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Pentatina 24, 1000 PC

A busy day is coming to an end.  Legeand catches up with Ozimius as the Sajenese heads towards The Orphanage where he knows Wintersky and most of the rest of our heroes attended the resurrection of Ringo.   As they approach, Legeand shows some hairs he recovered from the scene of a grizzly murder.  Sparta identifies them as belonging to large wolf related to worgs.  It must have been a very big wolf as Legeand found the hairs caught in the top of a door frame in the alley where the attack occurred.

Suddenly, the city is rocked by an explosion emanating from the Elán estate.  As it is so close to the Chicdell estate and Oliveryn is still there, our heroes rush back there to make sure he is alright and to gear up for what inevitably will turn out to be combat with something.  It immediately becomes apparent that some monster is roaming the streets just outside the castle ward.

Our heroes gathered with Luanes flying in from the south, they move towards a commotion and quickly discover the biggest wolf they have ever seen.  Sparta recognizes it as a magically warped worg known as a guulvorg, whose hairs are undoubtedly those found by Legeand.  The beast takes Legeand to the ground before Wintersky's enlarged panther SnowShadow rips its throat out.

Before the group has a chance to consider what they have just encountered, the ground quakes, again centered on the ruins of Elán Tower.  Our heroes turn and approach the smoking ruins to find a gelugon, an ice devil of the Nine Hells, emerging from the smoke.  Luanes descends upon it from the sky as other rush to meet it in battle or fire arrows at it from a distance.  The gelugon immediately summons reinforcements in the form of four osyluths, also known as bone devils, before finding itself wrestling with the giant panther and Legeand's assault.  The ice devil seems quite strong until Mask moves into range and casts dismissal, sending the gelugon back to hell.  The bone devils fall quickly to T'Krosh's spells, Wintersky's arrows fired from Blessed Black and Sparta's surprisingly potent dagger, Manty's Heirloom, which lops off the final devil's head.

Again, before our heroes have time to think, the glabrezu Darzagon steps from the billowing smoke focused on Luanes, the demon wishing some foul fate on the elven paladin.  Before the demon can act, but after referring to Luanes by a different but oddly familiar surname, a leaf-cloaked figure steps from a nearby tree.  This is the same person that Luanes had been catching glimpses of for weeks and Darzagon refers to as her mother.  In the sky above, Mystol Alaphasus hovers waiting for the area around the demon to clear, so he may blast it into oblivion.  However, our heroes are reluctant to flee from such evil and Meliamonee and Mystol must convince them to leave while holding the formidible demon at bay.  Unable to obliterate the demon as originally planned, Mystol banishes it to a distant plane.

Having seen the elven high mage work from a distance, our heroes' attention is quickly regained by Meliamonee and Mystol who have appeared on the main road of the city leading them to the main square for a speech by Oliveryn's grandfather, Mayor Hardun Chicdell.  The address begin typically enough until he come to recognizing folk who have been of service to Troll's Bridge.  This includes Wintersky for saving Oliveryn's life, Luanes for exposing corruption and criminal activity with the Houses and other areas of the city and Oliveryn, who he announces as his Lieutenant Mayor.  Hardun also announces a parade and festival to be held Mid-Summer's Night.

As the crowds disperse after the speech, the other House lords—only Methylhexa being absent—congratulate Oliveryn, Wintersky and Luanes.  The House lords summoned to a secret meeting by Oliveryn also surreptitiously indicate their intention to attend.

Finding the looming Cathedral a disturbing place to stand beneath, Tun Arenson, who managed to find Sparta in the crowd, suggests The Smoking Pipe a better place to hang out and get something to eat, of which Sparta whole-heartedly agrees.  They arrive at The Pipe to find Tuk, the owner and barkeep, waiting with half the place reserved for the group to take as long as they want to eat and talk.

The resurrection of Ringo successful and celebration complete, those that were at The Orphanage say their thank yous and good byes and head back towards the Chicdell estate.

Wintersky: Whoo hoo! Ringo is back.

Legeand, who has been wandering around looking for rumors has found some suspicious hair from a large beast.

Sparta sheds tears of joy.

Legeand sees Ozimius heading south down the main round.

Legeand: Hey, Ozi!

Ozimius grunts.

Ozimius: Where is Wintersky? Any idea?

Legeand: Nope, last I heard she was heading to get the dog resurrected.

Ozimius nods.

Legeand: Where you off too? Got something for you to look at

Ozimius: What did you find?

Legeand shows Ozimius the hairs.

Legeand: Some monster attacked someone in the newer section of the city.

The hairs are dark and very coarse.

Legeand: It was big enough to hit the top of a door frame.

Ozimius studies the hair.

Ozimius: Strange.

Ozimius cannot tell what those hairs came from.

Ozimius: We should show this to Sparta.

Legeand: I thought it might have been a vampire from the story, but when I found these, I was unsure.

Legeand: Some guy got torn apart.

Ozimius: Odd. Very odd.

Ozimius and Legeand here the clopping of a horse and gleeful conversation from just down the road.

