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Ethyltina 1, 1000 PC

As a result of meeting with the Queen, Emperor and Lich, our heroes plan to hunt down Gaedracis Zuomystos.  As this Gaedracis has been building up forces consisting of giants from The Crater, Aifos's army will escort our heroes to within striking distance of his stronghold.

As the army runs into resistance, our heroes press on and encounter a squad of ogres, which they quickly dispatch.

At the cliff-side stronghold is approached, the Gaedracis taunts our heroes as his craa'ghoran giant ally uses his abilities to harass them.  The threat of the giant brings the full weight the heroes upon it.

As the giant falls, Gaedracis Pejorative appears behind his lieutenant and punishes him for him impudence by dropping him off the cliff.

Aifos' cavalry flies in as Gaedracis Pejorative vanishes.

Drinks are drunk and the meeting breaks up. The next day is spent preparing for the journey west to hunt down Gaedracis Zuomystos.

Sparta studies the map of the Gaedracis hideouts.

Oliveryn heads over to see about purchasing a similar curing wand, to the one he has.

Ozimius sells off his shield and buys a simple blowgun and darts from the blacksmith.

Mask is studying her spells for the day.

Nyza repeatedly activates her Hat of Disguise in an effort to determine if she looks better with red or orange scales.

Sparta: Red, definitely.

Sparta: Orange looks a little ill.

Nyza: Ooh, good idea. Red is stronger, yes?

Wintersky: Save the orange for a rainy day.

Nyza: So, to business. Which bandit hideout do we attack first?

Sparta: Maybe blaze orange, when we start building Fort Manitowoc.

Sparta: I think we've already cleared out the hideouts marked CH and OH, yes?

Sparta: That leaves DH and MH if I am reading this map right.

Nyza: That sounds right. The one to the north we cleared out when we defended the convoy.

Nyza: And, Ozi get kidnapped at OH.

Oliveryn: DH looks the closest.

Sparta: But Isildul wanted us to take care of the brigands near his home.

Oliveryn: MH?

Sparta: Yes, He lives above the crater, so MH.

Sparta: And, it is closest to a road.

Oliveryn: True.

Nyza: Ok, MH it is. Bandits beware!

Sparta: Sigh, I guess Rebelton will have to wait for another day.

Aifos makes an appearance while our heroes are preparing.

Aifos: Will we be ready to leave tomorrow?

Wintersky: You are coming with us?

Mask: We can leave now if you wish.

Sparta: We? Are you coming with us?

Oliveryn: I can leave whenever you are ready.

Aifos: I would like to make sure you get close enough to engage the Gaedracis.

Ozimius nods.

Sparta: I would be happy for the company.

Aifos: My scouts have reported that the road between your destination and here is heavily guarded by his troops.

Oliveryn: That would be helpful.

Mask: Well, I think I will Wintersky.

Mask: It would be in your interest anyway if I do. Something beyond your understanding could happen and I can be your light.

Aifos: My elite troops will escort you to within sight of the stronghold, then the rest is up to you.

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn: So, a stronghold you say.

Wintersky: So, are you taking bets on the outcome?

Ozimius perks up.

Aifos smiles.

Mask looks at Wintersky.

Aifos: The stronghold is more like a cave complex in a bluff.

Mask: Yes, I think we can succeed.

Nyza: Oh, by the way everyone. If Nyza fall in battle, me do not want to be incinerated like Iyam. Return me to life!

Mask: As an undead, Nyza.

Mask grins.

Wintersky: All I can do is reincarnation right now.

Aifos: My troops are ready. It will take a couple days to travel there.

Oliveryn: I will spend the money to bring you back, Nyza.

Wintersky: You could come back as Yentis' brother.

Mask behind her mask, grins again.

Nyza: Adventuring is dangerous business. Having my last wishes known seems prudent is all.

Mask (giggling): I can make sure your soul stays in this world if you like.

Nyza: And, thanks, Oli. Nyza pay you back!

Oliveryn: No problem, Nyza.

Oliveryn smiles.

Gear packed up and escort ready, our heroes head out the Zuodeyja Gate and turn west, traveling through Tanglewood.

