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Pentatina 25, 1000 PC

Oliveryn, having received all of the replies from the House Lords of Troll's Bridge that he invited to his secret meeting, prepares to make his way to The Troll's Bridge Inn while his followers plan his route and security to get him their safely.

Apparently, his position as acting mayor has bought him another layer of security, as his followers meet no resistance at all in their journey to the inn from the estate.  He assembles with our heroes in the foyer of the inn awaiting the arrival of his guests while Nyza prepares to create a Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion from a purchased scroll for the meeting to take place in.

Shortly before sunset, the nobles begin to arrive beginning with Oliveryn's follower and possible arranged betrothed Melizza Morisle and quickly followed by House Lords Random, Artural, Beauregard, Illman and Morisle.  Lord Tarcigorkan also arrives and is vouched for by Lord Artural and Beauregard.  Jas Orthos, Oliveryn's spy arrives to give a briefing as well. After the various lords have entered the Mansion, Lady Elan appears having already arrived invisibly and waiting for the other lords to enter the magical conclave.  Marshal Aifos Octavius also appears wishing to observe and offer the services of his troops to the coup.

As our heroes begin to enter the Mansion, the lounge is plunged into darkness and an assassin begins his assault first trying disable Legeand.  Nyza manages to dispel the darkness and the assault turn onto the assassin.

Eregard moves to protect Oliveryn, but quickly finds that he is the target and not his master.  Fortunately, Mask magically paralyzes the assassin before anyone other than the assassin is hurt.  They bind him, remove his weapons, gear and clothing and transport him helpless into the Mansion where they can safely interrogate him while Eregard dines with the House Lords as leader of the resistance.

After intimidation by Legeand and Mask and cajoling by Wintersky, the assassin finally gives up his employer as Lord Luger Quaid XXIX and that the price on Eregard's head is 500 imperial sovereign.  The assassin then kills himself with Legeand's carelessly placed sword.

Our heroes have gathered at The Troll's Bridge Inn for Oliveryn's conclave with the House lords who are part of the resistance.

These lords will begin arriving about sunset; it is one hour prior to sunset.

Nyza raises the scroll and reads from it.

Nyza: Me want to learn this spell on my own once...

Sparta: Ah, time to eat.

Oliveryn makes sure that there is tight security around the inn, placing his followers in plain clothing to stand around the inn.

Melizza Morisle wanders into the inn.

Oliveryn moves over to Melizza and greets her openly.

Oliveryn: It is nice that you came.

Melizza Morisle: My lord, I thought I would arrive ahead of my father.

Oliveryn smiles.

Oliveryn: I might have been a good idea.

Legeand: Keeps to one side near the door, keeping an eye over the main room.

Melizza Morisle: His coorperation is primarily due to your consideration for me becoming your wife someday.

Oliveryn smiles again.

Oliveryn: Yes, I know, but I guess that path lays after all of this I fear.

Melizza Morisle: Make a good show of it. I would not mind if it happens, but it is not necessary.

Melizza Morisle smiles.

Oliveryn: I would not mind either, but I feel it is best no one find out if things go sour. I would hate for something to happen to you.

Sparta whispers to Ozimius, "He calls that a proposal?"

Melizza Morisle blushes and makes her way into the lounge of the inn.

Nyza rests against a wall, flanked by Legeand and T'Krosh.

Oliveryn stands next to the door awaiting any new visitors.

Melage Random IX enters the inn.

Wintersky: and SnowShadow stand near the back of the room with a good view of the entrances

Oliveryn bows slightly to Lord Random.

Oliveryn: I am most happy that you have decided to attend.

Melage Random IX bows to the room and then specifically to Oliveryn, then Wintersky.

Melage Random IX: It is my pleasure, Lord Chicdell.

Wintersky bows back.

Oliveryn: Please have a seat while we wait until more arrive. We will not be stay here long, we have another place to meet.

Rojurium Artural enters the inn and walks up to Oliveryn, bows and shakes his hand, "Good day, Lord Chicdell."

Oliveryn: Good day, sir.

Oliveryn bows slightly.

Rojurium Artural: Has my nephew Eregard arrived yet, Oliveryn?

