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Dodecitina 24, 1000 PC

Lukinvor and Eins und Zwei give advice and gifts to help our heroes before they send them on their way to slay Hardun.

The heroes make there way into the ruined castle and quickly find their way into the dungeons. The gain access to the lower levels where they vanquish four vampires.

After finding a shaft with a staircase leading into the depths below the city, Legeand and then Luanes are possessed by a demon while trying open a portcullis.

After Aifos uses Kurtulmak's iron scale to neutralize the demon an inadvertently strengthening T'Krosh's scales, the heroes find a room with statues of the original council members of Troll's Bridge's council with various time place on them that are out of place for the given member, except the one that became a vampire.

Hardun makes his presence known and the heroes quickly engage him in the crypt in the deepest parts of the dungeon. The vampire puts up a tough fight using powers a typical aristocrat would not normally possess. In the end, Sparta with Manty's Heirloom decapitate the vampire, fulfilling an ancient promise by one of Sparta's distant ancestors.

Lukinvor: You only have a short time to accomplish the destruction of the vampire.

Zwei: We do not want Zodyu wondering why you are all so quiet.

Legeand: Define how short, would you? Short enough to fiddle with traps or should we just bowl though?

Eins: Seeing the traps will speed things up...

Zwei: Before they get you if you do decide to just run through them.

Legeand: If they can get us.

Zwei: For you they may just bounce off.

Nyza: Heh.

Nyza: Nyza think we know who is going first, then.

Celesta: Not me.

Legeand: I do have the capability, as long as they are not too damaging.

Aifos: We do not want him frenzying prematurely.

Dale: Maybe we'll let you go first then Legeand, or not.

Wintersky: I will ask for a miracle as soon as we are in.

Legeand: Any spells to boost my resistance over my ward diamond might help.

Elenia: I have the glass to detect the traps.

Legeand: If the traps are arrows, they might not even hit me, as long as I do not run.

Dale: Lady Lukinvor, we came prepared to battle dragon's not vampires today. We are ill prepared to take on Oli's grandfather. Since time is of the essence, is there anything you can do to help us?

Eins: That would be our other gift.

Elenia raises an eyebrow.

The Twins begin to float and move in a circle surrounding the group.

They accelerate quickly and are just a blur for a few moments and then stop abruptly.

Zwei laughs, "I always like doing that"

Nyza looks curiously at her own arms, trying to figure out what changed.

Eins frowns.

Sparta: What happened?

Lukinvor: It is a manner of speaking. Prepare what you need for the upcoming mission.

Wintersky smiles.

Dale: Thank you.

Grinning Legeand shrugs, "I am ready as is, so I will leave you guys to get your other gear."

Dale: There are several natural spells that can help us with the traps as well.

Eins nods, "You are healed and rested. Choose your spells and actions wisely."

A gong rings out.

Elenia: Dinner?

Lukinvor: The first bell has passed. You must go quickly.

Eins: The vampire that was once Hardun Chicdell must be destoyed before the third bell finishes ringing.

The ring of the gong can still be made out echoing, but is fading fast.

Sparta: Thank you, Lady Lukinvor. Your magic aided me greatly on my travels and it will again today.

Sparta turns to his friends

Sparta: Heroes, are you ready for battle?

Wintersky: Oh, Great Spirit I beseech you protect us as we go forth on this mission. Save us from the preditations of the undead by granting all of us life's grace.

Legeand: Ready to slaughter and fight.

Luanes: I stand by my friends.

Wintersky: Now I am ready.

Aifos: Slaying undead is much more preferable than dragons to me.

Celesta: Let us destroy the fiend.

Sparta begins casting spells upon himself and Ringo.

Celesta turns toward the castle stiffly.

Wintersky: Let us hurry.

As the heroes turn toward the castle, they realize they only need to will themselves toward it and they quickly float into the ruins.

The group rematerializes within the crumbling audience chamber.

Celesta: What a mess.

Dale: There will be time to rebuild this when it's all over.

Legeand: If not just remove this place and start from scratch; be rid of any evil; Right?

Celesta: On top of everything else in this city.

Nyza: Oli will have his hands full, especially once Hardun is gone.

Aifos: Oli will need to keep a low profile after using the orb.

Legeand: Very low.

Sparta: Only the castle's inhabitants were evil, Lukinvor built it long ago.

