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Dodecitina 5, 999 PC

The day following the Grezeliziea's entry onto this plane and the subsequent attacks on Redemption to claim her head, our heroes are requested by the town to make their way to the ambush site of Oliveryn's caravan.  They are to investigate the presence of more Gaedracis' Brigands and meet a caravan arriving in the area from Kramer.

Not far from Redemption, our heroes are attacked by Troll's Bridge Harbor Rats.  The question is what are they doing outside of Redemption?  Our heroes quickly dispose of them.

About half way to the ambush site, our heroes realize they are being followed by something.  This something is an ogre. They manage to take the ogre down without the slightest injury.

When they finally arrive at the ambush site, they are met by several Gaedracis' Brigands and one of their wild-ones.  Before our heroes capture one of them and slay the rest, Ozimius is nearly killed.  While questioning their prisoner, the caravan they are to meet arrives at the bridge where the ambush took place.

Altark Helm: Sir Oliveryn Chicdell-Witson, I am Council Diplomat Altark Helm. I wanted to personally return these documents to you and have a conversation with you, if you do not mind.

Oliveryn: Oh yes, thank you. I will needs these for later.

Oliveryn smiles.

Oliveryn: Sure. Please, have a seat.

Oliveryn motions to a chair.

Altark takes a seat.

Sparta (whispers to Ozimius) Sir Oliveryn?

Altark Helm: So, this is a very interesting predicament you are in, Oliveryn.

Oliveryn: It does seem that it is.

Altark Helm: This is really a formality once your father returns from Kramer.

Ozimius looks at Sparta and winks.

Altark Helm: I wonder how it will be enforced once you return to Troll's Bridge.

Oliveryn: I do not know. I am not that great with politics.

Oliveryn: What will happen if my father does not return from Kramer?

Altark Helm: I am quite sure he will. He is a very capable adventurer.

Altark Helm: Politics will be the least of your worries, I believe.

Altark Helm: Protecting your interests as Lord Chicdell will keep you very occupied.

Oliveryn: Yes, I believe you are right. But what seems a predicatment could possibly be a solution to all of this.

Sparta looks at Ozimius

Sparta: Now it is "Lord?"

Ozimius: Hmmmm.

Altark Helm: The longer Luvian is delayed, the better your chances are of building support.

Altark Helm: You have some companions with great potential.

Sparta steps forward.

Sparta: Pardon me for intruding...

Altark Helm: Not at all.

Sparta: but, what is going on here?

Sparta: Why does our friend Oli need support?

Altark Helm: Would you like to explain, Oli?

Oliveryn give a deferring nod to Altark to explain.

Sparta: And, what is all this nonsense with Lords & Sirs?

Altark Helm: Oliveryn, here, is the heir of a noble family in Troll's Bridge.

Ozimius looks surprised.

Altark Helm: He is in Redemption looking for his father to complete the "requirements" to take control of the Chicdell estate in Troll's Bridge.

Sparta: Troll's Bridge? My great-great nana was from Troll's Bridge.

Ozimius: I have been there as well.

Sparta: We do not get back there much anymore.

Altark Helm: It is nearly as dangerous there as in the heart of Tanglewood for those that do not know their way around.

Ozimius: I made it through Tanglewood.

Altark Helm: That is an amazing achievement.

Sparta: Tanglewood is a pretty nasty place, even if you are not looking for trouble.

Ozimius (poking Sparta and whipsering) Think Oli is rich now?

Sparta: My brother Elroy was killed in Tanglewood less than a week ago.

Sparta grins at Ozi

Altark Helm: Well, there is a lot of work ahead of Oliveryn.

Sparta: Does this have anything to do with the letter Tesela showed us?

Altark Helm: What letter?

Sparta: I think Oli still has it.

Oliveryn hands the letter to Altark.

Sparta: It instructed someone to attack his caravan and kill him.

Altark reads over the letter.

Altark Helm: This Ezra Nanz sounds like a vicious bloke.

Sparta: I think the brigands who attacked the caravan are the people responsible for Elroy's death!

Altark Helm: That could be. They roam across northern Tanglewood.

