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Decitina 22, 1000 PC

After a quite autumn and winter, the first day of spring sees all of our heroes back in Troll's Bridge for various reasons. About mid-morning, the Watch's alarms are sounded piquing the curiosity of each member wherever they happen to be.

Their curiosity draws them to the castle district where they find Melizza Morisle's carriage having crashed into a hedge that has mysteriously appeared across the road. In the process of seeing that no one was seriously injured, our heroes suddenly find themselves within an arboreal corridor being tormented by leprechauns. After the leprechauns have had their fun with the adventurers in this leafy trap, they draw our heroes into a castle's courtyard.

Our heroes investigate the courtyard and find a barred portal to a dungeon where an abominable ettin-like creature is being held. They believe the creature refers to himself as Bob and he is quite a simpleton. His only desire seems to be to find a new puzzle to occupy him. Wintersky obliges by giving him one of her spare saddle straps to fashion a circle from. It more difficult than Wintersky makes it look and satisfies the monster's needs.

Luanes hears something splashing around behind a door leading out of the courtyard. The door is locked until Nyza pulls out the old wand that has knock spells stored in it. Shortly, the group is investigating a chamber with a Roman bath that seems to have been recently vacated, but there is no clue how the occupant escaped the room.

Our heroes focus on the door leading out of this chamber when a blast of cold assaults them and a giant ninja appears floating near the ceiling in the corner of the room above the door leading into this room. It is an ogre-mage who is very elusive and extremely resistant to magic. After some clever thinking on Nyza's part to create a stone wall in the shape of rising stairs, Legeand manages to close on the giant. The group eventually wears the ninja down and it falls unconscious to the floor. However, while trying to truss it up, it comes to again and turns into a cloud of vapor, escaping through the cracks in a nearby wall.

The next room contains a fountain, which Oliveryn warns may contain elixir of love rather than water, so it is avoided until the leprechauns begin to interfere again. Suddenly Oliveryn, Eregard, Luanes and Legeand disappear as Ozimius appears over the fountain and drops directly into it. Ozimius finds T'Krosh's gaze first and considers him to be his best buddy...for the time being. Almost immediately, Legeand reappears over the bath and is dropped into it, splashing water all over the room again.

The group finally gathers in the fountain room to check to door leading into the next room. After Sparta hears nothing behind it, he opens it to see fleeting ghostly figures disappear among ranks of pillars. He quickly closes the door allowing some preparation by the rest of the group and Wintersky discovers that there are undead lurking behind the door. However, when Ozimius, Legeand and Sparta enter, there seems to be nothing.

When Wintersky steps into the middle of the room amongst the pillars and casts ghost trap, the threat suddenly materializes as a now dozen corporeal spectres attack the group. Before the spectres have been defeated, they have drained Legeand, Sparta and SnowShadow of some of their strength. Wintersky and T'Krosh quickly remedy this and the group moves into the next room prompted by the taunting of the leprechauns.

A small courtyard leads to a huge war room with a vast map of the continent occupying much of its floor. Surrounding the map are dozens of leprechauns with one struggling to fly above it. The leprechaun crashes into the map and the group appears to be standing beside The Dragon's Tail Mountains beside an amphitheater ringed with ten pillars holding hatched dragon eggs. An egg shell for each of the chromatic and metallic dragons are easily identifiable.

The leprechauns quickly move on before our heroes exit the bus to investigate the amphitheater more thoroughly. The leprechaun called Dudley flies into the air and the map room moves leagues to the staging area of Ran's army. There, they witness Ran's curious conversation with his sword-turned-druid. When the druid returns to sword and is sheathed, Dudley takes off once again.

They next land on the other side of The Dragon's Tail where a group of vigilant dwarves menacingly approach. Dudley ascends into the air and before he lands, our heroes are offered the opportunity to drive the bus. Sparta jumps at the opportunity and attempts to navigate the bus to Cedarcleaver's lair in Tanglewood. He overshoots and lands in Saje. His second attempt overshoots Tanglewood again to the south, landing in Marshe's Edge. Drymorjoc is looming over their landing spot and the leprechauns quickly escape, leaving all of our heroes that entered The Leprechaun Bus to face the dragon.

A quiet autumn and winter has passed without any troubles from monsters or other threats.

Troll's Bridge is still in its honeymoon with the new Council.

Tangleton made good progress before the snow fell and has managed well.

The harvest from Rebelton was more abundant than anyone could remember and easily supplied all the local towns and cities.

The first day of spring arrives with our heroes gathered again in Troll's Bridge for various reasons.

Several trumpets sound and bells ring for the watch, though nothing as urgent as last summer.

Celesta: I have not heard alarms for a while.

Celesta: I wonder what is up.

Dale: What's all the ruckus?

Luanes steps outside, looking to the trumpets.

Nyza: Hopefully something they can handle on their own for once.

Celesta: I am kind of bored. The Council is not nearly as interesting as it could be.

Legeand: If they keep needing us so much, we should start asking for pay.

Sparta: Aww, Legeand, it's been months since we've had any excitement.

A unit of halberdiers march pass the Chicdell Estate.

Sparta: Let's at least go see what's happening.

Luanes follows, curious herself.

Wintersky stops doing blessings and looks toward the bells, frowning.

Legeand: Was kidding; we make more than enough adventuring and helping anyways.

Nyza looks torn, but she follows, not wanting to be left alone in the marketplace with the softskins.

Oliveryn looks out the window.

Oliveryn: I wonder where they are going?

Celesta: Halberdiers? That is interesting. They usually only guard property.

Luanes sees Wintersky and smiles a greeting.

Wintersky heads towards the commotion.

Wintersky: Hey, Luanes, do you know what has happened?

Our heroes wander in the direction of disturbance from their various locations and happen upon an unsual sight.

Luanes: No, I do not.

Wintersky: Let us go find out.

Luanes nods and sets off towards the disturbance.

Apparently a great hedge grew across the road and a carriage has crashed into it.

Sparta: Now that's odd, hedgerows usually don't spring up like that overnight.

Nyza: Hmm... could it be Cedarcleaver's work maybe? He can make plants grow like that.

There are several watchmen and a contingent of Morisle footman standing around with Lady Morisle climbing out of the carriage.

Legeand: Druids maybe?

Legeand: or Fey.

Melizza Morisle: That was the strangest thing.

Wintersky: Or, Spring.

Dale: I don't think we would grow a hedge in the middle of the city.