Celesta: Evil has been living here every since, however.

Legeand: They say Evil has a taint that scars the land.

Dale: With care and tending, the land can be healed.

Celesta: Maybe Oli will turn it around again. He was one of the good folk once.

Aifos: So, we need to get into the dungeons from here...which way?

Sparta casts jump and freedom of movement on himself and shares them with Ringo.

Celesta: I can lead you to the entrance of the dungeons, but then Legeand really needs to be in front.

Luanes casts aura of glory.

T'Krosh: So, follow the mage.

Celesta leads the group to the entrance of the dungeons.

Dale: How large are the dungeon halls? Can I pass through as a mammoth?

Much of the castle is damaged and the passages are choked with debris.

Legeand: Dungeons, by the word, are small and cramped.

Celesta: They are too narrow for mammoths.

Celesta: Judging from the damage, Legeand may have to bust his way through in some places.

Legeand: That will be fine, I am strong enough.

Legeand: Question is will that trap glass help me at all?

Dale: Elenia, would you care to go second? I can follow close behind.

T'Krosh: You don't seem one for subtlety. Can you be patient enough to use it?

Elenia looks throught the glass then hands it to Legeand.

Legeand: I can.

Elenia: Try it snd see Leggy.

Dale: Or that works too.

Legeand takes the glass and tries to use it.

Elenia: I will go second.

Elenia: I can spot traps.

Celesta: Do you know what to look for, Legeand? Will you know a trap if you see one through the lens?

Legeand: I have some sense of what traps look like. plates, switches, triggers.

Legeand: Magical ones will elude me I am sure.

Nyza: Elenia knows what to look for. Give her the glass and she can just follow close behind you.

Celesta: I have an idea. I know where a trap is that we do not need to set off along the way. We can test it.

Legeand: Best she follow close then.

Elenia: Best you block me with your big burly body.

Legeand hands the glass back to Elenia and chuckles, "I will switch out my armor if the passages get too tight. Thankfully, this necklace allows it to be quick."

Elenia takes the glass and scans through it.

Elenia: Go, big man.

Elenia, for the moment, sees no traps.

Legeand takes the lead and starts down the passway.

The group begins pushing their way through the rubble down into the dungeons.

It is a tight squeeze getting down into the dungeon when they find an intact hallway lined with doors.

Elenia scans again through the glass.

Elenia sees that all the doors are glowing when viewed through the monocle.

Elenia: Stop, Leggy.

Legeand: What do you see?

Elenia: Look through the glass.

Legeand takes the glass and examines around him closely.

Legeand sees that the doors are glowing.

Legeand: This is odd, glowing doors. Trapped or just runed?

Elenia: All the doors were glowing do you see it?

Dale: Can I look through?

Legeand: There is not much room to let everyone in to examine them.

Elenia: Can you squeeze up here?

Legeand: Shall we just head part way down and ignore the doors until everyone is at least in here?

Elenia looks at the nearest door carefully.

Dale changes shape to a small animal and squeeze through.

Legeand: Or dale can do that; glad you are small.

Legeand: These hallways are tight, but enough for two aside. Still tight mind you.

Elenia: Legeand, let me use the glass to look carefully.

Legeand: I will just take a few steps down to the first doors.

Elenia looks at the doors.

Elenia is positive the doors are trapped, but will only be a problem if opened.

Elenia: I think the traps will only be a problem if we want to open the doors.

Legeand: All things considered. we probably need to check every room if we are smart.

Elenia: Move back; I will try to disarm it.

To Legeand, the doors look like cell doors and have little barred portals.

Legeand: You know this looks more like a prison with these doors.

Legeand: They all have small barred portals in them.

Elenia: Yeah, wait a second.

Elenia casts detect undead.

Dale: Can you see through the portals?

Legeand: I rather not stick my eye near them.

Luanes: Are they barred for a reason?

Elenia: We need to hurry, remember.

Legeand: To hold in, or out?

Legeand notices that the doors are barred on the outside to keep prisoners in.

Nyza: Want me to wall off the doors?

Elenia detects no undead within range.

Legeand: Hmm... Well their made to hold people in.

Legeand: So, I think we would be safe to explore the hall first.

Elenia: There are no undead with in sixty feet of me. Let us go find Hardun.

Celesta (distantly): So, what is the hold up?

Elenia: Cells.