Oliveryn: Not that I have noticed, I have a member of my party going to recover him from The White Blades.

Rojurium Artural: Ahh, so he is safe and sound.

Ylaisid Beauregard enters the inn looking around at the shadows before approaching Oliveryn.

Methylhexa Elan's voice speaks in Oliveryn's ear, "I am here, but remain hidden for now."

Oliveryn nods and smiles at Lord Beauregard.

Oliveryn: Good that you came as well.

Ylaisid Beauregard approaches Oliveryn with a grim expression.

Eledora Illman enters the inn with Patrark.

Rojurium Artural nods.

Oliveryn nods towards Nyza to cast the spell anytime, indicating the backwall of the lounge.

Sparta watches Ylaisid carefully and fingers the heirloom.

Rojurium and Melage enter the lounge.

Oliveryn: Is it good that everyone so far has come. My friend here will now cast a spell to bring us to a more...a roomier house.

Nyza reads the scroll. A faintly shimmering portal opens along the wall.

Ylaisid Beauregard bows to Oliveryn.

Ylaisid Beauregard leans close and whispers something to him.

Wintersky rolls her eyes.

Ylaisid whispers to Oliveryn, "You will have an unexpected but, I hope, welcome guest arriving shortly."

Oliveryn nods at what Beauregard whispers and leans back.

Nyza: Okay! The door is open.

Nyza whispers to Oliveryn, "Who does Nyza let inside? Me have to be specific."

Oliveryn: If everyone that has arrived would calmly enter, I will wait our final guests.

Patrark Illman walks up to Oliveryn, "May I introduce you to my aunt, Lady Eledora Illman."

Oliveryn: Yes, please. It is nice to meet you Lady Illman.

Oliveryn bows slightly.

Eledora Illman nods and smiles, "Thank you for this opportunity to serve Troll's Bridge to return to normalcy."

Oliveryn: It is only possibly with the hard working people inside Trolls Bridge that it will suceed. I am glad you are here to help.

Eledora Illman and Patrark enter the lounge and pass through the door with those who have already arrived.

Elgric Tarcigorkan III enters the inn warily and waits a respectful distance from Oliveryn.

Ylaisid Beauregard motions to Lord Tarcigorkan for Oliveryn as the guest he mentioned, "I hope he will be welcome to join us, my lord."

Oliveryn nods.

Nyza (quietly to Oliveryn): Do you have some way to tell if someone is illusioned? Otherwise, me could let an enemy inside by accident.

Oliveryn: He is welcome, I am willing to listen to everyone that is willing to be apart of this movement.

Oliveryn (to Nyza): I can not tell if someone is illusioned, but I am willing to take the chance for now. We are all in this together. If someone gets in, I doubt they will get out alive if they try something.

Elgric Tarcigorkan III approaches with a stern expression on his face, "I wish to speak with Eregard Artural. Is he not the leader?"

Mordred Morisle sweeps into the inn with a flourish and a smile.

Oliveryn: He is the leader, I am just his spokesman here. If you wish to speak to him, he will be here soon enough.

Elgric Tarcigorkan III nods with a scowl, "Very well."

Mordred Morisle: Good day, good day, Lord Oliveryn.

Oliveryn bows more deeply as Morisle comes in.

Oliveryn: It is good to see that you came as well. You daughter came a little earlier.

Mordred Morisle: Ahh, I thought she may have done that; a little lobbying no doubt.

Oliveryn smiles and laughs.

Oliveryn: She is one a of kind, sir.

Aifos Auravici Octavius speaking in Oliveryn's ear now, "Mind if I observe, Oliveryn. I wish to supply some troops to you for the coup."

Oliveryn nods to the sound.

Mordred Morisle smiles and sweeps off into the lounge and through the door.

Rojurium Artural approaches again and speaks softly to Oliveryn, "I can vouch for Lord Tarcigorkan as well."

Oliveryn nods to Artural.

Jas Orthos enters the inn and approaches Oliveryn.

Oliveryn greets Orthos.

Jas Orthos (whispering): I will give an update on the spying on the other Houses.

Oliveryn: Thank you, I am looking forward to it.

The lords enter the doorway into the Magnificent Mansion.

Wintersky activates the ring of silent spells and casts Detect Evil.