Melizza Morisle: It just appeared out of nowhere.

Oliveryn: The dark ones touch is effecting the world so soon.

Melizza Morisle: The driver could not stop in time.

Oliveryn looks around.

Luanes: Are there any in need of healing?

Legeand: Appeared? Okay, so it did not grow.

Nyza: Well, Nyza can get rid of it just as quick! If you move the carriage first.

Nyza grins.

Luanes walks towards the carriage occupants.

Dale: Nyza, please don't burn it down.

Legeand: You could light half the city on fire while you were at it; I think not Nyza.

Wintersky looks for spirits.

Oliveryn thinks to himself for a mintue, remembering some obscure history.

Luanes (to-the-watchmen): Are any passengers in need of healing?

Wintersky sees no spirits.

Oliveryn: I remember something about hedges appearing randomly out of nowhere. I think it has to do something with The Leprechaum Bus?

Wintersky: The what?

Melizza Morisle: I am fine, but thank you Lady Ilrya.

Melizza Morisle: But, where is my driver?

Sparta: Leprechauns?

Luanes looks around the hedge, searching for the driver.

Wintersky looks for the missing driver too.

Sparta joins Wintersky in the search.

Celesta: The Leprechaun Bus? I have read something about that, but I cannot recall the significance.

Nyza retrieves her wand of see invisibility and casts the spell on herself.

Wintersky: Well, I do not think the driver is dead, his spirit is not about.

Legeand: Well, you guys would be the ones to ask for knowledge that obscure.

Luanes finds an opening in the hedge and disappears just as Sparta notices an odd kind of door in the hedge where Luanes was searching.

Oliveryn: Well the obscurity just seems to jump out at me.

Oliveryn stands thinking.

Luanes sees the driver lying on the ground inside the hedge.

Sparta: Maybe the driver's inside the hedge.

Sparta: There's a door over here.

Sparta tries to open the door.

Luanes gives a cautious look around then goes to the driver's aid. She also calls out to the others, saying she found him.

Wintersky tries to walk into the hedge.

Legeand follows Sparta to the door.

Nyza: One second, Nyza want to go prepared if we are walking into this headfirst.

Legeand: If it doesn't open, I'll smash it down.

Luanes kneels beside the driver and assess his wounds.

Nyza casts a variety of protective spells on herself: Fly, Mirror Image, Invisibility.

Sparta steps through the door quickly followed by Wintersky.

Luanes is kneeling by the driver.

Nyza follows the others after she is done casting spells.

The driver is unconscious, but seems otherwise alright.

Luanes: He appears to be uninjured.

Dale follows Sparta through the door in the hedge.

Oliveryn wonders what is going on with everyone disappearing into the hedge.

Legeand follows after Dale.

Snowshadow tries to get to Wintersky.

Oliveryn: Eregard, go see where they went to.

Eregard nods his head taking out his sword.

Wintersky (yelling): The driver is in here!

Oliveryn: Eregard, is everyone OK?!

Luanes: I do not think anyone on the other side can hear us.

Oliveryn: EREGARD!

Those in the hedge see that it is a long corridor that seems to stretch in opposite directions for as far as they can see.

T'Krosh: Nyza?

Oliveryn tries to determine if he hears anyone.

Luanes: Perhaps one of us should try to return to the others to let them know what is happening

Little Voices snicker.

Dale turns to look for the door.

Oliveryn: What the...

Luanes looks around for the source of the voices.

The door seems to have disappeared.

Little Voices snicker again.

Sparta: Hallo, who's there?

Oliveryn: Hey, what have you done with my friends!?

T'Krosh: Oliveryn, it does not seem they can hear us.

Wintersky: Must be giants.

Oliveryn: I know...but something is...snickering.

Sparta reaches for his sword.

Little Voice: Once you're in, why get out?

Oliveryn: Get out?

Luanes: Who are you?

Oliveryn looks at T'Krosh.

Little Voices: Nobody.

Little Voices snicker.

Sparta: Those voices don't sound like giants to me.

Luanes: Then show yourselves.

Oliveryn: Some tricky fairy I think.

Wintersky: They giggle like giants.

Sparta: Oli said something about leprechauns.

Legeand: Are leprechauns not small?

Luanes: yourselves.

Wintersky: But everyone knows that leprechauns grow into giants.

Little Voices: Tiny.

Oliveryn (to the voice in the hedge): Do you have my friend?

Little Voices: Not showing us to you yet.

Luanes: Why not? Are you playing a game?

Sparta looks askew at Wintersky.

Celesta: Come on, Oli. Let us see what this is about.

Little Voices: Games? Games? We love games!

T'Krosh: If it is a trap, at least several people in our party can teleport away from it now.

Oliveryn: Well, we could jump through that hedge and end up next to a sphere of annihiliation for all we know.

Wintersky: Okay, Fox, where are you? Your minions are here.

Dale: Are you feeling OK, Miss 'Sky?

Oliveryn looks concerned.

Luanes: What kind of games?

The section of the hedge behind Luanes falls on her, pinning her to the ground.

Nyza: Luanes! You ok?

Little Voices laugh uproariously.

Wintersky: That was not nice!

Dale tries to lift the hedge.

Luanes: ...

Little Voices: Lift, lift, little one. Won't come up until we've had a laugh.

The section of hedge lifts back into place, releasing Luanes.

Luanes gets to her feet, oddly not upset.

Celesta enters the hedge.

Legeand: Sorry, Dale, I think you are a bit short on the lifting power...and if they can control this hedge in here what is to say they do not have some surprise traps for us?

T'Krosh looks warily at Oliveryn.

Luanes: Ah...tricky games.

Oliveryn: What should we do? Shall we pull our weapons and go through?

T'Krosh: Well, the voices do not seem to be speaking with us.

Oliveryn: True...

T'Krosh: If they are speaking to our allies, then they are still OK inside, yes?

Wintersky: Playful games?

Oliveryn: It is possible or they are giving us a false since of security when they have already eaten them.

Sparta tries to find the location of the voices by listening.

Oliveryn fingers his chin, thinking.

Luanes brushes off any stray leaves from her armor.

Legeand: What kind of games would a wee one want to play?

Luanes: Mischievous, more like.

Little Voice: You dark-haired one, do you refer to TricksterFox?

Wintersky: Of course Trickster Fox, who else.

Little Voices: No games that need all the armor, shiny one.

Sparta: I know a good game to play.