Legeand: Oh, and good work with your Sajenese, the rumor is spreading already.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Yea, we enjoyed that.

Ozimius: But more work to do...

Legeand looks up to the sound of the horse hooves.

Legeand spots Wintersky and the others that visited The Orphanage coming up the road.

Legeand: Well, there is Sky.

Ozimius follows Legeand's gaze.

Ozimius: Excellent!

Legeand: Hey, Wintersky!

Sparta and Ringo are frolicking about as they follow the group up the road.

Wintersky: Hey, look. Ringo is back. Is that not the greatest news ever?

Legeand: Good to see! I got a bit of bad news depending on how you see it.

Wintersky: Well, spit it out.

Nyza: Hello! It is so amazing to see, the dog mend and start moving, and he wake up after being dead so long!

Legeand: Hey Sparta, come here and tell me what you think of these.

Legeand holds out the hairs for them to see.

Ozimius: Sparta, I am glad your dog is alive again.

Sparta: Aye, it's a good day.

Ozimius looks at Wintersky.

Legeand: Big enough to hit the top of a door frame and strong enough to tear a man apart.

Sparta: This city would have trembled to its roots had those Visarians had not been able to bring him back to me.

Mask enters the street from an alley.

Mask: I am sure the whole city is happy that Ringo is alive.

Nyza: Although the diamonds look good if Ms. Sky or Nyza wear them instead, me think.

Ozimius: Um, Wintersky? I need a favor.

Legeand: Oh, and Mask too; what luck.

Ozimius nods to Mask.

Sparta and Ringo approach Legeand to get a better look at the hair he holds.

Wintersky: What sort of favor?

Mask nods.

Legeand: Most of the spot was clean, but I managed to find these.

Wintersky: You know I do not make love potions.

Ozimius: Can you talk to a spirit? I must talk to Hezekial.

Nyza: Nyza look at the hair too? It may come from some magical creature that Sparta does not know.

Sparta tries to identify the hair.

Wintersky: I can speak to spirits if they are present. I can call them if they are not, but that takes more time and they do not always come.

Sparta looks at the hairs and gets the impression they are from a worg, but much heavier and coarser.

Legeand: I was out and about listening to the people; this seemed a bit important knowing our luck.

Ozimius: Could you try?

Ozimius nudges Sparta.

Wintersky: Of course I will try. Is it urgent?

Sparta: Hmm, there is something odd about these.

Ozimius (whispers to Sparta): Werewolf?

Wintersky looks around for spirits present.

Sparta: Maybe, but they look more like a worg.

Legeand: A worg?

Legeand: Not common for a city I would think.

Sparta: They're like a wolf, only bigger, smarter and a whole lot meaner.

Ozimius: A worg does not get big enough.

Sparta: They often hang around with orcs and goblins.

Wintersky: Big enough for what.

Ozimius: To touch the top of a door.

Legeand: Well other than this, it seems our spreading of tales has gotten ears and their preparing a event for Oli.

Sparta: No, not unless it's a giant worg.

Ozimius: Wintersky? No luck?

Nyza: Does anybody see what left the hair, Leggy? How does something so big get inside the city?

Legeand: Magic generally and I am not fond of that idea.

Legeand: Or, the caves?

Ozimius: Personaly I prefer the undead. Much more cordial.

Ozimius: Wolves, worgs... You cannot talk to them.

Sparta: Wolves I could talk to

Sparta: Worgs, or these things, guulvorg I think they're called, not so much.

Wintersky: Your grandfather's lieutenant's spirit is not around. It takes some preparation to summon a spirit.

Ozimius: Thank you, Wintersky. I must know if he wants to live again.

Wintersky: How urgently do you need to speak with him?

Oliveryn makes ready the estates as his party were gone for the day.

Ozimius: When you get time. His body is fine for now.

Wintersky: I might need the body to do speak with dead. Or to summon the spirit.

Ozimius: He is at the Blood Cloth.

Nyza: Oh, Mask?

Wintersky: Could you have it brought to the Chicdell estate?

Mask: Yes, Nyza?

Nyza: Do you know many mages in the town? We have many magic items that need to be identified, and Nyza does not have time like me used to.

Ozimius: I can. If he doesnt want to live I will have it brought to the Blood Cloth. He deserves to be with his kind.

Mask: I know a few. The Tower of Lehnbor has many, though I do not know any of them personally.

Wintersky: I think speaking with the spirit would be better in his case, as the body only knows what it knew alive.

An explosion can be heard north and west of where to group has congregated in the street.

Ozimius frowns.

Oliveryn hears and feels the explosion right next door.

Sparta: That can't be good.

Wintersky: What was that?

Ozimius: It was a big BOOM.

Ozimius chuckles.

Legeand: Great, and me without my armor.

Wintersky: Looks around.

Oliveryn can feel the shock wave of the explosion as plaster falls from the ceiling.

Oliveryn: What the hell?

A plume of smoke can be seen rising from the area around Chicdell estate.

Ozimius: Cannot be. I cannot be that lucky.

Nyza: Oh no, maybe a big fire is started too?