Legeand: Let me take a stroll about fifteen feet or so, just watch and make sure I do not explode.

Legeand walks to the next doors.

A moment later, Elenia follows.

Celesta (distantly): The doors are the traps I mentioned. Let us just pass them.

Dale moves closer to Elenia to let more squeeze in.

Legeand: You say that now, wizard, but what if they are able to let something bad out behind us?

Dale resumes her halfling shape.

Elenia: Nyza will flame it.

Legeand: And if it is immune to fire?

Elenia: Undead?

Legeand: I think it is best to take a little time to make sure they are not too bad.

Nyza (distantly): Nyza can burn things immune to fire!

Dale: Luanes, do you want to switch places with Ringo?

Elenia: Come on, I will lead.

Elenia: Though I like it better when big strong man is in front.

Elenia scans for traps and tries to sense undead.

Elenia sees the passage is blocked by a heavy portcullis.

Elenia: Heavy gate.

Legeand: Look trapped at all?

Celesta: Oh, Hells. Why is that down?

Elenia looks through glass.

Dale: Is there a release?

To Elenia the portcullis glows faintly as though it is a dormant trap (since it is down).

Legeand: How strong does it look?

Elenia: Looks like it is a sprung trap.

Wintersky: Where are the monsters to chew us up?

Legeand: Mind if I test lift it?

Celesta moves up to one of the doors.

Elenia: Try.

Celesta smirks.

Legeand: Tries to lift the porticullis.

The portcullis does not budge.

Nyza: Psst, Mask. Can you zap it?

Celesta: Do not hurt yourself, Legeand.

Legeand: I will not.

Elenia looks for the counterweight release.

Celesta: The mechanism for lifting it is behind this trapped door.

Legeand: Can you tell what kind of trap?

Celesta: Not sure, they are...were changed regularily.

Dale: I think I can fit through.

Elenia: Then what?

Dale changes to an air elemental.

Dale: I can fly through and change into something stronger to lift the gate from the other side.

Celesta: Let us just get this door untrapped and lift it conventionally.

Elenia heads back to Celesta.

Celesta moves back a bit.

Elenia looks through the glass and tries to disable the device.

Even having never disabled a trap before, Elenia manages to fumble through it and disable the scything blade trapping this door without injuring herself.

Elenia: It is done.

Elenia attempts, again, to detect undead.

The door swings open revealing a crank. It is corroded, but probably still functional.

Elenia still senses no undead.

Sparta: I can give it a crank.

Elenia: Strength is not my strong point.

Legeand: Need me to return?

Celesta: Legeand. It always took the biggest, burliest guard to turn this crank.

Elenia: Heads to the gate.

Legeand: Well, most guards around here are not as burly, so let me see.

Sparta lets Legeand in near the crank.

With a great deal of effort, Legeand manages to start cranking up the portcullis.

Celesta: Ah, you might not want to stand too close. There might be something waiting.

Legeand: You never know, maybe the floor will attack.

Sparta readies his bow.

Sparta: C'mon Ringo, our turn up front.

Elenia continues checking for undead and more traps.

Luanes: If something is waiting and it bears ill will, I would rather be the first one it sees.

The portcullis slowly lifts, revealing a sloping passage leading deeper into the dungeon.

Dale: Elenia, do you see anything?

Elenia: Checking.

Elenia: Nothing yet.

Nyza: The kobolds start bringing up the rear, cautiously looking at each door before passing.

Wintersky: After you, Celesta.

The passage leads into oppressive darkness even with Legeand's gleaming armor lighting the way.

Elenia suddenly detects undead.

Elenia: Undead about.

Legeand: Good, let them come.

Dale: Do we want more light?

Elenia: Yes.

Dale casts daylight.

Luanes casts holy sword.

Legeand draws his blade.

Wintersky draws Blessed Black.

Dale: Don't go in there!

Elenia can see two vampires.

Elenia fiddles with several holy symbol secreted about her body find Armee's.

T'Krosh (to Nyza): There seems to be some commotion up front.

Elenia: Vampires!!

Legeand: Dark spawn, ready for your doom?!

Sparta lets loose with a volley of arrows.

Dale casts sunburst inside the room.

Angry shrieks fill the room.

Ferocious slips past Elenia and charges the one directly in front of him with a pounce.

The vampire bobs and weaves avoiding the lions mauling attacks.