Clods of earth fly out from the hedge and cover Legeand.

T'Krosh: Well, I cannot wait out here. If Nyza is already eaten, then I will follow in that fate.

T'Krosh enters the hedge as well.

Wintersky: Now snowballs. That would be funny. Anybody can get clods of dirt.

Legeand: Great... You know it takes a while to clean this right? Ah well, be my guest if you want, but I would rather be safe wearing this just in case.

Luanes: Are you afraid to show yourselves?

Oliveryn watches TKrosh enter the hedge.

Celesta: Not that much, Legeand.

Sparta looks for anyone he can find in the bushes.

Nyza flies up about 30 feet to and looks around the area.

Celesta casts Prestidigitation and cleans up Legeand.

Oliveryn sighs heavily wondering if going in the hedge is still a good idea.

Little Voices: Hey! That's our mess!

Wintersky idly spins a coin on the back of her hand.

A cloud forms over Celesta and it starts raining on her.

Legeand glares at Celesta, "I lack magic you know...I do it by hand."

Celesta: Sorry, I got mine, I guess.

Oliveryn pulls his sword out, which seems has been a long time and steps slowly into the hedge, "Here goes nothing."

The cloud dissapates.

Luanes stifles a chuckle.

Little Voice: The elf has a since of humor, guys.

Wintersky: Now little kits of the trick one come out and play.

Little Voices: They all say that.

Little Voices giggle.

Wintersky belches in a great big burst.

Luanes: Come out, tricksters.

A pit opens underneath Wintersky.

Oliveryn puts his blade back after seeing his friends.

Wintersky falls to the ground and the pit vanishes.

Legeand: Oli? Why are you over there? The door was over here when we entered.

Little Voices giggle.

Little Voices: They're starting to be inquisitive.

Oliveryn: I have no clue.

Sparta: It's no fun playing a game by yourself. Come out and play with me.

Oliveryn: What has been going on?

Little Voices: Oh, nothing really.

Luanes: Come out and play.

Legeand: Well, we are interested in your nice little hedge here as it came out of nowhere to us. Stay hiding. Be my guest. You seem to love being unseen, playing your games.

Nyza kneels to the ground and taps where Wintersky was.

A leprechaun pokes his head out.

T'Krosh: Aah!

T'Krosh kicks at the creature.

Little Voices: That's not very nice.

A pit opens up under T'Krosh.

T'Krosh: You stole our friend! That is not nice either!

Legeand: T'Krosh here isn't very nice to begin with.

Oliveryn: What would you like?

Sparta casts Entangle where the leprechaun was.

Luanes: It is a game.

T'Krosh falls to the ground and the pit vanishes.

Wintersky cast True Seeing.

Little Voices sing, "We just want to have a laugh!"

Legeand: We can see; but your humor is not our humor. What do you want to laugh at?

Little Voices: Hey! No fair, shaman lady!

Wintersky: Oh, I know how to deal with tricky foxes.

A horde of leprechauns leap out of the hedge wall and push Wintersky through a hole in the hedge.

Wintersky: Hey, I just want to play.

The entire section of the hedge that is affected by the entangle collapses.

Wintersky tries to catch one of the leprechauns.

Sparta: Well, I wasn't expecting that.

Celesta (sarcastically): This is fun.

Luanes tries using her ability to Enthrall the little buggers.

Sparta looks through the hole in the hedge.

Legeand cups his jaw in thought looking at each of the members.

Nyza still observes quietly from the air.

Wintersky laughs as she sits on the ground. Hey come back. I have a present for you.

The hole that Wintersky was pushed through moves and leprechauns grab T'Krosh.

Little Voice: What are they waiting for?

Little Voices: We don't know?

Luanes: Oh, you crafty little tricksters.

Sparta: Waiting?

Legeand: I am thinking little ones. Trying to think of how to play your games with you.

Luanes: You are just too smart for us.

Hey! The elf is trying to Fey us. Get her!

The hole moves and leprechauns snag Luanes.

Nyza floats down to Legeand and casts Fly on him as well.

Celesta leaps through the hole after Luanes.

Legeand: Our team does not seem to get the rules to well, do they?

Nyza: We break them, okay?

Little Voices: No they don't, smarty.

Dale: I think they want us to join them.

Legeand: Nyza, stop flying and just watch.

Little Voices: Yes, we do little one.

Wintersky stands up and looks around.

Dale steps up to the hedge and tries to walk through.

The fallen section of hedge returns to its place.

Dale searches for an opening in the hedge.

Over here, little one. Leprechauns pop their heads out where Celesta and Luanes entered.

Luanes: You can see, little ones, that we are not much fun.

Little Voices: You are plenty of fun!

Little Voices giggle.

Snowshadow tries to force his way to Wintersky.

Nyza: Pfft, your game is stupid.

Sparta: Dale, where are you going?

Nyza: We should play tag instead.

Luanes: You call this fun?

Legeand: You just do not know their game, Nyza; you never played this as a kid?

Nyza: No.

Sparta: Ringo, where'd Dale go?

Little Voices: Tag is no fun, no one ever catches us.

Leprechauns grab Sparta as he approaches the hole.

The hole moves again and leprechauns grab Nyza.

Little Voices: Are you next, swashbuckler?

Little Voice: Or are you shiny one.

Legeand: Ah, no thanks, I am having fun here.

Snowshadow roars.

Leprechauns rush from behind Legeand and push him through the hole.

Little Voices: Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Legeand shakes his head at the group, "Rule one...Mirror day."

Oliveryn: So are you going to push us through as well?

Legeand: Try not to get our nicely dressed friend all dirty would you?

Oliveryn: Can I, at least, go through by myself?

Snowshadow hisses.

Little Voice: This is a leprechaun queue...last in...last out.

Oliveryn: Eregard came in before a couple of the other ones, so you break your own rule.

Oliveryn: Cheater.

The hole moves to SnowShadow and a leprechaun gestures for the cat.

The cat pounces.

Little Voices: He said it is a leprechaun queue.

Oliveryn: Who cares what queue it is, just get it over with.

Oliveryn takes out a wooden pipe and stuffs it with tobacco and lights it.

Little Voices: We'll push the swashbuckler.

Oliveryn: Fine, he will go of his own free will if you ask him though.

The hole moves and leprechauns push Eregard through the hole.

Oliveryn walks slowly over to the hole, smoking his pipe.

Little Voices: That leaves you smoker-man.