Oliveryn: Yes, it seems like I have a lot of enemies or someone does not want me to find my father as fast as they hope.

Altark Helm: I wonder if this Nanz fellow is with the imposter from Troll's Bridge?

Oliveryn: Possibly, trying to find some way to stop me from contacting my father. It is possible.

Altark ponders this Nanz characters involvement.

Oliveryn: Have we found this imposter so I can speak with him?

Altark Helm: He has not been in town for several days. In fact, he left Queen's Inn two days before you arrived.

Tesela Argrave: Good evening, folks

Sparta: Howdy, Seeker

Ozimius nods

Nyza nods as well.

Sparta: Did you find what you are seeking yet?

Oliveryn: Good evening.

Tesela Argrave: I have a favor to ask of all of you.

Ozimius: Yes?

Oliveryn: Ok.

Tesela Argrave: I have business up at Zelmbring, but I need someone to go out to the ambush site and meet the next caravan.

Ozimius: We can do that.

Oliveryn was going to say something until Ozi did.

Nyza: Do we get shinies for this?

Oliveryn: We will go.

Oliveryn smiles at Ozi.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: I've been hoping to get out that way.

Ozimius: When do we need to be there?

Tesela Argrave: You will get paid standard guard wages plus you get to keep what you find.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: I like the sound of that.

Oliveryn watches the parties expressions

Tesela Argrave: I will meet you at the Zuodeyja Gate at sun up tomorrow.

Ozimius: We can go now if you like.

Sparta: Innkeeper! We will need breakfast extra early tomorrow!

Sparta: and pack some brunch to go, too.

Tesela Argrave: I suggest you make it an early night and I will see you tomorrow.

Ozimius: I agree.

Altark Helm: This mission may shed some light on the events surrounding Oliveryn's quest.

Oliveryn: Well, let us get going then.

Altark Helm: Good night. We will speak when you return.

Ozimius: Yes

Oliveryn: Bed time anyone?

Ozimius: Lets.

Sparta: Should not we eat first?

Sparta: You cannot sleep on an empty stomach.

Ozimius: Nyza?

Tesela Argrave: Do you ever stop eating?

Nyza: Mm, yes?

Ozimius: Look at these for me quick.

Oliveryn: Food is over-rated.

Ozimius hands her the two potions.

Ozimius: What are these?

Nyza takes a taste of the potions to see if she recognizes them.

Nyza: Nyza is not sure, but the second of the potions has a sweet taste. Much like a healing potion.

Ozimius: Thank you, Nyza.

Sparta: That sounds great.

Sparta: Did I ever tell you about my nana Zenda?

Sparta: She was a bard in Troll's Bridge many centuries ago.

The banquet hall takes notice of Oliveryn's performance.

Sparta: She played the dulcimer so sweetly, she killed a score of orcs with a single pluck of a string.

Oliveryn: possible i might now her.

Nyza prefers music that is heavier on the drums, but she does seem to take notice of Oliveryn's music.

Oliveryn: Oh yeah, she used to play in Troll's Bridge about 900 years ago. They still teach some of her stuff in the bardic schools there.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Aye, I am glad they have not forgotten her.

Ozimius mutters songbirds....

Oliveryn's performance garners several gold.

Oliveryn plays a striking jig.

Sparta: A fine repast, innkeeper.

Sparta: Be sure to have the grill hot early for breakfast.

Nyza enjoys a dinner of beans and rice, then retires to the bedchamber.

Oliveryn passes out in his bed. The lute next to him.

Sparta retires to his room and has fitful dreams of his brother Elroy.

It is a cool, overcast day making Tanglewood darker that usual. The Seeker and some of her men escort you to the Zuodeyja Gate. This gate is much larger than the Zelmbring Gate that you entered the town from, as this gate accepts caravan traffic.

Sparta has saddled and mounted Ringo.

Oliveryn (sounding shocked) We get horses?

Tesela Argrave: We do not have any to spare with The White Blades in town.

Nyza (whispering to her weasel familiar, who is perched on her shoulder) Perhaps I could ride you if you were not the runt of the litter."

Oliveryn: Well, I would not ride one anyway. How can a bard perform on the back of a .... a beast.

