Methyltina 26, 1000 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 1:1:59 AM

Last night, we were confronted by a vampire, his spawn, and his wolf pets. Taking care of the vampire's minions wasn't a huge problem, although Sparta and Legeand were victims of some life-draining blows. They survived, so no worries. The head vampire, Magnus, flew on top of the inn and taunted us. Now, I think my friends have the wrong impression about me. They told me to fireball the top of the inn, even though there were people inside! I'm not crazy you see; I wouldn't risk hurting innocent people like that. Still, I am a pretty good shot with my magic now. I targeted the fireball into the sky above Magnus so as to catch him in the outmost layer of the blast.

There is one more thing I should probably mention. During the fight, Wintersky cast a spell that produced a storm of holy rain. Ozimius was caught in the deluge, and he burned like a demon by the water. That must mean he is a bad human. I have known him for some time now, and he doesn't seem that evil, but how can I argue against the very laws of the universe? I must keep a close eye on Ozi in the future if he is at risk of turning against me, my kind, or my friends.