Oliveryn: Yep, it does.

Oliveryn continues to smoke his pipe, not caring.

The hole closes.

Little Voices laugh and giggle.

Oliveryn shrugs.

Oliveryn: So what now, would you like to just talk?

Sparta: Oli, would you hurry it up in there?

Nyza tries to trap one of the next group of leprechauns in a resilient sphere, if they push Oli through.

Oliveryn tries to blow smoke rings.

Wintersky: Where is SnowShadow?

The hole opens and leprechauns grab Oliveryn.

Nyza takes aim at one of the little buggers.

You all appear in a castle courtyard.

The heroes enter a leaf-strewn courtyard with a fallen tree lying across most of the area and a large oak standing, shading the rest of the courtyard. A large pile of autumn-colored leaves rustle with the activity of snickering leprechauns beneath.

Celesta: Well, that was interesting.

Nyza: That is one word for it.

Snowshadow pounces the leaves like a cat chasing feet under a blanket.

Little Voices giggle.

Sparta moves into the courtyard to look around.

Oliveryn smirks behind his pipe.

Little Voices: Hey! That tickles kitty-kitty.

Legeand: Nice house; drapes come with it or did you put those in yourself?

Wintersky: She is only playing. See, no claws.

A rumbling, moaning growl of frustration can be heard from the base of the tower in front of which the oak stands.

Dale: See anything you want in our keep?

Legeand: You guys are building a keep?

Wintersky looks for unusual herbs and plants.

Sparta: Well, the trees are nice.

Luanes looks over the area, seeking anything out of the ordinary.

Celesta: The tree. The other one seems to have been pulled over.

Legeand: Want to tip it back up or tip the other over?

Wintersky: Peers at the tree.

Celesta moves over to the sounds of frustration.

The clanging of metal on metal is heard shortly as well.

Legeand follows Celesta.

Nyza: Um, Celesta? Where do you suppose we actually are right now?

Celesta: Looks like a heavy grate covering over here.

Sparta: Not much point in standing it up Legeand, it would probably just fall over again.

Celesta moves closer and peers in.

Legeand: Hmm, true.

Dale: But, I'd rather not tip over the living one.

Celesta: I have no idea where we are, Nyza.

Nyza: Ah, Okay. Me just think, if we know where, maybe that tell us something about the inhabitants.

Celesta: Wow! What is that!

Legeand: Well, we know who lives here or at least around the hedges.

T'Krosh looks in as well.

In a dungeon behind a heavy iron grate rages a horrifying abomination that appears to be a massive two-headed troll surrounded by visible magical auras. Scorch marks can be seen across the walls of the prison.

Wintersky: A prisoner no doubt.

Celesta: Better where it is, I think.

Wintersky: Oli, can you calm it?

Dale: Too bad you don't keep that Plant Growth handy Sparta, I bet this tree wouldn't mind a little boost.

Sparta: I think Celesta has found something a little more urgent than the tree.

T'Krosh: He seems rather well secured though.

Luanes: He should remain that way, if he is a prisoner.

The monster's ears prick up and it turns around.

Celesta: Yes, I think we are safe from it as long as it is in there.

Sparta: Are you sure? I don't like anyone being kept locked up without good cause.

Legeand: Why not ask him then?

The Monster wimpers.

The Monster moves towards the portal.

Sparta: Hello, why are you in there?

The Monster: Bo-o-ob?

Sparta: Bob? Is that your name? Bob?

Celesta grimaces.

The Monster: Bob. Bob! BOOOOOOBBBBB!

Legeand: Well, now we know he is not overly talkative.

Nyza: Or maybe Bob is someone he killed? You did ask why he is in there.

Oliveryn: Well, it looks like these leprechauns kidnap adventurers and try to have some fun with them.

Oliveryn looks around.

Dale: I don't think he'd confess to killing anybody, he barely knows his own name.

Luanes turns around to face where the others are, watching.

The Monster puts eyes up in the opening, searching, "Pretty lady go?"

Luanes: Perhaps he was caught doing something illegal.

Luanes: ...

Sparta: Bob, are you hurt?

Dale: Celesta, I think he likes you.

Celesta: I think he might be being kept here for his own protection and the leprechauns'.

Celesta: I was afraid that might happen, Dale.

Luanes: The other door is locked.

Luanes: And this is nothing but an empty dungeon.

The Monster: Hurt? No. Got puzz-zz-lle?

Dale: Puzzle?

The Monster: You tiny one pretty too.

Luanes walks to the other door, looking it over.

Dale: Thank you, Bob.

Nyza: Tha... oh.

The Monster reaches down to grab something and displays a huge knotted rope to the heroes.

The Monster: See. Puzzz-zz-le.

The Monster: Who Bob?

Legeand: Games and puzzles. Why do I feel we have done this before?

Luanes pushes against the door.

Dale: That's a nice puzzle, Bob.

Oliveryn: I hope it is not one of those number puzzles again.

Oliveryn rolls his eyes.

Luanes hears splashing on the other side of the door.

Luanes stops pushing, listening intently at the door.

Luanes hears sloshing foot steps.

Luanes: There is something beyond this door, as well...something....wet.

Wintersky pulls an extra girth strap from her bag. Here a puzzle. This will make a circle that stays.

The Monster: New puzz-zz-le?

The Monster: What cir-cir-k-k-llll.

Wintersky: See. She quickly buckles it, then spins it on her arm in a circle.

The Monster: Ooooooh.

The Monster: Me have?

Wintersky: Now straight. She quickly unbuckles the fastening and hands it to Bob.

The Monster takes the strap.

Sparta: Thanks, Miss 'Sky, but is he in there for his own safety or ours?

The Monster turns around and sits in the middle of his cell.

Celesta: Well. The door, Luanes?

Wintersky: Probably both. He does not seem mistreated, other than being confined.

Luanes: I can hear something splashing.

Sparta: Well, I hope the leprechauns take good care of him.

Nyza: From inside the door?

Celesta: Splashing?

Luanes nods.

Wintersky: Do the leprchauns take care of you?

Legeand: Is the door locked?

The Monster seems absorbed in his new puzzle.

Luanes: Yes.

Nyza: Maybe Nyza can open.

Legeand: How sturdy does it look?

Luanes steps back to allow access.

Nyza knocks on the door. "Open up!"

Celesta grins.

Wintersky: A new toy seems to have pleased him.

Luanes stifles a chuckle.