A vampire rounds the corner and slams Legeand, but has no effect.

Legeand grins wickedly.

Another vampire rounds the corner and slams Legeand hard.

Celesta floats up and forward and fires a bolt of arcane energy over everyone into the vampire Ferocious attacked.

Elenia: Turn foul creatures!

The vampire closest to Elenia cringes and begins to back away.

The vampire that dodged Ferocious flys at Elenia.

The vampire tries to pummel Elenia, but Elenia avoids the blows.

Legeand's sword sings as it slices repeatedly at the vampires near him causing one to explode with necromatic enery.

The vampires in the blast heal and shed the effects of the turning.

Wintersky moves around the corner and casts sunbeam, but holds it since it will strike her friends as well as enemies..

The vampire still in the chamber charges Legeand and hits him hard.

Aifos moves up casting a spell on his rapier.

Luanes casts knight's move and smites the vampire.

Luanes: Be gone, you vile creature!!!

Luanes: By the might of Visaria!

Nyza rounds the corner and shouts, "Heads up!" She then immediately fires off a fireball into the frontlines, not giving much time for anyone to get out of the way.

T'Krosh flaps his way into the fray. Once he gets there, he lays a healing touch on the closest vampire.

T'Krosh: Blasted vampires are fast... how do you hit these monsters, Legeand?

Legeand: All Things Slaughter Before Me!

Sparta launches another volley of arrows into the fray.

T'Krosh looks cockeyed at the barbarian.

Dale summons a firestorm upon the two further vampires.

The flanked vampire explodes, healing the other two.

Dale in elemental form, flies over Legeand as a whirlwind.

Ferocious will move up beside Dale to pounce the vampire and flank it with Legeand.

Celesta floats along the ceiling and blasts a vampire with arcane fire again.

The vampire explodes.

Celesta (whispering to Elenia): Prepare to stop Legeand.

Elenia moves out of the narrow hallway and holds calm emotions readied to cast on Legeand.

The remaining vampire swipes at Elenia as she moves passed.

Legeand continues his bloody assault on the remain vampire.

Wintersky releases a sunbeam at the vampire.

The final vampire explodes.

Wintersky: Yea!

The vampires corpses burst into flames as they fall and gutter there for a while before turning to ash due to the daylight spell.

A passage leads to the right out of the room resuming a steep decline into the earth.

Legeand looks down the hallway.

Legeand: This way down.

Sparta looks around a bit to see if they are missing anything.

T'Krosh: It can't be a dead end.

Dale: It's only a dead end for the vampires, T'krosh. Let's follow Legeand.

Elenia: I'll watch for traps.

T'Krosh nods decisively.

Celesta: I have a true seeing up as well.

Dale: Me too.

Wintersky: Into the bowels, then.

Legeand leads the way through the arch and our heroes travel deeper below the city.

The passage twists and turns while descending, eventually leading to a shaft with a stairway doubling back and forth below, leading even deeper into the ground.

Sparta tries to resist the urge to kick a pebble down the shaft to see how deep it is.

At the bottom of each section of stairs is a narrow passage skirting the shaft. The third level down is lined with bookshelves and presents a passage leading out at the level of this floor.

Legeand: Elenia? You coming?

Elenia: Coming.

Dale: Ferocious, you stay back a ways. Protect Nyza.

Sparta: I'll go next, if you don't mind, Celesta.

Sparta: C'mon Ringo, keep up boy. You don't want to fall behind down here.

Legeand sees by the light of his armor that the corridor is blocked by a portullis.

Legeand: Well, we got a little blockage up here.

Elenia: Is that to keep us out or the nasties in, I wonder?

A gong sounds loudly, echoing up and down the shaft.

Dale: Probably both.

Wintersky: We must hurry.

Dale: Legeand, can you open it?

Luanes: Is it trapped?

Aifos: That was the second ring, I believe.

Legeand: Open it... Not sure. remember how tough the last one was.

Elenia looks for traps.

Sparta looks around the room for a lever to operate the portcullis.

Legeand sees that the portcullis is well maintained.

Nyza wonders if an apocalyptic blast would reach the party down here.

Legeand looks for traps while commenting, "This gate is very well maintained, it is not going to move easily, I think."

Dale: Is it wooden?

Elenia sees that the portcullis is coated with a glossy liquid.

Sparta finds no levers.