Once the lords are gone, Methylhexa Elan appears in the corner of the lounge. She is very young compared to the other House Lords; only in her mid-teens.

Methylhexa Elan: I hope you can secure my well-being, Lord Chicdell.

Sparta's hand clenches around the dagger at the sight of the Elan.

Methylhexa Elan holds her hand up defensively, "I am here by Lord Chicdell's invitation. Please, accept my presence."

Oliveryn: I have added security to the best of my ability. You will be safe or if not, I am not safe and I cannot let that happen right now. So you will just ahve to trust me.

Sparta: You're going to let her in here?! Her family killed Ringo!

Oliveryn: She will be given safe passage, Sparta. There are times when enemies have a common enemy.

Methylhexa Elan: That is all I can expect, I suppose.

Methylhexa Elan: My grandmother killed your companion and she was a horrid witch.

Nyza: Besides, Sparta, he got better.

Wintersky: Sparta, she is only responsible for herself; not the prior actions of her family.

Sparta spits on the floor.

Sparta: You are safe here as long as Lord Oli says you are.

A bright flash fills the lounge as Mask, Eregard Artural and Zed Lightfoot appear.

Mask: Have we missed anything?

Nyza readies to blow up the intruders at the first sign of the flash.

Oliveryn: Nothing yet.

As Oliveryn chases the purple spot in his vision left over from the flash.

Mask smiles, "I hope the mansion ready."

Oliveryn: It is.

Sparta's hand relaxes from the Heirloom.

Wintersky walks into the Mansion followed by SnowShadow.

Mask ushers Eregard in through the doorway as quickly as possible.

Wintersky slowly detects evil on the amassed guests.

Aifos Auravici Octavius appears in the entrance to the lounge.

Eregard looks around the room as he appears.

Eregard's clothes are clean and unworn. But his face looks like he has not shaved in a while.

Nyza: Is that everyone, Oli? We go inside now?

Eregard: It has been a hard road, Oli.

Oliveryn: I suspected as much.

Oliveryn smiles.

Oliveryn: I believe so...

The lounge is suddenly plunged into darkness.

Oliveryn cast light to see if it will counteract the darkness.

Oliveryn's light spell seems to have no effect on the darkness.

Oliveryn: Everyone be calm.

Legeand: Calm, I cannot freaking see!

Wintersky: Excuse me. I think that is my cue.

Wintersky goes back through the door and casts Dispel Magic.

SnowShadow follows through the door, but retreats back into the Mansion, unable to see.

Wintersky's spell does not appear to have any effect and it remains dark.

Something hits Legeand hard, but it is defected by his armor.

Sparta draws his greatsword and sets it aflame.

Legeand: Yea bastard. Come out and fight like a real man!

Sparta hears a spell cast and movement just before the clanging attack on Legeand's armor and has a good idea where the attacker is standing.

Nyza: That spell is assassin magic. Oli, do not die this time.

Sparta moves forward and swings through the air, but hits nothing.

Oliveryn: I will try not too.

Legeand: Oli has nothing to worry about. I keep getting crap around me!

Sparta: Ringo, protect Oli.

Ringo finds his way in the dark over to Oliveryn.

Mask: What is going on out there? Is that darkness?

Wintersky: Magical darkness, Mask.

Legeand (sarcastically): Naw, its totaly sunlight and rainbows out here.

Sparta: Did you get bonked on the head, Legeand?

Mask casts Invisibiliity Sphere after stepping into the doorway.

Sparta: It's as dark as Nyza's cave out here.

Wintersky: Legeand your sense of sarcasm is going to get you killed some day.

Nyza: Really? My caves do not seem dark.

Legeand: Some day, but not soon enough for these guys.

Though only Eregard and SnowShadow can tell, Eregard, SnowShadow, Mask, Nyza, Wintersky, Ringo and Oliveryn become invisible.

Legeand attacks with his sword in the direction in which he was struck.

Legeand's first swing bites into something and foils his second and third swings in surprise.

Nyza tries a Dispel Magic as well.

Legeand: One man. This is going to be fast.

A cloaked figure with completely black eyes faces Legeand. He curses as the darkness lifts.