Celesta: Maybe a magical knock, Nyza?

Nyza: Heh, yes, that is next. Maybe the leprechauns are just playing with us again, yes?

Sparta: Hmmph.

Luanes: Could be.

Nyza takes out the wand and directs a Knock spell at the door.

T'Krosh: Everything okay, Sparta?

Wintersky: This is apparently their home. I imagine they are treating us like honored guests.

Sparta: I think so T'krosh.

The door opens.

Luanes: Well done.

Sparta: Bob here seems content with his new puzzle.

Luanes smiles at Nyza.

Nyza: Thanks! But you can go in first, Ms armored fighter.

Luanes nods and steps forward.

Wintersky: Besides water is wet, right Nyza.

Luanes looks inside the room.

Nyza smiles.

Upon entering the door along the wall near the oak, the heroes find a large, porcelain-lined, roman bath from which much of its water has been displaced onto the floor around it.

The spillage appears to have occurred recently and is slowly returning to the basin.

A large cloud of vapor hangs in the air toward the ceiling of this chamber.

Luanes looks around for the source of who spilled the water.

Nyza is happy to wait outside while the others go into the wet room first.

The room appears to have been recently vacated.

Luanes: Someone was just in here.

Wintersky: Any writing anywhere?

Sparta tries to track whoever left.

Legeand: Odd having a bath right after a courtyard.

Wintersky: Maybe the leprchauns like clean guests.

Whoever was here seems to have vanished and not left through either door.

Dale: Especially after they throw clods of dirt at them.

Celesta: Yes, no doubt.

Sparta: That's odd

Celesta: What is odd?

Sparta: You'd think anyone getting out of the bath would have left wet tracks behind.

Legeand: So...They just vanished?

Sparta: But there's nothing to be found on the floor.

Nyza: What about the ceiling?

Celesta: It looks like the water runs back into the bath...eventually.

Luanes looks suspiciously at the vapor.

Celesta: Steam from the bath?

Luanes: Steam would not linger so long.

Sparta prods the bath with his toe to see how warm it is.

Celesta: Unless the water is really hot.

Wintersky: Is the bath steaming?

Legeand: Nyza, want to heat some gas?

Luanes: If it were hot, the walls would be wet as well.

Nyza: Sure, if it will help.

Sparta: Um, we should vacate the room before she does.

The water is very hot. Closer examination indicates it is steaming.

Nyza: Aaah.

Nyza tests the water with her hand.

Sparta: Well, the tub's plenty hot already.

Luanes looks at the door and leans in to listen.

Legeand: Then maybe we cool it down?

Wintersky: Maybe we just leave it alone?

Nyza: Sure...Hey, remember the vampires we fight in Redemption? They turn into gas.

Wintersky: Remember the Fox.

Legeand: Not really.

Oliveryn walks around the room.

Luanes hears burbling and sprinkling water behind this door.

Luanes: There is something behind this door.

Oliveryn: Something everyone might like to know that the bus might use a type of love potion or have one around here.

Wintersky goes to the other door.

Dale: Really?

Dale winks at Sparta.

Luanes glances at Oliveryn momentarily then focuses back on the door.

Nyza: Go ahead and open it.

Luanes attempts to open the door.

The door is unlocked and swings open.

A blast of cold fills the room as a Cone of Cold is cast.

A giant dressed in black floats at the ceiling.

The giant then launches throwing stars at Oliveryn.

Sakuri: I hate it when my bath is disturbed!

Sparta draws his bow and fires several flaming arrows at the giant.

Legeand: Try placing your bath in a better spot then, like not in your entry parlour.

Luanes utters a Prayer to Visaria.

Celesta casts Disintegrate, but the beam washes off the giant.

Wintersky fires three arrows, two of which bounce off the giant and one goes badly astray.

Dale moves to the door.

Nyza moves to the other door. She then conjures a Wall of Stone shaped as a staircase. It leads up to the flying giant.

Legeand runs up the newly fashioned staircase and hits the giant with his Cleaverbow.

Eregard leaps in front of Oli to shield him for any more attacks.

Oliveryn points a finger at the giant.

Oliveryn: Fear me!

Sakuri laughs.

T'Krosh: Not the frost spells again...

T'Krosh channels a Mass Cure Light Wounds into the group.

The giant tries to cast a spell, but Legeand foils it.

Sparta fires his bow again striking the giant once.

Sakuri: one hit

Ringo barks.

Luanes takes out her long bow and an arrow and fires at the giant, but it bounces off the being.

Sparta: Stay there, Ringo!

A sword of pale green force forms above Celesta and launches itself at the giant.

Celesta's sword attacks while she casts Flesh to Stone at the giant.

The giant resists the spell.

Celesta: Damn!

Wintersky fires Blessed Black again.

The arrows bounce off the giant.

Dale begins casting Call Lightning after having has slipped into the next room.

Nyza casts Burning Blood at the giant.

The spell fizzles.

Nyza: Frustrated, Nyza exits the cramped room.

Legeand enters a rage trying to intimidate the giant before swinging wildly at it.

Sakuri raises an eyebrow at Legeand.

Eregard contines to guard Oliveryn in case the creature gets close enough.

Oliveryn points his finger at the creature again.

Oliveryn: You will obey me!

T'Krosh grows to human size with a Righteous Might spell. He draws his spear and advances into the room.

Sakuri turns his attention to Legeand.

Sakuri takes two swings, but only hits once.

Sparta fires his bow again, one flaming arrow striking the giant.

Luanes fires her bow at the giant, but to no effect.

Celesta's conjured sword attacks.

Celesta: Third time is the charm?

Celesta casts Finger of Death on the giant casting it to seize for a moment.

Wintersky slips into the next room.

Wintersky casts Divine Agility.

Dale pokes her head into the doorway to aim a lightning bolt at the giant, which strikes it.

The giant slumps and float down to the floor.

Dale: Get him, Eregard.

Nyza: Do we really need to finish him off? We did break into his house, sort of.

Celesta: I think he was still trying to kill us and I thought this was the leprechauns' home?

Wintersky: Disarm him and bind him.

Dale: Maybe we should ask the leprechauns. Are they still out in the leaves?

T'Krosh: Blasted fey were probably enjoying the show.

Luanes: Bind him.

Legeand hops down the stairs and sets to binding the giant.

Eregard continues to guard Oli, just in case.

Oliveryn lets his Lesser Geas spell fizzle, waiting for what the group decides to do next.