Legeand: Hmm, let me give this a lift.

Elenia: Wait!

Sparta: I don't see anything back here to open the door.

Legeand: Wait?

Elenia: The portcullis is coated with something, poison maybe.

Nyza: "Break it down!" Nyza calls from the rear.

Legeand: Think I can resist it?

Elenia: Do not know.

Dale: I could try burning it.

Dale tries to be helpful.

Elenia: Then we would get to breathe it.

Legeand: Do any of you have anything to cure poison?

Dale: I can create water, will it wash away?

T'Krosh: Yes, let me get up there.

Legeand: T'Krosh can cure me then, should be fine.

Nyza seems disconcerted that T'Krosh is leaving her side, but she does not stop him.

Elenia: Okay, go for it.

Legeand leans down and attempts to lift the portcullis.

As Legeand touches the portcullis, the fluid quickly slides from the iron, engulfing him and then vanishing.

Legeand falls to the floor writhing.

T'Krosh moves to Legeand to neutralize the poison.

Legeand falls into a catatonic state, trapped in the reliving of Chelsia's betrayal and death.

Legeand's perspective is from Chelsia's as Legeand might imagine it.

T'Krosh casts neutralize poison on Legeand.

T'Krosh's remedy seems to have no effect.

Legeand continues to writhe on the cold stone floor.

T'Krosh: Uhm... This might be a problem.

Dale: I have another neutralize poison, but I doubt it will work any better.

Wintersky: Let me up there.

T'Krosh shuffles past the others and returns to Nyza's side. He shrugs when he gets there.

Wintersky casts panacea.

Luanes: Perhaps a disease? I can try to remove the disease...or is it a curse?

Wintersky: Panancea should help disease.

Luanes: I have a spell that I could try.

The dark fluid latches onto Wintersky's outstretched hand, but she manages to shake it off.

Wintersky: Try not to touch him.

Luanes casts break enchantment.

Dale sees, besides the fluid now coating Legeand beneath his armor, there appears to be a faint cloud around him as well.

Dale: Don't get to close to him, he is encased in some kind of vapor.

Luanes: Elenia, you should probably back away.

Luanes spell seems to have an effect, though it is unknown if it is good or not as Legeand stops writhing and stiffens.

Luanes: Legeand, can you hear me?

Legeand continues to dream.

Nyza whispers to T'Krosh, "Can you raise dead too?"

Legeand remains unresponsive,

T'Krosh nods.

Dale: Perhaps dispel magic?

Luanes: I have that spell, as well.

Celesta: What is going on up there? We are running out of time.

Celesta: Let us see what kind of magic first...may I come forward?

Luanes: Please. This is more likely your area, but be careful.

Luanes: It looks to be contagious, like a disease.

Celesta moves into the corridor well enough to view Legeand.

Wintersky: A disease should have been cured.

Luanes: Legeand, if you can hear me...hold on. We will help you.

Celesta stares for a moment.

Wintersky: Maybe a possession.

Wintersky look for foreign spirits.

Celesta's eyes widen, "He is possessed."

Celesta: It is a demon!

Dale: Can you banish it?!

Luanes hardens her expression.

Celesta: Wintersky, be very careful. It will take Legeand with it if you are too aggressive.

Wintersky: Luanes, can you do a protection from evil to help make it let go of Leageand?

Wintersky: I can try to dismiss it.

Luanes: It will be done. Right now?

Wintersky: Yes.

Wintersky starts to cast dismissal.

Luanes casts protection from evil on Legeand.

Luanes kneels to touch him.

Luanes collapses to the floor as the fluid transfers to her.

Wintersky finishes the dismissal.

Luanes dreams of the murder of her kidnappers by Sezdelishae in the woods.

Legeand relaxes, but does not stir.

Celesta: This is not going well.

Legeand feels he can now control his dream.

Wintersky: Luanes fight it!

Luanes sees the murder from the perspective of the kidnappers.

T'Krosh realizes he touched Legeand with out any ill effects or reactions.

Celesta stomps her foot, "I have nothing prepared to deal with this!"

Wintersky casts protection from evil on Luanes.

Aifos steps forward, pulling out the iron scale that had turned the samurai into Kurtulmak.

T'Krosh stirs into action at the sight.

Dale steps out of the way to let Aifos up.

Wintersky fights much harder this time to remain free of the demon, but does manage to free herself again.