Sparta: Ah, it is good to be back in the forest again.

Oliveryn plays a nice marching song for the troops.

Ozimius takes a moment to check the coating on his rapier.

Sparta sniffs the breeze.

Mask: Please, take a slow pace, my strengh can go away very fast.

Oliveryn: We are off to defeat evil man, let us kill and dismember him all again.

Ozimius satisfied with the rapier, checks the Gift.

Sparta: I think winter is coming soon.

Oliveryn sings.

The first day is uneventful, as is the night, though it is cool, being autumn.

Mask waits for Oliveryn to finish is song, then walks with him. She looks at him.

Oliveryn leans against a tree looking into the night sky.

Mask: Oliveryn, when the time comes, let me have some pleasure with your grandfather.

Oliveryn: Pleasure?

Sparta: As camp is made, Sparta looks for any small game to add to supper.

Mask: Then, I will let you kill him.

Ozimius watches Mask intently.

Oliveryn looks uncertaint.

Mask: Yeah, pleasure. I just want to make sure he remembers.

Mask: And, that will give me great pleasure.

Wintersky sets up her teepee.

Ozimius frowns at Wintersky's odd tent.

Sparta supplies a large deer for the group's dinner.

Oliveryn: We will see how things work out Mask. In all actuality, it might end quickly. He is very powerful and to kill him quick would save lives.

Oliveryn: But, I will keep it in mind.

Mask: Oh, I see, but you are right, We will see about things like that later.

Nyza strategically places a few Alarm spells around the camp during the evening.

Wintersky: Is there enough for SnowShadow or shall I let her hunt?

Sparta: There is plenty to share.

Ozimius shares his meat with the kitty cat.

SnowShadow purrs.

Oliveryn walks over and sits down next to Wintersky's tent looking up into the nightsky.

Ringo gets some too.

One of Aifos' officers enters the camp.

Ringo:then curls up with his tail over his nose and goes to sleep.

Sparta: Hallo, what can we do for you?

Nyza: Hiya. News from Aifos?

Aifos' Aide-de-camp : Aifos asked me you inform you that watches are covered.

Wintersky: OOOh, a full nights sleep.

Aifos' Aide-de-camp : Get a good night's rest, you will need all your strength tomorrow.

Sparta: That is mighty kind of you.

Wintersky: How far are we from our destination?

Mask walks near Nyza.

Ozimius rolls up in a blanket and drifts off to sleep, muttering under his breath to the open air.

Mask: Please Nyza, give me an idea of your magical capacity. So, I can try to complement you.

Nyza looks warily at Mask.

Aifos' Aide-de-camp : Several hours. The sun will be high when you arrive.

Mask: No need to be suspicious, we are family now.

Nyza: Nyza is skilled in destroying things with fire. Me can also turn invisible and fly into the air.

Oliveryn lays on his back thinking about tomorrow and what it will bring.

Mask: That I can do also. Ok, I will study other spell tonight.

Sparta: The sun high in they sky will help, until we have to enter their caverns.

Nyza (holding up a staff) And, this little toy can channel negative energy spells.

Sparta: But, better that then dusk after a hard day's journey.

Mask: Hmmm, I see. May I see it.

Nyza: 'kay.

Mask: Thank you.

Oliveryn, sitting in front of Wintersky's tent starts to speak...

Mask is looks attentively at the staff, then give it back to Nyza.

Oliveryn: So, did you want to continue our talk earlier.

Mask: Ahhh a Runestaff of Deadly Touches.

Mask: I never seen one before, but I have read about them.

Wintersky: Certainly, Oli.

Oliveryn: So, what are you ideas about the afterlife.

Mask: I do not have anything magical as weapon. I underestimated you, kobold.

Oliveryn leans back on the ground, looking up into the trees.

Nyza finds a rock to fall asleep on.

Nyza: Believe me, Nyza is not strong at combat with actual weapons. This has to do.

Mask grabs her tent from inside her backpack and takes thirty minutes setting it up.

Mask: If anyone wants to sleep inside, let me know. This tent is big enough for six people.