T'Krosh lays a healing touch on Legeand while he binds the giant.

As Legeand is binding the giant, it stirs and then turns into gas.

Legeand: Well, that was pointless.

Luanes sighs.

Sparta: Maybe we should exit and Nyza fireball it.

Sparta: Ringo, go to Dale.

Nyza: Me dispel the gas?

The cloud of gas seeps into the cracks in the mortar of the wall.

Legeand: Well, maybe he will not attack us now that we showed we did not want him killed.

Sparta joins Dale in the next room.

Luanes moves over to the door beyond the fountain in this chamber.

There are leprechaun giggles and Oliveryn, Eregard, Legeand and Luanes vanish as Ozimius appears in the air above the fountain and falls into it.

Ozimius: Hello T'Krosh! Glad to see you.

There is a shout from out of nowhere and Legeand drops back into the bath.

T'Krosh: Yes... Where did you come from?

Nyza shields herself from the splash of water.

ShowShadow makes her way through the room to Wintersky in the next.

Nyza: You know Leggy... me start to think we should stay in city street before.

Legeand: I'm thinking much akin to that was a lot dryer.

Nyza offers a hand to Legeand (not that she could pull him out if she tried).

Sparta calls back to Nyza, "You might be right, but we aren't going to get back there by standing around here."

Nyza: Right. Want to keep going then?

Legeand: Climbs out of the bath, shooing Nyza from his dripping water all over.

Celesta: They are being quite pesky, these leprechauns.

Sparta: I don't see much choice.

Sparta listens at the next door.

Wintersky: Tricksy is what they are.

Celesta moves past SnowShadow into the fountain room.

T'Krosh: No moreso than any other fey I suppose.

Sparta hears dead silence.

Sparta: The next room sounds empty.

Sparta tries the door.

Wintersky moves around the fountain.

The door is unlocked and opens easily.

T'Krosh: Be careful, Sparta...

Legeand: Yea, this last room was supposed to be empty too.

Sparta looks inside.

Sparta closes the door.

Sparta thinks he sees something, but the apparitions vanish suddenly.

Sparta: There's something in there.

Ozimius: On where?

Sparta looks around.

Nyza: Leggy!

Nyza: You're big and strong! You go in first, right?

Ozimius: Sparta, what's going on?

Sparta: Well, this seems like the only way out.

Legeand: Sure why not...not the first time I walked into something that could kill me.

Sparta: There's something on the other side of this door, but it disappeared as soon as I opened it.

Ozimius: Can you not open the door?

Legeand: Then why doesn't Wintersky and her true sight follow me?

Sparta: I did, but I closed it right away.

Wintersky: It was a short acting spell.

Wintersky: It is no longer active.

Legeand: Well, cast it again right after I walk in and let us see what we can see, yea?

Celesta: What did you see, Sparta?

Ozimius tries the door.

Nyza: True sight is expensive... me do a see invisibility spell, k?

Legeand: What ever works.

Nyza: Here, for you.

Sparta: I'm not sure, they looked like big folk, but they didn't look quite right.

Nyza taps the Wand of See Invisibility on Legeand.

Sparta: And, then they disappeared.

Wintersky: But I'll follow you. It is a powerful spell I can only cast once

Ozimius sees a room full of pillars that is otherwise empty.

Legeand: Well, if that is the case then this should work; if not it could be an illusion.

Wintersky: Wintersky casts Detect Undead.

Ozimius: Nothing in here, Sparta. You feeling OK?

Wintersky: There is undead about folks.

Legeand: Well, move in deeper if your so unafraid then, Ozi.

Ozimius moves in deeper.

Legeand follows Ozimius in.

Ozimius moves into the room between the outside wall and the pillars.

Ozimius: Hello? Anyone here?

Legeand: Takes a look around the room.

Sparta: Well, I don't know where they went.

Sparta: Maybe you scared them away, Ozi.

Sparta: But, there's the next door.

Ozimius chuckles, "Me? No, I doubt that."

Nyza: Hey, Leggy, you watch the ceilings too?

Legeand: That is what you said last time, Sparta; as we had the mist ninja after us.

Ozimius looks between the four-by-four arrangement of pillars, but hears and sees nothing.

Ozimius: No one here, Sparta.

Wintersky casts Divine Power.

Ozimius sits on his haunches.

Sparta: listens at the door

Sparta listens at the door

As Sparta passes between the columns, he feels a chill.

Sparta: There's something else in here.

Legeand feels the chill as well as he moves between the columns.

Sparta: Did you feel that?

Legeand: Yea, like someone walking on my grave.

Wintersky moves into the room.

Ozimius: Do not be chicken. There is nothing here. It is empty.

Ozimius: I feel nothing odd.

Legeand: I felt a chill around when we walked in the pillars.

T'Krosh: Wintersky, you said you felt undead nearby. In this room, can you tell?

Wintersky: There are a dozen fairly strong undead in here.

Ozimius gets up and looks at the pillars.

Sparta: A dozen?

Wintersky casts Ghost Trap.

A dozen shrouded figures appear wrapped around the outside pillars and begin their assault.

Ozimius: Oh, hello there.

Sparta: And you thought I was hallucinating.

SnowShadow dodges the grasp of a solidified spectre.

Wintersky: Aw, bloody hell!

Another misses SnowShadow.

Wintersky: Not me. I investigated further.

Legeand is grabbed at, but his armor actually protects him.

Another fails to make contact with Legeand.

Nyza casts a mixture of spells at the closest spectre and then backs up.

A spectre swipes at Wintersky, but it misses.

Sparta draws his great sword, sets it aflame and swings at the thing in front of him while Ringo attacks the one nearest him.

T'Krosh follows up with a spell of his own on the closest spectre.

The spectre crumbles into dust as kobold spirits shread it.

Sparta: Be careful over there, Ringo.

Wintersky activates the Talisman of Undead Mastery and attempts to turn the undead.

SnowShadow pounces.

Dale calls down a lightning bolt on the spectre closest to Ringo.

Celesta steps up and casts Scorching Ray at the nearest spectre.

A spectre sneaks a grab of Legeand under his pouldron.

Ozimius flanks as spectre with Sparta and stikes.

The spectre cowers between Ozimius and Sparta.

A spectre misses Legeand.

Another spectre moves and cowers in the corner.

A spectre mauls SnowShadow.

A spectre tries to hit Wintersky, but misses.

