Wintersky's Landing

Post date: Mar 27, 2009 1:45:18 AM

Wintersky's thoughts as King David of the Seelie Court whisks her off to Troll's Bridge are of the circumstances of the Teton ambassador's disappearance and his current whereabouts.  The King sets her, SnowShadow and Cinder down in close proximity to the missing ambassador.

Wintersky and SnowShadow find themselves in a dark, stone chamber lit by dim oil lamps.  The chamber contains crates stacked along two adjacent walls.  The opposite walls have doors in their centers.  One is an open archway through which stairs leading up can be seen.  The other door appears to be some kind of vault that has been sealed with tar.  In the center of this door is a circular portal in which a large crystal been placed and sealed with tar as well.  A pair of glowing red eyes can be seen peering from the crystal portal.