Sparta: Sparta opens his bedroll beside Ringo.

Sparta: I prefer the open air, thank you.

Wintersky: In the afterlife one exists as a spirit. As a spirit, you can interact with some people of 'our' world. But most go on unconcerned with what happens here.

Mask: Goodnight, then. I need to study anyway. See you in the morning.

Sparta: You might want to give Ozi a kick. He seems to like walls and a roof over his head.

Oliveryn: So you believe they still exist in the material plane and also the ethereal plane. I always believed they moved on to their god.

Nyza: Me believe everyone get what they deserve.

Wintersky: They exist in the spirit world.

Oliveryn ponders this idea as he lays on the ground.

Sparta: Nyza, what do you think of the prophecy? Are you the Dragon Born one?

Nyza: Remember when Nyza use the summoning chamber? My friend from the Plane of Fire say Nyza has the bloodline of a great red wyrm.

Wintersky: It trouble me, Oli, that you think I impose my views on everyone.

Ozimius mutters in his sleep, "Let me alone!"

Nyza: So the title fits, sure.

Oliveryn smiles slightly.

Sparta: Well, when the time comes, I would be happy if your family joined us.

Oliveryn: I mean no offense, Sky. It just seems to me your view is the only view. But I guess I too am to blame. I think my views are pure, but from someone elses perspective. They might not be.

Sparta: Though, I will have to explain it to the clan.

Nyza: Thanks, Sparta. Me just hope my family feels the same about you. Nyza has lots of work to do.

Oliveryn: I believe in tolerance in all views, either it be evil or good.

Sparta: They have not had much good luck dealing with kobolds.

Wintersky: No, I can accept many different view points. However, I cannot accept evil unchecked.

Sparta: Yes, let us hope both of our families can learn to live together.

Nyza: We have a long day of fighting ahead of us. Let us get some sleep.

Sparta: Good idea.

Oliveryn: I feel evil is bad, but I also think good uncheck is also bad, because it fosters evil in others. I like a balance between good and evil.

Sparta pulls his blankets around him and curls up next to Ringo.

The night passes quitely. As the sun rises, Aifos' army is a buzz of activity getting ready to press on.

Breakfast eaten and equipment prepared the group presses on.

After a few hours march, Aifos' troops encounter resistance from the Gaedracis' forces.

Aifos gives the signal for our heroes to continue on.

Nyza: Looks like we are on our own.

Ozimius grins and sets out.

Oliveryn continues to march on.

Wintersky: I wonder how much further until the encampment.

Before long the group meets resistance of their own in the form of several ogres.

Ozimius moves forward stealthily.

Sparta casts Entangle.

Sparta: Ringo, get the other one.

Sparta and Ringo close with the closest ogre.

Nyza: Watch the one in the trees!

Nyza: Hah! Nevermind about that one.

The first ogre goes down in flames.

Sparta: Well done, Nyza!

Wintersky casts Cat's Grace.

Eregard moves and see if he can fire a shot with his bow. Fires and hits one of the ogres.

Mask moves next to Eregard and starts casting Fireball.

Mask: Alzak neam Ticky Zakta

Mask speaks stange words and moves her fingers, then a ball of fire launches out of her hand.

Nyza: Wow! Very nice, Mask!

Mask: I told you I would assist you.

Nyza: Well, good choice of magic at least.

Oliveryn moves and starts singing an inspiring song.

Ozimius creeps forward unseen by the ogres.

Sparta casts Longstrider on himself and shares it with Ringo.

Sparta: C'mon, boy.

Nyza casts a spell in an absurd manner. She flaps her arms up and down like a bird.

Nyza: Nyza ascends thirty feet into the air under the influence of a Fly spell.

The ogre roars as Ozimius stabs it in the back as it charges by.

The charging ogre continues its advance on Cinder.

Wintersky has Cinder dodge the ogre's attack with her Teton riding skill.

SnowShadow take to the trees to pounce upon the ogre, clawing it.

Wintersky: Cinder attacks the ogre with hooves and teeth while Wintersky fires an arrow at another advancing ogre.