There is a caravan waiting in the staging area just inside the gate.

Nyza: Do not worry, Sir Oli. It will do us good to stretch our legs.

Sparta winks at Oli

Tesela Argrave: This caravan has been asked to wait one more day before leaving, so that the road can be secured. Redemption requests that you travel out to the ambush site and have a look around. We will hold the caravan until noon tomorrow. That should give you enough time, if you run into anything, to have a look and get back here.

Tesela Argrave: Any question before I let you go?

Ozimius (grinning at Sparta) Ready for today?

Nyza: So if you do not hear word from us, it means there is no trouble... or something happened to us?

Sparta pats the hilt of his greatsword and rubs Ringo's neck.

Sparta: Of course. Tanglewood may be dangerous, but the forest is my friend.

Ozimius (to Nyza) Do n0t worry little one. I doubt there will be more trouble than we can easily handle.

Tesela Argrave : If we do not hear from you by the end of the day tomorrow, The White Blades will come looking for you.

Nyza: Oh, so we are to come back and report even if there is no trouble? Nyza understand.

Oliveryn: If for some reason my father gets back before I do, tell him to not leave.

Tesela Argrave: If he is traveling from Kramer, you are likely to meet him on the road.

Oliveryn: Unless he gets chased off the roads like I did.

Nyza (to Ozimius) Thanks. Nyza is lucky to travel with strong soft-skins like you.

Ozimius (whispers to Sparta, grinning) Keep an eye on our Lord.

Tesela Argrave: Off you go, then.

Sparta (whispers back) Sounds like he might need it.

Ozimius tries to stifle a laugh.

Not long after losing site of the walls, you approach an area where to road widens.

Ozimius: I will scout ahead.

Sparta: When we find the caravan, try not to trample any tracks.

Sparta: I would like to have a look around.

Ozimius: Ok.

Nyza: Nyza wait here.

Oliveryn hears his own feet break twigs.

Sparta (whispers to Oli) Hold up there, I think I hear something.

Ozimius stops.

Ozimius sinks deeper into the foliage.

Oliveryn stops.

Sparta scans the forest and listens carefully to see if he can hear the talking.

Oliveryn holds and peers ahead.

Iyam moves forward.

Ozimius sneaks through the trees.

Ozimius sheaths his shortsword and draws his bow.

Nyza darts into the brush and readies her crossbow.

Sparta hefts his spear and prods Ringo forward.

Oliveryn moves forward.

Iyam manifests a shield of force before him.

Ozimius spots someone lurking behind a tree and fires an arrow that strikes the tree.

Nyza lies prone.

Sparta reigns Ringo forward in the clearing.

Sparta: What's Ringo's movement?

The lurking figure fires an arrow back at Ozi, missing as well.

Oliveryn begins to sing an inspiring song.

Iyam moves forward along the treeline.

Ozimius fires again hitting the lurker.

Three thugs emerge from the trees on the opposite side of the clearing.

Nyza looks at the closest Thug.

Nyza: We are your friends! Why would you hurt your friends?

The thug is not affected.

Nyza stands up now that people have drawn closer to her.

Sparta rides towards the nearest thug and throws his spear; hitting him.

The lurking figure steps from behind the tree and thrusts a sword at Iyam, but misses.

Oliveryn sings.

Oliveryn: Why foul thugs do you take away our fun. Do you have to beat us up using mugs? Go and run away you scary little kids, because we have a bigger army await to close their LIDS.

The thugs look concerned at the implications of Oliveryn's song.

Iyam: heaves his sword and swings...

The devastating strike sends the lurker back against the tree and slumps to the ground dead.

A thug plows into Sparta and wounds him badly.

A thug charges Nyza, swinging, but misses.

The third thug strikes Ringo, wounding him.

Ozimius swaps his bow for his sword and shield.

Nyza: You are not Nyza's friend? Then eat hot fire!

Sparta draws his sword and urges Ringo to attack.

Ringo takes a bite out of the thug's middle and the thug topples to the ground.

Sparta swings at the other thug and down he goes as well.

Sparta: Yee-Haa!

Oliveryn sings.