Wintersky: Fight it!

T'Krosh: I'll send this presence back to whatever foul plane it came from!

The protection spell causes a cloud to form around Luanes.

Wintersky: Could it be from here?

T'Krosh steps directly into the cloud and says rather dramatically, "Kurtulmak, I need your help to fight this!"

Aifos tosses the scale into the cloud, "You may get your wish, T'Krosh."

All goes dark for a moment.

The cloud engulfs T'Krosh and combines with the scale. The scale dissolves in the cloud and then the fluid encases the kobold.

When the darkness lifts, T'Krosh stands over Luanes, his scales turned from green to the dull gray of iron.

Celesta gasps and turns to Aifos, "What did you do?!"

Aifos: Put the scale to good use...I think...this time.

Wintersky: Maybe...

Celesta: The demon is least...I hope you were not guessing that would happen.

Wintersky: T'Krosh, are you okay?

T'Krosh: Okay? I feel...divine.

Aifos smirks, "I did learn some tricks in my time travels."

Wintersky: Can you open the gate--your divinity?

Legeand's eyes open.

Legeand: Gah!

T'Krosh: GRAAh--OW!

T'Krosh: Not that divine, after all.

T'Krosh: Legeand, how are you feeling? On a scale of 1 to 10?

Luanes' dream comes under her control now.

Legeand: Glances around seeing Luanes down and T'krosh a tad less colourful, "What kind of poison was that?! Around 5-6 after whatever that was."

Dale: If the demon is gone, perhaps the stronger ones should try the gate now? Sparta, can you help the big guy?

Celesta: It was a demon, Legeand.

Sparta: I'd be happy to.

Nyza raises her eyes as T'Krosh comes into view.

Nyza: That's a nice look for you.

Legeand: Try the gate? I swear if there is another demon on the other side, someone is going to die.

Luanes tries to direct the dream, yet slowly she will realize that she has to wake up.

Sparta: Maybe we should let the elephant try?

Aifos: Someone give Luanes a nudge.

Legeand does manage to lift the portcullis a few inches and hold it.

Celesta: I do not think a woolly mammoth is going to fit in this corridor.

Elenia casts Bigby's forceful hand under it to help lift.

Legeand with a curse, "Could always do the simple way and use LEVERAGE!"

Luanes' eyes open as a large ghostly hand passes over her.

Luanes sits up, slightly startled.

Elenia's forceful hand slides under the portcullis and lifts it to the ceiling.

Celesta: That is impressive. Let us find a way to keep the portcullis open on the other side, shall we?

Luanes gets to her feet, looking around.

Wintersky: Are you alright, Luanes?

Luanes: Yes, I think so.

Wintersky: Sparta, Leggy lead the way.

Wintersky: Let Elenia by so she can look for traps again.

Sparta steps past Legeand and looks for a catch for the portcullis.

The small square chamber beyond the portcullis contains statues in each corner. Passages lead to the left and straight ahead.

The statues are recognizable as four of the original council of Troll's Bridge: Elgin Tarcik, Moritalus Lesh, Magnus Artural and Elan.

Elgin wears a pentacle amulet seemingly out of place for the reconciled paladin he was known to be.

Magnus' eyes have been replaced with rubies.

Sparta: Luanes, can you look at the pentacle on the paladin?

Luanes: Certainly.

Legeand (sarcastically): Well, this room obviously isn't trapped.

Moritalus Lesh is draped with cloth of gold.

Luanes makes her way up next to Sparta.

Elan holds a doll in her arms like a baby.

Elenia: My spell will not last very long. I think we need to get everyone through.

Celesta makes her way into the chamber.

Dale: Ferocious, Ringo, let's go if you don't want to be left behind.

Nyza: The kobolds enter the room and squeeze by the statues.

Celesta looks at Magnus' statue, "He bares a striking resemblence to my father."

Luanes examines the pentacle.

Wintersky and Elenia enter the chamber.

Luanes frowns at the pentacle.

Elenia looks for a locking mechanism for the gate.

There seems to be no mechanism for the portcullis in this room.

Sparta looks down the next hallway.

Wintersky: We need to decide which way to go. It is getting too crowded in here to sneeze.

Sparta sees there is another portcullis blocking the way.

Sparta: This way is blocked, is the other hall open?

Wintersky: Aifos, can you see?