Wintersky: Let us go see.

Ozimius heads toward Oliveryn's estate.

Nyza does not seem very upset by that.

Wintersky: Might be your lucky day, Nyza.

Legeand: If we go anywhere, I need my armor.

Ozimius (prays): I hope Elan blew up, I hope Elan blew up...

Oliveryn orders a couple of his guards to check outside.

Nyza: We had better take a look too. After Leggy gets his armor!

Sparta: Yep, we can't have him wandering around half naked.

Sparta: C'mon, Ringo, let's stretch those legs of yours.

Legeand: More like stark naked. I feel so cold!

Guards that were already outside run in to report an explosion where Elan Tower once stood.

Nyza: Well, Oli is still a target, yes? The explosion could be an ambush to draw us out.

Nyza: So better to be prepared, Legeand!

Legeand: Or an after effect of us...

Wintersky follows Ozi at a trot.

Legeand: I brought my sword! It is enough for daily use.

Sparta and Ringo run after Ozimius.

Legeand begins following at a run.

Nyza shrugs then follows the others.

Oliveryn exits his mansion accompanied by his guards to take a look at what is left of the ruins of Elan's tower.

Our heroes rush towards Chicdell estate a feeling of foreboding fills them as they approach.

Legeand: Rushes to the estate, mostly for the lack of armor.

Oliveryn studies the rubble and the surrounding area to see if he sees anyone that might have caused it.

Ozimius sees nothing but the huge cloud of smoke billowing from the Elan estate.

Ozimius continues making his way to the Elan estate

Legeand: Well at least it is Elan's, not Oli's.

Oliveryn looks around to see if anyone else is approaching.

Sparta stops to look around when he arrives at Oliveryn's estate.

Oliveryn sees Sparta coming closer and goes to him.

Oliveryn: Well, it is nice to see Ringo better.

Oliveryn smiles and pats the dog on the head.

Sparta says with a smile, "Yes, I'm feeling a lot better now that Ringo's all better."

The smoke is thick and choking as Ozimius approaches.

Oliveryn: I looks like Elan's Tower fell...but I can't tell how...

Ozimius grins at the smoke and slows, advancing more cautiously.

A roar can be heard back down towards the main road from the Chicdell estate.

Sparta: Mask, didn't you say Elan had a menagerie under the tower?

Legeand: Bad enough, we just ran here; now we got to run back. Wait for me to grab my armor!

Sparta: Maybe the guulvorg escaped from their estate.

Legeand runs into the manor to don his armor.

Miqulius runs up the road looking at the pillar of smoke.

Legeand eventually runs back out strapping on the last of his items.

Luanes soars in on Gaelitae towards the smoke to investigate.

The smoke billows out at Ozimius forcing him back away from the border of the Elan estate.

Ozimius smiles and runs, sprouting dragon wings.

Ozimius leaps into the air.

Wintersky wheels Cinder towards the roar.

Screams can be heard now from the main street.

Legeand: Let us go check that out.

Nyza: 'Kay. You first, Mister Meatshield.

Legeand: Fine by me.

Ozimius grins and waves at Oliveryn as he flies.

Oliveryn smiles and gives Ozimius a salute.

Luanes urges Gaelitae in the direction of the roar.

Ozimius hums, "I can fly!"

Our heroes prepare quickly and begin to approach the road where the roaring and screaming is coming from.

Legeand: That is a big canine.

A massive wolf with spines and overly large, sharp teeth leaps into view.

Luanes draws her sword and shield, preparing for battle.

Legeand draws his owns sword and shield.

Ozimius glides towards the guulvorg above the roofs along the street.

Sparta: Guys, that's what a guulvorg looks like.

Sparta draws his bow and fires a few arrows at the guulvorg.

Sparta: I think I just made him angry.

Miqulius: Nah, he is too stupid to be angry.

Legeand: Nothing more then I will do in a moment.

Sparta: Not that they are ever in a good mood, though.

The beast roars upon being hit by the arrows.

Miqulius slips through the shadows, approaching the beast.

The guulvorg approaches warily seeing weapons drawn.

Oliveryn takes his lute and starts to play music for the group to inspire them.

Nyza shoots a Ray of Flame at the guulvorg.

The flames wash over the beast, but seem to be less effective than expected.

Nyza: Aww, not again!

Legeand charges forward!

Wintersky: Sparta is this a natural beast?

Ozimius: No rain, Wintersky!

Sparta: No, it's magical.

Wintersky chuckles with glee.

Sparta: They were normal wolves once, but not anymore.

The guulvorg mauls Legeand and drives him to the ground.

Legeand: GAH! You bastard!

Mask casts Disintegrate at the guulvorg.

Mask's ray strikes the beast and a huge chunk of it vanishes, causing it to howl.

Legeand: A little closer to my face next time; let us see how well you can hit me too!

T'Krosh dashes closer to Legeand so he can close the man's wounds.

Mask: No worries. I will not hit you, Legeand.

Wintersky: Oh come now, it is not standing on you anymore.

Legeand: I am covered in god damn drool!