Legeand cleaves into a spectre with his sword.

Legend takes out a spectre.

Sparta: Nice shot, Legeand.

Legeand: Felt a little weak on the swings though.

T'Krosh: I will see if I can patch you up after the fight.

A spectre flees.

Nyza watches helplessly as the spectre passes her.

Another spectre flees.

Nyza: It is a bit hard to see in there. Is everyone still okay?

Wintersky: so far

Nyza points into the room and begins summoning an Eladrin Bralani.

Celesta: Legeand looks kind of pale.

Nyza: Heh, Nyza put you in a force-bubble if you almost die, Leggy.

Legeand: Oh, I got a while left, Nyza.

Legeand: Just feel a bit meak.

A spectre grabs Sparta and a chill enters him.

Sparta: Ringo rushes to aid his master, taking a bite out of the undead creature.

Sparta turns to attack the spectre.

Sparta drops his sword and it extinguishes.

Manitowoc: Hmmm

Sparta: I'm not feeling to well, Grandpa.

T'Krosh enters the room and conjures a Flame Strike into one of the corners.

Wintersky retreats one step and casts Sunbeam blasting two spectres into obilivion.

Snowshadow pounces.

Dale moves into the room and calls down another lightning bolt.

Celesta rushes to the door of the bathroom and fills the room with a fireball.

Ozimius attacks with his rapier as his armor also claws at the spectre.

The spectre crumbles.

Legeand continues to press the assault.

Legeand dusts another spectre.

Nyza's summoned Eladrin Bralani steps from a portal so that it flanks with Legeand.

Nyza: Ooh, good idea Celesta! Me do not like the bathroom anyway.

Nyza also lobs a fireball into the room.

Sparta takes a step back to retrieve his dropped sword.

Sparta: Ringo steps up to attack another spectre.

T'Krosh calls for another assault of kobold spirits.

The last spectre crumbles.

Ozimius grins.

Leprechauns giggle.

Leprechauns: Nice job! Very good! Hurrah, hurrah!

Ozimius: What in the Nine Hells was that?

T'Krosh: Some fey creatures that are trying to have fun with us.

T'Krosh: We have not obliged them so far.

Legeand: Well, we have, just not much.

Leprechauns: We are succeeding!

Celesta: Really.

Wintersky: Hey, they are foxy minions. Are there more here that you need help with?

Nyza (whispers to Celesta) "Think we got all of them?"

Celesta: Yes, I heard a commotion in the courtyard.

Leprechauns: Come on, come on. The next door. More fun!

Ozimius frowns.

Wintersky: What kind of fun this time?

Celesta: Let us join the others, Nyza.

Nyza: 'Kay.

Legeand: First help me and Sparta out. Those ghosts touched us.

Wintersky: A hint might be helpful, Please.

Wintersky: I can do one restoration, but I have the material for several.

Celesta: This is a creepy room. Do you think the next is worse?

Leprechauns: Much, much!

Leprechauns: Come and see!

Leprechauns: You are wasting time! Come, come!

Ozimius: What game are they playing with us?

T'Krosh lays a restoring touch on Sparta.

Sparta is restored.

Nyza: More recently, it is like the arena games.

Wintersky casts Restoration on Legand.

Sparta: Ah, that feels better.

Nyza: And they do not like Tag! Stupid leprechauns.

Ozimius: Why not just attack these things directly.

Sparta: Thank you, T'krosh.

Legeand is restored.

T'Krosh: Sure. We cannot have you stumbling about dropping your sword.

Wintersky: T'Krosh, do you have another?

Wintersky: Snowshadow needs one too.

T'Krosh: Yes, several.

Celesta: They have been very elusive.

T'Krosh also tends to the big cat.

SnowShadow is restored.

Legeand: I say we just burst in the next door and swing like mad.

Wintersky: We need to hurry if there are more incorporeal undead. We want to fight while my ghost trap is still in effect.

The door swings open.

Leprechauns giggle.

Nyza: Ahh! Bralani, go in there, please.

Ozimius: Let us get this over with.

Bralani: It appears to be another courtyard, open to the sky.

Ozimius: Up and out, shall we?

Sparta: Up? Where?

Leprechauns: We think not!

Ozimius growls.

Nyza tarries in the previous room.

Bralani: Another door and what looks to be a dunjon.

Ozimius tries the door.

The door is locked.

Leprechauns giggle.

Ozimius giggles back.

The lock clicks open.

Ozimius moves in.

Leprechauns: Click, click, click!

After passing through a small courtyard, our heroes enter a tall chamber holding a vast relief map of Almebezbik where dozens of leprechauns mill around.

Ozimius: Ah, at last!

One of the leprechauns floats above the map apparently carrying a vast weight relative to his strength. He quickly looses altitude and crashes onto the map in the vicinty of a vast tail-like mountain range.

Ozimius chuckles.

The walls of the chamber fade and the all stand on a vast plains at the edge of the foothills of an impossibly tall mountain range.

Ozimius: One fool down.

Nyza: Sparta, we should get one of these!

Sparta: Really?

Leprechauns: No, no. You have passed the quiz.

Leprechauns giggle.

Nyza: Sure, for Tangleton. Like a big map room.

Nearby, a vast amphitheater with ten towering pillars reaching to the sky from its bowl draws the heroes attention.

Ozimius: Why not take this one? With the litle leprechauns to operate it. I think we can figure out a way to collar them.

Wintersky: Collar the tricksters minions at your own risk, Ozi.

Celesta: Wow, look around. I think this it The Dragon's Tail!

Sparta: Dragon? What dragon?

Sparta: Where?

Leprechauns: Very good, wizard.

Legeand: Are we here or still in the room though?

Celesta: The mountain range, Sparta.

Leprechauns: Both.

Wintersky: Why are we here?

Sparta: Oh.

Leprechauns: To see...things.

Sparta relaxes a twitch.

Nyza: Like the amphitheater? Very pretty.

Wintersky: Wintersky looks for spirits about.

Sparta looks about.

Sparta: Can the things out there see us too?

The tops of the pillars around the amphitheater have what appear to be huge cracked egg shells resting on top of them.

Leprechauns: Usually not.

Ozimius: Eggs... Dragons maybe? I like dragons

Ozimius grins.

Nyza: If only they felt the same about us...

Leprechauns: Oh, that. An ancient dragon hatchery.

Ozimius: Let's go there! I always wanted a pet dragon!