Luanes: These items are additions to these statues.

Aifos: This way goes for a while.

Celesta: Clues? They all seem out of place for the recipient...except Magnus's "vampire" eyes.

Sparta: I suggest we follow the wizard then.

Luanes slides her sword underneath the pentacle necklace.

Wintersky: What is the chance that if they are removed, the statues come to life and hack us to bits.

Luanes: Should we remove them?

Dale: I think we should bring them along.

Luanes: Can anyone here detect magic?

Celesta: Oddly enough, there is no magic in this room other than what we bring.

Nyza: Still, me think we should take them. They're too unusual not to.

Wintersky: I guess bring them.

Luanes: Then there will be no harm if I remove this abominable blasphemy from this statue.

Celesta: I agree. They may be part of a puzzle.

Legeand: Need I remind you the poision door was not poison, so be wary taking them.

Luanes (pointing to the pentacle): I'll not carry that thing.

Nyza: Nyza get it then...

Nyza snatches the pentacle off of Luanes's sword.

Luanes attempts to break the chain of the pentacle necklace.

The chain is severed by the sword.

Celesta steps forward, but lets Nyza take it.

Dale: Let's put them in the portable hole.

Celesta turns and looks at Elan's statue more closely.

Celesta: Oh, my.

Celesta picks up the doll and turns it over to look at the back of its neck.

Celesta drops the doll and steps back, "How did he get that?"

Wintersky: What?

Dale picks up the doll.

Dale: Celesta? What is this?

Celesta: That was mine.

Celesta: I am going blast that monster into oblivion!

Dale: Then let us hurry.

Celesta's voice echos through the corridors and a deep chuckle follows from the passage in which Sparta stands.

Legeand: Mind yelling louder?

Luanes: I guess we know which we to go.

Celesta looks daggers down the corridor over Sparta's head.

Sparta: So much for any chance of surprising our nemesis.

Sparta: Legeand, care to give me a hand with this portcullis?

Luanes: Our nemesis knew we were here the moment we entered.

Legeand moves to go help Sparta.

Elenia moves up ready with forceful hand.

Legeand and Sparta manage to lift this portcullis, which catches about four feet up. It stays in place as Legeand lets go.

Elenia casts Bigby's forceful hand again.

Sparta walks easily under the gate.

Sparta steps onto a staircase leading down into a large vault with a high ceiling.

Luanes follows.

Dale: Now we're getting somewhere.

A thick patch of fog fills the chamber up to the top of the stairs.

Wintersky follows.

Sparta: There's a fog up ahead, probably hiding something nasty.

Luanes: Make sure the fog is not poisonous!

Sparta draws his sword and descends the stairs.

Sparta disappears into the fog.

Luanes: Sparta?

Sparta: If you can hear me, I'm not dead yet. C'mon down.

Luanes exhales, relieved.

Sparta finds the fog is very chilly...almost bone chilling.

Sparta moves into the room, following the wall on his left.

Legeand follows down into the fog.

Sparta: Brrr, it's cold down here, clammy.

Elenia joins Sparta.

Luanes follows the line.

As Dale approaches the fog, she takes on elemental form and prepares a gust of wind to blow away the fog.

Nyza: Brr...

As Nyza moves into the fog, the fog appears to sublime, giving her a wide birth.

Dale flies into the fog as a whirlwind to disperse the fog.

Luanes watches the reaction of the fog to Nyza.

Wintersky nocks an arrow in Blessed Black.

Legeand draws his sword.

Sparta continues along the wall as the others follow.

Luanes: Whatever it is, it does not like flames.

The fog begins to disperse starting about the heroes and heading deeper into the vault revealing sarcophagi.

Nyza: Looks like we're in the right place at least.

Luanes keeps her sword out.

A fireball erupts in the center of the group.

Wintersky casts mass heal.

The heal spell heals all and momentarily causes rapid decay of Hardun. However, blackness surrounds him for a moment and he then appears unhurt as well.

As Snowshadow charges forward, the large cat suddenly falls upwards and crashes into the ceiling, raining masonry down on the front row of heroes.


Luanes casts knight's move to flank vampire and then smites it.

Luanes' attack bites deeply into the vampire.

Hardun Chicdell: Not ones to talk then. Probably wise.

Celesta roars in arcane fury and a bolt of energy cuts through the chamber.