T'Krosh casts Deific Vengeance.

A swirling cloud of kobold spirits attack the guulvorg.

Luanes casts Divine Favor.

Luanes reins in Gaelitae allowing the pegasus forward only a few feet.

Wintersky casts Divine Agility shared with SnowShadow, then dismounts Cinder and sends her back down the alley.

Ozimius studies the target floating closer.

Sparta fires another round of arrows at the giant wolf.

Miqulius thrusts his sword at the guulvorg.

Sparta gets frustrated at plunking him with arrows and draws his sword.

The beast bites into Legeand, but the tail slams into the ground breaking flagstones.

Legeand: Gagh, one more time, please!

Oliveryn continues to sing as the battle looks too dangerous for him to do anything else.

Nyza: Grr, how about this then!

Nyza channels a Fireball into a searing spell.

Legeand: Try to leave my hair intact!

This time the fire seems to have a much greater effect, though it did dodge it a bit.

Legeand: Let's dance, worg!

Legeands is sprayed with boiling blood when he slices into the beast.

Legeand: Lord almighty, that is hot!

Mask cast Phantasmal Killer.

A vague ghostly image appears around the guulvorg which yelps and a gash appears in its hide.

T'Krosh casts Cure Critical Wounds on Legeand.

T'Krosh: What, are you going to let a little thing like a giant wolf kill you?

Legeand: Not before I tear its head off.

T'Krosh heals some of Legeand's wounds.

Luanes has Gaelitae do a flyby and attacks as she passes.

Legeand: You know this thing does not smell nice! Hurry up and help kill it already!

Wintersky casts Righteous Might shared with SnowShadow and they grow.

SnowShadow pounces the guulvorg.

The giant panther pounces wildly and tears the guulvorg's throat out with a claw.

The guulvorg drops dead.

T'Krosh: Fighting fire with fire seems to have worked well...a giant panther versus a giant wolf.

Ozimius frowns.

T'Krosh: How are you feeling, human?

SnowShadow yowls her fury at this beast.

Legeand: Tired as hell.

Legeand: I think I might just stay laid down.

T'Krosh: That I cannot fix, but your injuries?

Oliveryn stops playing, luckily the guulvorg did not get through the nine people in front of him.

Legeand: Be my guest.

Wintersky: Sparta, Ringo okay?

Luanes lands and trots up, dismounting gracefully.

The ground trembles in a wave emanating from the direction of the ruins of Elan Tower.

Ozimius: More trouble?

Legeand: If it is a three-story monster, I am not moving.

Wintersky: No, it is probably a three monster story, Legeand.

Sparta looks at the unused sword in his hand and returns it to its sheath.

Legeand: Thank the gods for that.

Legeand moves to a sitting position while T'Krosh continues to cast healing spell on him.

The ground trembles again. Looking back at the Chicdell estate, a glowing sphere of wards surround the mansion.

Wintersky: Hey Oli, what triggers the wards?

Mask: That cannot be good.

Nyza: Is that...bad, Oli? We had better get back before your house explodes.

Sparta: If the house is going to explode, I think I'd rather keep my distance.

Mask: I think Susana is protecting the house.

Luanes: From what?

Oliveryn: I have no clue, I think my mother controls those.

Ozimius: Elan?

Legeand: Protecting it from inside or out?

Oliveryn: I do not know.

Oliveryn looks amazed at what is happening.

Mask: There was a menagerie below the tower, do you think things are escaping?

Wintersky: Yes.

Wintersky: Let us go!

Ozimius follows Wintersky.

Sparta: Are there more of these beasties?

Wintersky whistles for Cinder.

Nyza: Nyza never see one of those wandering around the forest. It must come from the city.

Luanes mounts and urges Gaelitae back into the air.

Legeand: If not more oddities.

Legeand: Wooo!

Oliveryn tunes his lute.

Oliveryn: hmmmm hmmmm hmmm hmmmmm hm hm hm

Oliveryn twists the strings.

Legeand: You should have invested in a flute.

Our heroes approach the smoking ruins of Elan Tower to find a large insectoid exiting the smoke.

Oliveryn: It is possible, but I am not that great with the flute.

Sparta: Well, that ain't natural.

Oliveryn tries to think through his wealth of bardic lore to see if anyone has a song about or talked about a creature like this.

Sparta: Looks like we have more beasties escaping from the menagerie.

Legeand: Well, it has to be something then, cause I can see it!

A wave of cold washes over our heroes as it spots them.

Mask: Ice devil!

Sparta draws his bows and fires several arrows at it.

Ozimius: And me without a sweater...

Legeand: I have fought an ice elemental. This is supposed to scare me?

Nyza: That one was a lot bigger too...

Nyza: Yep, it is an ice devil if Nyza ever see one.

Luanes seems to be concentrating on the creature.

All Sparta's arrows hit the devil, but bounce off its chitinous plates.

Sparta: Well, that didn't do much good.

Sparta: I think it's time for a little fire action.

Legeand: I'm sure its thinking 'hua hua hua ha ha,' your puny wood sticks do nothing to me!'