Leprechauns: They hatched eons ago. None here now.

Sparta: I don't like the look of that.

Wintersky looks for clues as to how to free the dragon spirits.

Nyza: Nyza want to look closer...

Nyza: Maybe we find kobold eggs among the first dragons. Imagine that!

Leprechauns: Don't go too far. You'll all fall out.

Ozimius: Fall? I think not.

Legeand: I think they mean you'll leave the Leperchaun Bus.

Leprechauns: You will, the hardest, with all that nasty, heavy armor.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: But, I have dragon wings!

Nyza: Well... can one of you leprechauns fall on the amphitheater this time?

Celesta: I think this is an ancient monument.

Nyza: Or better yet, throw one of your kind on it!

Ozimius grins at Nyza.

Leprechauns: They are not cooperating, let's go!

T'Krosh: I do not think you would find any kobold eggs, Nyza. That is not the creation story...

Ozimius: Does anyone know what in the world they want?

Leprechauns: Go, Dudley, go!

Legeand: mhmm...

The leprechaun that was flying before takes off again above the table and the room's walls reappear.

Wintersky: Not coorerating?

Leprechauns: Next stop, Deity-King!

Ozimius shrugs.

The leprechaun crashes into the table again and all are standing on plains again alongside a wide river.

A vast army is camped nearby and Ran MCXI is standing not far away.

Wintersky: Are your sure you know how to drive this thing? It looks like you are just crashing about.

Nyza: Is this now?

He looks down at his sword for a moment and the draws it by its crosspiece and a robed figure appears before the emperor.

Leprechauns: As now as ever.

Wintersky: Can they see us?

Leprechauns: Usually not, like we said.

Legeand: We are watching active events or past?

Wintersky watches in both worlds carefully.

Ran speaks with the robed figure who appears to be a druid of some sort.

Dale looks carefully at the druid.

Dale tries to see what is going on.

Sparta: Can you show us where Cedarcleaver's lair is and keep us hidden?

Celesta: I wonder what they are talking about, but did you see how the other apeared?

Nyza: By drawing the sword it seemed.

Nyza: A summoning sword?

Celesta: Like the robed-one is the sword.

Nyza: Sounds familiar, huh Manitawoc.

Manitowoc: That is very interesting.

Dale tries to see if the druid is happy to be there.

Wintersky looks for the thing the leprechaun was carrying.

Dale: What are you looking for Miss 'Sky?

Sparta: What are you looking for Miss 'Sky?

Wintersky: Hello, Spirit of the Hedge.

The druid and the emperor remain in deep conversation while our heroes watch.

Wintersky: The Leprechaun Thing, Sparta.

Leprechauns look alarmed.

Sparta looks at the table for the Leprechaun thing.

Dudley stands there empty handed.

Sparta: Did you loose your thing?

Leprechauns: He didn't lose anything.

The druid and Ran apparently end their conversation. Ran takes the druid's hand and he turns into a sword, which Ran sheaths.

Wintersky looks near Dudley's feet.

Celesta: That is fascinating.

Dudley bends over appearing to slide his hands under the hedge and lifts into the air.

Wintersky: Very interesting.

The hedge shrinks into a token that he carries momentarily until he crashes again.

All are now standing on a moor between a great forest and another mountain range.

Dale is disappointed to see the druid return to a sword and then the scene disappear.

Wintersky: Dudley, does that hurt?

Leprechauns: Of course not, shaman lady.

Dudley grimaces a bit.

Nyza: So... where are we now?

Wintersky: Of course it does not hurt you all. I asked him.

Leprechauns: Oh.

Wintersky: Wintersky studies the leprechaun spirits about.

Celesta: This could be a lot of places. Where is Dudley standing on the map?

Celesta: Are those dwarves marching down the mountain toward us?

Nyza: Dwarves... their homes are south of The City, yes? What is that mountain range again?

There are, in fact, dwarves marching toward the our heroes. They look displeased.

Sparta: Dwarves? We could use a few more dwarves in Tangleton, right Nyza?

Celesta: The Rearing Realm is in The Dragon's Tail.

Nyza: Right, that is it.

Nyza: Another reason we need to get a big map...

Sparta: You might be right there.

Celesta: We seem to be on the other side of the mountains from before.

T'Krosh: Seems like they can see us just fine...

Leprechauns: They see the hedge. They are not fond of us. Dudley!

Sparta: How does the map work? It looks like Dudley picks up the hedge and then we end up someplace else.

T'Krosh: No, please Dudley. Stay here awhile.

Dudley launches into the air again.

T'Krosh: Let the dwarves say hello to you.

Leprechauns: Exactly.

Leprechauns: Would one of you like to try?

Sparta: I'll try!

Wintersky: I will try.

Leprechauns: Catch Dudley when he comes back down and he will hand it off.

Sparta jumps onto the table to catch Dudley.

Leprechauns: You'll need to get on the map.

Wintersky gets on the map too.

Dudley crashes into Sparta.

Sparta: Oof.

Sparta feels like he is standing in a thicket.

Sparta looks around the map to find Tanglewood.

Leprechauns: Jump, halfing, jump!

Sparta jumps.

Sparta flies up into the air and tries aiming at what he believes is Tanglewood, but over shoots it into an arid land to the north.

Ozimius immediately recognizes it as Saje.

Ozimius: This is where my people come from.

Sparta: This is harder than it looks.

Nyza: Oh... does everything look okay?

Sparta: I was aiming for Tanglewood.

Leprechauns: Definitely! That's why we take turns.

Sparta: Can I try again?

Ozimius: I would not know. Have only heard stories about this place.

Leprechauns: Certainly!

Sparta: Maybe you can come back here again soon, Ozi.

Nyza: Me or Celesta take you there for real, if you would like, of course.

Sparta pauses before his jump to think hard about Tanglewood and Cedarcleaver.

Leprechauns: Don't strain so hard, halfling!

Leprechauns: Jump!

Sparta leaps.

Sparta overshoots Tanglewood to the south this time, but just barely and lands in the middle of a thorp beside a swamp.

Celesta: This would be Marshe's Edge. It is very dangerous right now.

Leprechauns: Very smart, wizard!

Celesta: Thank you...I think.

Sparta: Isn't there a terrible dragon here?

As Sparta speaks a shadow looms over our heroes.

The leprechauns shriek and tackle Sparta, wrestling the token away from him and disappear.

The great black wyrm Drymorjoc stands looking over our heroes.