Ozimius' Page

Ozimius Khan was born to slaves, the property of the Mortite Groves. A willful child, he suffered frequent beatings and the occasionally felt the caress of the whip. Taken from his parents at the age of six, he was sold to an innkeeper. The drudgery of washing tables, cleaning floors, and splitting firewood held no appeal to Ozimius. Life was easier at the inn than with the Groves, but Ozimius was full of anger and unrest. One chilly fall morning while splitting wood, Ozi heard a commotion at the door of the inn. The bouncer, hearing the shouting, charged through the back door, into the inn. Peering through the dirty window, he noticed the innkeeper and bouncer engaged in a brawl with what looked like some very seedy adventurers. Seizing his chance at freedom, Ozi dropped the rusty old axe and bolted into the forest.

Life on his own was not easy for the teenager, but he quickly learned to survive. Ozi used his keen eyes to watch the town guards practicing and he soon was passable with a sword and shield and bow. His quick hands he put to use pilfering from the unsuspecting. Nimble and quiet, he learned to stick to the shadows and take what he needed. Fear of getting caught was never a concern. Who needed laws after all? Who cared for esoteric concepts like good or bad? Who were the pompous old fools in the Guild to tell him how he should act? Whose concern was he to anyone for that matter? Freedom was his and he relished it.

Now Ozimius is ready to embark on a great adventure. His leather armor is polished, it's blackness like the moonless sky. His short sword is at the ready, edge keen as a barber's razor. Freedom is won and now his fortune will be won. The wide world awaits this young rogue, and so do it's riches!

Ozimius Khan