Nyza: It is still a devil though. Nagav and his allies do not burn when we fight.

Oliveryn begins an inspiring song.

Luanes swoops in on Gaelitae detecting the thing as quite evil and prepares to attack.

Legeand: But you said it was an ice devil...

Ozimius flies up to get into a flanking positions on the devil.

Ozimius studies the creature.

The gelugon makes sweeping gestures as if casting a spell.

Nyza: Great, now we have to kill them too.

Four bony, scorpion-tailed devils begin to materialize.

Oliveryn: Hmmmm.

Mask: Bone devils, too?!

Legeand: All I see is more bodies to pile!

Mask casts Fire Shield (Warm) and appears to self-immolate.

Wintersky casts Divine Power shared and SnowShadow pounces the devil.

Wintersky: Go Shadow!

SnowShadow rips into the devil, managing to some damage.

Legeand: Legs do not fail me now!

Legeand runs as fast as he can.

Nyza: Careful Leggy, the devil is summoning something into the area.

Legeand charges and his blade deflects off of the devil's armor.

Legeand: Gah! if they have any weakness to metal tell me now!

Nyza casts Greater Invisibility on herself and disappears with a low "pop." She then moves across the open ground.

T'Krosh moves up towards the materializing devils.

T'Krosh readies to dispel the summoned creatures when they appear.

Miqulius sprints forward to flank, paralleling Ozimius.

Sparta looks at his useless bow and the materializing devils.

Sparta then casts Entangle, trying not to capture Legeand. The vegetation writhes in a large circle where three of the devils are appearing.

Oliveryn moves and continues playing.

Oliveryn (singing): Come on lets fight my friends until we are victorious, till the bitter end.

Luanes sees the hazy forms, but flies beyond them to smite the great beast.

Legeand (chuckling): I am telling you Oli, a flute, then we do not need to hear your sour dishwater singing!

Oliveryn (singing): Well, my foul dishwater singing is feeling you be more foolish and go out swinging.

Taevon's Mercy flares brightly and strikes large gashes in the devil's head as Luanes flies by.

Legeand: Your rhymes are getting worse, stop getting spoon fed by servants and start working for yourself you spoony bard!

Nyza: What singing do you know? You just yell very loud.

Oliveryn (singing): I wish I was spoon fed, then I would not hurt my delicate hands.

Luanes: Be gone, abomination!

Ozimius: Hey! I do not talk to you like that!

Legeand: You would be surprised what kind of singing you hear in villages. Though some people put on a show after a few drinks!

Gaelitae's hoof clunks the devil in the head to no effect.

Ozimius glides studying the ice devil.

The gelugon defensively casts another spell.

Sparta: me either, just colored boxes

T'Krosh attempts to dismiss the northern bone devils as they appear.

Mask: That is not good. Unholy Aura.

Ozimius: Never thought I would hear you say that, Mask.

Ozimius chuckles.

Sparta: I don't think any of these guys are good.

T'Krosh's dispel seems to have no effect, as the bone devils still stand where the appeared.

Ozimius: Think happy thoughts...Do not be so negative...

Legeand: Oh, this is going to hurt...

A wave of fear rolls over Legeand and SnowShadow, but they resist it.

Legeand: I have been scared worse by a little girl!

The first bone devil retreats out of the entangle and becomes invisible.

The second bone devil retreats from the entangle and lifts into the air in flight.

Sparta: They can fly?

Legeand: I have a question... WHO IS STUPID ENOUGH TO SUMMON A DEVIL TO STORE NEAR A FREAKING CITY! Damn, Elan was bad enough before, Talk about a legacy!

The third bone devil retreats from the entangle, get hacked at by Legeand and attacks Legeand.

...and misses.

The fourth bone devil attacks Miquilius.

...and misses as well.

Mask moves closer to the ice devil and casts Dismissal on the gelugon.

A swirling cloud of green flames engulfs the ice devil as it shrieks and suddenly it is gone.

Legeand: Thanks, Mask!

Mask (jumping around): It worked! It worked!

Wintersky fires arrows from Blessed Black. SnowShadow pounces a bone devil.

Sparta: Good job, Mask!

Nyza: It is probably better that nobody can see Nyza's expression when Mask says that.

Three arrows pierce the fourth bone devil.

Legeand hacks away at the bone devil as hard as he can, but does not seem to damage it.

Nyza lobs a Dispel Magic at the last known location of the northernmost bone devil.

The spell does not reveal the invisible bone devil.

Miqulius attacks the devil assaulting him.

Miqulius' sword seems to have little effect on the bone devil.

Sparta dismisses the Entangle spell.

Sparta looks about at his array of weapons and draws his dagger.

Sparta: Well Grandpa, I think you are the only thing I have left that might make a dent in those damned devils. Care to give it a go?

Manitowoc: Certainly.

Oliveryn moves and continues to sing.

Luanes takes off after the flying devil having Gaelitae wingover and dive at it, giving it a solid hit with Taevon's Mercy.