Oliveryn: Lay down your swords and we will let you live. If not then I know a kobold that likes to eat liver. We'll treat you nice and tie your right up. So that you can't run away and use that cup. Look at your men they are dead. So you will be too if you don't give up and dread.

The remaining, burning thug, screams his last scream as he topples to the ground.

Nyza: Nyza does not like human meat anyway; it tastes too bitter.

Oliveryn: But I hear liver is good for you.

Sparta: Uh, I could use some help here!

Sparta bandages Ringo.

Ozimius searches the body of the lurker recovering high quality studded leather and short sword, a shortbow with a quiver holding nineteen arrows and a potion.

Nyza stamps out the flames on the burning thug, then looks for something to plunder.

Ozimius searches the body of one of Sparta's victims.

Sparta: Oli do you have that wand?! This really hurts.

Oliveryn: Yes, I have it.

Ozimius searches the body of the other of Sparta's victims.

Oliveryn: Who needs some healing?

Oliveryn touches Sparta with the wand, which flares with healing energies. Sparta sighs.

Sparta: Oh, that feels better.

Sparta: Thank you, Sir Oli

Oliveryn: Glad to anyone?

Oliveryn: Stop with the "sirs."

Oliveryn: I am not a noble yet.

Sparta: Yes, my lord.

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn eyes Sparta, with a slight smile.

Sparta: If no one objects, Ringo could use a dash from that wand too.

Ozimius: Please do. It is for all of us, including the smelly dog.

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn makes the wand flare brilliantly again.

Oliveryn looks at the wand and its awesome power.

Ringo barks, appreciatively.

Oliveryn: Hmmm, who wants to taste the potion?

Nyza: Give it here.

Nyza shrugs.

Oliveryn tastes the potion.

Oliveryn: Nothing, it could be flat beer.

Oliveryn: in a potion bottle

Nyza: So we go back now and say the road is safe, yes? We burned and maimed the bandits.

Ozimius: We where to meet the caravan.

Sparta: I don't know. I don't see the wreck of the last caravan.

Ozimius: Me either.

Ozimius: Let us continue.

Nyza: More walking then!

Sparta mounts up.

Ozimius starts down the path.

Oliveryn: Yes! I love walking!

Oliveryn sings of their victorious battle.

Sparta: Good boy, Ringo.

These assailants are not from Gaedracis' Brigands.

Oliveryn studies the equipment.

Ozimius looks at the others.

Oliveryn: Something is fishy about this equipment, guys.

Ozimius: Hey, guys.

Ozimius: These are Harbor Rats from Troll's Bridge.

Ozimius: A local gang there.

Oliveryn: It seems someone is out to try to stop me from talking to my father...what do you think?

Ozimius: Something fishy is going on.

Sparta: They are a long way from home.

Ozimius: Someone does not like our Lordship.

Nyza: Nyza think we burn anyone who tries to hurt Sir Oli.

Ozimius grins.

About half way to your destination, you realize you are being followed, but you are not sure by what.

Nyza: Maybe we set up our own ambush? Let two of us hide in the bushes until those following us pass by, then we surround them.

Sparta: Ozi, you seem to be pretty good at skulking around.

Nyza tries to control the excitement in her voice so she is not loud.

Nyza: Nyza see ogre!!

Ozimius: I try.....

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn: Ok, everyone ambush, I will distract them by just sitting in the middle of the road.

Ozimius dives for the bushes.

Sparta and Ringo hide on the other side.

Nyza is awed by the enormous enemy.

Oliveryn draws his rapier.

Ozimius, keeping to cover, moves through the trees.

Sparta and Ringo move to flank the ogre.

Iyam focuses.

Iyam: nyza stay close, but at a safe distance from me, my friend...

The ogre charges forward.

Ogre: Rooooaaaaaarrrrr!

Nyza draws her crossbow as she moves deeper into the bushes, then fires off a shot hitting the ogre.

Nyza draws first blood.

Oliveryn speaks Giant.

Oliveryn: Oh, good Ogre of the High Hills. You are beyond my power to discribe in words of how royal you are. I have been searching for you all my life to lay the Wand of the Eternal Ogre. It will bring you the kingdom of Nether Hills to the west. Please take it and become the new crowned king.