T'Krosh casts a Deific Vengeance on the intruder.

Kobold ancestral spirits whirl around the assassin, drawing his blood.

T'Krosh: You are not on the list!

Eregard draws his swords.

Eregard moves back into the lounge to guard Oliveryn.

Oliveryn summons his lute and starts to play a resounding song to inspire his friends.

Wintersky step back into the doorway and casts Righteous Might and shares it with SnowShadow.

SnowShadow pounces the assassin.

SnowShadow rips into the assassin, attempting to grab him, but he slips away.

The assassin does a back flip and tumbles over the panther, avoiding attacks and thrusts his sword at Eregard.

Eregard just manages to avoid the assassin's errant thrust.

Sparta closes with the assassin and attacks.

Sparta slices the assassin and Ringo's bite also takes a chunk out of the assassin.

Mask casts Hold Person on the assassin.

The assassin freezes in place.

Mask: I wonder who hired him?

Legeand moves around to threaten the assassin in case he breaks the spell.

Legeand: Do not know, but you plan to find out?

Mask: That sounds like a plan, he will hold there for a while.

Nyza begins summoning an inferno spider.

T'Krosh knocks the assassin flat on his back with his spear and then jumps onto his face.

T'Krosh pulls the assassin's lips open and finds two odd looking teeth.

T'Krosh: Remember the last assassin? This one has the fake teeth as well.

Legeand: Ah, yes.

Eregard attacks the assassin.

Mask: Hey, we need to find out who he is working for!

Eregard looks at the assassin.

Sparta: Oli, get yourself through that door.

Eregard Artural: I think he is after me.

Legeand: He thinks you are the leader, remember.

Legeand: Of course, he is after you.

Nyza: He can still hear us, Mask?

Oliveryn: Yes, I wonder who sent him too.

Mask: Yes.

Sparta: We'll find out.

Legeand: Strip him of his weapons; it will be hard for him to attack when he is freed.

Mask: He will not be able to talk until I dismiss the spell or he breaks free of it. Tie him up.

Wintersky: Remove his poison teeth.

Oliveryn stops singing for the moment.

Wintersky holds the spell Panacea ready.

Wintersky: I am too big to remove his teeth.

Legeand: A good kick to the mouth should do.

Mask: And, break them all.

Wintersky: If I break them I cannot cure him fast enough.

Wintersky: I can cure as the kick happens.

T'Krosh: This will be easier if he is unconscious.

Wintersky: He is held it is well enough.

Mask: He is helpless and he deserves a little more pain.

Mask: Just do not stab him again, Eregard, please.

T'Krosh: I meant easier for us, Mask.

Sparta steps up and uses Manty's Heirloom to cut the assassin's teeth from his mouth.

Sparta manages to remove the assassin's alchemical teeth without breaking them.

Mask casts Animate Rope and binds the assassin tight.

Legeand: Shall we bring him into our nice new mansion?

Legeand picks up the assassin.

Nyza's inferno spider materializes as she moves into the middle of the lounge.

Nyza (Ignan): Eat that tied up one if he breaks free.

The spider clicks its mandibles.

Nyza aims a Dimensional Anchor at the assassin.

The beam of Nyza's spell strikes Wintersky instead of the assassin.

Nyza: Whoops... Um, you feel alright Ms. Sky?

Wintersky: Wow, I feel well grounded.

T'Krosh chuckles and then casts a Dimensional Anchor as well.

T'Krosh's ray just manages to strike the assasin.

Eregard goes to attacks the assassin.

Wintersky attempts to block the attack.

Legeand: Somebody smack him good.

Mask: Have you lost your mind?!

Eregard: I was just going to get him to confess. I hate it when people come after me.

Mask: He will, but only if he is still alive.

Legeand: Leave that to us. You do not need to bother with the dirty work.

Mask: Besides, you might hit Legeand.

Nyza: At least use the hilt of your weapon if you want to do that.

Eregard: Oh, I will make sure he stays alive.

Eregard: I just wanted to...nick...him in a couple of places so he knows who he is messing with.

Legeand: One more time, Eregard, and I will nick you a few times.

Mask: He is nicked enough, Eregard.

Eregard: Fine.