Ozimius sighs and swoops down to strike the devil attacking his cohort.

T'Krosh (quietly): The mage will not upstage me...

T'Krosh incants another Dispel Magic hoping to break the summons.

The area dispel manages to avoid friends and dispels the summons on the devils, which disappear.

Sparta: Three down and two to go.

The first devil appears and charges Oliveryn.

The devil bites Oliveryn hard.

The flying bone devil attacks Luanes, biting, clawing and stinging.

Luanes feels the weight of her equipment at the devil's poison flows into her.

Mask casts Disintegrate at the bone devil attacking Oliveryn, the ray drilling a hole in her target.

SnowShadow runs up the tree and pounces on the flying devil.

Wintersky fires more arroes from Blessed Black.

The devil hit by the arrows and pounced on by the cat disintegrates in a cloud of putrid dust.

Legeand sword transforms into a bow as he draws an arrow from his quiver. He fires several at the devil attacking Oliveryn.

Nyza risks giving her position away by speaking.

Nyza: Is it bad, Oli?

Oliveryn: Not that bad. I am still good...I think.

Nyza: Anywhere near that thing is bad!

Nyza casts Greater Invisibility on Oliveryn as well. And if Mask, the kobold-hater, becomes the closest target, so much the better.

Miqulius runs up to join battle with the last devil.

Sparta rides Ringo up to the remaining devil swinging Manty's Heirloom.

Manitowoc: Woooo Hoooo!

The dagger leaves Sparta's hand and whips up to the neck of the devil and lops of its head.

Sparta: Woah, Grandpa!

Wintersky: Well, that is a very cool trick.

Manitowoc floats back down to Sparta.

Legeand: Is that all their monstrocities down there or are we going to be fighting all day?

Manitowoc: That was fun. Haven't done that in centuries.

Nyza: There are many monsters left in this city.

Sparta looks amazed at the dagger in his hand.

Wintersky: Wow, I thought that the necks of these things were bigger than the length of your dagger.

Oliveryn: Silently looks in shock at the towering demon stepping from the smoke.

Darzagon: That was impressive.

Sparta: Thank you?

Legeand: And you would be?

Wintersky: Mask is there anything else in the basement zoo?

Darzagon: I am Darzagon.

Mask: Hopefully that is the last.

Legeand: Well, considering you have not attacked us yet, you wish to talk I assume?

Darzagon: For the moment.

Darzagon eyes the elven paladin on the pegasus with a smirk.

Wintersky: What do you want?

Legeand: That would be reassuring...

Luanes urges Gaelitae down.

Oliveryn steps out into the open before the beasty, though still invisible.

Darzagon: The usual, to ruin an Arcaner's life.

Legeand: Who is the Arcaner?

Darzagon: Yes, the cataclysm prophets.

Nyza: That sounds like any of us.

Luanes lands and dismounts, walking out from behind the tree.

Legeand: Mask, do you know who that is?

Legeand: We are not prophets, we are prophesied.

Mask: Arcaners? Do you mean Isildul's Arcaners?

Darzagon: The very same.

Legeand: That good or bad, Mask?

Mask: Oh, that would be bad.

Legeand: Oh...figures as much.

Mask: But, there are no Arcaners in Troll's Bridge.

Wintersky: Does he mean you?

Mask: Heavens, no.

Luanes: It would be wise for you to return to whatever dismal plane from which you came.

Darzagon: No, I am after Mystol at the moment, indirectly.

Sparta: Who's Mystol?

Luanes hardens her expression.

Wintersky: I do not think I will allow you to ruin someones life.

Darzagon: You may try.

Luanes: What do you want with Mystol?

Legeand: And to think me and Ozi are the bloodlusty ones in the group.

Darzagon: You, Luanes Alaphasus.

Wintersky draws Blessed Black.

Luanes blinks.

Luanes resumes her hardened gaze.

Luanes keeps her sword in front of her, defensively.

Wintersky: You best be going now.

Legeand: Why is it you want her and for what end?

Nyza: Luanes is with us. Nobody is going to ruin her.

A leaf-cloaked figure steps from the trunk of a nearby tree.

Luanes: You...

Darzagon: Ah, the mother arrives to protect her child.

Meliamonee: Of course.

Mystol Alaphasus: She is not alone.

Luanes is shocked.

Legeand: And the party guests keep on coming...

A briliant light shines above the scene.

Sparta: Well, quite the reunion, time for a feast.

Oliveryn steps out of Nyza's invisibility.

Luanes looks up.

Meliamonee: I suggest you all run.

Luanes: ...but...

Wintersky: Perhaps we do not want to invite all present, Sparta.

Darzagon: Yes, run kiddies before the Master of Mythals catches you in his destruction.

Oliveryn: The Master of Mythals?

Legeand: If any more information comes head will explode...

Wintersky: Is that your proper name?

Luanes: I will not cower before evil!

Darzagon: Sure, he is an elven high mage...are you not, Mystol.

Oliveryn: Mystol?

Nyza: Still invisible, Nyza walks beside Luanes.