Cider rears and mangles the ogres face and it drops.

Sparta: That makes two.

Wintersky: Aarhoo!

The ogre charges Sparta and just misses.

Eregard fires at the ogre to the left in the trees.

Eregard's arrow misses, hitting the tree.

Mask again starts casting. Suddenly, Ozimius, Sparta and Wintersky and companions begin to move more hastily.

Mask: Oktek Bahas Vinato Gargeron

Wintersky: Thanks, Mask!

Mask: Now, kill them.

Sparta: Yes, Ma'am!

Oliveryn casts Fear!

Ozimius moves in for the kill on the panicked ogre.

Sparta and Ringo charge.

The ogre clobbers Sparta as he charges in.

Sparta swings his greatsword and hits the ogre as Ringo stumbles.

Nyza flies in over the ogre engaged with Sparta and her ray lights the ogre on fire.

Nyza: Death from above, ugly!

Sparta: That stings, pig face.

Sparta: Uh, oh.

The charging ogre trips and its club sails through the air.

Nyza: Ah, it is throwing weapons at me now!

SnowShadow charges at the ogre and leaps upon its back sinking her teeth in and clawing it.

Sparta: Nice, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Wintersky casts Holy Smite.

Wintersky: A bright white light surrounds Wintersky forms into a ball and shoots forth to burst among the ogres. The ogre engaged with Sparta drops dead.

Mask: Do not kill the last one. I want to talk to him!

Eregard moves and readies his bow.

Mask moves toward the ogre and in a cold and calculating voice, addresses it...

Nyza: Can ogres even talk? They look pretty stupid to Nyza.

Nyza (tauntingly): Tiny Terror comes for you, stupid one!

Mask: Lower your weapon and you will be spared! If you do not do it, I will protect you no more. And my friends here will kill you.

The ogre struggles in the entangle and groans something about not being able to see (for those of you who speak Giant).

Ozimius grins.

Mask: Again, do not kill him.

Ozimius (in Giant): They want you to surrender. I want you to keep fighting, so I can kill you. Your choice.

Oliveryn: Ouch, thou ugly monster, you do not need to see if you are going to die. We will drop this magical entanglement if you will promise to drop your weapon and give up.

The ogre moves out of the entangle.

Ozimius studies the remaining ogre as he moves.

Sparta: I do not think the ogre wants to listen to you, Mask.

Mask: Shoot to immobilize him if you can.

Sparta and Ringo get closer.

Mask: If not, just kill him. I will have another, I am sure.

Ozimius (in Giant): They still request your surrender. I say keep fighting.

Nyza: We find a nice human later that Nyza can make her friend.

Ringo's magical bite slices open the ogre and it falls.

Sparta: G'boy, Ringo.

Sparta: Now you are getting the hang of it.

Sparta: Sorry, Mask.

Sparta: He did not seem to want to stick around and talk.

Sparta drops the entanglement.

Nyza: There is no time to talk. We must press the attack before all of the bandits know we are here.

Sparta: Oli, do you have that wand? I could use a little healing over here.

Sparta: Anybody else get banged up?

Oliveryn: Sure.

Mask: That is alright, I will get another pet some other time. For now Yuk Yuk will keep me company.

Sparta: Who is Yuk Yuk?

Mask: Let us say is my little friend, always hiding, Yuk Yuk, go see Sparta.

Oliveryn waves the wand of healing twice.

Ozimius checks the bodies while the others chat and heal.

Mask: From under her robe, a small wiesel runs toward Sparta.

Sparta: Hello there, little fellah.

Nyza checks her robes to make sure Yentis is still there.

Sparta: Hey Nyza, look at this.

Nyza descends to ground level.

Wintersky: Hey Nyza, looks like you and Mask have more than fireballs in common.

Nyza: Hello there, little one!

Mask's weasel just jumps on Sparta's shoulder and makes camp around his neck.

Mask: Do not worry, I think he likes you.

Sparta: He is friendly.

Mask: Oh, yeah...

Nyza (to Mask): Umm, is it a girl weasel, and has she been spayed?

Mask: Spayed?

Sparta: No worries, I like all the woodland creatures.