Wintersky: Why do you not strip him naked and make him vulnerable.

Eregard sighs and puts away his blades.

Oliveryn waits until the assassin can speak.

Wintersky: Say, Mask, help out here and move the ropes around so I can disarm him.

Mask: OK.

Mask manipulates the ropes, so Wintersky can extricate the assassin's weapons.

Wintersky sets to removing weapons, clothing, jewery and armor.

Mask: That ought to do it.

Legeand continues holding the man up.

Sparta searches the assassin for anything Miss 'Sky missed.

Legeand: Watch those hands!

Sparta manages to extricate one more dagger.

Mask: I am going to dismiss the paralysis in a moment, Legeand. He will squirm a bit then.

Legeand: I have him, no worries.

Mask dismisses Hold Person on the assassin.

The assassin begins to struggle.

Legeand: Stay still! I might leave you with a limb or two.

Assassin: Aarrgghh! Put me down!

Legeand: I will let you down, after we go to a nice warm place, so you and I can have a nice talk, so STOP MOVING!

The assassin almost gets free of Legeand, but Legeand catches him before he tumbles to the floor

Nyza: The portal is ready to accept you and your friend, Leggy.

Nyza: And, the spider.

Legeand: Oh yes, he and I are going to get well acquainted soon.

The assassin settles down after Legeand intimidating squeeze.

Nyza: Nyza knows what you are thinking assassin. Nice adventurers would never hurt a prisoner, but let me tell you something: Half of us are evil. So the question you have to ask yourself is, do you feel lucky?

Wintersky casts Discern Lies just before going through the portal.

Legeand: So, you guys going to deal with your guests and me and some of us going to deal with our friend?

Legeand: Evil, some of us have no compulsions of letting an assassin miss a few parts while we talk.

The group enters the Magnificent Mansion. Just before Nyza closes the door, Aifos slips through.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Thanks, Nyza.

Legeand: And, look who missed the party

Nyza: Of course, General.

Mordred Morisle: What on The Mirror was going on out there?

Legeand: We had some uninvited guests.

Wintersky: What do you think.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: You had it well in hand, Legeand.

Aifos Auravici Octavius smiles.

Legeand: True, but seeing you fight would have been an experience.

Rojurium Artural: Seems my nephew has made a serious enemy.

Eregard: It seems like I always make enemies no matter where I go these days.

Sparta looks around for some food.

Sparta: Fighting makes me hungry, let's eat.

Legeand: You will make a few more if you do not listen to your friends.

Elgric Tarcigorkan III: This is proof you are the leader of the resistance in my book.

Wintersky: So, is this anyone's employee here?

A round of no's come from the lords.

Wintersky glances at the assassin.

Legeand: You know who hired you?

Assassin: Yeah, right, Elgric!

Elgric Tarcigorkan III looks perplexed and a bit concerned.

Wintersky: Try again, assassin.

Legeand: Keep that up. I dare you.

Nyza shows Sparta to the dining room. It is a 9 course banquet filled with enough food for 144 people.

Elgric Tarcigorkan III looks at Wintersky, "You can tell he is lying?"

Wintersky: I read body language very well.

Sparta: Ah, this will keep me busy for a while. Let me know if you need help with Legeand's new friend.

Sparta sets to eating.

Melage Random IX: I think we are all famished. Shall we eat and then discuss the situation?

Melage Random IX looks to Eregard.

Legeand: You all be my guest; I will keep him entertained.

Eregard: It sounds like a great plan, lets eat.

The other lords nod and take seats at the table.

Nyza looks longingly at the food before returning to Legeand to keep him company.

Legeand: Go ahead, Nyza. I have had a full day of meandering; not too hungry.

Mask abstains and goes over to Legeand, "We need some answers out of this one."

Nyza: It is OK. Nyza is not hungry either.

Legeand: Well, I know one way to start, if you do not mind.

Mask (whispers to Nyza): It is too hard to eat with this mask on.

Wintersky brings Nyza a plate heaped with food.

Nyza: Mask...can Nyza ask you something? Why do you not heal your face? There must be clerics that can do it.

Legeand: Moves to a clear section and slams the assassin down, followed by placing his boot on the man's neck and his sword thrust in the floor beside the man's head, "Just to be clear, if it starts to get messy."