Sparta not one to turn tail and run, he is not sure he wants to be here right now.

Mystol Alaphasus (booming): Hold your tongue, demon!

The light subsides and a robed elf descends from the sky.

Mystol Alaphasus: I will have to change my approach, it seems.

Wintersky: Now who has joined us?

Darzagon cannot seem to speak any longer.

Meliamonee: Luanes, this evil will be for you to battle another day, dear.

Wintersky: Well, let us send it packing then and get on with the reunion.

Sparta mumbles, "Well, that's reassuring."

Legeand: You know, for someone born on a farm, you would think all this would be beyond me, but since I met you guys, I have come across dragons, devils, demons, mages, elves, fey, beatles tall as a house, but gods forbid if it gets any easier!

Darzagon begins to advance and Mystol aims a beam of golden light at the demon.

Oliveryn: And vampires.

Legeand: And vampires... and ghosts...

Wintersky fires her arrows, which bounce off an invisible barrier feet from the demon.

T'Krosh: You seem to handle yourself well enough, Legeand.

Meliamonee: Please, escape before the power needed to banish this demon is released.

Luanes: But, I...

Luanes grumbles.

Luanes: Very well.

Oliveryn decides it might be best to leave, even though this kind of evil should not be let loose.

Sparta: I think it's time to go find some dinner.

Wintersky moves back away from the fiend.

Mystol Alaphasus: We will meet you after the mayor's speech.

Luanes nods, upset at having to leave.

Sparta turns to Oliveryn, "Your grandpa's giving a speech"?

Legeand: Yea...I forgot to mention that.

Legeand: They are prepring for a huge speech.

The beam of light intensifies.

Wintersky is upset at leaving.

Sparta: I think that's our cue.

Oliveryn: I guess so.

Wintersky: Come on, Luanes, we best go now.


Oliveryn: But best to leave and talk about this later.

Legeand: Aye.

Nyza: Agreed!

Luanes sheathes her sword.

Sparta rides Ringo off the battlefield.

Luanes calls for Gaelitae.

Wintersky runs beside Cinder and SnowShadow.

Meliamonee moves to begin ushering away our heroes, "Go, we will be along."


Luanes mounts Gaelitae.

Mystol Alaphasus: Meliv abelie emizta belifa!

Luanes: Nyza...would you like to ride with me?

Legeand begins following the others watching behind at the battle.

Wintersky: Hey, what spell is that?

Nyza doesn't answer, instead teleporting herself a good 1,000 feet away (but within sight).

A sphere of sparking blackness surrounds Darzagon.

Wintersky: OOOH!

Luanes launches into the sky.

Sparta: From a safe distance, Sparta turns to watch the battle.

T'Krosh runs like hell.

Mask teleports away.

The black sphere suddenly contracts.

A moment later a shockwave sweeps through the area knocking down people and stripping the leaves from the trees.

A flash of light follows the shockwave and then everything is quiet.

Legeand: Well...another interesting battle.

Sparta: This is truly an evil city.

Luanes: ....

Legeand: Evil...maybe not...wicked for sure.

Nyza sighs and begins the slow walk back to the others.

Mystol Alaphasus and Meliamonee appear down on the main road at the intersection with the road into the castle ward.

Sparta dusts himself off and rides down to meet the elven lords.

Mystol Alaphasus: Come along, friends. You will miss the mayor's address.

Oliveryn follows, wondering if he needs to be in a certain area with the other Lords.

Sparta: What, already? But fighting makes me hungry.

Legeand follows after sheathing his Cleaverbow.

Legeand: Grab a snack on the way then.

T'Krosh: If it is a problem, I have some summonable field rations.

Sparta: Maybe we can find a street vendor.

Luanes follows.

Sparta: Thanks, T'krosh, but I shan't pass out just yet.

Mystol Alaphasus casts a spell to tidy up everyone along the way.

Our heroes enter the city's main square that has filled with citizens of all walks of life. The steward who escorted the group to the first meeting with Hardun takes Oliveryn by the arm and leads him towards a stage that has been erected in front of The Cathedral. Lord Random approaches Wintersky. Ellengia Homaris approaches Luanes.

Oliveryn: Well, it looks like everything is in place for tonight?

Wintersky: Good evening, Lord Random.

Nyza and T'Krosh attend in kobold form, but they stick very close to their companions.

Lord Random: His Lordship, the Mayor, wishes you to join him on the stage to be recognized for saving his grandson's life. If you would please follow me.

Sparta looks for something to eat.

High Priestess Homaris: The Mayor would like you to join him on the stage to be recognized for your efforts leading the arrest and conviction of several criminals. He will not recognize you for what your actual mission is, but he needs to show you proper respect to remain in the good graces of the Emperor.

Wintersky: Great, just what I always wanted to be noticed by a vampire.

Lord Random gives Wintersky a concerned look.

Sparta: Can't see anything among all these big folk.

Wintersky: It makes me twitchy.

Legeand: meanders though the crowd...seeing as he is in full armor with enough weapons for a small army...

Oliveryn, Wintersky and Luanes are led up onto the stage.