The raw magical energy rocks the vampire, but he remains in place.

Legeand begins to charge forward and falls to the ceilng crashing into it. More masonry and boulders crash back down.

Hardun Chicdell laughs.

Nyza: No time to talk. We've got a city to save!

Nyza speeds up the flow of her magic with one spell and then attempts a dispel upon Hardun with another.

One of the aura about the vampire fizzles out.

Hardun Chicdell scowls.


Dale: Not much point in talking when you try to barbecue us

Dale casts flame strike upon the vampire.

Dale: Ferocious, Ringo, backup and guard the hall way.

The flames engulf the vampire momentarily, but it survives them.

Aifos launches two scorching rays at the vampire, both striking true. Wisps of smoke begin to rise from the vampire.

Hardun Chicdell turns on Luanes with an evil sneer and falls upon her.

The vampire pummels the paladin and she visible wilts under the attack.

Sparta looks at Legeand and SnowShadow clinging to the ceiling and thinks better of charging the vampire.

Sparta draws his bow and tries to plunk an arrow at Hardun.

Wintersky watches carefully.

Sparta: Hardun, why don't you come pick on someone your own size.

Hardun Chicdell: My own size? How halfling of you.

Hardun Chicdell sneers.

Elenia casts disintergrate at the vampire.

The green ray strikes the vampire and blasts away pieces of it.

T'Krosh takes a page from Nyza's playbook and tries to dispel Hardun's protections.

A cloak-like wrapping falls away from the vampire. Also, a glowing ring winks out.

T'Krosh flaps over to Hardun.

T'Krosh manages to stay level passing underneath Legeand.

Wintersky: Great Spirits, I ask for myself and allies the protection of Life's Grace.

Wintersky: SnowShadow tries to leap and pounce Hardun.

The great cat leaps from the ceiling towards the vampire and falls upon him with teeth and claws flashing.

Luanes casts restoration on herself.

Enough with all the magic around him!

Celesta casts Mordenkainen's disjunction on the area of the reverse gravity.

Legeand falls back to the floor with a crash.

Celesta: Sparta, there is a really old halfling that needs to take really big bite out of that son of a bitch!

Legeand leaps to his feet and takes a mighty sink at Hardun, nearly cleaving him stem to stern.

Sparta laughs.

Sparta: I hear you, Celesta.

Nyza unleashes a barrage of fiery orbs against Hardun.

Dale blasts Hardun with another flame strike.

Dale: Hang on Sparta, you're going for a ride.

Dale: In her whirlwind form, Dale swoops past Sparta and carries him into the corner behind Hardun before returning to her original position.

Aifos fires two more scorching rays, striking Hardun.

The vampire turns and motions to the ceiling with a pulling motion. Boulders fall before him onto T'Krosh, Legeand, SnowShadow, Dale and Wintersky.

Dust billows as the rocks fall.

Sparta drops his bow to draw the family heirloom and swipe at Hardun.

Hardun's head flies through the air and lands at Luanes' feet.

Sparta: Just die already!

Sparta: That'll teach you to impune the honor of halflings.

T'Krosh: Hah! Well done, Sparta.

Hardun's body collapses in a pile of dust, mingling with that of the rock fall.

"You won't rise from that", T'Krosh says directly to the severed head.

Sparta smiles at T'krosh.

Luanes with a mighty holler, brings her sword down on the head, cleaving it in two.

Luanes (breathing-heavily): Well done, Sparta.

Luanes looks around the room for injured, her eyes falling on SnowShadow.

Wintersky: Oh, quills! SnowShadow

Sparta: Thanks, but we haven't much time.

Wintersky casts calm emotions.

Wintersky picks her way through the rubble to SnowShadow.

Dale descends to the floor and resumes her halfling form.

Luanes gently lays her hands on the great beast, praying for healing.

The dust begins to settle.

Wintersky strokes the great cat.

Luanes scans her friends to determine who is in need of healing.

Luanes: SnowShadow will be fine, my sister.

Wintersky breathes a shaky sob.

SnowShadow gets to her feet and shakes rubble and dust about.

Dale tries to comfort Wintersky.

Luanes puts an arm around her, lightly.

Dale: Snow Shadow is an strong kitten.

T'Krosh casts restoration thrice upon Luanes.

Wintersky casts heal upon herself.

Luanes: Thanks, T'Krosh!