Mask: I am not ready yet, Nyza.

Nyza smiles at Wintersky, but quietly explains that she is still fasting.

Mask: I have other healing to do first, but not until Hardun is destroyed.

Legeand: I am not an evil person, mind you, but I am willing to make an exception or two here.

Wintersky: Fasting, why?

Mask looks at the assassin the eyes blazing in her mask.

Legeand: So, question one. Who-hired-YOU!

Nyza: It is part of a ritual many kobolds undertake...but me can explain later. We miss the interrogation.

Mask: I think the assassin would like to explain himself, NOW!

Nyza: And Nyza want to make sure Leggy and Mask do not go too far.

Wintersky shrugs and takes a bite of a roll.

The assassin, now intimidated by both Legeand and Mask, shakes visibly.

Wintersky: How about how were you hire?

Wintersky: How will you be paid?

Assassin (studdering): N-not l-likely n-n-now.

Wintersky: How were you hired?

Legeand: Obviously.

Assassin (studdering): T-the u-usual w-way.

Wintersky: Better explain, I have never hired a nefarious sort.

Assassin (studdering): Dark alley, told who to hit someone, not difficult.

Wintersky eats a sausage.

Nyza: How were you to collect your payment?

Legeand: Hardly felt a thing when you hit me; funny that. Who was your target?

Wintersky: You must not be too good at this then.

Assassin (studdering): It will be waiting in a hole in the wall in the castle district if I succeed.

Legeand: Can any of you scry?

Wintersky: Where?

Nyza: Yes, Leggy. It takes some time though; an hour.

Wintersky: Of course, I can Legeand.

Wintersky: Got my ball right here.

Wintersky: A hole? Be specific.

Mask: Let us worry about his pay later. Who hired you?

Mask: I am not asking nicely again.

Wintersky: Do you know who hired you?

Assassin (studdering): Yes

Wintersky: Leggy motivate him again.

Assassin (studdering): No, no.

Wintersky: Who hired you?

Assassin (studdering): I will not tell.

Oliveryn: Why will you not tell us?

Assassin (studdering): You know I would die first, but you took my teeth.

Legeand: And, I can take a few more, too.

Legeand: Maybe a finger or five.

Mask: Yes, pull a few more, Legeand.

Wintersky: Were you hired by one of the Houses?

Legeand: I am not as good as my friend was though, so it will hurt.

Assassin (studdering): I will not tell you.

Nyza: You realize of course, we are your only hope? If you talk to us, that is the end of this matter.

Nyza looks into his eyes trying to be "convincing" casting Charm Person.

Legeand: I see it ending one of three ways myself. One we have a corpse, two we have an amputee and three we let you go. Know what we mean?

Wintersky: Perhaps you should consider a different line of work.

Oliveryn: I could try to charm him to see if that works, but he might just shrug it off.

Wintersky pulls out the crystal ball.

Assassin (studdering): What is that for?

Wintersky: Gazing into it she consentrates on the assassin. Who hired you?

Wintersky: What, this little bauble?

Mask: It is a special mind-reading glass.

Wintersky: Who hired you?

Assassin (studdering): Will you really let me go if I tell you?

Wintersky: Will you change your line of work?

Assassin (studdering): Probably not.

Legeand: We might.

Legeand: Mostly on how quick and easily you answer.

Wintersky: Probably give you to the constables.

Assassin: Hmmm.

Wintersky: Who hired you?

Sparta comes back from the dining room, gnoshing on a turkey leg.

Assassin: Quaid.

Oliveryn: Well, I doubt we can let him go if he has seen everyone here.

Sparta: Hmmph, that was good.

Legeand: There are suggestion spells and such, yes?

Legeand: Or, marks of justice was it?

Sparta: About the only thing that would make it better would be some fresh liver.

Assassin: Damn.

Wintersky: I could geas him not to tell.

Legeand: Killing might be out of the way for sure, but we might hold you until our business is finished.

Nyza: That would be effective, Leggy, but he still needs supervision.

Legeand: Well, he is useful.

Wintersky: Who was your target?

Assassin: I am dead either way. Luger Quaid hired me.