Wintersky: It is Sparta's animal magnetism.

Sparta grins.

Nyza: Yentis, another weasel, crawls out of Nyza's robes to say hello.

Mask: Take care of him. I think he wants to stay with you for a while

Nyza: Yentis floats around since it is sharing in the Fly spell!

Sparta: Now there is something you do not see every day, a flying weasel.

Mask: Watch out, he is a male and territorial.

Sparta: Well, Oli, thanks for the healing. That feels a lot better!

Mask: He has protected me for the last 6 years now.

Nyza: Oh, so is Yentis. I think. Nyza does not know mammals well enough to tell.

Oliveryn: You are welcome.

Sparta: Let us help Ozi with the bodies.

Mask: Just make sure your weasel does not come to close, I would not like to have to pay you for another animal.

Mask smiles behind her mask.

Our heroes continue on until they spot a high bluff up ahead.

Nyza: If he tries it, he will get a mouthful of touch spells.

Mask laughs.

Mask: So will yours.

Mask: Or, mine.

As our heroes approach the location of the stronghold, they can see a figure high on a bluff overlooking their approach. A distant yell from the figure can be heard, but its words cannot be made out.

Sparta: Hmmph, we have been announced.

Sparta: They have a catapult?

Sparta: Just one nasty standing on the rocks?

The groups path to the bluff suddenly grows into sharp blades of rock.

Nyza casts Fly.

Ozimius coats the rapier.

Nyza flaps her way thirty feet into the air once again.

Ozimius creeps forward.

Oliveryn moves and starts singing.

Eregard moves while drawing his bow.

Sparta rides Ringo closer and draws his bow.

Sparta's arrows bounce off some unseen barrier.

Sparta: Watch out, this guy has got help.

Wintersky starts chanting and casts Prayer.

Mask moves toward the enemy, then stops and start speaking in strange word again. Suddenly, after a few second, she vanishes from sight.

Mask: Zan Bakek Talhen

Suddenly, a wall of stone rises out of the ground, splitting the group in two.

Gaedracis the Usurper: Beware walls coming out of nowhere.

Nyza flies over the wall and lobs a few glowing missiles at the sentry.

Sproing, sproing, sproing, sporing bouncing off the invisible barrier.

Ozimius continues to move forward.

Oliveryn lifts his hands in the air and sprouts wings on his back and lifts off into the air.

Eregard moves to flank.

Sparta puts his bow away.

Sparta rides Ringo closer.

Sparta: We have come to see the Gaedracis.

Sparta: Summon your master.

Gaedracis the Usurper: You see him.

Sparta: You?

Gaedracis the Usurper: Yes, me.

Sparta: You are rather small for a giant.

Gaedracis the Usurper: I just control the giants.

Sparta: Hmm, then perhaps you would like to tell us why Isildul wants you dead?

Gaedracis the Usurper: The Lich of The Floating Tower no doubt wants me dead.

Sparta: No doubt.

Wintersky moves forward and casts Divine Power. She is infused with holy light.

Sparta: Without our help you will soon be dead.

Sparta: A great army marches upon your camp in his direction.

Mask observes and readies her crossbow, covered by her invisibility.

Another wall materializes and isolates Eregard from the rest of group.

Sparta: Do you really think those walls will prolong your life?

Mask: Do not let him imprison us.

Gaedracis the Usurper: Ooooh! The big guy has arrived.

Nyza: There is a giant over that wall to the south.

Nyza: Fwoosh!

Mask: He wants to kill Eregard, protect him!!!

Nyza scorches the giant on the other side of the wall and it roars.

Ozimius continues to advance.

Oliveryn flies as fast as he can to land next to Eregard. He pulls out the Rod of Sure Striking as he flies.

Eregard fires with his bow.

The giant swipes at Eregard, but misses.

Sparta: Your giant friend is not long for The Mirror.

The arrow flies off and hits the wall.

Sparta: He shall die, just as you will.

Sparta rides Ringo closer and draws his sword.

Sparta: Given that he cannot climb the cliff, he turns and moves towards the giant.

