Pentatina 25, 1000 PC

Post date: Mar 26, 2010 3:5:21 AM

As part of Oli's plot to take control of Troll's Bridge's government, he had the rebel "leader" Eregard summon all of the house lords together. No, not to kill them in one strike. Although that would have easily started a revolution if we could have blamed it on the mayor, I think.

Oli wanted the meeting to happen in the most secure setting possible, so he had me create an extradimensional mansion with a magical scroll. I've always wanted to use this spell too! The property persists for an entire day, so I could live comfortably forever inside of one... if I only knew the spell myself. It would be too redundant though, what with the new city Sparta and I are making. That should be home enough! And if we get rich enough, we'll make our own real castle, mwahaha!

The meeting did not go entirely as planned. As the guests were filing into the mansion's portal, an assassin came for Eregard's head. Much confusion followed after the assassin used a darkness-inducing spell, but I managed to dispel it quickly. With his ability to hide compromised, we were able to take the attacker as a prisoner. As always, that meant a death sentence for him. Why do our prisoners never survive too long? He would have made for a fine laborer - only long enough to pay for his crime, of course! At least this time we got some information from him before he passed on. I was expecting Mask and T'Krosh to be good at extracting information, but Leggy too? That was a surprise.

It was hard to follow the conversation between all the human nobles, but it seemed like they left happy. I suppose that's a good sign, but then again, humans can be very devious at hiding their emotions when they choose to be.

Eregard's guests enjoy an otherworldly meal.