Sparta: Sounds like you're making progress. I won't have to flay him then?

Oliveryn: Hmmmm.

Assassin: To take out Eregard Artural, the leader of the resistance.

Legeand: Heh, if it was so easy.

Mask: How did they find out he would be here?

Wintersky: And you were to be paid what for this service?

Assassin: 500 sovereign.

Mask whistles.

Wintersky: And how was it known that he be here?

Legeand: A light tap for 500? Whoo, you got gipped.

Wintersky: HMMM!

Assassin: Not getting it now.

Oliveryn: How did you learn that Eregard was going to be here?

Legeand: As she said, how did the information of the location pass to you?

Mask: You hear that Oliveryn? Five time the price on your head.

Oliveryn: I know.

Assassin: I was just told to be here at sunset.

Legeand: I should put a price on my head to see how much it will take before they actually do it right.

Wintersky: Aww, just go see a barber, Leggy.

Legeand: True, he is cheaper.

Mask (sweetly): Elgric, you would not happen to know how Quaid learned about this meeting.

Legeand: Well, so far he has answered well. We could leave him with one of our not too demented guests.

Elgric Tarcigorkan III: I am offended you ask, but not surprised.

Wintersky: Nyza, you could take him somewhere out of the way, out of the city?

Elgric Tarcigorkan III: However, I did everything in my power to keep my attendance a secret.

Sparta: He could move to Tangleton or Redemption, He'd be pretty safe in either place.

Mask: Really, because I overheard you last night after the speech. Not very smart.

Elgric Tarcigorkan III: Hmmm.

Wintersky: How about the Redemption gaol?

Nyza: He can go to our new home if he is willing to work, but how do you feel if an assassin move in next door to you?

Legeand: Keep him marked until you trust him.

Sparta: But he would need to take up a new profession.

Wintersky: I think jail is the right place.

Legeand: Either that or we hire him ourselves.

Elgric Tarcigorkan III: The crowds were loud enough to cover our whispering. You would have had to be standing among us, witch.

Oliveryn: We could hire him ourselves, could be handy every now and then.

Mask turns to Legeand, "No, he is spilling his guts."

Wintersky: No, assassination is not the way.

Legeand: Mask, move to kill him and I will do the same to you.

Mask: How about permanent statue then?

Legeand: How about I keep my promise.

Wintersky: I know, I will take him to "The City" to Imperial Justice!

Oliveryn: Anyone have a Medusa head around here?

Nyza: Will they not kill him too, Ms. Sky?

Legeand: And, what will that do, Wintersky?

Wintersky: That will be justice not murder.

Mask: He is an assassin hired by a loyalist House. They support Hardun. He should be executed. Handing him over to the authorities would let him free.

Wintersky: That is why I suggested "The City."

Legeand: He is paid, does a job; no more then anyone else.

Nyza: Can you un-statue him, Mask? If it is a temporary solution until we figure out what to do with him, that would be OK.

Mask: Good point, Legeand. How many have we killed.

Legeand: I lost count after hundreds.

Wintersky: Many in defense.

Mask: Or vengeance.

Legeand: Most.

Mask: If he survives, it can be reversed.

Legeand: We could use him. Maybe not in his methodology, but maybe something else.

Wintersky: Assassin, have you an opinion to voice?

Assassin: I would be dead already if you had not removed my teeth.

Legeand: True, but were offering you to live for a while yet.

Assassin: I rather you had not.

Legeand: If you are so keen on death it can be done.

Mask: Eregard should oblige him, then.

Mask: He was the target.

Legeand: Eregard needs to not be anywhere near.

Nyza: No, no murdering prisoners in my house. Take him to "The City" like Ms. Sky said if you want him dead.

Wintersky: Murder is never the right way.

Legeand: We will go with your idea, Wintersky; seeing as it requires less of us.

The assassin smiles.

Wintersky: And, ever so much more.

Sparta: Can Ozi do it?

The assassin twists out from under Legeand's foot and nearly decapitates himself on Legend's sword. The assassin bleeds out immediately.

Legeand: Well...that was...easy?

Nyza: Bleh! Unseen servants, come clean him up!

Wintersky: Well, you have succeeded. Is death all you hoped for?

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