Wintersky calls upon the spirits for a weapon.

Wintersky casts Spiritual Weapon.

Mask continues to wait, safely invisible.

Gaedracis the Usurper : The giant takes a swing at each of Eregard and Oliveryn and clobbers them both badly.

Sparta: Well, Ringo, looks like we have got a little giant bashing to do.

Gaedracis the Usurper : That looks like it hurt.

Nyza: Hang on for the bombing run, Oli!

Nyza's rays torch the giant, but it keeps going.

Ozimius moves up towards the base of the cliff.

Gaedracis the Usurper : You better help your friend sneak-thief, you cannot get to me.

Oliveryn withdraws.

Mask: I think you should keep your tongue in your mouth, you will die soon enough.

Ozimius: Oli! Can you get me up there?

Eregard withdraws.

Sparta and Ringo charge.

Ringo misses, bouncing off the giant's stony skin.

Sparta strikes the giant once with his sword.

Sparta: Tough little beasty.

Sparta: You are lucky my friends retreated.

Wintersky casts Spirit Weapon.

Wintersky: Harrharwo!

Sparta: The bigger they are, the harder they fall

The giant crashes to the ground under the force of Wintersky's spiritual weapons.

Sparta: Now then, Gaedracis, where were we?

Gaedracis the Usurper: Damn!

Sparta: Oh yes, you were about to surrender.

Our heroes find that the lieutenant is still on the bluff, but there is a vaguely humanoid shaped cloud of black vapors looming behind him.

Wintersky: Woo hoo! Did you see that?!

Sparta: So the master exposes himself?

Sparta: What. You are afraid we might kill your pawn just as easily?

Gaedracis the Usurper: What are you talking about.

Wintersky: You, me and the dance of death.

Sparta: Nothing, just noticing how weak your cohort was.

Sparta: Soon it will be time for Elroy's revenge.

Gaedracis the Usurper begins to turn around.

A ghoulish, scaled arm emerges from the cloud as the lieutenant turns to see the cloud behind him. It grabs the lieutenant by the throat and lifts him off the ground.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Hmm, somebody is not happy.

Nyza: Try not to destroy his shinies while you kill him!

Gaedracis Pejorative: My general seems to have run amok with his influence around here.

Sparta: Oh, we were not worried by him.

Gaedracis Pejorative: Do not bother trying to harm me, his protections are still in place.

Sparta: I would not think of it.

Nyza: Likewise, do not bother with us. Nyza can concentrate on countering your spells now.

Sparta: But, I will warn you, you have made many powerful enemies.

The cloud moves forward holding the lieutenant over the cliff.

Sparta: That is going to hurt.

Gaedracis Pejorative: Like whom, you?

Gaedracis Pejorative laughs.

Sparta: Me? I am but a lowly woodsman.

Gaedracis Pejorative: Humble, too.

Sparta: It runs in the family.

Ozimius: You talk too much cloud. Drop your puppy and come play.

Sparta: Let us just say, that the army coming this way is not under our direction.

Gaedracis Pejorative: Well, you have appeared to have won the day. Your dragon sorcerer is on his way. Good day.

He vanishes and lets the lieutentant fall.

Sparta: Dragon Sorcerer?

Wintersky: My dragon sorcerer? I do not own anyone.

Ozimius: He means Aifos, I believe.

Nyza casts See Invisibility on herself.

A flight of Aifos' cavalry drakkenbeasts fly in. They land nearby.

Sparta: Is the lieutentant dead?

Aifos dismounts from one of the drakkenbeasts.

The Gaedracis Zuodeyja lies dead at the base of the cliff.

Ozimius checks the smear that was Gaedracis Zuomystos.

Nyza flies over to meet Aifos.

Aifos approaches.

Aifos: Success, I see.

Sparta: Mostly.

Sparta: There was one that got away.

Nyza: The head Gaedracis scored the finishing blow.

Nyza: But yes, our work seems to be done.

Aifos: The master showed himself?

Ozimius nods.

Wintersky: I hope you put your money on us. It would slip in the horse plops if you did not.

Aifos laughs.

Craa'ghoran Giant