bane Weapon on his primary rapier.


Luanes smites the elven vampire.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh howls in distress.

Vistij's howl is heard throughout the village.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh bull rushes Luanes.

Luanes foils Vistij's attack.

Eregard stands and strikes the vampire with his enhanced rapier.

Wintersky fires a volley of arrows.

Luanes smites the vampire again.

Luanes moves between Vistij and Visaria.

Vistij Ijoynvaeh disassembles into a cloud of butterflies and enters the nearest tree.

The tree immediately warps, blackens and drops its leaves.

Wintersky: Is she okay?

Visaria shivers on the ground, pale with fright.

Luanes kneels next to her.

Eregard goes over to comfort Visaria.

Luanes: My lady?

Visaria: He was dead!

Visaria: We buried him.

Luanes: Yes, he was.

Luanes: Now, he is undead...I think.

Luanes: Are you injured?

Visaria: I did not let him touch me.

Wintersky: He is definately undead.

Wintersky: Elven vampires must be somewhat different.

Eregard: I guess breaking off into butterflies is common?

The rest of the group arrives.

Wintersky: Where is Oli when I need odd bits of trivia.

Nyza: What happen? We hear you cry out, Vis!

Oliveryn: Yes?

Nyza looks at Eregard suspiciously.

Oliveryn: Trivia...I like games.

Oliveryn sways a little.

Wintersky: Oli do you know anything about elven vampires?

Oliveryn thumbs his chin for a second, thinking.

Dale rushes up to the dead tree.

Legeand: He might be a bit unless, he is a bit drunk.

Wintersky: Dale have you ever heard of an elven vampire?

Oliveryn scratches his head.

Oliveryn: What are elves?

Dale tries to remember what could kill a tree this suddenly.

Oliveryn bends over and throws up most of his wine.

Oliveryn: I think I am sick...and light headed...

Wintersky casts Neutralize Poison and applies it to Oliveryn with a punch.

Oliveryn smacks his lips, "That did not taste as good as going down, I believe."

Wintersky: Now think. Do you know anything about elven vampires?

Oliveryn thinks again, actually knowing what elves are.

Manitowoc: An elven vampire!

Dale: Was there an elven vampire here?

Oliveryn: Well, by what I can tell that has happened, elven vampires need sunlight and if they travel through any type of plant, they kill it.

Dale: They kill trees when they walk through them, like this one.

Manitowoc: Not good. What did he look like?

Wintersky: Vistij

Luanes tends to Visaria.

Wintersky: But deader.

Manitowoc sighs in relief.

Nyza: He crawl his way out of the grave?

Sparta draws his dagger.

Sparta: What's up, Grandpa?

Luanes: It is all right, my lady. You are safe.

Manitowoc: I was worried it my be the Ksirb.

Sparta: Who's Ksirb?

Manitowoc: It's a title like King...more like Overlord.

Luanes: It is ancient elven...for Overlord.

Sparta: Vistij was lord of this village.

Manitowoc: Yes. Well, the Ksirb I am speaking of is Emitae.

Sparta: This Emitae, could he impersonate Vistij?

Luanes shudders.

Legeand: Well, if he has magic, he could, right?

Manitowoc: I don't think he would bother disguising himself.

Wintersky: Was Vistig not buried in consecrated ground?

Oliveryn: He was the last overlord before the ruin of Grayholm a several of cycles ago.

Luanes: No, but the abomination could create an undead elf.

Manitowoc: Consecrated ground wouldn't necessarily prevent such an ancient creature from making progeny.

Wintersky: Perhaps we could ask the elven priest of Corellon about elvish vampires?

Wintersky: Let us get Lady Visaria inside.

Kobolds of Tanglewood