Oliveryn: My little friend is just scared of your awesome power.

Nyza: No she is not! Nyza is not afraid of ogre. She burn him to the ground right now!

Ozimius moves to flank the ogre.

Oliveryn: Wait for the orge to attack us.

Ozimius sneaks.

Sparta and Ringo move to flank.

Sparta nocks an arrow.


Sparta: do you really want to give him the first swing?

Oliveryn: Well, if he swings, ill possibly be the one that goes down

Oliveryn smiles weakly

Sparta: stay behind the big guy

Oliveryn: I figure I can make a better deal with him, then who ever has hired him. And if no one hired him...well we will get to that later

Iyam manifests a force shield.

Nyza: Oh... if you think you can convince him Oli. But Nyza will not let the monster hurt her friends.

Oliveryn: You can hurt him if he hurts us.

Sparta (mutters under his breath) Look who is talking.

Ogre swings at Oliveryn and misses.

Sparta: Duck, Oli!

Oliveryn: Well I guess we are not negotiating

Oliveryn: KILL!!!

Nyza doesn't bother with words.

Nyza commands a ray of intense heat into existence then directs it at the ogre. I strikes the ogre, which bursts into flame.

Oliveryn withdraws.

Ozimius sneaks around to close on the ogre.


Sparta lets fly with two arrows, which embed themselves in the branches of a tree.

Iyam move away from the ogre, drawing its attention.

Iyam: actually move 40' and done

Sparta: Ah, the big guy got the even bigger guy's attention.

The flaming ogre moves toward Iyam and swings and misses.

The ogre continues to burn.

Nyza steps back and casts a protection spell on herself.

Oliveryn moves back behind the ogre and begins an inspirational song.

Ozimius sneaks toward the ogre.


Sparta moves to put the ogre between himself and Iyam, and lets fly with an arrow.

Sparta: one arrow it is

Sparta: flanking?

The arrow hit causing the ogre to turn around.

Sparta: uh-oh, I seem to have gotten it's attention

Iyam grunts, advances and swings his sword.

Oliveryn: not good

Iyam's sword slices through the ogre's side and the ogre collapses in the road.

Nyza: Yar!

Sparta: Nice shot, big guy!

Ozimius searches the body.

Iyam: Is anyone hurt?

The ogre has a bag with a small suit of studded leather, a sheaf of arrows, two potions and 300 gold coins.

Iyam: Are there any clues whether this ogre was following us?

Oliveryn: I almost got my head knocked off, I guess ogres do not like to talk.

Sparta: Good thing you ducked.

Sparta: If the ogre was not the thing following us, they had plenty of time to catch up to us.

Nyza looks down the path to see if anyone else is there.

Ozimius: Yes it is not smart to linger for long in one place in here.

Iyam (ponders and looks back on the tracks) Maybe he was meant to slow us down, is all.

Ozimius: Hmmm.

Ozimius: I think we should get moving.

Iyam: Looks to see if Nyza, small, frail and unprotected she seems and asks...

Iyam: Are you hurt, my little friend?

Nyza: No, the ogre did not hurt me. But thank you for asking!

Sparta takes a minute to study the tracks.

At the ambush site, the carnage is widespread. Dead people and horses lie around the bridge.

Ozimius searches the area.

Sparta: Watch out for tracks!

Iyam rushes ahead to look for survivors.

Sparta searchs for tracks.

Ozimius: I will be careful.

The area has been picked clean of any valuables.

Iyam (to Nyza) Stay at a distance, little one.

Nyza: OK. Nyza stay here and uh, guard the path.

Sparta looks for tracks similar to those he followed from Elroy.

Sparta finds wagon tracks leading west northwest from the bridge.

Three brigands and a wild-one approach.

Iyam focuses.

The wild-one charges Sparta and swings its greataxe to dire effect and wounds the halfling.

Sparta swings his sword as the wild-one, but misses.

Sparta draws his sword and swings at the orc, while ordering Ringo to attack.

Ringo bites the wild-one.