Luanes seems to be a bit shocked, then she looks to the priestess, smiling graciously.

Oliveryn puts a winning smile on his face as he is led up onto the stage.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell appears at the podium on the stage.

Wintersky: Had I known, I could have dressed nicer.

Oliveryn bows slightly to Hardun.

Luanes inclines her head respectfully.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell smiles at Oliveryn.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell: Welcome and a good evening to you all, Citizens of Troll's Bridge. Tonight marks the seven-month anniversary of my installment as Mayor of this fine city of The Almebezbikian Empire.

The crowd filling the plaza applauds. Hardun continues as the applause subsides.

Sparta stops his fruitless search for food to listen to the mayor.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell: I am long overdue in addressing the fine folk of this city and tonight I will give the state of things as they stand since taking office. But first, let me extend my gratitude to The Grotesque for his assistance during my first months in office and this venue in front of this great cathedral.

Wintersky shudders slightly at his words.

The mayor begins with his rosy outlook on the economy, which includes a "mild" concern of increased labor costs for the short term that will ultimately make Troll's Bridge stronger among the trade cities of The Empire. [This is an oblique reference to the recently freed slaves and makes no comment on the social aspects of abolishing slavery.]

Wintersky looks nonplussed.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell: Next, I would like to elaborate on the dissolution of the Council of Houses.

Oliveryn keeps on smiling like all the other Lords.

A murmur of discontent spreads through the throng.

Nyza listens closely, more out of a scholarly interest in how the mayor delivers his speech.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell: Initially an unpopular decision that met with violent resistance, this has proven to be visionary on my part, as evidence of extreme corruption has come to light. This has included treachery, graft, extortion and murder, including the assassination of my grandson, Oliveryn, at the hands of mercenaries hired by a House that will remain unnamed.

Gasps and cries of shock and dismay leap from the crowd. Hardun calls for silence and calm with a gentle raising of his hand.

Legeand mumbles, "Mostly because their afraid of being crushed."

Luanes looks slightly uncomfortable in front of all these people.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell: My sincere thanks to the Teton Ambassador, Wintersky, for being in proximity of Oli to revive him before his spirit entered Zodyu's domain.

Sighs of relief filter through the people. The mayor's steward awards Wintersky a medal while the crowds applaud.

Oliveryn nods slighty to Wintersky, all statesman like.

Sparta 'hrmmphs' at Zodyu's mention.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell: I also recognize Lady Luanes Ilrya, wearer of The Laurel of the Deity King, for her tenacity in exposing corruption within the Houses and bringing to justice several vigilantes at great personal risk to herself.

Wintersky bows slightly to Oliveryn.

The mayor's steward awards Luanes a medal and the crowds applaud again.

Sparta hops about trying to see Miss 'Sky and Luanes on stage.

Luanes bows, accepting the medal.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell: I wish to thank several factions behind the scenes that have worked cooperatively for successfully preventing any further harm coming to my grandson. For reasons of the city's security, I will not ask them to come forward at this time.

The mayor claps and the throngs follow suit, though lacking their previous enthusiasm.

Somewhere Ozimius growls not being able to locate Baezoran.

Legeand (mumbling): Like the crowd cannot tell.

Wintersky scans the crowd.

Sparta looks about to see how sincere the applause is.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell: Now I would like to introduce my grandson, Lord Oliveryn Chicdell-Witson, my heir and lord of House Chicdell.

Hardun turns to Oliveryn beckoning him forward. The crowd erupts with cheers and applause.

Oliveryn waves to the crowd clapping and thanking his grandfather.

Luanes claps along with the crowd, still appearing a little uncomfortable.

Sparta claps energetically for Lord Oliveryn.

Oliveryn: Thank you, everyone. Thank You.

Oliveryn waves to the crowd.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell: His efforts, along with those of his capable associates, have secured the well-being of all in Troll's Bridge.


Mayor Hardun Chicdell: It is through his plans that troublesome and traitor noble Houses have been brought low in the last several days.


Mayor Hardun Chicdell: His political skills, though he would prefer to perform and see more of the world, have been instrumental in seeing to the amicable relations with the other Houses.

More cheers!

Mayor Hardun Chicdell: Through the demonstration of his skill, I have appointed him Lieutenant Mayor of Troll's Bridge.

Another eruption of cheers and applause!

Oliveryn looks taken aback, but still smiles.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell turns and shakes his grandson's hand.

Oliveryn takes his grandfather's hand and shakes it as well.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell turns back to the crowds, raising his arms for silence.

Mayor Hardun Chicdell: As promised, there will be a parade and festival to be held on Mid-Summer's Eve.

Sparta: Hey Nyza, can you believe all this hot air?

Nyza: It is much welcome, yes. And Nyza is not even responsible for it.

Sparta looks confused.

Cheers and applause carry over any other speaking from the podium and Hardun waves to the crowds before making his way off the stage.

Sparta: Eh, maybe I can find some dinner now.

Oliveryn wonders what new powers he just got from becoming Lt. Mayor.