Pentatina 26, 1000 PC

Post date: Aug 30, 2009 8:6:27 PM

Wintersky approached me and requested my assistance in the creation of a magical talisman for Legeand.  She was wondering if I knew a spell that would shrink things.  I told her I was aware of such a spell in one of the tomes in The Floating Tower.  We agreed to assist each other and I returned to the Tower to begin learning the shrink item spell.

After studying for a while, I decided to check with Wintersky to see how she was faring with a place to use as a workshop.  When I scried her though, I found her surrounded by halflings in Rebelton.  Sparta and Nyza had discovered the town had been attacked again when they went to visit it.  I changed the focus of my studying to Rebelton's history and the wizard's tower there and discovered that the tower's defenses against undead must have been triggered.  I assumed that the others would be summoned to Rebelton and resolved to join them at Oliveryn's manor first thing in the morning.