Ozimius approaches the wild-one drawing his sword and swings, but misses.

Oliveryn begins summoning a creature.

Nyza moves closer to the brigands and lets loose a ray of flame that washes over one of them.

The brigand begins to burn.

The burning one stops, drops and rolls while the others advance.

Iyam advances.

Nyza growls at the abnormally clever bandit.

Sparta: Iyam, go help the kobold!

Iyam manifests a force shield and advances.

The wild-one flys into a rage.

Iyam: I shall keep her safe!

The wild-one slashes Ozi and disables him.

Sparta: Oli, we need some help up here!

Sparta takes a swing with his sword and hits.

Ringo tears the wild-one's throat out.

Sparta: Good boy, Ringo!

Ozimius stumbles backwards.

Oliveryn: Anyone need healing?

Sparta: Ozi first, then me.

Oliveryn moves to help Ozimius.

The badger appears and attacks.

Nyza barks something sinister sounding in Draconic as she lets loose another flame-ray lighting another brigand on fire.

Nyza: I'll turn you to dust for hurting him!

Badger is hit by a brigand and dissolves.

Oliveryn: Awww, poor badgy.

Iyam hollers and charges.

The brigand dissolves in a fountain of blood from the power of Iyam's blow.

Young Brigand: I give up!

Oliveryn: Dreadful bandit, it sure does look like you are in a bind doesn't it. I am sure we can come to an agreement if you just would talk to use.

Nyza moves to cut off any escape route for the bandit.

Young Brigand: Hey, I just joined the Brigands.

Oliveryn: Oh really now. Who hired you?

Young Brigand: I don't owe them any loyalty.

Sparta bandages Ozi.

Young Brigand: Gaedracis.

Oliveryn: And who was of these dead people?

Ozimius takes his chances and drinks the potion that might be cure light wounds.

Young Brigand: No, the new one.

Oliveryn: How much did he pay you?

Sparta: Looks like you will live.

Young Brigand: A couple gold.

Oliveryn: And what was your mission?

Sparta: C'mon, I want to hear what this guy has to say.

Young Brigand: Shake down that caravan that's coming right there.

Oliveryn: I was attacked a couple of days ago. By this band, but I lived. Do you know where we can find this leader of yours?

Oliveryn bends down and pats the guys cheek.

Young Brigand: Back in the ruins.

Young Brigand: Follow the rutts.

Oliveryn: How many men does he have with him?

Young Brigand: A couple wild-ones.

Sparta: Like that one?

Sparta points at the orc.

Young Brigand: Yes.

Sparta: Good.

Oliveryn (looking disgusted) Any....warriors like you?

Nyza: Is anyone else around here waiting to attack the caravans?

Young Brigand: Just Gaedracis and the wild-ones in the ruins as far as I know.

Oliveryn: I believe him.

Oliveryn: Do you know of any guy coming from Troll's Bridge looking for a guy with a lute?

A caravan approaches from the east.

Ozimius: Um, Oli I could use some healing.

Sparta: Me too.

Ozimius searches the bodies while he waits for Oli.

Oliveryn: Ozi, the most wonderful warrior that I know. I shall bestow a wonderful healing upon your body that will take away all your pain.

Ozimius grins while he searches.

Ozimius finds seven monarchs on each brigand.

Nyza (to Oli) What do you think we should do with the bandit?

Ozimius still looks banged up.

Sparta: Tie him up and send him with the caravan back to Redemption.

Oliveryn: Well, I guess the blessed wand gods are silent, I shall try again.

Ozimius (to Nyza) Do not ask questions you dont want to know....

Sparta: The sheriff will know what to do with him.

Oliveryn: Be healed, Ozi!!!

Ozimius: Thank you

Ozimius looks good as new.

Oliveryn: You are welcome, the wand god has served you once again.

Oliveryn smiles.

Sparta: How about a flick of the wand this way?

Oliveryn: Ho, The Sparta, the best wonderful person in our party. I shall flick this mighty wand of godness at you and you shall be healed.

Nyza: Praise be to the wand god?

Oliveryn: Yes.

Oliveryn: Praise be the wand god.

Sparta: Praise be to Zenda.